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Arthur's Notice

Dear fans,

Yes, I am indeed back from the dead. It has been a very long time (OVER A FULL YEAR!) since I last posted a chapter. Infact, I posted the last chapter just before I left for boot camp. That seems like forever ago, lol.

Anyways, I have fully re-read the previous 5 chapters, and believe it or not, I really did forget what my story was about... Anyways, this is the newest chapter. After this is posted, I will be editing all the previous chapters because I decided to write in a new style per say, and to make any corrections I've noticed while re-reading my story.

I was originally going to scrap this and reboot it, again, but I decided against it. I put too much into this and already have a lot of fans reading this, so I'll just do a few tweaks and keep going with the original plan. I just can't believe I was doing about 40,000 words over 5 chapters. Damn, I was a machine while I was first releasing this.

Another thing, I will start mentioning the time in military format from now it, just to make things easier. No more Ten past Ten PM or whatever. For example, 6 AM will be 0600 (pronounced like zero six hundred), and 6 PM will be 1800 (pronounced like eighteen hundred) while 12:45 PM will be 1245 (twelve forty-five). The date format will be DDMMM, as in today is 13JUN. There isn't a year due to the fact they never mention the year at all in the Naruto Universe. I may or may not include the days of the week. I probably will stop that all together since what day of the week won't really matter.

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To hillbilly62085: Thank you for that catch. I was in a rush when I typed out that chapter, so as soon as I get a chance to do so, I'll go ahead and make the necessary changes. Since I don't have a beta, I don't have anyone to proof-read it besides myself, and I can't catch everything, lol.

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Last Chapter

Before the Mission


"Hey Naruto, sorry I was late. Been running errands all day for Lady Hokage. I just wanted to watch clouds today…" A raven-haired shinobi called out as he leaned against the arched entrance of alcove. Dressed in a black shirt and baggy khaki pants, he made his way into his seat and gave a mighty yawn.

"Wanted to watch clouds in bed with Temari is more like it…" Naruto mumbled lightly before receiving a glare from his comrade. "Any ways, now where is Kakashi-sensei?"

"Right here Naruto." A white-haired shinobi called out as he walked through the entryway. "Sorry I'm late; I saw a stray cat on the road and had to find it a shelter."

"Right… And I'm Hokage…" Naruto spat. "Alright, since everyone is here now we need to go over plans…"

Chapter Six

Calm Before the Storm


Naruto woke up and stared at the analog clock next to his small nightstand. Reading the Hour and Minute hands, he determined the time was roughly 0515. "Like clockwork..." Naruto mumbled as he swept his legs out of his bed. I don't want to go today... Augh.

Naruto ran his fingers his hair and gave be big yawn during the process. He lifted himself off his worn bed and made his way to the restroom for his morning routine of brushing, shaving and showering.

After an hour has passed, he finally stepped out all squeaky clean and rustled around for some clean clothes. I'm running low on clothes again. I guess I need to do laundry when I come back.

Naruto looked between his two ninja outfits. One was his Shinobi uniform, which he wore when we worked with different countries, and the other was his Konohagakure Uniform, which we mixed and match with several different colors of clothes so he didn't always look the same. There was a third set, but he reserved those for very special occasions.

Knowing that he would be transporting the next Fire Daimyō, he should wear the uniform representing his village. He wrapped his arms and legs in the same type of wrappings that he gave to Neji earlier that month and applied chakra to the seal to make it heavier.

Afterwards, he pulled on a tight, black, long-sleeved shirt with a red string zig-zagging up his right side in which he pulled to make it more form fitting. I hope this is as good as the mesh chain mail I always worn. He then slipped on some discrete metal shin guards before pulling his khaki-colored cargo pants up, leaving his shirt tucked in.

He then attached two pouches to the back of his pants, pulled on his black boots and equipped his samurai-styled arm guards he received from the samurais of the Land of Iron after the war. He pulled his forest-green flak vest over his attire, pulled on black, fingerless gloves with a metal plate on each hand, and tied his hitai-ate to his forehead. Looking at the clock, he sighed heavily. 0623. Time to head out for the mission. Naruto pulled up his window and jumped out at full speed, racing towards Ichiraku's before heading to the South Gate.

Excitement coursing through Hanabi's veins as she jumped right out of the bed. She knew this was an A-ranked mission, so she should be more serious, but she was already going on her first mission with her sensei/boyfriend.

Wait, is Naruto my boyfriend? We went on a date, so we could be dating, but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend... Hanabi thought to herself. She rapidly shook her head to clear her thoughts. "I don't have time for this! I need to get ready for the mission!" Hanabi exclaimed a bit louder than she meant to, resulting in her clapping her mouth with both hands as a physical reminder to be more quiet as she mentally scolded herself.

From that point, she did her usual morning routine, albeit at a slower pace, knowing she would have plenty of time, seeing as she picked out her outfit and gear to use the previous day.

