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Naruto to Hanabi no Kuronikuru


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Author's Announcement

This is my reboot of Konohagakure's Firework. I set the pace in KF too fast for the characters and I decided to scrap it, go with the original idea, and set it at a more realistic pace. There were many changes done to the series that I couldn't possibly just replace the chapters. I noticed many problems myself after doing more research, thank you Naruto Wikia and several miscellaneous sites, and was forced to revise almost everything.

For those that don't know, Naruto to Hanabi no Kuronikuru is Romaji for 'Naruto and Hanabi Chronicle'. Please don't kill me my fans/ex-fans, I really couldn't see another way out. BTW, I'm looking for betas, so if you're interested, please contact me! Please REVIEW after you read this chapter! Enjoy the reboot!

Prologue to Naruto to Hanabi no Kuronikuru

Four full years have passed since Naruto Uzumaki stopped Madara Uchiha from completing his 'Moon's Eye Plan'. Here is a list of significant events that have happened since then: Naruto has complete control over the Kyūbi no Yōko that is sealed within him, thus having a Tailed Beast Mode and the Uchiha clan went extinct.

During the first three after defeating Madara, Naruto has also calmed down from his hyper activeness of his youth and grown more mature. Naruto has diversified himself in Ninjutsu and learned the way of the Gōken, the Kawazu Kumite and Jikūkan Kata.

Kakashi Hatake took back his former job of Head ANBU. When Naruto joined the ranks of ANBU, he became second in charge, serving directly underneath his former sensei, Kakashi. After three years, Naruto decided he was tired of all the assassination missions and quit as an ANBU and returned to his rank as an S-Ranked Jounin with the nickname 'Naruto the Kyūbi Sennin'.

Tsunade is still the Godaime Hokage; Naruto is the last Jinchūriki, as the other eight of the Bijūs sealed within Gedō Mazō and after the recent break up with Hinata Hyūga, Naruto left the village to travel the five nations once again, observing the state of things with a more opened mind. Soon enough, on Naruto's twenty-first birthday, Naruto will be able to enter the Yondaime Hokage's Vault, where all the secrets of both Uzumaki and Namikaze clans were hidden. Without further delay, let's start this series off!

Chapter One

Four Years Later


Dark clouds cover the sky, blocking out almost all sunlight. A shadow appears through the thick mist and the light drizzle falls from the heavens as figure heads west, towards the home of the deceased Nagato of the Rinnegan. The outline of the shadowy figure becomes clearer as the mist slowly begins to dissipate while the rain begins to pick up. "Man… Good thing I'm wearing a thick cloak. I must be near Amegakure no Sato."

The deep voice echoed through the damp woods and down the beaten road. With each passing minute, the rain becomes heavier ever so slightly. "I guess I might just get to see where Nagato came from after all." Suddenly his feet begin to sink into the muddy path.

"Damn it… I guess I have to just to use chakra to pass through here before I get to the asphalt." The figure brought his fingers together to make the hand sign of the Ram. An invisible amount of chakra poured into the traveler's feet and he marched forward, stepping only on the surface of the muddy trail, making little splashes.

An hour passes by and the once dense fog cleared up into a light shroud. The figure, near the height of one hundred and eighty centimeters, stepping forth from the depths of obscurity and reveals himself to be a shinobi, bearing the hitai-ate of the Konohagakure no Sato upon his head, with the kanji characters for 'Toad' and 'Sennin' to the sides of the symbol. Covered in a khaki-colored cloak that hid everything but his feet, he marched on, his golden hair damped by the rain and his piercing blue eyes looking forward.

Five long minutes passed ever so slowly until the shinobi spotted something in the distance. "Finally, I see solid ground!" The figure shouted out as he spotted a dark gray road at the edge of the thick, muddy forest. Suddenly, the traveler sprinted above the wet path, splashing mud with each step, but taking another step before the splashes of mud could land upon his legs. The figured jumped, tumbling a few times in mid air and landed on top of the hill, landing on the solid ground.

