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Love Addict

Summary : Tezuka Kunimitsu was a 23 years old man and a famous tennis player. He only dated models which his parents hated. One day, his parents wanted Tezuka to introduce his girlfriend. Who would Tezuka choose to pretend to be his girlfriend?

Chapter 1

Tezuka Kunimitsu, 23 years old. Who wouldn't know him? Young, famous, handsome and single man. Every woman would do everything to catch his eyes. He was single, that was everyone knew. Well, except few top models in some famous agencies because they were his secret girlfriends or ex-girlfriends. It was secret because Tezuka knew that his parents disliked models so much. His parents preferred young, smart and quiet woman for him. They disliked glamour. That was why Tezuka always kept his relationship with his girlfriend in secret. But he said to his parents that he had a girlfriend, a beautiful and sweet girlfriend he just never mention that his girlfriend was a model. His parents would kill him for sure or set up an arranged marriage for him. As long as he said that he had a girlfriend who was not a model, he was safe.

-Tezuka Kunimitsu's apartment, 09.00 am-




Tezuka Kunimitsu rolled on his bed. He covered his head with the blanket and went back to dreamland. But soon, the blanket was grabbed and exposed his topless body which shivered instantly because of the cold air that was coming from his air conditioner. A bright light of sun filled the dark room when the curtains were removed. Tezuka groaned. He slept late last night and all he wanted was wake up late.

"Tezuka! We have a meeting today. Wake up, you lazy ass!" Oishi Suichiroh walked to Tezuka and pulled him out the bed. Getting impatient, Oishi slapped Tezuka's back.

"Ah, what was that for?" Tezuka sat up instantly and shivered because of the cold air.

""You would catch a cold if you continue sleeping without a shirt. You are an athlete, Tezuka. You should take care of your self from get sick or something." He said as he took the remote and turned off the aircon. Tezuka just sat up and stared at his now busy manager.

Oishi Suichiroh, 23 years old, Tezuka's best friend as well as his manager. He was like second mother to Tezuka because he acted like one. They were close since junior high and took a liking in tennis. But because Oishi hurt his wrist he couldn't became a professional tennis player so he helped his best friend to reach that dream. At least he had something to do wit tennis although he just as a manager.

"You're really weird. You turn the aircon full blast, don't wear a shirt but cover yourself with layers of blankets. You also slept in a very dark room. Although I have been with you for long time, I never can understand you completely" Oishi said.

"Calm down, Oishi! Anyway, what are you doing here this early?" Tezuka yawned.

"Tezuka, we have a meeting in an hour! Go take a bath and change into something nice" Oishi ordered as he opened Tezuka's closet to find a set of good clothes for Tezuka.

"Meeting? I don't remember we have a meeting today" Tezuka raised an eyebrow. Oishi sighed.

"Of course you don't remember. You were too busy making out with Kamijo-san last night. Now take a bath!"

"Okay, okay" Tezuka said and got up from his king size bed.

-A small rent apartment in Tokyo, 09.00 am-

"Fuji, wake up! We have to work" A beautiful blue haired man shook a small figure in bed. The small figure sat up lazily.

"Yuki-chan, I'm still sleepy…" The Fuji man whined. He rubbed his eyes and opened his blue orbs. He pouted to the taller man.

"Stop pouting, Fuji! Now get up and dressed. We have to work for our life you know. Don't be lazy!" Yukimura glared back.

Fuji Syuusuke, 24 years old, and Yukimura Seichii, 24 years old. They were childhood friend. They grew up together and work together. Both of them were orphan so they work hard to fight their hunger. Their parents were dead in a car accident when they had vacation together. Only Yukimura and Fuji could be saved. Since that day, they have to go to school and work for their life. They sold every thing to pay their education until Senior High School and lived in a small apartment. They didn't continue to University because lack of money. They had to pay the cost of their rent apartment every month to its real owner. They worked together in their small shop. They sold unused things. Like old clothes, necklace, etc. because they sold unused things, it meant they would go everywhere to find some unused thing even from garbage.

Fuji got up from his bed and, still pouting, went into bathroom. Yukimura shook his head to the younger man. Fuji could be like a kid sometime. Yukimura went to his room and began to prepare himself as well.

-Planetarium café, 08.00 pm-

Tezuka shipped his coffee gladly. The warm of it seemed relaxed his tired body. After few hours meeting and many hours trained his tennis skill, he went out with Oishi to get some fresh air.

"Soo…" Oishi began.

"They want you to be their model for their new clothes, huh? And you have agreed" Oishi said. They had a meeting with Tokugawa Takumi, the famous designer in Japan. They wanted Tezuka to be their model because they need a man with perfect body and gorgeous face. He must famous too so many people would interest. Tokugawa chose Tezuka as his model.

"You are a tennis player Tezuka, not a model" Oishi said. He couldn't believe it.

