This is to all those who keep on hoping that I will update. I know you all have waited a long time.

Well, two years in fact.

My life has changed. I have graduated college with a masters, gotten married to a wonderful man, started a new job, and had a bouncing baby boy.

I now finally have time to sit down and work on this story. This is a notice: THIS STORY WILL BE DELETED IN ONE MONTH. Why? Because you all will finally get your wish.

Steel Wings is being edited, and expanded, in a new story: With Strength of Steel Wings. This first chapter is up. The first three chapters will be mostly old content, with a few new scenes added in. I have five chapters written and waiting for editing and uploading. I do not have internet at home and so must use the work computer to actually upload the story. This will hopefully be done one chapter per week.

I know this has been long in coming. I do apologize, but life has a way of sweeping you off your feet. I also know that this new story will be much better writing. I will not rush updates, but will make sure it is good quality writing. Chapters will be longer as well. I do have a family now, and my own responsibilities. I hope this new story will be a success despite my bust schedule.

Give a dog a bone: review my other story. Tell me if you like it. Tell me if you hate it. Tell me if you wish I would of stayed in the hole I crawled out of.

I love you all.