"It feels good to-" The wander was cut off by a sudden gust of wind blowing against his figure, pushing him back slightly before adjusting his stance to offset the constant strong gust of wind. The figure lifted left hand to create a shield from gust and looked up to the sky, seeing numerous pieces of square papers fly towards him, slowly collecting themselves together into a womanly shape before the blonde youth.

The papers collected themselves together, as the wind died down, to reveal a beauty with vibrant blue hair, her bangs flowing down to her chin, the bottom lip pierced and the rest of her pulled into a bun at the back of her head as she wore a gray cloak that covered the rest of her body. The blonde-haired boy looked up and saw her paper flower stuck above her right ear. His blue eyes met her amber eyes and pierced into her soul as a smile grew upon his face. 'She's as beautiful as I remember.' The shinobi sighed lightly before speaking. "Hello Konan."

His deep voice ranged out to Konan's ears as a light blush appeared against her ivory skin as a gentle smile shown itself to the traveler. "I've been waiting for you Naruto." Her voice sweetly ranged out with a delightful tone. The beauty wrapped her arms around his neck, embracing him in a tender hug, giving him a soft kiss on his whiskers. I was wondering if you would ever come.

Naruto's hands protruded forth from the sleeves and placed them underneath Konan's shoulders, gently tracing her curves down her side before they came to a stop at her hips. He gently applied a little force and pushed the pale Konan back to where their eyes met once again. "You knew I would be coming when I felt ready for the task before me. So what's the next step?" Naruto gently brought his left hand off her hips and brushed her blue hair way from her cheeks before shoving his hands in the pockets of his cloak.

Konan closed her eyes and inhaled sharply at the touch of Naruto's warm skin against her ice cold hands. Slowly, the rain came to a stop before the Sun finally peaking through the clouds once again, bearing its warmth upon the two figures. "We have to head to the tallest building of Amegakure no Sato. Once there, I'll show you what the next step is." Konan turned away from Naruto and pointed up to the desired location.

Naruto traced the imaginary line her index pointed out and looked upon the hidden village that seemed to be ahead of their time. Naruto finally spotted the tallest skyscraper and wrapped his arms around Konan's waist, causing her to blush once again. "We'll be there in no time." Naruto flashed his foxy grin and flared into his Tailed Beast Mode before both Konan and himself vanished in a flash of light.

A blinding flash of light appeared and disappeared in an instant, leaving a man and a woman in its wake. Naruto glances down to the woman, who is a decade older than him, yet seem to be the same age as when they first met. "Ok, we're on the roof. Now what do we do?"

The steady wind that is whipping away the clouds also whips the blue hair away from her cheeks as she looks up to Naruto, staring at his golden spikes as they glisten in the sunlight and sway with the breeze. Konan quickly redirected her eyes to the door leading to the level below. "Follow me." Konan right hand lingered towards Naruto's left hand, grasping his hand as she took a step towards the door.

Each step Naruto takes to follow Konan, the more sunlight shines out through the clouds, shining upon Konan's beautiful blue hair. Man, I never thought she looked this beautiful. For Twenty-Nine, she looks pretty young… Curse you Ero-Sennin! You now have me checking out girls. If I start pepping at girls through a telescope, Sakura-chan is going to hit me like how Oba-chan used to hit Ero-Sennin… Naruto snapped back to reality and noticed Konan leading him through the rooftop door and down a flight of stairs.

Konan held firmly onto Naruto's hand, her fingers interlaced with his intentionally, as she led him down a flight of stairs. Konan's spare hand wrapped around a doorknob, turning it and pushing open the steel door. Konan pulls Naruto through the door and into a big empty room with gray, tiled floors and a few windows here and there along the concrete walls. "Naruto, there's someone who wants to speak to you."

Konan closed her eyes and performed five hand signs. Tiger, Snake, Dog, Dragon, Pray. On the last thought, Konan clapped her hands in a praying form. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensei!" The floor in front of Konan started to push up as a wooden box begun to break through it with the name 'Nagato' engraved on the front in Kanji.

