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Last Chapter

Return to Konohagakure no Sato


"Look… I'm sorry for how I acted; I really am Naruto-kun. It's just that… I was afraid I would lose you… To someone prettier…" The white eyes of the kunoichi shifted downward, too embarrassed to meet the gaze of her former boyfriend.

"I understand Hinata, I really do. It's just that it hurt me that you didn't trust me around my female friends." His gaze shifted off to the side. "Look, m-maybe we could give it another try…"

Instantaneously, Hinata's eyes shot up. "I can't…" Small tears began to build up in her eyes, blurring her vision of the blonde lover before her. "I'm in an arranged marriage to Shino-kun…"

Naruto face was stricken with the pain of being turned down. Even though he knew it wasn't her fault, it still hurt. "Oh… I see…"

"D-don't get me wrong Naruto-kun… If I could, I would, but I just can't… I'm sorry!" Hinata jumped off his bed and bolted out of his room, slamming his apartment door behind her unintentionally.

Several seconds passed by before Shino stepped into the room, closing the door gently behind him and resting his gaze upon Naruto. "I'm sorry Naruto. I just thought you should know that this is Lord Hyūga's idea."

"She was the only one that really cared for me… If I can't have her, then who else would want me for who I AM…" Naruto sighed deeply, suppressing his tears. "It's not your fault Shino, so don't say you're sorry. I'll be fine. Just… Give me some time." Naruto muttered as he climbed off the window sill and lay on his bed.

All Naruto heard was a gentle click of metal and then darkness came to his eyes.

Chapter Three

The Starry Night Sky


With the Sun setting in the West, casting the shadows on the right half of the Hokage Faces, the re-organized village was still shaped as a huge circle, just like before Madara came and destroyed the town, like Nagato before him. With the Hokage Mountain rebuilt from its destruction, as well as the whole town, everyone ended up moving around to different places. The main ten Ichizoku; Aburame, Akimichi, Gai, Hyūga, Inuzuka, Namikaze/Uzumaki, Nara, Sarutobi, Senju, and Yamanaka Ichizoku; were wrapped around the bordering walls of the town.

To the North was the Hokage Monument. At the base of the mountain was the Hokage Residence. To the left of the residence was Ninja Academy and to the right of the residence was the Konoha Hospital. On the Eastern half of the wall was the Aburame, Akimichi, Sarutobi, Senju and Yamanaka Ichizoku, known as the Faibu Raijingu Sanzu. On the Western half of the wall were the Gai, Hyūga, Inuzuka, Namikaze/Uzumaki and Nara Ichizoku, known as the Faibu Settei Sanzu. Also, there are four Konoha Keimu Butai, one stationed North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West.

Starting from the Hokage Residence, going to the right, is the Konoha Hospital, Sarutobi, Aburame, North-Eastern Konoha Keimu Butai, Senju, South-Eastern Konoha Keimu Butai, Akimichi and Yamanaka Ichizoku. Starting from the Hokage Residence, going to the left, was the Nara, Hyūga, North-Western Konoha Keimu Butai, Namikaze/Uzumaki (formerly Uchiha), South-Western Konoha Keimu Butai, Inuzuka and Gai Ichizoku.

In the North-Western part of Konoha Is the Dining District, brimming with lights from lanterns to ward of the darkness in the near-absence of the Sun, with a small bit of the Naka no Kawa entering in from the North-West and running through the district full of restaurants, stands and bars. With the Naka no Kawa continuing downward to the South-Western part of Konoha, it fed into Konohagakure's hot springs and bathing district, which was covered in a light blanket of night, with few lanterns lit outside, before leaving via South-West into a large body of water just outside the wall.

A blonde headed shinobi, dressed in solid black cargo pants and ninja boots, as well as a dark gray t-shirt, he exited out of the men's bath house, releasing a sigh of relief from the warm bath. "I don't know why, but hot springs are so much better than a warm bath at home."

Naruto lifted his arms up and interlaced his fingers through the back of his head, each finger interweaving through his golden spikes. Slowly, he begun his march through the men's sidewalk, occasionally hearing the giggles of teenage girls coming from the many female bath houses across the naturally heated river which split the too. Naruto could only guess that there was a hotspot where the bathing district was at and that's why the river was heated.

