Love Addict

Chapter 23: Last Chapter

Fuji Syuusuke walked into the shop happily. He looked around and sighed when his beautiful blue eyes watched hundreds of beautiful flowers. He missed his old shop where he sold many waste and unused things, whatever it was called. Even though, since he met Tezuka, he had ordered from some sellers instead of looking into some garbage cans.

Since his real relationship was exposed to Tezuka family, Ayana visited his and Yukimura's house as well as his shop. He winced when Ayana looked at hi shop with disapprove look on her beautiful face. She immediately ordered the shop turned into a florist, just like the lie Tezuka told her months ago, which Tezuka happily agreed. Fuji scoffed when his lover supported hi mother's idea. Tezuka just wanted to escape from his duty to be the shop mascot! The nerve of that man. He thought Fuji wouldn't think of something else? Just wait and see...

Fuji was arranging some red roses when the door of the shop was opened. He looked up and smiled when Sanada walked in like he owned the shop. There was a big brown picnic bag in his hand and two small white boxes in a plastic bag that looked like lunch box for Fuji.

"Where's Yukimura?" Sanada asked happily as he looked around the shop.

"He'll come here soon. Why are you bringing those things?' Fuji asked as he nodded at the bags. Sanada smiled brightly as he set the plastic bag on the table, in front of Fuji.

"These boxes are your and Tezuka's lunches. Yukimura asked me to bring you two these before we leave."


"Yup, we're going to have a picnic." Sanada said brightly. Fuji felt a jealousy in his heart. Picnic sounded so romantic for him. The image of two people in love, sitting under the blooming Sakura tree, feeding each other, smiling, laughing, and kissing without anyone interrupting was dancing in his head. Fuji sighed. Tezuka was not that kind of men. His view of romantic was about a five star restaurant filled with expensive food, expensive flowers, slow music and amazing service from waiters. That wasn't romantic for Fuji. It wasted much money.

Fuji would find something as simple as making him a lunch or dinner even though Tezuka could not cook. In Fuji's view, a lover who tried his/her best to do something for the person he/she loved, whatever it was, it could be considered as romantic.

"Picnic, huh?" Fuji mumbled.

"Gen-chan, you have arrived." Yukimura walked into the shop, already in nice attire.

"So Fuji, be a good boy and stay in the flower shop. Tezuka-kun will be here soon." Yukimura said before walking out the shop.

Fuji sighed as he watched Sanada's car disappeared from the sight. He opened the lunch box and smiled brightly when he found his box filled with wasabi sushi. He closed the box again and patiently waited for his lover.

-Three hours later-

Fuji's beautiful smile had changed into a scowl since the first hour Tezuka didn't show up. He sighed before he looked at the clock. It was almost 3 pm and Tezuka hadn't shown any part of his body.

Fuji was about to turn around when finally someone with purple shirt and black pants ran into the shop. His dark brow hair was in a mess and his glasses were missing from his handsome face. Sweat was dripping onto his purple shirt, making some dark circle on it.

"Kunimitsu, what happened to you?" Fuji asked in shock. Tezuka walked and immediately sat on a chair. He dropped his face on the cold table in front of Fuji.

"Fangirls." He muttered.


"Yeah. I though me having a beautiful lover will make them little tame but it seemed that it didn't change anything. They kept screaming "kya kya kya" and such. I ran as fast as I could, lose my glasses and had to find my way here with these damaged eyes." Tezuka said, putting his sad look to Fuji. Fuji smiled at him in sympathy.

"Poor you." Fuji said as he took a towel from out of nowhere and handed it to Tezuka. Tezuka gleefully accept the towel and looked at the lunch boxes on the table.

"Oh... are these our lunch?" he asked, taking the box.

"Umm... Yes" Fuji said nervously.



"Why is this empty?" Tezuka asked. His eyes hadn't moved from the box. Fuji gave a nervous laugh that made Tezuka look up.

"Well, I didn't know that you're chased by a bunch of crazy girls. I-I though you weren't coming so... I ate them "Fuji said. His voice was little unheard when he muttered the last phrase. Tezuka looked at his little lover in shock before shaking his head and chuckled.

"It's alright. I am not hungry anyway." He said. Unfortunately, his stomach didn't quite agree with him because it produced a very loud angry growl that made Tezuka's face red. Fuji laughed as Tezuka rubbed the back of his head in embarrassed.

"Well, I have some apples here. Let's eat them and I will make it up to your for the lunch."Fuji said, walking to the nearby fridge and pulled out four apples.

"What about a dinner in my friend's new restaurant?" Tezuka suggested.

"No. I will cook for you."Fuji said immediately. Tezuka nodded his head.

"At my place, right?" Tezuka asked hopefully. Fuji smiled.



-Tezuka's place, 07 pm-

Tezuka drummed his fingers onto the hard wooden table as he watched his lover cooked something. He had been warned that if took a step toward Fuji, he would have a very painful punishment. The sadist glint in Fuji's eyes made him nodded his head fast. It was alright though. Tezuka knew the reason behind the threat. He would definitely destroy the dinner with his poor skill if he helped or distract Fuji with his hands and lips. Well, you knew why. However, that didn't mean he regretted the agreement. He felt like a husband waiting for his wife to finish making dinner AND had a very nice view from his seat.