Slowly, the lid to the wooden box fell forward, landing on the ground with a loud thud, revealing a slightly decayed, gray skinned, uncrippled, twenty-five year old body of Nagato. The revived Nagato brushed away his long red hair from his eyes, revealing a milky white Rinnegan piercing into Naruto. A smile crept along his face at the sight of Naruto and mumbled after stepping out of the coffin. "So it's that time already. How much time is left?"

Konan walked closer to Nagato before replying. "The Gedō Mazō has about a year or two left before it breaks due to the unbalance in the powers sealed within it." Konan shifted her gaze from Nagato's Rinnegan to Naruto's blue eyes.

"Wait, how can you be alive, Nagato? I swore you died after you used the Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu! You were even sealed away by Itachi's Sword of Totsuka"

Naruto took a step back away from Nagato, not knowing whether they were going to fight again or not.

Nagato raised his hands up in a surrendering posture before speaking. "Naruto, calm down. One, I'm technically still dead and two; we're not going to fight, not yet at least. I just want to help you become stronger for the up coming battle."

"Wait, what up coming battle, and what do you mean by 'not yet'?" Naruto glared at Nagato with hatred burning in his eyes. "All I know is that Konan told me to come see HER when I needed help to become stronger." Naruto redirected his sight towards Konan and noticed she was avoiding eye contact with him.

Nagato turned his head, resting his sight upon Konan as well, before speaking in a soft, yet punishing tone. "I see. Why haven't you told him Konan? Naruto needs to know what he's up against."

"I… I just thought… That you should tell him. I didn't fell right for me to tell him his destiny." Konan slightly blushed as her amber orbs met with Naruto's blue orbs.

"Fair enough, Konan." Nagato turned his head once again and looked at the last Jinchūriki. "Naruto, The Gedō Mazō only has a year or two left before it shatters, releasing the eight Bijūs, one by one, upon the world. Good news is that you can save the world. Bad news is that if you do not become strong enough in time, then you won't be able to save the world and the Bijūs will run ramped in the world once again."

"Why does everything have to fall upon me? I mean come on, sure I don't want the world to fall into chaos, but I can't take on eight Bijūs!" Naruto felt like he wanted to bang his head against the wall out of frustration. For some reason the fate of the world always seem to fall into his hands and he was tired of it.

Nagato stepped forward and firmly placed his hands on Naruto's shoulders. "Naruto, just calm down. Before we start the training, I have to do something."

"Like what? What can you do that could possibly do that could help me?" Naruto yelled out in frustration, shoving Nagato's hands off his shoulder. "Why does everything have to be shoved upon me? I just want to live a normal life!"

Nagato closed his eyes and sighed deeply before opening them again. "But Naruto, you have to do this. Some people have to live unfair lives. Some people are meant have bad childhoods so they can become better people. Some people have to save the world, whether it's once, twice, or several times. You have to do what I couldn't. I tried to bring peace upon the world with the wrong manner while you try to do it correctly."

"Yeah, I know, I'm the 'Child of Destiny', 'We are the Children of Destiny', and 'I hold the power to either save the world or destroy it'. Ojiji-sama already told me this, but I don't know what to do? How am I supposed to save the world from EIGHT Bijūs almost as strong as the Kyūbi?" Naruto exasperated, running his fingers through his dimly-lit golden hair with frustration running through his fingers.

"That's why I'm here. Konan, do you have the special fuda kunai ready?" Nagato turned his head to see Konan scribbling the last kanji on a red fuda tag before performing a single handed Ram hand sign and wrapping it around the hilt of the kunai.

"Ready!" Konan jumped back onto her feet and forced the kunai into the back of Nagato's head. Gradually, his flesh turned from decaying gray to living white while his eyes turned from a milky white to the abnormal purplish-gray color and his hair regained its lustrous shine, but for some reason Nagato retains his individuality instead of being controlled by Konan.

"Ok, now that I've returned more so to the living, I can proceed." Nagato raised his hand and placed two fingers between Naruto's eye brows. "Now, let's unlock your new power Naruto. Follow me." Nagato exited the room swiftly, through the same door from earlier and walked up the stairs and exited out to the roof with Naruto and Konan trailing behind. "Konan, stay here."