Hearing another outburst of laughter of the giddy teenage girls made Naruto's thinking relapse to his former teacher, bring up the memories of the perverted sage training Naruto for a month to prepare him for the Chūnin Exams. I bet he's pepping down from the Heavens upon those girls. Hell, I bet he even written another one or two of those perverted books of his. With a light chuckle, Naruto finally exited out of the bathing district and into the dining district.

Naruto walked up to the rebuilt Ichiraku's. Lifting up some of the familiar signs dangling from the ceiling, Naruto sat down on one of the six comfortable stools that lined up against the new black granite countertop. As his tanned arms lay upon the cool, smooth counter top, his blue eyes swept the redesigned bar. Naruto noticed several pictures of himself throughout the years plaster upon the walls, that there were now five oil-drum sized barrels instead of four, a solid metal plate that was used to cook their new addition of food and shelves of toppings and spices for them to pluck off.

He also noticed that the bar was bigger, giving more room between each stool and the counter was much roomier, he heard the ruffle of the curtain leading to the back room spread apart and a few footsteps followed as he stared at the lanterns that lit this place up. "Oh look at who it is. It's an honor to have the Great Sannin Naruto to visit us." The familiar voice called out with a tone of sarcasm sowed into her sentence.

Upon turning his head to the source of the voice, his eyes were met with the sight of a beautiful brunette. The brunette with fair skin had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, covered with a white bandana, leaving her bangs to surround her face. She was wearing a white robe and could be no taller than One Hundred and Fifty-Nine centimeters tall, no more that 42 kilograms and no older than 25 years old. Completely taking in the sight of the beauty before him, he had to violently shake his head to snap out of it.

"Ayame, please don't be like that?" Naruto pleaded with the waitress before him, trying to not pay attention to how the light reflects off her visibly soft skin.

The waitress slammed other of her hands on the granite, causing the bar to vibrate ever-so-slightly. "And why shouldn't I be like this?" Ayame leaned in even closer to Naruto, their faces almost touch. "You left us for six whole months and you didn't even say goodbye to me!"

Naruto shifted in his stool, getting uncomfortable under Ayame's gaze. "I'm sorry, it was urgent-"

"Don't give me that shit Naruto! I know why you left in a hurry!"

Naruto shamefully looked down as the owner came up, pulling his daughter away so that she would stop harassing him. Suddenly, his eyes whipped to the curtains covering the back room and saw the owner of the shop come busting through. With a height of One Hundred and Seventy centimeters and pushing Fifty-Two years, the old man pulled back his daughter away from his favorite customer.

Ayame broke free of her father's grasp and sternly walked into the back room. The chef sighed deeply as he turned to his customer, dressed in a white robe and cap, hiding away his gray hair. "I'm sorry about that Naruto. She's been on edge since you left-"

"I HEARD THAT!" A female voice called out from the back room, causing both men to shrink at the pitch.

"So… What's new Old man?" Naruto asked as he stared at the red embodied kanji characters on Teuchi's hat.

Teuchi handed Naruto with a simple menu with two columns; ramen and lo mein. "Well, we still have our usual variety of ramen; shio, tonkotsu, shōyu and miso. Our new addition is lo mein, which isn't ramen at all." Teuchi's pointed to the column or lo mein, his fingers tracing the word.

"What is lo mein and what makes it different from ramen?"

"You'll have to order it to find out Naruto" Ayame called out as she exited the back room, restocking shelves of toppings and seasonings, seemingly to have calmed down.

Still worrying about Ayame yelling at him again, he scanned through the menu and looked at the additions to the lo mein. Finally, Naruto gently handed the menu back to the owner. "Ok, I'll have my usual ramen; one large serving of miso ramen with sliced roasted pork and a kamaboko; and I will have another order of lo mein with brown sauce, chopped garlic and a slice of beef please."

Both chefs started their preparations, Ayame manning the pot of miso broth to prepare the order of miso ramen and her father, Teuchi, walking over to the solid grill to make the lo mein.