"I know Oishi but I don't have anything to do in four month. I have got my gland slam calendar last month. Come on Oishi, I could get some money by doing other thing than tennis for a while." Tezuka said.

"Oh yeah? Get much money, you mean. Don't tell me you agree just because they pay you millions yen."

"No, they have nice clothes and you do know that I like their clothes." Tezuka said. Oishi sighed in defeat since he couldn't do anything about it.

"Just don't flirting around with their models, okay! If there's some rumors about you getting closer to a girl model, your parents will mad at me because I can't keep you in line"

"I don't know why my parents dislike model that much. They are beautiful and cute, right? I don't see anything wrong with dating a beautiful and cute woman." Tezuka frowned.

"They are glamour, Tezuka. Most of them just think about popularity and money. That's why your parents hate them." Oishi explained. He had promised Tezuka's parents that he would prevent Tezuka to date model and made sure that he went well with his girlfriend. If only he could do that.

"Kunimitsu!" A beautiful woman waved her hand to Tezuka. She wore a short black skirt and white beautiful shirt. An expensive necklace on her neck and small white yet elegant hand bag in her hand. She walked gracefully to Tezuka. Tezuka smiled knowing who she was. He stood up and let the woman kissed his cheek. Tezuka kissed her cheek back.

"What are you doing here, Sayaka?" He asked. The woman smiled.

"Hello for you too, Kunimitsu. Hello Oishi-san" Oishi smiled and nodded to her.

"Hi, Kamijo-san"

Kamijo Sayaka, 25 years old, top model in Japan and Tezuka's girlfriend or you could say one of his girlfriends. Yes, Tezuka was such a player but Kamijo Sayaka was the only one he always brought to a date or something. The other girlfriends? Well, they just accompanied him when Sayaka went overseas or away from Tezuka. Well, there was a rumor saying Tezuka was a playboy though.

"What are you doing here?" Tezuka repeat his question. Sayaka titled her head.

"I just accompany my friend few minutes ago before suddenly she got a call that our boss was looking for her. Sooo…. I'm stuck here alone. Then I saw you" She said. Tezuka chuckled and kissed her nose.

"Poor my little cupcake" He teased. Sayaka hit his shoulder playfully.

"What are you doing here?" She asked back.

"Hmm I just need some fresh air."

"I see. Ah, I will go to Paris two days later and I don't know when I come back. You're free, right? Wanna go with me?" She asked. Oishi glanced at his best friend.

"Oh… I can't. I'm sorry… I have a work to do. You know I'll be a model for Tokugawa Takumi's clothes" Tezuka said.

"Really ?"

"Yeah, I will begin four days later. I think it's good to fill my holiday"

"I see…. Well, good luck. Oh, I have to go, Jya" She kissed him and leaved.

Tezuka smiled. He didn't really love her but yeah, she was pretty and he thought she was good for him. He sat down and drank the rest of his coffee. Just then, his phone rang.

"Moshi moshi… Mother? A..Ah I'm fine. What's wrong? WHAT? A…Ah N..No. Nothing. Okay, jya. See you tomorrow." Once he hung up, he groaned.

"What's wrong?" Oishi asked.

"My mother called…" Tezuka began.


"She will come to Tokyo tomorrow." Oishi raised his eyebrow.


"She said she wants to meet my girlfriend" Tezuka said. He didn't know what to do. What would his mother do if she knew that Tezuka's girlfriend was a model. It would be hell for him.

"Then bring Kamijo-san to her. She's your girlfriend, right?" Oishi said, shipping his coffee.

"Oishi, you do know that my parents especially my mother hate models. AND Sayaka IS a model, a famous one. You must think that I just have to lie to my mother and say that she's not a model. Then mother, if she believes me, will ask Sayaka to do whatever she wants with her. AND what if Sayaka suddenly have a work to do and what if my mother buys a magazine and she saw that Sayaka IS actually a model? Do you know what will my mother do?" Tezuka said.

Oishi looked at Tezuka's panic face and raised his eyebrow. He knew exactly what would Tezuka's mother do. Well, he was in danger too.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"You must help me, Oishi. You must find someone who wants to pretend as my girlfriend when my mother visits. Just for tomorrow" Tezuka begged his friend.

"…Fine. I'll try"

-Next Morning, Fuji and Yukimura's apartment, 07.00 am-

Yukimura sighed. He knew that it would come anytime but he never expected it would this soon. He turned off the stove and walked to take a place from the table. Gently, he took the omelet from the pan and put it on the plate. He heard his phone rang, signaling that there was new message. He flipped it open and saw a bold message on the screen.