Naruto pulled his hood over his hair to shield himself from the heavy pelting of the rain which had returned from out of nowhere. "What are we doing up here?" Naruto examined the rooftop and watched as Nagato pointed towards woods and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Take us there, where we won't be disturbed." Nagato demanded quietly.

Naruto simply nodded as he flared into his Tailed Beast Mode and both of them vanished in a flash of yellow light.

A blinding flash of yellow light lit the dense woods near Amegakure no Sato. Naruto still in his Tailed Beast Mode stared at Nagato, reverting back to his normal state.

Nagato's eyes shifted to meet Naruto's before speaking. "If you don't give it your all, you won't stand the slightest chance against me. If you can't stop me, I'll drag your crippled body back to the rooftop and kill Konan in front of you and then I'll kill you." Without any hesitation or warning, Nagato slammed his fist into Naruto's face and sent him flying further into the depths of the woods, commencing the fight. Now let's see how strong you are Naruto. I want to see your powers before you activate our clan's gift.

Naruto leaned up against a tree, still in his Tailed Beast Mode, his left leg and arm broken and his cloak torn to shreds, the gray shirt he was wearing underneath has a huge cut from his right shoulder to his left waist in it and his pants was torn and frayed everywhere. Naruto grabbed his left arm with his right hand and slammed it against the tree, along with his left leg, snapping the broken bones back into place, allowing them to heal properly, as he bit down hard against his teeth, enduring the pain.

"Dammit, no matter what I do, he just keeps coming back. I ripped his head off, tore off his limbs and snapped him in half, yet he keeps coming back like nothing happened! I even grinded him to dust with my Senjutsu: Chō Ōdama Rasengan and WHY IS THERE NO BLOOD? I really might just die this time. This is not good, not good at all." Naruto pulled up his shirt to reveal two additional seals to his body.

Naruto bit his thumbs and drew a straight line of blood down two seals, one to the left side of Naruto's stomach and the other to the right. "I need to quickly release my seals." Naruto breathed heavily and before he could do any hand signs, he heard a voice echo through the forest.

"Well Naruto, since you're hiding now, maybe I should just kill Konan now?" Nagato laughed relentlessly his voice echoing off the trees in the damp, dense forest.

"NARUTO! HELP ME! HE'S REALLY ABOUT TO KILL ME!" Konan was located next to Nagato, crying as she had wires tired around her, chakra coursing through it, disrupting her own chakra and paralyzed her as she lay helplessly on the ground. Mud covering her face and robes, diamond tears seamlessly fell from her eyes with the flow of rain as rips and cuts shown throughout her robe and body.

"I have no choice. I can't wait any longer to undo these seals; I have to open some of the Hachimon." Naruto took a deep breath, pulled down his torn shirt and closed his eyes. Kaimon! Naruto bolted from his spot and vanished instantly, reappear next to Nagato low to the ground and kicked him into the air. Man, I'm too tired. I have to open the second gate. Kyūmon! Naruto inhaled deeply and jumped up. "Kage Buyo!" Naruto appeared right behind Nagato, following him like if he was his own shadow and untied his arm bandages.

Naruto's arm bandages spewed forth and wrapped around the body of Nagato. Almost instantly, Naruto and Nagato begun to spin in midair as Naruto redirected them back towards the ground. As Naruto's and Nagato's bodies came closer to the ground, Naruto released his arm bandages and jumped away, leaving Nagato to smash into the ground. "If that didn't do it, then I just can't win. I can't open up any more gates in this condition."

Naruto collapse to his knees, panting irregularly as he stared at the damp dust cloud from the impact. Slowly, Nagato's body reformed from the dust and appeared undamaged. "Is that all you got Naruto? Pathetic! I am surprised that you endured that much pain with having your left limbs broken, but this is the end for Konan and you. If you can't even beat me, you certainly can't save the world."