With a height of 162 centimeters and a petite, hourglass figure, she was no more than Fifteen years old and weighed 45 kilograms, the kunoichi was walking through the streets. With the lights from the lanterns shining upon her, revealed her in a form fitting black dress that extended to her knees, held up by spaghetti straps and glittered in the light. Her long brown flowing in straight lines as she paced herself forward, sounds of her black heels echoed out lightly over of the murmur of people.

As she rounded a corner, making her way to one of the popular restaurants in Konohagakure no Sato, The Konoha Mai, with the setting Sun reflecting it's last ray of lights upon her date, she noticed that an unfamiliar female was locking lips with her boyfriend, and from the look of it, it seemed like he just finished a date with her. Complete enraged by this betrayal, Hanabi paced herself towards him, with each step letting out more killer intent. As Hanabi was twenty feet from the cheating bastard, he felt a chill ran down his spin as the fierce whirlwind of disaster that was trailing behind Hanabi was making its way to him, leaving nothing but chaos in its wake.

"Ha- Hanabi… I-it's not what you think!" The unlucky guy cried out as he tried his best to wipe away any and all evidence of his bad habit, such as the lipstick kiss that was planted on his lips.

As Hanabi activated her dōjutsu, veins bulging around her near-featureless eyes, every bystander in the street turned their attention to the guy she was yelling at to see what was going on.

Nervously, the young shinobi took a step back, waving his arms in front of him as he saw Hanabi drop into her Jūken stance. "Hanabi… Please calm dow-"

Hanabi immediately cut the cheater off. "Hakke Rokujūyon Shō!" Everyone in the crowd took a step back as Hanabi dashed towards her boyfriend. "Two Palms!" She tapped the guy twice, setting off the famous Hyūga Ichizoku's combo attack. Four Palms! Quickly afterwards, Hanabi spun circularly and tapped the guy twice again. Eight Palms! Hanabi spun a full Three-Sixty, striking the guy in four different spots this time. Sixteen Palms! Hanabi jabbed the guy eight times now, continuing the combo to sixteen hits. Thirty-Two Palms Hanabi cried out in her mind, keeping track of how many times she hit him so far. Hanabi arms moved even faster. Hanabi finally placed her right palm on his stomach and blasted him with her chakra. "SIXTY-FOUR PALMS!" Hanabi called out as the guy skidding back ten feet.

Hanabi dashed towards him again, closing the gap just as the guy feel to his knees. Hanabi gathered a lot of chakra into her fist. "WE'RE!" Hanabi yelled as her fist connected with his face with all her might as the crowd quickly separated into two groups, leaving a space open in the direction where they thought that unlucky fellow was going to fly through. "OVER!" Hanabi stated as his face, along with the rest of his body, rocketed away with such force that would've made the Hokage proud. Quickly afterwards, not wanting to be around this restaurant nor head back home, she spun to her left and marched away, the whirlwind of destruction still trailing behind her.

The single kunoichi made her way to a dear friend of her's. Immediately ducking her head to avoid the signs dangling from the entrance, she sat down next to a blonde-head shinobi she didn't even bother to look at as the sound of slurping filled her ears. Her eyes fell upon Ayame as she exited from the back room, the light revealed a look of sorrow upon her face, as if she was about to cry.

"Ha-Hanabi?" The blonde-headed shinobi nearly chocked on the last of his ramen as he heard the name. "Wha-What are you doing here?" Ayame stepped over to the granite counter top. "I thought you had a date with-"

"Don't say his name!" Hanabi demanded with ferocity. "He was cheating on me Ayame, so please don't say his name." Her fingers balled harder and harder into a fists trembling with righteous anger as her knuckles turned even whiter against her ivory skin.

"I'm sorry Hanabi… Is there anything I can do for you?"

Hanabi shifted her gaze away from both the blonde-haired shinobi and Ayame, resting them upon the pictures of the hero of the Elemental Nations. "Can I just have my usual lo mein?" She asked in a sadden tone.

"At least you found out he was cheating on you…" The blonde Jōnin mentioned quietly.