Yukimura groaned softly. He closed his phone and sighed. Their nightmare would come. It came every month and today it came too. The owner of the apartment was asking for money. It due tomorrow. Yukimura sat down angrily. Actually they had to pay it today, good thing the owner, a very scary old woman with a wooden stick, was in Yokohama and would come tomorrow so they still have a day to collect money. And the day was today! They have to pay 300,000 yen. It was too much for them since not every day customer would come to their shop. Even, they didn't get any customer for the whole day.

Yukimura finished his breakfast. He walked to his room and opened an old box. He sighed when he just found 20,000 yen. He tried to collect money but well their shop was not famous. They could eat everyday, it was a miracle from God. Yukimura as the mature one between both of them, had to protect Fuji and made him happy. He was like brother for him and he was his only family.


Yukimura heard Fuji's voice from the kitchen. Yukimura put away the box and walked out the room. When he was about to enter the kitchen, he put his best smile on his face.

"Ah, you have found your breakfast." He said when he saw Fuji had eaten half of his omelet. Fuji looked at him oddly.

"What's wrong?" He asked. He opened his blue eyes and looked at Yukimura with concern.

"Nothing" Yukimura said simply. He didn't want Fuji to think about it. It would be his responsibility.

"I know that"

"What's that?" Yuimra played dumbly.

"About the money. That scary witch is asking for the money, right?" Fuji said. He looked at Yukimura who seemed little surprised.

"Yeah. And it due tomorrow." Yukimura said, looked down.

"Don't worry" Yukimura looked up and saw Fuji's smiling face.

"We will get it. That witch will have her money" Fuji said, continued eat his breakfast. Yukimura smiled. Fuji's optimistic side always amazed Yukimura.

"Don't call her witch, Fuji" He warned gently. If the owner heard, she would kill Fuji for sure.

"Who cares? She looks like one. Always asking for money and if we late pay it she will sing almost for a week." Fuji mocked. Yukimura laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Finish it and don't forget you have to go to find some useful thing."


-Tezuka's apartment, 09.00 am-

"Tezuka, you have to calm down" Oishi said when he saw Tezuka's face. Tezuka's usual training would end in an hour. Tonight, he would have a dinner with his mother AND he had to bring his girlfriend. Until now, he still hadn't found a girl or woman to pretend to be his girlfriend.

"Tezuka, let's go!"

Once Tezuka entered his big apartment, he went into his room to find his favorite white shirt well may be his mother's favorite shirt. He glanced to the clock on the wall.

-06.00 pm-

His mother would come in two hours. He had to quick. He frowned 'where's that damn shirt?'



"Do you know where's the white shirt I wore when we have a meeting two days ago?" Tezuka asked. Oshi frowned.

"I threw it into the trash earlier, why?" Tezuka sighed.

"I need it"

"Why don't you pick something else from the wardrobe? You have ton of great shirts" Oishi asked, putting the newspaper onto the table and stood up.

"No, I want it." Tezuka said and walked out the apartment. He searched for the trash and saw a little girl was digging it. The girl looked so happy when she found an expensive white shirt from the trash. She looked at it liked it was a treasure. Tezuka sighed and walked to her.

"Hey you, give me that shirt!" The girl turned to him. She frowned and hugged the shirt to her chest.

"No…" she said, she held the shirt tightly like she was protecting her wealth.

"Give it to me, it's mine and I really need it now" Tezuka said, his patience was so limit today. The girl took few steps back.

"Hey you Mr-I-am-rich-so-give-that-shirt-to-me, I won't never give this to you. I found it first and you've thrown it already so IT'S MINE!" Tezuka said. He had no time to argue now, especially with a girl.

"Do you now who I am?"

"I don't know who you are and I don't care! Now, get lost" The girl said as she bend down to pick something from the trash, it's looked like a necklace.

"Ah… this is pretty. All I have to do is clean it and soon it will be beautiful again" Her face broke into a charming smile. Tezuka looked at her closely 'She's pretty'

"Hey, give me that shirt and I will go out wit you on a date as the return." Tezuka said. The girl looked at him oddly.

"No way… I won't give you this shirt and I won't go out with you, I'm a guy" She or He said. Tezuka's jaw hit the ground.

'He's—He's a guy bu-but he's too pretty for a guy. Wait… I can use him'

"Give me that shirt and…. I want you to help me" Tezuka said. He grabbed the shirt from the guy's hand.

'"Hei, me it back" The guy tried reached his hands to get the shirt back.

"Help me!"


"I'll pay you" Tezuka stated.

"I won't- You will pay me?"

"Yes, as much as you want" Tezuka said. He smirked when he saw the little guy's eyes shone.

"Oishi, bring him into the apartment." Tezuka said as he turned around. Oishi glanced to the guy before he sighed.

-Tezuka's apartment-


Tezuka sighed. He tried to focus read a magazine in his hand. He glanced at his bedroom door.