Nagato laughed as he walked over to sobbing woman who lay helplessly on the ground. Nagato wrapped his left hand around her throat and picked her up and laughed even louder as he stared into her eyes. "It was a mistake to resurrect me Konan. Naruto isn't ready and have to pay the price for his weakness."

Nagato slammed her up against a tree pulled back his right hand. "You better watch this Naruto. You better watch the life leave her eyes! You better watch her DIE!" Nagato thrusted his hand forward, thrusting his kunai into her gut.

"NOOOO!" Naruto's eyes flared at the sight of Konan coughing up blood and ripple-like patterned appeared throughout the secular, replacing his blue eyes with a purplish gray tint. It's not too late! I can still save her! I HAVE TO SAVE HER! I WILL NOT LET ANOTHER PERSON DIE!

Suddenly, Naruto woke up in a room. Quickly Naruto turned his head towards the left and noticed the blue-haired beauty standing before him. Naruto quickly panned to the right out of confusion and saw Nagato standing there with a smile on his face.

"I see you finally broke the Genjutsu Naruto. I guess Genjutsu really is your weakest area." Nagato leaned against the wall, next to a window, laughing out loud in a cheerful manner. "At least you finally awaken your Rinnegan."

Naruto tilted his head in confusion. "Wait, I was in a Genjutsu? No way, it didn't even look like a genjutsu! Wait, did you say that I have the Rinnegan? How did I get the Rinnegan?" Naruto ran over to window to the right of Nagato. Naruto stared at the transparent reflection of himself, trying to ignore the pelting of raindrops and the setting of the Sun against the glass. Naruto finally was able to focus on the reflection well enough to see the trademark ripple-like pattern in his eyes.

"Wait, am I going to be stuck with these eyes or can I deactivate them like the my Sharingans?" Naruto turned his head to Nagato and finally noticed that his Rinnegan was gone, replaced with black eyes after finishing his bombardment of questions.

"Does this answer your question?" Nagato laughed loudly for a few seconds before suddenly came to a random stop with a serious look on his face. "Wait, did you say 'Can I deactivate them like I can with MY Sharingans'?"

"Oh yeah… The Sharingans were gifts…" Naruto placed his hand on his chin to think for a few moments to come up with the right phrase as he deactivated his new dōjutsu. "You could say they were originally Itachi's Sharingans. Sasuke then used them and in the final fight against Madara, I received them from Sasuke."

Nagato rubbed the back of his head, rustling his red hair. Nagato replaced his apologetic expression with one of seriousness, his eyes focused upon Naruto. "So do you mind clarifying about these 'gifts' and the full circumstances which you got them?"

"Nagato, shouldn't you be talking to Naruto about his training?" Konan spoke up as she stood next to Naruto, staring has his golden spikes that glistened in the setting sun.

Nagato turned towards Naruto. "Fair enough, but I do believe we should continue this later. As for the training, I'll be your sensei for six months. By then, you should have mastered all the techniques of the Rinnegan as well as many more Elemental Ninjutsus. I will teach you to how to master all six types of Nature Manipulation and teach you how to perform Sub-Elemental Ninjutsus. Also, we will work together on forming a new Taijutsu form for you. You're ready?"

"Whoa… How am I supposed to perform Sub-Elemental Ninjutsus? I thought those were Kekkei Genkais?"

"It's part of the Rinnegan. Since it allows the user to user all six types of Nature Manipulation, it certainly allows it uses to combine those elements. Even though you can perform all sub-elements, it won't be easy. It might even take you an additional year after our training for you to master all of them. So are you ready for the training Naruto?"

The eyes of the Jinchūriki followed Nagato closely, not letting his guard down around his godfather's murderer. Even though Nagato revived everyone he killed in Konohagakure no Sato, some feelings of hatred lingered. "Hai lets begin, Nagato."

Naruto Skit:

I have no idea if this has ever been done, it probably has, but I really came up with this on my own and thought I should share it with you guys. It's just a really short and detailed version of my muse. ENJOY!

Surrounded by trees, whose leaves were swaying in the wind, there are three shinobis, two of them standing side by side, both of the wearing a midnight black coat, with a pattern of blood-red clouds on them, that extended down to their shins and the collar covered their necks.