"What does that mean?" Hanabi raised her voice as she turned towards the shinobi next to her. "Do you think I like finding out that-"

"What I mean is at least you found out so that he couldn't cheat on you, Hanabi…" Naruto muffled as he turned his head towards her, noticing her gapping at him, he eyes completely concentrated on his whiskers.

"Na-Naruto-kun?" Hanabi blushed lightly as her chocolate brown eyes traced his whiskers imaginatively. The blush disappeared as fast as it appeared, with the look of hatred. "NARUTO!"

She's cute when she blushes… What the hell… Shit, so much for a nice dinner… Naruto sighed heavily, the bangs of his blonde hair dangling in front of his eyes.

"Do you know what you did to my sister! You hurt her Naruto!" The Hyūga heiress raised her voice.

"Look Hanabi, I was the one who was hurt, not Hi-"

"Bull shit Naruto! Don't give me that crap! If you were the one who was hurt, why was she crying a whole MONTH after you left? Tell me that!" Hanabi exclaimed, pounding her fist into the granite counter, leaving a small indention in the surface.

Oh Kami… Another Sakura… Naruto sighed heavily before replying to the heiress. "Maybe she was crying because she realized she drove me away from her…" Naruto's face, masked by the shadows, turned away from Hinata's little sister with a reflection of painful memories etched upon his face.

"Wha-What do you mean?" Hanabi asked in a quizzically, yet disbelief tone.

"It's not my place to say Hanabi. If you want to know, ask her sister." Naruto mumbled as Hanabi's lo mein arrived in front her, distracting her slightly too where he could continue his second meal. "On that note, Hinata and I are on better terms now… She already apologized to me."

"For what? Why would she need to apologize to you?" Hanabi asked angrily.

"Again, Hanabi, it's not my place to say." With the last strands of his lo mein noodles flowing into his mouth, he spoke again. "Besides, you shouldn't yell at your sensei."

Hanabi tilted her head in complete confusion. "What? You're not my sensei!"

"I guess Hiashi-sama hasn't told you yet. I was chosen this morning to be your Jōnin Instructor so that I can train you to become a Jōnin yourself." He simply answered back in a nonchalant tone as he placed his plate towards his empty ramen bowl to be picked up by Ayame.

Hanabi simply gawked at Naruto, leaving the noodles hanging from her slightly opened mouth. Is Naruto REALLY going to be my sensei… Hanabi thought to herself as fantasies of a student-teacher romance crept into her fifteen year old mind, only to be brought back to reality by an echo of laughter ringing in her ears. "What's so funny?"

Naruto immediately stopped his hearty laugh at the fierce glare he received from the Kōri-hime no Konohagakure no Sato. "It's just I never seen a 'noble' leave their mouth open."

"Shut it Naruto!" Hanabi yelled back, completely embarrassed that her cheeks begun to fill with blood. Completely diverting her attention to her luke warm meal before her, she decided to eat it before it got any colder by the evening's breeze.

Few moments game and gone as Naruto were chatting away with Ayame and Teuchi. Naruto glanced to his left before finishing up the conversation with the two. "Well, since Hanabi's done," Naruto stood up and lifted an arm to brush away the hanging signs of the shop. "We should be on our way."

"Here's the money for the meal and the damage to the counter, Ayame." Hanabi pulled out some ryō from her purse and placed it gently on the damaged granite counter.

Ayame shoved it back towards her gently. "Naruto already paid for it all…"

Hanabi swiftly to her new sensei with a look of confusion plastered onto her face. "Why would you pay for that? It's my meal and I was the one who damaged the counter."

"Well, since it's our first meal together, I thought I should pay. As for the counter, it was technically my fault…" Naruto sighed deeply, keeping his arm up in the air. "Now c'mon Hanabi-chan, we have to talk to your father, if he isn't drunk, so hold on to me."

Hanabi paused for a moment, staring at how the moonlight reflected off his golden hair, finally hopped off the stool and ran over to Naruto, the crisp evening air rushing past her face. She wrapped her arms around his waist, fastening herself to him. His skin… It's so warm…Ok, OW! Now he's burning!

In an instant, Naruto's body was engulfed in flames of chakra and the two of them disappeared in a light that shone as bright as the Sun under the starless night sky.