Before she knew it, an hour had passed as she was making the final adjustments to her outfit, making sure everything fit snugly now so it wouldn't bother her for the trip. She quickly dashed off to dining hall of the compound, where she joined Neji, who was already having breakfast.

"Ne-Neji? You're up early. Don't tell me you have a mission too?"

"No Hanabi." Neji replied as he wiped his mouth of any stray pieces of the rice ball he just finished. "I'm always up this early. I just decided to eat early this morning rather with the family so I can wish you good luck on your mission."

"Th-Thank you cousin..." Hanabi stammered out as she began to quickly prepare her meals for the next few days.

Neji then silently got up and left, leaving Hanabi with the rest of unused rice so she could make several rice balls as snacks for the trip.

"MAN I'M TIRED!" One guard proclaimed as he took a huge yawn.

"We've only been here for, like, half-an-hour! If this is how tired you are in thirty minutes, I can't imagine how tired you will be when we get off in 12 hours!" The second guard commented.

"Hey, I'm only this tired because it's so early."

"At least the Sun is up. I rather be here throughout the day than have the graveyard shift."

"True that. I rather be sleeping in though."

"All you do is complain man. Tsk." The second guard retorted as he made a rude noise.

"Well, once I can get some coffee, I'll be better."

Suddenly the blonde ninja landed right in front of them with a decent thud. "Then how about you go get some real fast while I hold down the fort here?"

"I-Is that you Naruto-sama?" The first guard replied.

"Yep, now go get some coffee." Naruto remarked quickly.

"Ha-Hai!" The guard replied affirmatively as if he was just given an order before taking off at full speed.

"Are you sure that's ok? From the looks of it, you're about to head out for a mission."

"Indeed he is..." A different ninja replied as jumped from a rooftop, landing next to Naruto. "What a drag..."

"There you are Shikamaru. That's half of us. It's ok. I said 0630 because I knew Kakashi would be at least half an hour late."

"You don't say?" A feminine voice replied. A petite brunette kunoichi landed next to Shikamaru, searching the area with her pale eyes.

"And that makes three." And the time is nooooow," Naruto glanced at the clock on the wall in the guard house. "0647."

Just then, the first guard returned from his coffee run. "Thank you very much Naruto, I feel much more awake!"

"It's no problem." Naruto gave his signature grin. "Now if only Kaka-"

"Shi was here? Yes, if only I was here, we could all leave. Right?"

"Sensei! Woow, you aren't that late for once."

I was waiting for that guard to come back to be honest... "Well, enough of that, are you ready to take charge or not, Naruto?"

"Honestly... No..." Remarked Naruto, sending Shikamaru and Hanabi crashing to the floor with disbelief.

"Too bad, you're taking charge." Kakashi remarked.

"Is there-"

"NOPE!" Kakashi retorted happily. "I'm giving you a crash course in how to be a proper leader."

And we're his unfortunate victims... What a drag... Shikamaru thought to himself as he brushed off the dirt and stared at the clouds. 'At least with Kakashi and I, we can lessen the damage. I guess this would be a good for Hanabi. She'll see what she's getting herself into.'

"Fine, fine. I'll be taking charge. Our destination is the bridge located in the Land of Waves. We should reach our destination by tomorrow morning. We will travel the whole day, but will take breaks when necessary. We are camping out for the night if we don't come across a town at a reasonable time. Now, MOVE OUT!" Naruto roared out the last two words a bit louder than planned, but everyone, including himself, took off at full speed at the end of those words.

"Na-Naruto, ca-can we take a break-" Hanabi panted out as she was beginning to fall behind the group.

Naruto turned his head and look at both Kakashi and Shikamaru for advice, receiving both blank faces in returned. 'So they won't even give me guidance on this huh? I guess I just have to go with what I think is right.' Naruto landed on a branch and dropped straight down. "Ok, we're taking a break."

Kakashi and Shikamaru landed next to Naruto as Hanabi landed a fair few meters away. "Look Naruto, you can't just run in the front of the pack and that be all. You are the leader, so you should be in the front, but you also have to maintain awareness of your comrades."

"I agree with Kakashi. We don't have the stamina that you do, nor can we keep up with your speed." I'm surprised I held on as long as I did, let alone Hanabi, who is only a Genin.

"But Genin is only a rank. It doesn't measure her strength. I mean, I was a Genin up to 3 years ago."

"You're just special Naruto. You can't apply your situation to hers. Just let her rest and tone the speed down ok. You're going to run us all into the ground."

"To add onto that, she may be the least experience of the group, but if you put her in danger, we are all in danger. We are a 4-man cell. We all have to be ready at any time. What if something happened and we all relied on her, but she was too exhausted to do anything because of all the running?"

"We all depend on each other equally. There are things she can do that none of us can do. She is an important part of the team whether you realize it or not." Kakashi remarked as he opened up his bag and pulled out a rice ball. "Now go apologize."