One of them, with a towering height of one hundred and ninety-five centimeters and twenty-nine years old, has an unusual blue skin; a mask covering his whole head except for his face, bearing a metal plate upon his forehead with a single line craved through the symbol of Kirigakure no Sato that was etched into it. Underneath his beady eyes were three gills carved into his face. Strapped to his back was the famous scaly sword, Samehada, wrapped in white cloth, complete hidden from sight except for the skull-hilted handle that was protruding from behind the right shoulder.

His partner was only one hundred and seventy-five point two centimeters tall, noticeably shorter than his humanoid-shark friend. At only age eighteen, the missing-nin had his black hair pulled into a pony-tail, leaving the bangs hang to the side of his face. Upon his forehead was the hitai-ate of the Konohagakure no Sato, a single line carved through it. His eyes were a blood red color with three tomoe-shaped pupils etched into his iris.

The third shinobi was only one hundred and forty-seven point five centimeters tall and thirteen years old. The golden-spiked youth stared as the two unfriendly shinobis with a fierce gaze, anticipation their movement.

The humanoid-shark name Kisame Hoshigaki turns his head towards his partner, Itachi Uchiha, exposing his gills along his neck. "Hey Itachi, can you tell me this Jinchūriki's chakra level?"

Itachi focuses his Sharingan upon the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi. "AH! I think my eyes are going to explode!" Itachi swiftly places his hands over his eyes to shield them from Naruto's chakra. "Hold on… Mangekyō Sharingan!" Itachi slowly pulls his hands away and analyzes Naruto again, his eyes taking on a different form now, which looked like a three-pointed fūma shuriken.

"Well? What's his chakra level Itachi?" Kisame asked as he pulls Samehada off his back, ready to attack.

"It's…. It's over Eight Thousand!" Itachi stuttered out with amazement, his eyes twitching with disbelief.

"WHAT? OVER EIGHT THOUSAND!" Kisame yelled out.

Some of you will be asking 'Why did he say eight thousand and not nine thousand?', well, the reason for that is because in the original Japanese DBZ series, Vegeta and Nappa both say eight thousand, while us Americans just like to 1-Up everything and say nine thousand instead… AMERICA!... Yeah…

Series Notes:

- S-Ranked Jounins are the Kage-leveled Jounins. These shinobis are given official nicknames.

- Amegakure no Sato doesn't have a Kage, but Konan is the leader of Amegakure no Sato.

- The Tailed Beast Mode is where Naruto's body is encased in chakra flames with six tomoes appearing around his neck like a necklace. Parts of his hair are clumped together, forming two horns near his hitai-ate and his new seal across his upper torso is shown through his clothing. In this form, Naruto can perform the Hiraishin no Jutsu/Flying Thunder God without a kunai.

- You know how Nagato tapped Naruto between the eyebrows? That's when Nagato transferred a copy of his abilities to Naruto, imbedding it in his mind, which is very similar to what Itachi did to Sasuke around chapter 393. Also, that's when Nagato performed the Genjutsu, so Naruto's been standing still for two hours long. Man his legs must be stiff lol. There is definitely going to be at least one more 'Itachi' poke, possibly several more.

- A transfer of power is known as a Tensha Fūin, or Transcription Seal. This is what Itachi did to Sasuke, allowing Sasuke to use Amaterasu upon seeing Madara's Sharingan.

- Itachi gave Naruto a power around chapter 366. Me personally, I think he gave me two powers. Once was the eye of his best friend. The second was Itachi's right to wield the sharingan. Him being a "Natural Born Uchiha". Kakashi can't effectively use his sharingan because he's not of the Uchiha clan, so using it puts a lot of strain on his body. If Uchiha gave this to Naruto, it would explain why he was so crippled when fighting against Sasuke before dying.

Rikudō Sennin Theory:

Before we start, everything below is a SPOILER! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ TO CHAPTER 510 OF NARUTO AND YOU DON'T WANT ANY SPOILERS, DON'T READ THIS! Also, it gets very technical, so please try stay with me here, because I don't think I could dumb this down any further, lol. ENJOY!