With a blinding light, Naruto and Hanabi appeared in the Hyūga compound, just past the South entrance gate. The guardsmen, completely blinded from the sudden bright light, switched on their Byakugan and were nearly blinded again by the chakra level of one of the shinobis that appeared from the light.

"WHO GOES THERE? STATE YOUR NAME AND BUSINESS OR WE'LL KILL YOU!" Stated one of the four guardsmen positioned at the South entrance of the Hyūga compound, his body lowered into the Jūken stance.

"Stand down. It is only Naruto and Hanabi." A figure stated from the shadows in the compound. As the shadowy figure stepped forth, image revealed a 21 year old Jōnin Hyūga with long brunette hair, pale white eyes, and standing 174 centimeters. "I'm happy to see you two getting along." Neji smirked slightly, cloaked in a white robe, as he starred at his youngest niece as she continued to grip around Naruto's waist.

"Uh… Hanabi-chan… We're here…" Shifting his feet in the cold grass of the compound, Naruto slowly pried Hanabi's arms off him before redirecting his attention to Neji. "I got something for you since I just missed your birthday. It was July 3rd, correct?" Naruto asked as he shuffled his hand through one of his pockets.

"Uh yeah… Just missed it." Neji watched as Naruto pulled out a bag with wrappings in it and caught it as Naruto tossed it to him. "What's this?"

"It's my own wrappings. It has a weight seal on it. All you have to do is apply chakra to it. The more you add, the heavier it is. So when you unseal them, you move much faster, like Gejimayu." Naruto grinned happily as he walked to Neji. "So where can I find Hyūga-sama?"

"I believe Hiashi is in his study. Need I show you the way again Naruto?" Neji shifted his body away from him and his gazed pointed to the sōke.

"Nah, I remember the lay out somewhat. Besides, if I get lost, I'll find him one way or another." Naruto respectively bowed to Neji before walking through the double sliding doors of the compound with Hanabi in tow behind him.

As Naruto and Hanabi walk through the corridors of the massive Hyūga compound, each foot silently fell on the tatami floor mats, opening and shutting several sliding doors along the way, Hanabi took noticed of many bunke members were gawking at them. The sōke member knew that they weren't staring at her, the heiress to the Hyūga Ichizoku, but instead to the Hero of the Elemental Nations, for a visit by Naruto was pretty rare. After a minute more of walking through the compound, both of them nearly missing an encounter with Hinata, the duo finally arrived at the entrance of the study room.

With a steady knock at the sliding doors, a dreadful voice answered back. "Please come in Naruto and Hanabi."

Naruto slowly opened the doors, wood rubbing against wood, only to see a figure sitting in the dense shadows, seemingly to flinch away from the light of the hallway. "Is everything alright Lord Hyūga?" Naruto asked quietly as Hanabi slid the door behind them.

"Dad, are you drunk? Again?" Hanabi took a step forward on the tatami mat, raising her voice against her father.

"Please be a little quieter baby… Daddy has a hang over…" Hiashi asked in a pain-stricken voice as his back was hunched over a tattered scroll.

"And why do you have a hang over now? Were you drinking in the middle of the day or something?"

"Hanabi… You wouldn't understand… I couldn't simply say no to her…" Hiashi hanged his head covering his ears as he was expecting the cry of a banshee any second, but it never came. He looked up slowly only to see Naruto's hand muffling the sounds that was trying to escape his daughter's mouth.

"You were offered to drink with Oba-chan, weren't you Hyūga-sama? Listen to me Hanabi." Naruto removed his hands from Hanabi and placed his hands on her shoulders to turn her towards him, only to receive a venomous glare from her. "When the Hokage offers for you to join her for a drink, it's not an offer, it's a demand… Your father had to drink with Oba-chan, and I'm pretty sure you know how she drinks."

Hanabi pondered on this thought for a bit as a scene of the female Hokage finishing off a forth bottle of sake as her father was only on his fifth cup, dreading every sip of it appeared into her mind. "I-I understand Naruto… I'm sorry father." Hanabi bowed towards her father and sat upon the tatami mat floor.

