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Three things happened all at once, the bell signaling the end of class rang, Bella let out an ear splitting shriek and Mike Newton jumped on Jaspers back.

Chapter 14

September 9th

11:05 am Tuesday

Mike Newton's POV

How the hell do I get my self in these messes? Fuck it wasn't even my fault that I ran the stupid stop sign. If Jessica wouldn't have invited that slut Laruen to come with us on Saturday I wouldn't have missed the stop sign. I mean fuck, were in the car, in the dark, why the fuck did she have to put on more lip stick and have to use the rearview mirror when I was driving? She was in the back seat for fuck sake. If she just would have waited until we got to the dinner then I wouldn't have missed the sign and Chief Swan wouldn't have pulled me over. $250.00 bucks for running a stop sign, that's just fucking stupid and Lauren won't even help me pay for it. It was her fault she should pay the whole dam thing. She doesn't even care that my parents took away the car until I have the ticket paid off. So now hear I sit waiting for the bell to ring so I can jump on Jasper Hail's back. This is so not going to be good. How the hell do I get my self in these messes?

I looked down at my watch to see the stop watch counting down to zero. As soon as it hits zero all I need to do is run as fat as I can and jump on Jaspers back yelling 'Gotcha'. Just twenty more seconds to go. I was only about one hundred feet away from them, hiding behind the big garbage dumpsters. I had taken the long way around the building and slid across the wall easing my self between the wall and the dumpsters. I had been trying to listen in on what hey were saying, but I didn't want to peak my head out and take the chance of getting caught. My gut was hoping to hell he doesn't kill me for this, but my heart was hoping this will impress Bella. Maybe I can ask her to come with me to the concert on Friday? I looked at my watch again and taking a deep breath I readied my self. 5…4…3…2…1…RUN.

I had a clear path straight to Jasper and with his back turned to me; he wouldn't even see me coming. I ran as fast as I could and just before I jumped Bella and I locked eyes. Then three things happened at once. The bell gang, Bella screamed and I jumped on Jasper's back. I never even got to say 'Gotcha' before I felt like I was flying the one hundred feet back towards the dumpsters. As I felt the wind exit my lungs I heard the sound of some thing hitting a metal object and the sound of someone breaking a big stick. I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I thought I had jumped on Jaspers back, but it felt like I was lying on cold wet cement. I tied to open my eyes, but all I kept seeing was black spots and blinding white stars. I thought some one was calling my name but it all sounded so muffled. I figured I better sit up and figure out what was going on. It was when I tried to move that I felt pain like never before. It shot up my arm and around my neck. I felt it swirling around my chest and stabbing at my head. I think I let out a cry when the blackness had started to take me under, but just before it fully took me I thought, 'How the hell do I get my self in these messes?'

September 9th

11:06 am Tuesday

Jasper's POV

What the fuck was just happened? Bella and I just stood there looking at each other and I'm pretty sure she was thinking the same thing as me. Movement to my right brought me back to the situation we were in and when I broke eye contact with Bella to look at Mike she followed my gaze. We looked back at each other again and then rushed to Mike's side.

Bella kneeled down next to him and started to call his name; I however stayed back a few feet and took a small sniff of the air. When I smelled no blood I moved closer and started to assess the situation. I looked like he had a broken arm, there was a dent the size of his head in the dumpster so probably a concussion too and his breathing seemed labored so probably a few crack or broken ribs too. Mike let out a small cry then passed out. Shit this is fucked up. What the hell was he thinking? I must have said it out loud because Bella looked up at me and said "Well how the fuck should I know?" I ran my fingers through my hair. I hade to think of a game plan, but I was coming up blank.

I surveyed the area again and figured the first thing was to get rid of the Mike sized dent in the dumpster. It smell horrible but I stuck my hand in a pushed the dent out. When I removed my hand there was some kind of slimy crap stuck to it. I tried to shack it off, but it just stayed on my hand. I looked around for some thing to wipe it on and figured since this is his fault he should help me out. I bent down and lifter Mikes shit up. Bella was watching me and when she saw that I was wiping my hands on his shirt and not looking at his injuries she started busting up laughing. It only took me a second and then both of us were almost in tears. This whole thing was just too unreal.

Mike let out a moan and that snapped us back to reality. I pulled my phone out and as I was dialing 911 I told Bella to stay here and I'll go get a teacher. As luck would have it Coach Clap was in the gym. I ran over to him and as I was talking to the 911 operator the coach listened in as soon as he heard mike was hurt he shoot out the door. I fallowed after him and waited for the question I had no answer for 'What the fuck happened?'

The coach didn't keep me waiting long; he took one last look at me then Bella then Mike. He lingered a few seconds longer at Mike then wiped his head in my direction.