Tezuka's hazel brown eyes were busy staring at the little man in front of him. His eyes went to Fuji's soft hair. The honey brown locks were too soft and long for a man. How Tezuka loved it when he ran his fingers through that hair. His eyes were pulled to Fuji's beautiful face. A pale skin, a long eyelashes, two airs of sharp blue eyes, a small nose, and small pink lips framed by the locks around the heart-shaped face made him looked like an angel. Wow, that was so cheesy but Tezuka couldn't find another word to describe it better. Tezuka's eyes travelled down and down until Fuji's voice snapped him from his own little world.

"Stop staring at me, you pervert!" Tezuka blinked before let out a laugh.

"Aww... but it's not my fault. You are standing and moving in front of me." Fuji gave him a small huff as a response.

"Here it is, the dinner." Fuji put down his cooking. Tezuka smiled and quickly dug in.

"Hm... it's good." Tezuka moaned happily. Fuji smiled brightly before eating as well. Tezuka's eyes were on Fuji the entire time they ate their dinner. Fuji titled his head cutely. Tezuka resisted an urge to pinch his cheeks.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing. Your cooking is wonderful and having you in front of me makes it much more delicious." Tezuka said, smiling. Fuji shook his head but couldn't help to smile at his cheesy sweet words.

"You know, I have something for you." Tezuka said. He put down his bowl of rice and chopsticks before walking out the room, leaving a very curious Fuji on the table. He returned after few minutes with a box in his hand.

"It's for you." Tezuka set the box in front of Fuji. Fuji blinked and stared at it but didn't do anything.

"Well?" Tezuka asked impatiently.

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to open it?"

"Well, I am eating. I will open it later." Fuji answered. Tezuka "tsk"ed before resuming his dinner.

"Kunimitsu, thank you" Fuji said softly. Tezuka looked at Fuji in surprise before grinning widely.

-After dinner-

"Come on, open it!" Tezuka said happily as both Fuji and him in front of the big television in his "relax" room. Fuji opened the box carefully and widened his eyes when he saw what was inside.

"Do you like it?" Tezuka asked. He took the long blue scarf in his hand. Carefully, he wrapped it around Fuji's little neck. Fuji smiled as he touched the scarf. It was as blue as his eyes. A very soft fabric felt so good in his fingertips.

"I saw you look at it when we had a date few days ago, so I bought it. It looks good on you." Tezuka said.

"Thank you very much." Fuji said. He took the remaining fabric of the scarf and wrapped it around Tezuka's face before pulling the younger man into a kiss. Tezuka moaned a little before wrapping his strong arms around Fuji's small waist. He slowly pushed his little man onto the carpet and deepened the kiss.

-Saturday night, 09.00 pm-

Fuji wrapped his arms around Tezuka neck as Tezuka carried him on his back. They just came back from watching Fuji's favourite singer's concert with Sanada and Yukimura. The two couple decided to stay in Sanada's apartment after the concert before Tezuka had enough of their friends' romantic moments. He dragged Fuji out of the apartment and realized that he didn't bring his car.

Fuji suggested that they should walk to Tezuka's house. It was only four blocks from where they were anyway.

"Think of it as a romantic walk at night" Fuji said to him. Tezuka agreed anyway and now here they were. In the middle of an empty street, together. Fuji was tired from jumping and screaming so he said he wanted Tezuka to carry him. Tezuka tried to carry him in bridal style from at first but Fuji glared at him for unknown reason.

"Kunimitsu, I heard something." Fuji said into his ear. Tezuka stopped walking. He looked around and noticed a dark alley on their right. The sound was coming from there. Tezuka let Fuji off his back and the two of them looked at the alley curiously.

"It's like a baby's crying." Fuji said before walking into it. Tezuka followed him as his eyes tried to search the source of the loud wail. He grabbed Fuji's hand before they were completely wrapped by the darkness. Tezuka felt Fuji dragged him to the corner of the alley, where some thrash boxes were thrown carelessly.

"Kunimitsu, look!" Fuji let go of his hand and knelt on the dirty ground. Tezuka narrowed his eyes when Fuji picked what looked like a box and walked out the alley quickly. Tezuka ran to catch up.

"It's a male baby." Fuji whispered when they opened the box. Inside was a still red baby boy in a brown blanket, crying and kicking his legs. Few folded clothes were in the box too. Fuji looked at his partner uncertainly.

"Who in the world left a baby there?" Tezuka asked as he watched Fuji took the boy in his arm and tried to calm him down. Tezuka glanced at the box and something caught his eyes.

"There's something in its clothes." He bent down and took a small paper.

"What is it?"

"I think it's a name. His name." He said, lifting it to the nearby street lamp so he would know what it said. His hazel eyes turned to Fuji and the baby after he read the paper.

"What's his name?"



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