"Now onto more urgent matters, Lord Hyūga," Naruto replied in a respectful voice to the head of the Hyūga Ichizoku as he too sat down next to Hanabi. "When may I start training Hanabi?"

"You may start tomorrow." Hiashi's eyes drifted downward back to an ancient scroll that was sprawled out on the table, the kanji almost faded away. "Now if you don't mind, I have more studying to do, so good night Naruto and thank you for agreeing to train my daughter."

With the movement of Hiashi's hand, Naruto and Hanabi silently got up and left the room, knowing they had been dismissed. Sliding the mountain scene printed doors shut, Naruto remarked quietly as the two moved away. "Man, I feel sorry for him."

Hanabi, in stride with him, looked up, slightly distracted by his golden spikes once again. "Wh-Why's that?"

"He's going to feel horrible tomorrow." Naruto chuckled lightly as they moved about the narrow corridors. The two rounded the corner and in an instant, Naruto froze as his blue eyes met with a set of white eyes. "Hi-Hinata…"

Trembling slightly, Hinata drifted her sights from her former lover to her little sister. Wha-what's Hanabi doing with Naruto? Oh no… Don't tell me… Slowly, her eyes widen.

Oh shit! I know that expression. Hanabi quickly threw her arms up, waving them in front of her. "Hinata, it's not what you think, I swear!"

Naruto did a double glance to Hanabi, wondering what she meant before it finally clicked in his mind. "Oh! Yeah! It's not what you think Hinata! We just had to talk to Hiashi." Naruto splurted out in a hurry.

"Ta-talk to father about what?" Hinata stumbled as a thought crept into her mind. Why would Hanabi and Naruto need to talk to Father? Don't tell me it's an arrange marriage like Shino and I!

"Well Hinata, he's my Jōnin Sensei. Father and Hokage have appointed him to train me to become a Jōnin like you."

Hinata battered her eyes a few times as her mouth hanged open. "S-so Father didn't talk to you two about an arrange marriage?"

"A-Arranged marriage…?" Naruto glanced from Hinata to Hanabi and back to Hinata.

"No Hinata! Why would you think that! Naruto and I aren't even dating!" Hanabi shouted back, her face colored with embarrassment.

Naruto double glanced at Hanabi with confusion plastered onto his face. "Wait, what about us dating?"

Hanabi quickly clasped both hands over her mouth as she realized what she said. Slowly, the ivory color of her flawless skin shaded into a hue of pink and then tinted into a deep red.

Hinata's near-featureless white eyes widen in shock to her little sister's reaction. "Hanabi, you li-"

"HINATA!" Hanabi turned towards, Naruto, hiding her beat red face behind her brunette hair. "Good night Naruto." Hanabi spun on her heels and fiercely walked to her older sister, dragging her away in a single motion.

As the two Hyūga females vanished from sight as they rounded a corner, Naruto sighed deeply as he ran his fingers through his golden spikes. Great… Now I have another fangirl… At least she's normal unlike those other crazed girls… With a deep breath, Naruto headed out of the Hyūga's compound underneath the starry night sky.

Series' Notes

- With Ichiraku's Ramen Bar destroyed by Nagato, I had it upgraded when Ayame returned from exploring the land and seeing different types of food. Yup, I had Ayame travel the countries and bring back knowledge of different foods. Ramen isn't the only good Asian food.

- Ayame's name makes me laugh. Her name can mean 'iris', 'pattern', 'to hurt' or 'to kill'. Don't piss her off lol.

- Teuchi's name kind of scares me a bit. Teuchi can mean "to make ramen by hand" or "killing someone with one's bare hands"… Best not to piss him off, lol.

Author's Notes

- Shio ramen, or salt ramen, is the oldest and lightest broth ramen listed. The broth is made with plenty of salt as well as any combination of chicken, vegetables, fish, seaweed and pork bones. Although, since the pork bones aren't brewed as long as tonkotsu ramen, the broth remains light. As for vegetables, it usually is adorn with cabbage, leeks, onions and bamboo shoots. Also, the noodles tend to be straight and not curly.

- Tonkotsu ramen, or pork bone ramen, has a cloudy white broth, which is made from boiling pork bones, as the name suggests, fat and collagen for many hours. Also, it's typically blended with small amounts of chicken, vegetable and/or soy sauce. The noodles are thin and straight.