"Cullen you want to tell me what the hell happened to Newton?"

"Um…Well…Shit, he just well fell and all."

"What do mean he just fell? His arm looks like the letter Z. Arms just dot break like that from a simple fall."

I wasn't quite sure how to answer him back. He did have a point thou his arm did look like the letter Z. I was about to tell him that I really don't know what happened that we found him that way, when Bella spoke up.

"Coach he fell off the roof."

"What do you mean he fell off the roof? What was he doing on the damn roof?"

"Well see he goes up there some times to ah do stuff."

"To do stuff you say. Well Miss Swan would you like to elaborate on the stuff part please."

"I don't really want to say. It will get him in trouble."

"It would appear that Mr. Newton is all ready in trouble wouldn't you agree?"

Bella looked up at me then back to the couch. It looked like she was about to answer when the dumpster area exploded with people. Charlie was the first to appear and went straight to Bella asking if she was okay. She pointed to Mike and said she was fine, and it was only him that was hurt. The paramedics moved in and started to treat the unconscious Mike. They started to ask the couch what happened and he not so nicely told them that me and Bella were the ones to see what happened and that apparently he fell off the roof. Every one looked to Bella and she just nodded her head yes. The paramedics asked us to all step back and got to work preparing Mike for transport to the hospital.

Being the small town that forks is the whole student body including teachers ended up out side in the rain trying to get a look at what happened. The principle pushed his way past the crowd of onlookers and just raised his eye brow at me before asking what happened. Again just as Bella was about to answer Jessica had to pull a drama queen act and started to scream and cry about how mush she loved Mike and would be lost with out him if he died. As Lauran comforted her telling her she would make it through this trying time, Bella and I just rolled our eyes and I think I caught Charlie rolling his eyes too.

When the paramedics had Mike squared away and ready for transport the couch started shouting at every one to move out of the way. Thankfully as they wheeled him off the students went with them watching as he was put in the ambulance. Bella had moved to stand next to me and watched the ambulance drive away with Mike. When the ambulance turned the coroner and was out of site the principle spun on his heals stomping towards us with a glair in his eyes asking what the hell happened in not so nice a way.

I've seen Chief Swan a few dozen times around town since we moved to Forks, but I have only formally meat him once. When we first moved to Forks He paid a house call on us two days after we arrived. He introduced him self and welcomed us to the town. He gave us a list of important phone numbers and shook all our hands. I should have realized that the Swans were different; because looking back on that day not once did I feel any fear coming from him. With the exception of the trouble making kids and the habitual speeders Charlie is well respected in the community and known for his fierce protective streak for his one and only daughter.

Nobody knows what really happened, but when Bella was 13 she was hurt some how and the guy that hurt her was shoot and killed by Charlie. After that Bella never returned to Forks and Charlie started to go on vacation to see her after that. I still can't believe that the school actually canceled the last two periods of class when the news of Bella's return hit the school's grape vine. From what I had heard most of the people never knew her just of her. Apparently every summer she spent ninety percent of her time up at the reservation, but one thing was for sure, you don't mess with the Chefs daughter if you want to live. So it was no surprise that Charlie placed his hand on his gun belt and stepped in front of Bella giving the principle a look of death. I had to hold in my laughter as I smelled a small amount of urine order come from the principle as Charlie stared him down. He he Now he's Mr. Bad Come Over Pee-Pee Pants.

The principle took two steps back, cleared his throat and plastered a fake smile on his face. He then looked at Bella and in an overly polite voice asked her what happened. Charlie being appeased with the principles attitude moved a step aside to let Bella answer his question. She looked nervous, but sent me a wave of humor and mistruif. What ever she's up to I bet is going to be Emmett worthy.

She gave her father a small smile and then proceeded to tell every one about how she once caught Mike climbing down from the roof and how he smelled like smoke. She went on to tell how he told her it was only a cigarette and he was just trying it out. She said he promised her that it was only his first time and that he would never do it again. And every one says she's a bad actor, damn she's giving Esme a run for her money today. She glanced at her father then lowered her head and started to wring he hands. She went on to talk about when she was twelve and how she and a friend were caught smoking her friend's mom's cigarette. She said the mom gave them a chance to never do it again and she wanted Mike to have the same chance she had. She gave apologies to her father and the principle that she didn't report it, but she new Mike was a good kid and she didn't want him to get in trouble for making a stupid mistake that even she made one time. She said she didn't see him smoking this time, but she doesn't know why he would be on the roof again. She looked at her father and with puppy dog eyes that had even me believing her story she asked him to please give him a chance. She said that if he was smoking again that falling off the roof would be punishment enough. Then she pulled out an even bigger gun then the puppy eyes. She let a tear slip from her eye and asked if her father was disappointed in her because she tried a cigarette once.