So yeah, before you guys go on bashing me about making a fanfic with Naruto having a Dōjutsu and two of them at that, please hear me out, I really do have a legit reason as to why. Let's start from the beginning in an effort to keep you guys from ripping my head of with unpleasant comments because I have some relatively sound theories. First off, there was Rikudō Sennin; wielder of the Rinnegan, Jinchūriki of the Jūbi and founder of all modern Ninjutsu.

Ok, lets get three things straight: Rikudō has the Rinnegan, the Jūbi has the 'SUPER SHARINGAN', the one with nine tomoes, and when Rikudō confronted the Jūbi, Rikudō influenced the Jūbi with his Rinnegan, thus making the 'Sharinnegan' appear on the eye of the Jūbi, much like how Madara Uchiha influenced the Kyūbi to attack Konohagakure no Sato, the Kyūbi eyes had Sharingan eyes.

Here's a quick revamp of the story of Rikudō Sennin. Rikudō Sennin possessed the Rinnegan, created modern Ninjutsu, confronted the Jūbi, spilt the Jūbi in half, created the moon with half of the Jūbi inside it and sealed the other half inside him. Had twins for sons, came close to his death, separated the Jūbi inside him into nine bijūs, separated them from each other, on his death bed, the Older Twin, the Uchiha Ancestor, gained the 'eyes' of Rikudō while the Younger Twin, the Senju Ancestor, gained the 'body' of the Rikudō.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part One: When Rikudō has the Jūbi sealed within him, the Jūbi altered, or as Kakashi puts it, mutated his DNA. The Jūbi mutated two major parts of his body; his eyes and his chakra. Why these two? It's because the 'Super Sharingan' conflicted with the Rinnegan and the chakra of the Jūbi conflicted with the chakra of Rikodou.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Two: The Older Twin instead of getting the Rinnegan, he received a mutated version of it, which has been given the nickname 'Swirlygan'. I'm also thinking that maybe the Uchiha Ancestor had triplets, thus dividing the mutated Rinnegan, the 'Swirlygan', between them. The first of the triplets was born with what would become the Rinnegan, the dōjutsu of the Uzumaki Clan, for it was stripped of the mutations from the Jūbi; the second of the triplets was born what would become the Sharingan, the dōjutsu of the Uchiha Clan, which is a 'blood-thinned version' of the 'Super Sharingan'; and finally, the last of the triplets would be born with what would become the Byakugan, dōjutsu of the Hyūga Clan, which was a side-effect of the mutations.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Three: As the triplets of the Older Twin grew up, Uchiha Rikudō, Hyūga Rikudō, and Namikaze Rikudō, they always argued about who had the stronger dōjutsu, thus creating a long-lasting feud between them. The three brothers split apart and formed their own clans, naming their clans after themselves. The Uchiha Clan, with their Sharingan, could copy almost any jutsu and predict their enemy's movement, and with the Mangekyō Sharingan, they could use jutsus unique to them. For the Hyūga Clan, they mastered their Byakugan and developed a Taijutsu style just for them, attacking the enemies from the inside and crippling them in every way possible, also, with their Three Hundred and Fifty-Nine degrees view, they could counter any Taijutsu.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Four: As for the Younger Twin, who received the 'body', or chakra, of Rikodou, he had triplets as well, Senju Rikudō, Namikaze Rikudō and Gai Rikudō. They too had sibling rivalry and split up, forming their own clans, which here named after them. For the Senju Clan, their chakra could be used for any elemental Ninjutsus, hence why they were known for their mastery in Ninjutsus. For the Namikaze Clan, their chakra are adapt at using the Yin-Yang chakra, which is used for medical Ninjutsu, shadow manipulation, body size alterations, Genjutsus, and the hardest one of them all, Space-Time Ninjutsus. As for the third clan, I'm thinking a clan specialized in Taijutsus, like Rock Lee or Maito Gai, and could open the Hachimon.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Five: So with Naruto learning the way of Maito Gai/Rock Lee and able to unlock the Hachimon, being of the Namikaze Clan gives him superior control over Yin-Yang chakra, receiving the 'Abilities of the Natural Born Uchiha' from Itachi through Tensha Fūin and the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan from Sasuke, also by Tensha Fūin, and Nagato actually helping Naruto unlock his own Rinnegan, because it's the dōjutsu of the Uzumaki Clan, it gives him five 'paths' or five 'family traits', leaving only the Hyūga's 'path' out.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Six: With the inclusion of the Hyūga clan, Hanabi being Naruto's wife, their kids will have mastery of all six 'paths'. Also the three families from each side are rivals with their counterparts: Gai Clan – Hyūga Clan/Namikaze Clan – Uchiha Clan/Senju Clan – Uzumaki Clan.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Seven: Gai Clan specializes in Taijutsu, and with the Hyūga's dōjutsu, Byakugan, having up to 359 degrees of view, they can counter Taijutsu, but the Gai clan members can unlock the Hachimon, in which they can bypass the field of vision by moving at high speeds, but the Hyūga clan can perform Hakkeshō Kaiten as a defense and Hakke Rokujūyon Shō as an offense before they unleash the Hachimon.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Eight: With the Namikaze's natural enhanced speed, the Uchiha uses their Sharingan to capture their motion and predict what's going to happen next. While the Sharingan can also copy their abilities, the Namikaze's superior control in Yin-Yang chakra allows them to perform Genjutsu and Space-Time Ninjutsu. Yet the Sharingan can see through the genjutsu but the Space-Time Ninjutsu hinders the Sharingan useless. Of course there's the Mangekyō Sharingan that levels the field a bit, with it's enhanced ability to track motion and able to cast it's own unique jutsus.

