"Ok, Any idea's?" Cam whispered as the Ori Guard walked out,

"Nope" Vala Said looking around


"Oh sorry Cam, I got nothing"

"Indeed" Teal said



"Alright, guess we got to think harder, we been here what? 2 Hour's?"

"I believe so" Teal'c said checking with Sam

She checked her watch "Yep, 2 Hours"

"Ok and if we don't check in within 10 hours, they'll send for back up" Teal'c said

"But they might be captured as well"

"Lets hope they only try to call us on the radio then" Vala said

"We don't have our Radio's Vala" Sam said

"Oh, Shoot, That's right" Vala said slapping her leg

"Um guys, we might not have 10 hour's, Seems someone has decided to come early" Daniel said looking out the window

"Adrea" Vala said

They heard Adrea talking with the guards then she turned to the house they were in, she walked into the house and stared at all of them, This went on for about 2 minutes until she finally spoke

"Her" Adrea said to one of the guards and pointing to Sam

"Very well" They grabbed Sam by the fore arms, Sam struggled

"Adrea, Don't" Vala said, Standing

"Take her too" Adrea said

"Sam" Daniel said as she was taken out of the house Vala following behind

"You will be next" Adrea said plainly, She followed her soldiers and Sam and Vala.