I watched as her father took her into his arms and hugged her telling her he understood and was not disappointed in her. She peeks out from his embrace and fucking winked at me. I just stood there not fucking believing my eyes. Who the fuck was this girl and where the fuck did shy little Bella Swan go? Holy shit I'm so turned on right now. Sneaky Bella is more entertaining then fucking clowns.

The principle and every one still around were feeling so much pride and love at Bella she could have come out and told them she also was a stripper at the seedy bar in Port anglis and they would probably start a group hug. I kept looking at Bella until the principle turned to me and asked what I was doing out hear any way. Well there ends our love fest. Fuck. Every one looked at me and the first thing that came to mind was the chat in the office today. I turned to him and told him that Mike was one of the kids that tease me and I was telling Bella about how you said you door was always open and the whole incident with the bell.

I took tem minuets to fill every one in on the whole bell fiasco, but at the end every one was once again giving Bella praise for being such a wonderful friend and all around caring person. Then the little sneak asked her dad if I could take her to the hospital. She said she knows how important school is, but she's just so worried about her friend and she doesn't want to drive with her mind so distracted. And fuck me running if they all said yes. Hell the principle even excused us for the rest of the day. Bella gave her father one last kiss and a hug, thanked every one for being so understanding, took my hand and started pulling me towards the parking lot. All I could do was follow along being in complete awe of Bella Swan.

I was just opening my car door when I felt two strong waves of satisfaction. I looked towards the direction of the feeling and caught Eddy Bitch and Imp Bitch's backs as they headed into the woods. What the fuck is going on now? Bella called my name asking if everything was okay. I told her I was fine and then we made our way to the hospital to see Mike and hopefully get some answers from the dick head.

September 9th

4:38 pm Tuesday

Mike Newton's POV




What the fuck is that noise? I turned my head towards the sound of the beeping and regretted it instantly. Pain shoot through my body and even squeezing my eyes shut hurt. As I was moving my head back to where it was it all came rushing back to me. Jumping on Jaspers back, the feeling of flying, the sound of breaking sticks and the pain when I tried to move. What the fuck happened?

I decided to try opining my eyes. I figured I needed to find out what happened and since I don't want to move, eye opening seemed the best bet. I slowly cracked my eyes open, letting them adjust to the light. It seemed to take for ever, but the pain from the light slowly went away and as I started to gain my focus I realized I was in the hospital. I looked around the room and found the damn beeping noise was from one of those heart things. I turned my head to see if I could turn it off and the pain shoot through my body once again. I was slightly at an angle in my bed and I started to survey my body to see what the fuck was wrong with me. My left arm was in a cast up to my shoulder, my shirt was off and my torso was covered in bandages wrapped all the way around. I couldn't see my head but I knew it hurt like a bitch, my leg was propped up on some pillows and had an air brace on it and I had a number of scrapes on my hands.

I continued to look around the room and my body trying to figure out what happened. My pain was increasing and I was getting ready to start calling for help when a machine above my head made some rapid beeping noises and I started to feel warmth spread through my body. I think it was one of those automatic pain medicine dispenser that I've seen on TV, but as the warmth spread and my pain went away I didn't really give a crap what it called. The medicine had almost worked it way all through my body and I was just closing my eyes to relax and enjoy my state of drug induced bliss when some one cleared there throat. I opened my eyes to find Dr. Cullen staring me down and he looked pissed. What the fuck happened?

"Mr. Newton, You will listen and not speak until I tell you too. Now in my hands are two different toxicology reports. One report says that you have nicotine from a cigarette in you system and one says you have THC from marijuana in your system. Now everyone believes that you fell off of the school roof because you were up there smoking. If you insist on disagreeing that you were smoking a simple cigarette and fell from the roof then I will have no choice but to give your parents the toxicology repot saying you were smoking marijuana. Because you would be know as a drug addict no one will believe any other scenarios you come up with. If you choose to go along with the simple story of you smoking a cigarette then the marijuana toxicology report will disappear and every one will think that you just smoke cigarettes."

"But… Dr Cullen I don't smoke any thing. I wasn't even on the roof. I was only doing what they told me to do and…"

"Mr. Newton did you not hear me? If you insist on the story you were not smoking on the roof then I will show your parents the report that says you were smoking marijuana. Now were you on the roof smoking a simple cigarette or were you on the roof smoking marijuana? The choice is yours."

"I…I... guess I was smoking a cigarette?"

"You guess? I won't play games you, either know you were smoking and fell or you don't. My patients are running thin Mr. Newton, so pick now or ill pick for you and if I pick I grantee you will be spending 90 days in a drug rehab program."

"Drug rehab? 90 days? I…I…guess…I mean I was on the roof smoking a cigarette and fell of."

