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An excerpt from "Memorable Muggle Mornings: the Undercover Wizard."

"It was as I was taking my customary walk about town that I first came across a small stray cat. It was quite pathetic looking, with not a hint of Kneazle anywhere about it. Stunted looking with a crooked tail and dusty grey fur matted all over it, I couldn't help but have be revolted and charmed at the same time by its rustic and muggleish appearance. Not a thing magical a bout it, not even a twinkle in its eye. Of course I had wondered how Muggles take care or nonmagical pets, and decided to immediately take it home and start putting it to rights again. However, I would never have expected the trouble one small pathetic looking stray could get into."

It was a confused and lost Harry Potter who looked around him when he was helped out of the dishwasher box. There were buildings taller then houses to either side of him, and trash was littered all over the ground. Not a patch of grass or suburban houses in sight. He'd never seen the likes of it. This was London? Seemed to be a very dirty place. Aunt Petunia would have him cleaning straight away!

"You ok?" This came from a sandy haired boy with a kind face. He was the one who had told him he was in downtown London, in a back alley that usually was only frequented by homeless people who were looking for food or valuables through the trash that was sometimes dumped in the vicinity.

"I'm alright. Does a lady live near here? I'm supposed to be going to help a lady."

"What, and your supposed to be delivered in a appliance box?" The comment practically dripped in sarcasm and came from a mean faced boy who looked older then the others.

"Stop that, Mike. Do you know her name?" The sandy haired boy asked. As Harry began to shake his head and speak, Mike interrupted.

"Your so stupid, you don't actually believe you were going to some woman did you? You were probably dumped here like most other people, probably for being so stupid…"

"Mike! I said stop it." Sandy Hair growled, then turned to Harry with pity in his eyes.

"My name is Kerr, I'm seventeen. That over there is Mike, hes sixteen" He glared at the boy then turned and pointed at a boy who looked about ten years old and had blond hair "That is Tiny, hes the youngest of our gang at only eleven years old" He then turned and pointed at the last boy who had his hands in his pockets and was looking at the ground "And that over there is Rick, he doesn't talk a lot We think hes fifteen or sixteen but he doesn't really know. What is your name?" Before Harry could answer he quickly asked again "And how old are you?"

"I turned eight last month" Harry answered softly, feeling outnumbered by the boys and very intimidated by their appearance and especially Mikes attitude.

"And your name, baby?" Mike spit out with a sneer.

"Harry" he mumbled quickly, looking away.

"Whatd you call me? You little…" "Stop it!" Kerr ordered. "He said his name was Harry." At that Tiny sniggered and Mike just smirked. "He doesn't look harry to me. They should of named him Skinny." Kerr glared at him then sighed and bended down in front of Harry. "Look, whoever dropped you off here, we can help you find them..."

"Will not!" Mike grumbled

"…. Or you can come and stay with..."

" He is NOT staying with us! He is too little!" This came oddly enough from the silent Rick. " We have enough trouble with Tiny. This kid is too little to pull his own weight, and he cant beg cause he'll just get toted off by Child Services like Jenney did." At that Rick crossed his arms and stuck his lip out.

Kerr looked at Rick then over at Mike, before finally looking at Harry. "He's right, and you'll be better off with the 'Services anyway, and who knows you might even get a nice foster family…" "Phsssh whatever, don't go giving him any silver lining. We all know that wont happen!" Mike quickly interjected.

At that Harry spoke up quickly, "I can help!"

"And how will you do that, Skinny?" Mike asked sarcastically.

"I can run very fast! And climb trees and get into small places…" Kerr, who was slowly shaking his head, interrupted Harry. "We aren't exactly thieves or anything, mugging people and all that. We just deliver messages and spy on people and sometimes we make distractions for them. In return we get food and shelter. I guess running could come in handy, but I doubt you could run any faster then Tiny there, with you being so little. Problem is, a really little kid could get into trouble we cant get them out of, or get taken by 'Services which might make them do another sweep of this area." At that Kerr shook his head decidedly. "We will take you home, or to someplace the police will pick you up."

Harry didn't like the thought of returning to the Dursleys, or of going to some family called "Foster" who was just as mean and bad. "Please? Can I at least try? And if I mess up then you can send me away, and I'll tell them that I got lost and never mention you or your friends."