Rikudō Sennin Theory Part Nine: With the Senju Clan able to naturally use any elemental Ninjutsu, and a few are adapt enough to use sub-elemental Ninjutsu, the Uzumaki Clan's dōjutsu, Rinnegan, they can perform ANY Ninjutsu after seeing it just once, so that puts them on an even playing field as well.

Rikudō Theory Part Ten: So with Konohagakure no Sato have someone in each and every 'path', Konohagakure no Sato is probably the birth place of the Rikudō Sennin, hence why they have the six 'paths' located in one area and as to why Konohagakure no Sato houses the Rikudō Sennin Tablet in the Naka Shrine, because the Rikudō Sennin was a priest and a warrior as well, which is why he was holding a sword AND a staff when he confronted the Jūbi.

I'll be saving the extremely extensive coverage over the three dōjutsus another time, along with the Japanese Mythology names; such as Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo and Izanagi. Also, I'll be laughing my ass off if everything I said here ended up being right. Oh, and another thing, I'm not some University Professor, just some 18 year old high school graduate who understood the stuff taught in high school, lol.

Japanese Romaji Translations:

- Gōken – Strong Fist

- Kawazu Kumite – Frog Kata – Toad Sage Fist (Taught only to those who have mastered Toad Sage Mode)

- Jikūkan Kata – Space-Time Form (Rapid teleportation, uses the Hiraishin no Jutsu to connect attacks)

- Fūton – Wind Release

- Suiton – Water Release

- Katon – Fire Release

- Doton – Earth Release

- Raiton – Lightning Release

- Hitai-ate – Headband

- Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensei – Summoning Technique: Impure World Resurrection

- Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu – Gedō: Art of Rinne Rebirth – Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique

- Ōjiji-sama – Great Honorable Geezer – referring to Ōgama-Sennin – Great Toad Sage

- Hachimon – Eight Inner Gates

- Kaimon – Gate of Opening

- Kyūmon – Gate of Healing

- Kage Buyo – Shadow of the Dancing Leaf

- Tensha Fūin – Transcription Seal

- Rikudō Sennin – Sage of Six Paths

- Jūbi – Ten-Tailed Beast

- Hakkeshō Kaiten – Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin

- Hakke Rokujūyon Shō – Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms


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