"Wonderful, I will inform your parents and Chief Swan that you were not doing drugs and there is no need to arrest you and send you to drug treatment. Be aware that reports can be mixed up and at any time the original could show it self. Have I made my self clear?"

"Y..Y...yes Dr. C...C...Cullen. I fell off the roof because I was smoking a cigarette up there.'

"Good boy, I'll inform your parents that you're awake now and show them the nicotine report."

I hadn't realized I was crying until he left and I looked down at my hands and noticed they were wet. I was scared shitless. I just kept thinking of his eyes, they were black. Not just the inside, but the whole fucking eye turned black. Eyes don't do that at least not normal human eyes. What the fuck did I get my self in to? All I wanted was to get my car back and now I'm in the hospital and every one thinks I was smoking. I've always know the Cullen's were weird, but I never thought they were dangerous, especially Dr. Cullen. I heard my door open, but didn't bother to look and see who it was. I was to busy thinking about how I got into this mess.

***Flash Back***

I was mad and embarrassed as I stepped on the school buss. I was embarrassed that I was 17 and had to ride the buss. I was mad that my parents took my car away until I paid the ticket and then would not drive me to school. I was also mad that Lauren wouldn't pay the tick she caused me to get and also refused to pick me up for school. I was the first of my friends to get a car and I drove those fuckers every wear, now where are they. No wear that's fucking wear. I called ever one of them and no one could give me a rid, so hear I sit on the damn school bus looking like a fool.

I stepped off the bus with all eys staring at me. I can hear them snickering at me and I can't see them, but my so called friends are surly in that crowd. I was hanging my head down as I walked to my first class when Edward Fucking Cullen called my name. Wondering what the fuck he wanted now I walked over to him. He asked if we could talk and I was hoping that he finally fucked up enough that Bella left him. If he asked me for help getting her back he was going to get laughed at. We went around the school and his sister Alice was waiting for us. She gave me a bright smile that made me cringe a little in fear.

She greeted me and them started to explain that the family plays a game called 'Gotcha' they make up teams and each team tries to sneak up on the other team and yell gotcha. It did kind of sound cool, but I would have made it a paint ball game instead. She told me that Bella and Jasper were the last two and that Bella was given special permission to use what ever means she needed. I tried to ask why she was giving special treatment, but Alice just said not to worry and went on with her speech. She told me that Jasper always wins and that the whole family was ready to crown Bella the winner. They were playing it off as this was just a game, but my gut was telling me something different was going on. Alice said that Bella had a plan to get Jasper, but needed my help to pull it off. Some thing wasn't sitting right with this and I was about to tell them to fuck off, but Edward pulled out a wad of money. He told me that if I helped Bella out that he would give me the $250.00 I needed to pay my ticket and an extra $50.00 just for doing Bella the favor.

He kept saying that it was for Bella and I really did need the money, but something was off and I knew they were not telling me every thing. I need my fucking car back so I said yes. Alice then explained to me that Bella had set it up so Jasper would be out behind the gym at 11:05 and would keep him looking in her direction. I was to hide behind the garbage dumpster and when my stop watch went off all I had to do was rum and jump on his back yelling 'Gotha'

Edward waved the money one more time and I took it. Alice took my watch and set the time for me. Alice went kin of spacey of a few seconds and them smiled and said it would all work out as planed. She and Edward walked off and I left for my class feeling like I just got my self in to a world full of shit.

***End Flash Back***

I felt a wave of calm wash over me and hoped that this new batch of meds would knock me out cold. I kept my eyes closed even after I heard my name called. When I felt the bed shake I popped my eyes open to find Jasper staring at me and he didn't look happy ether, but at least his eyes were gold.

"So Mike I heard you were up on the roof smoking and fell off." Shit now what do I say?

"Umm. Ya" Crap he doesn't look like he believes me.

"Really because I seem to remember you jumping on my back." Shit. Okay Mike just say you fell on him.

"Really? Well.. I.. um… must have hit you when I fell?" Fuck why isn't the medicine working yet.

"You don't sound too sure of your self." Ok just stick to the story. Just tell the lie and he'll go away.

"Well Dr. Cullen told me what happened and he has the toxicology report to back it up and so that's what happened." That was not good. Lord let him believe me and just go away.

"My father told you what happened did he? I don't remember him being there do you" Fuck.

"Um..No?" Fuck.

"No is right, so tell me what really happened today." I can't tell. but I want to tell him. Wait, no I don't, but yes I do. What the hell is going on? Keep it together Newton and don't tell.

"I was paid to jump on your back by Alice and Edward." What the fuck?

"Thank you" FUCK.

"NO WAIT THAT'S WRONG." Holly shit I'm so fucked.

How the hell do I get my self in these messes?

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