- Shōyu ramen, or soy sauce ramen, has a semi-clear brown broth. The broth is based on chicken/fish/beef and vegetable with plenty of, wait for it…, soy sauce added in. Usually added into the mix are menme, green onions, kamaboko, nori, boiled eggs, bean sprouts, black peppers, chili oil and/or variety of Chinese spices. The noodles are usually curly, but also sometimes straight.

- Miso ramen, or miso ramen… Sorry guys, miso means miso, lol. Anyways, miso ramen is uniquely Japanese ramen and was developed in Hokkaidō, where it reach popularity around 1965, so it's fairly new compared to the other three. With its broth full of miso and bended with oily chicken, fish, tonkotsu or lard broth, the broth will obviously have a really robust flavor. With it wide variety of toppings that is just insane, the noodles are thick, curly and slightly chewy.

- Popular toppings for ramen are: chāshū, tōbanja, butter and corn, leeks, onions, bean sprouts, ground pork, cabbage, sesame seeds, white peppers, chopped garlic, nori, kamaboko, menme and boiled eggs. Also, the broth can be seasoned with black pepper, chili pepper, sesame seeds and crushed garlic. Another thing, the ramen noodles are soba noodles, which are made from buckwheat flour.

- The lo mein in this fanfic is the one of American-Chinese kind. Made with the udon noodles, thick flour noodles, lo mein is different from ramen. For one, there is no broth; instead the noodles are lightly soaked in brown sauce, which is made up of soy sauce, corn starch, sugar and other seasonings. Toppings include carrots, cabbage, onions, shrimp, roast pork, beef, chicken, steak and lobster. Vegetable lo mein is the vegetarian version while 'House' lo mein as more than one meat added to it.

- The process to making lo mein is fairly quick and easy. You grab the amount of udon noodles you want, toss it on the solid grill, soak them with brown sauce, add the meat and other toppings if wanted and then just stir on the hot plate for half a minute or so. If you ever seen a chef prepare lo mein, you'll agree it's pretty quick.

- As for the relationship between Hanabi and Hiashi, I'm giving it the classical relationship where Hiashi is 'easy' on Hanabi, as she's the heiress of the clan. Hiashi is play favorites pretty much. He's spoiling his 'little girl' and now she's like this. I think it's pretty funny. It may be OCC for Hiashi, but c'mon, you know it's funnier like this. Oh, and it can't be OCC for Hanabi because her personality hasn't even been revealed yet.

- As for Hanabi's personality, I'm making her a fangirl if you haven't figure it out. I mean seriously, with Naruto being the hero of the five Elemental Nations, he's bound to be more popular that Sasuke. So needless to say, Naruto is annoyed by the more 'crazed' fangirls, while Hanabi is more of a down-to-Earth fangirl. Although, when she's pissed or wants something, she can only be controlled by Naruto. Like how it was with my ex. She was strong-willed, but all I had to do was stare at her with my oh-so pretty blue eyes and she would stop lol. Very funny effect if I do say so myself. In fact, my ex is probably going to yell at me if she ever reads this… That should be fun… lol

Japanese Romaji Translations

- Ichizoku – Clan

- Faibu Raijingu Sanzu – Five Rising Suns

- Faibu Settei Sanzu – Five Setting Suns

- Konoha Keimu Butai – Leaf Military Police Force

- Naka no Kawa – Nakano River, literally meaning "River of Southern Joy"

- Ichiraku – First Comfort

- Konoha Mai – Dancing Leaf

- Jūken – Gentle Fist

- Hakke Rokujūyon Shō – Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

- Kōri-hime – Ice Princess

- Ryō – currency used in Naruto. A single ryō equals ten yen.

- Gejimayu – Centipede Brows (Referring to Rock Lee)

- Sōke – Main House

- Bunke – Branch house

- Menme – Marinated bamboo shoots

- Kamaboko – Fish cakes, which are the white things with a pink spiral.

- Nori – Seaweed

- Chāshū – Sliced pork topping

- Tōbanja – Spicy bean paste


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