by Kaline Reine

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The man winked at him, and Ciel cringed away in disgust. He was beautiful, yes... But there was something about him that just seemed to evil, so very vile... He couldn't put his finger on it, but if he had one word to describe the man, it would be 'slimy'. He reminded him of some kind of scum. The worst type of person.

They followed him to a small booth in the back of the main room. Other people were dining and some were sitting and talking quietly amongst themselves. Others were dancing on the huge white marble floor.

"Now... Aren't you even going to introduce us?" Lucifer asked, as they all sat down.

"I'm sure he knows of you," Sebastian yawned, signaling that he was bored with the conversation and wanted to leave.

The man whisked his long golden hair over one shoulder, stroking it adoringly. He seemed to be proud of it. Golden bangs framed his face, falling in place to hide his obvious beauty from the world.

Ciel had learned a long time ago that beauty was never as beautiful as it seemed... Just because someone looked good, did not mean they actually were good. There was something about this man that was just off... But there was no real detail that he could exactly put his finger on. Just a vague feeling.

"I'm Prince Lucifer. One of the crown princes of hell."

He extended his hand, but Ciel did not take it. "I don't care who you are. What business do you have with us?"

"Oh..." He pulled back, as if burned. "A bossy little thing, aren't you? We'll see if we can't straighten out that attitude of yours, soon enough."

The man pulled his hand back, getting ready to strike Ciel. Sebastian stopped him from touching what was still his, for the time being. He held his wrist just inches above the boy's head, before finally shoving his arm away in anger.

"You will be doing no such thing."

Ciel said nothing. He just sat in silence, waiting for whatever was going to happen to hurry up and happen already so they could leave. He was tired of this Gala now. Part of him wanted to run away... He was feeling what he now recognized as fear for the first time in a long time. Just feeling the energy in the room when Lucifer was nearby was enough to send him into a panic. He wanted to run. But he stayed next to Sebastian, assuming that to be the safest place he could be right now.

"Look," Lucifer's tone darkened, and he leaned toward them across the table. "I'm done playing games with you. I want his soul. As promised."

Sebastian looked like he wanted to strangle the other demon, but he held back. "I am willing to sacrifice the other souls in my possession... All of them. How's that for a trade?"

He seemed to consider it for a moment. It was actually a pretty good deal. Or so Sebastian thought. Part of him already knew the Prince wouldn't go for it.

"Unacceptable. This is one of the most desirable souls... A young boy who has been through hell and back during his short lifetime. Surely you would not deny me the pleasure of tasting that."

Sebastian did not falter. "You promised me that I had six months. Are you going back on that now?"

"I'm not going to sit here and be haggled over like a piece of meat!" Ciel shouted through clenched teeth. "If you've got something to say to me, say it. Otherwise I think we should go."

"Your Master decides what you will do," Lucifer stated bitterly. "Or haven't you learned that yet? Sebastian, you really ought to teach your pets their place. Keep them in line."

"Mind your own business," Sebastian hissed.

"This was supposed to be my fucking meal!" The golden demon yelled. "As I said, I am done. And I will not hesitate to get my fatherinvolved, if I have to!"

That seemed to be enough to incite some kind of fear within Sebastian. Ciel marveled at him, unused to seeing him the way he was now... Stricken with such an absolute fear and something close to uncertainty. But the lesser demon seemed to know of a few loopholes for whatever predicament he'd gotten them into.

"I will remind you of our six month agreement. You cannot do anything because as one of the crowned princes of hell, you are bound by your word."

"For now..." Lucifer choked up. "Only for now."

Ciel gasped when he man grabbed his arm suddenly, from across the table. "Ow! Let go!"

"Soon you will be mine... All mine. To do with as I please. And then I will devour you completely..."

Sebastian yanked him away, keeping him out of the other demon's reach. "Stay away from him. He's not yours just yet."

With a smirk, he led his prize away from the table and the supposed nobleman who was there. Lucifer stayed there, brooding for a bit. He was in a foul mood once again.

Blue eyes looked up at the dark demon, as they walked away... Ciel was very confused. "What just happened?"

"Don't worry about it. It doesn't concern you."

"That's ridiculous!" He argued. "It does concern me, because you were arguing over me. He wants to eat me or something, and you were going to let him... Because you almost had no other choice!"

"But I didhave a choice," The demon purred delightedly. "I always have an out. And I use it."

The young servant did not know what was going on, but he didn't like it one bit. Sebastian was beginning to get annoyed. He wanted to make an excuse to just leave this Gala. The festivities would go on for as long as the other demons would allow...

"Whatever. Just... Can we go now?"

"Be a good boy," Sebastian pinned him against the wall, suddenly and licked his ear. "And maybe if you're lucky, you'll be rewarded for your good behavior later..."

Ciel's blush covered from his chin all the way to his ears. He hadn't even seen that coming. He really should learn to be more alert... Especially in a place like this. He always had to remind himself that he was in hell. Something about this just seemed so unreal.

Finally, he was released and began to follow his Master around. Sebastian wasn't ready to go home just yet. There was still another matter he had to attend to first.

Someone that Ciel recognized was sauntering her way toward them... He could barely believe his eyes when he spotted her in the crowd. Her long grayish, almost lavender hair... And her dress was something wicked and sinister looking. It wasn't that far off from what he was used to seeing her in, and yet something was just a little off about her.

Vying for his Master's attention, he gasped out a single word and cast a glance in her direction.


"Oh, so I see you did make it to the Prince's Gala after all."

"It's a been long time Sebastian," She greeted both of them with a small curtsy, as Sebastian kissed her hand. The action made Ciel seethe with silent rage, though he said nothing about it. "Ciel. You've grown up a bit."

"Sure," Ciel scoffed.

"You'll have to excuse him..." Sebastian covered for his lack of social graces. "He's only just arrived here. He belongs to me."

"I don't belong to anyone!" The boy protested, in vain.

"Be sure to teach him how to behave in polite society... He'll be needing it, eventually. Speaking of needing things, I've heard that you wished to speak with me privately?"

Hannah made absolutely certain to make Ciel feel small and insignificant. She was good at that. She smirked when Sebastian left the boy's side and followed her through the nearest door. It was plain white, and looked like it led to a closet or something. Though he couldn't see inside, because everything was dark.

"Stay here. Don't talk to anyone. And stay out of trouble I will be back momentarily..."

"Are you sure it's a good idea to leave me alone?" Ciel scowled. "Especially when every demon here is after me?"

"You'll be okay..." Sebastian kissed his forehead, which only served to piss him off.

Through gritted teeth, he growled. "Fine..."

Hannah led the way, and the two disappeared. Ciel put his ear to the door as soon as they had vanished, but he couldn't hear a thing. No sounds, nothing at all... It seemed like they were only gone for a few minutes, and they came back. He was glad no one had bothered him while his Master had so carelessly left him alone.

Surprisingly, the woman said nothing to him. She turned a quick curtsy to him out of respect, before going on her way.

"That was fast," He scoffed. "What did you two talk about? And why did it have to be discussed in private?"

"This is neither the time nor the place to discuss such things," Sebastian warned. "Besides, it's late... We should be getting home soon. Shall we retire for the evening?"

He'd had more than enough of this already. All Ciel wanted to do was go home and curl up in the big comfy bed that he sometimes shared with his Master. Ciel solemnly nodded, and they began saying goodbye to people...

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