Naruto sighed heavily, but he knew his sensei was right. I should've put her first. The team will fall apart if just one of us is out... Naruto quickly made his way over to Hanabi who was sitting against a tree, drinking water replenish the fluids lost in her body.

"I-I'm sor-" Hanabi began to say after finishing her bottle.

"Hold it right there Hanabi. There is no reason for you to say sorry. I should've noticed that you were having a hard time. I admire that you didn't complain until you were just about to pass out, but still, you shouldn't be afraid to ask us to go slower. It still doesn't excuse my actions, so I'm the one that should be sorry. I failed you as your sensei and as your leader." Naruto replied harshly, as it was more meant for himself and not her.

Hanabi smiled gently at these words. This is why everyone likes him. Not because he's famous and strong... Ok, it might be because of those reasons, but they aren't the only reasons. It's because he's honest and caring.

The 4-man cell arrived in a market town. The town itself was that big, but there were a ton of stands lined up next to each other, lanterns lit to ward off the darkness that was coming. The group exchanged glances and headed towards the town at a normal pace.

"It is starting to get late, so how about we stay here for the night. I'm sure we're close to the coast now, so we'll cross the bridge in the morning." Naruto explained as they touched concrete for the first time since the morning.

Hanabi gave a heavy sigh as she looked around. 'I want to take a dip in the hot springs if they have any here. I never knew you could actually run almost the entire continent in one day. This is just ridiculous... ' Hanabi thought to herself as she rubbed her own shoulders. 'Naruto didn't even pay that much attention to me... Well, I can't say we can act like boyfriend and girlfriend on a mission, now can we... '

"Hey, Naruto..." Shikamaru whispered to Naruto. "I think it would be best for us to find a hotel to drop off our gear before we go eat and relax. The sooner the better too. Hanabi is about to drop."

"Shikamaru, I know that!" Naruto exclaimed back under his breathe. "My mind may not be the sharpest thing I own, but come on, give me sooome credit!" Naruto did a quick observations and picked out a hotel about 100 or so meters away. "Lets go there. After we drop off our stuff, we can eat and relax for the night."

"Good call Naruto." Kakashi commented, making his way there at a leisure pace while Hanabi left at a pace faster than anyone else.

'Man, I guess she really wants to relax...' Naruto thought to himself as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm right behind you Hanabi!" Naruto yelled out as he chased after her, leaving Shikamaru and Kakashi behind.

"I wonder who is sleeping with who?" Kakashi questioned rhetorically. Suddenly Shikamaru's face paled instantaneously at Kakashi's remark.

"What a drag..." Shikamaru commented before jogging after Naruto. I'll be damned if Naruto sleeps with Hanabi. Neji will KILL me if I let that happen! He reached the hotel with the two just in time. "We-We will have 1 room for four people..."

Hanabi just turned head at Shikamaru and gave him a glare resembling Temari. "There is no way I am sleeping with you guys! Ma'am," Hanabi turned towards the inn keeper after dismissing Shikamaru's request. "we will have two rooms; one for 3 people and another for 1 person."

Shikamaru stared dumbfounded at the petite kunoichi before him. "Wait, so I ran here for no reason..."

"What, you surely didn't think I would try get a room with Naruto, especially while we're on a mission? We haven't even gone anywhere near that far-" Hanabi began to vehemently explain to the raven-haired Jōnin before her.

"I-I didn't mean it li-" Shikamaru tried to explain before being cut-off.

"Don't give me that bullshit! I know EXACTLY what you meant!"

"Hanabi," Naruto spoke as he placed a single hand on her shoulder just as Kakashi finally walked into the inn. "You should calm down-"

He did not just say that... Kakashi thought to himself as a sweat ran down the back of his head. 'Oh shit...'

"Don't tell me to calm down! I've been doing my best to keep up with you guys all day and at the end, when I finally get a chance to relax, I get accused of trying to sleep with you! You better set things STRAIGHT with your FRIENDS!" Hanabi exploded at the end. Quickly, she grabbed her key and stormed off from the group.

"What a-"

"I don't want to hear it from you Shikamaru!" Naruto retorted scornfully. "We talked about this before the trip. Everything was settled. I should've told you guys that Hanabi would be sleeping by herself, even if I," Naruto emphasized,"thought it was common sense." Naruto just loud enough for Shikamaru to hear before grabbing the key from the counter and walking off to their room.

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Sorry for the long wait guys, really I am. At least I came back to it, albeit almost a year and a half later... I can say all I want, but that won't really help me right now, will it? I'm going to spend next week editing the chapters before to fix any types and reformat this slightly to match this writing style, even though there isn't much difference.

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Please bare with me through all my blunders and mistakes that will let me become a better author.


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Seventh Part:

Japanese Romanji Translations:

Konohagakure - shortened version of Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves)

Fire Daimyō - Fire Lord - The political leader of the Land of Fire

Hitai-ate - Headband

Hai - Yes

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- Chapter Seven -