"NO! THIS CLOTHES IS TOO TIGHT! WHY SHOULD I WEAR THOSE HIGH HEELS? ARGH!NO LIPSTICK! AH MY HAIR!" there it went again. Tezuka pretend to not hear anything from his bedroom. He was glad he had Oishi by his side so he didn't need to make over the guy himself.

After waiting for one, no, two hours finally the door was opened. Tezuka put his magazine and turned his head when the door opened. He was late already. Tezuka's eyes widen when he saw a very beautiful woman walked out from the room. She was wearing a beautiful black dress that hugged her small figure nicely. Her beautiful honey brown hair looked so smooth with a clip on its side. Her face was covered by thin natural make up. She was…beautiful.

Tezuka smiled. He knew exactly who she was. Tezuka still couldn't believe that the beautiful person in front of him was a guy. He looked uncomfortable with the dress and high heel shoes he was wearing. His covered make up face was pouting cutely and he glared at him.

"You are pretty" Tezuka stated. The guy glared at him hard. His beautiful blue eyes were so beautiful that made Tezuka stared at them.

"DON'T YOU YOU-ARE-PRETTY ME!" Tezuka chuckled. 'He is so cute…'

"What's your name?" Tezuka smiled softly made Fuji little uncomfortable because Tezuka stared at his face and body.

"Umm Fuji. Fuji Syuusuke" The guy said. Tezuka smiled 'nice name'

"I am Tezuka Kunimitsu"

"What do you want me to do?" Fuji asked.

"Oh that-"

"Tezuka, we're late" Oishi said as he looked at the clock.

"Shit!" Tezuka cursed. He immediately grabbed Fuji's hand and dragged him. Fuji who was wearing high heels shoes was almost fall.

"Hei! What kind of help should I do?" He protested. Tezuka ignored him and continued to drag him into a black car.

"I'll tell you on later"

-Tezukas's car-

"WHAT? YOU WANT ME TO PRETEND TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND? NO WAY!" Fuji shouted at Tezuka who was closing his ears with both of his hands.

"Please, I need your help!" Tezuka pleaded.

"No! Why don't you bring your girlfriend instead and don't tell me you don't have one because I will never believe it!" Fuji asked. Tezuka sighed.

"That's the problem. My girlfriend is a model and my parents HATE model. That's why I need your help" Tezuka grabbed Fuji's shoulders and held them tightly. Fuji freed himself from his hold and tried to get out the car.

"No!" Fuji's hand reached out to open the door but Tezuka held it and stopped the car. Fuji was turned around. Tezuka looked at him with a pity look.

"Please…." Tezuka begged. Fuji went silent.

"Are you gay?" Fuji suddenly asked. He really didn't know why Tezuka chose him although he knew that he was a guy.

Tezuka smirked.

"I don't know…. Let's see…" Tezuka slowly moved closer to Fuji. He closed the distance between his face and Fuji's. Fuji frozen when Tezuka got closer. He panicked when Tezuka's face got closer to his. He blushed and held out his hand, preventing Tezuka to come closer.

"Stop! I will scream if you do something to me" Fuji yelled. Tezuka smirked and the laughed. Fuji pouted.

"I won't attack someone who was in your state. Afraid and weak"

"Then why did we stop?" Fuji asked when he realized that they had been stop. Tezuka took Fuji's hand and kissed the back of it.

"We've arrived, sweety" Tezuka said. Fuji blushed and followed Tezuka out of car.

-Japanese expensive restaurant, 08.15 pm-

"You're so slow" Tezuka scolded Fuji who was trying to walk faster with those high heels. Fuji glared at him and kicked him with his high heels shoes.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Tezuka glared.

"You are not the one who is wearing a dress and high heel shoes, okay! So don't ever you say that I'm slow!" Fuji glared at him. He looked so pissed off. Tezuka sighed. Fuji turned around and began to walk away.

"I'm sorry, okay…" Tezuka's hand caught Fuji's and stopped him from escaping. Fuji continued to glare at him. Tezuka looked at the pouting yet cute face in front of him. He smiled.

"Fuji, I really need your help and I promise I will pay you. So please please help me" Tezuka said, holding Fuji's hand into his own and held it close to his chest. He was showing his most pity face. Fuji kept silent but he didn't frown anymore. Tezuka and Fuji sighed in unison.

"What are you sighing for? I'm the one who should do that because I'm the victim here. Wearing these kind of annoying stuff so I will look like a woman." Fuji glared. Tezuka looked at him tiredly.

"I'm sighing because of your attitude. How will I gain my mother's trust if you keep acting like that?" Tezuka said. Fuji hung his head low.

"Umm… Tezuka. I'm scared." Fuji said softly.

"Trust me okay! Just follow me I'll guide you" Tezuka smiled softly to him. Tezuka held Fuji's hand tightly before walked into the restaurant with Fuji by his side.


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