Both Rick and Mike looked like they didn't like the idea at all, and Tiny just shrugged his shoulders. Kerr looked skeptical. Harry then blurted out "I'll race you, and if I win you will let me stay!" At that Mike laughed and said "We will, will we? Yeah right!"

"Okay." Kerr said, and immediately Mike and Rick started bickering "We cant!" "Too young!" "What are you thinking?"

"Look, I don't think he can do it. But if by some miracle he does, then he will come in handy. And also, Mike, if I remember right you couldn't of been much older then him when we met. You turned out fine." Kerr spoke, before turning to Harry and nodding towards Rick. "You can race Rick. He's faster than Tiny and me. Mike is the fastest, so you two will follow him for as long as you can, we will see if you can keep up."

"And Mike… don't try anything. Lead them the long way to Mr. Steel, and Tiny and me will meet you there. I expect young Harry here to not be seriously damaged." At that Kerr smiled at Harry. "You ready?"

Harry shook out his arms and froze for a second, before nodding an affirmative. Before he'd even finished Mike shot of with Rick on his tail. Harry blinked, and then ran after them.

Harry was tired. His legs felt numb and his arm was hurting fiercely. Mike had immediately rounded the corner then bolted across the street, and a cab had almost hit Harry when he followed. Things got worse from there. They'd dashed through alleys almost too small to pass through, climbed over dumpsters and at one point Mike had knocked over a bunch of plastic crates that Harry and Rick had to push through. It hadn't been easy and it felt like he'd been running for hours. Mike was nowhere in sight, and Harry was seconds behind Rick who had just turned a corner.

As Harry ran around the corner he stopped in amazement. It was a dead end! For a minute Harry just stared before he heard a banging overhead and looked up to see Mike and Rick grinning down at him before their heads disappeared over the roof. He could hear them snickering. Then he saw the small black ladder to his left and immediately ran over and began climbing. He felt almost sick with defeat. Was this even worth it? Did he want to join these, these, cruel people? Could he even hope to catch up?

When he reached the top and raced over to the other side he saw that someone had rigged some boards at an incline between the building he was at and another roof. It was a steep slope and Harry could already see the boys ahead climbing down a ladder on the other building. He only thought for a second before he jumped onto the boards and rushed down the wobbly surface. His legs were trembling even more when he started down the other ladder, and his arm seemed made up of pure pain. It was only when he reached the bottom that he realized he had no idea which direction the others had went.

For the first time since he had destroyed the Dursleys kitchen he felt tears run down his face. This was it, and now they wouldn't even help him at all. They would just abandon him here, in the middle of London, even more lost then he had been before. Harry felt a breeze whip through his hair, and a loud popping noise caused him to whip his eyes open again.

What he saw shocked him. Only a pace ahead Mike and
Rick had their heads together laughing, and right across the street was a small store called "Steel's Custom Furniture". Without a second thought to how he could have gotten here he snuck around the boys and took off towards the store.

"Hey!" "That's him!" "Run!" Harry heard the shouts behind him and ran as fast as he could, throwing himself forward with all he had. He jerked open the store door just as a hand grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him out of the way. As he fell to his knees he was greeted with the sight of Kerr and Tiny standing beside a frail stooped man with white hair. Kerr smiled triumphantly at him.

"He cheated!" Mike exclaimed. "There is no way he could of beaten me here! Its impossible!"

"Yes, it is quite impossible that he cheated. A lost boy left in London somehow found his way to MY shop all by himself? Hm hm quite impossible. He must have followed you, and raced forward when he saw the sign. Hm hm. " The old man spoke chuckling before motioning Harry forward. "I am Mr. Steel, and these boys here are the steel wings that bear me in flight and harm my enemies!"

Kerr rolled his eyes "Don't mind the old man's poetry. We are his delivery boys. His "Unofficial" ones." Kerr then smiled at Harry. "If you do as well as you did today, you might just get to wear our name as well. We call ourselves the Steel Wings. It comes from a poem of the same name."

"Which I've never bothered to read" Mumbled Mike sullenly. "And how is this fair? Hes still little! And who is going to teach him anything?"

"All in time, all in time. Take my new feather up to the loft; give him some food… hm, hm, and only a little bit. Let him sleep until morning. I've got good work for my wings tonight." Mr. Steel smiled.