A little girl is standing over her mothers grave with a teddy bear in her left arm while she suck on her thumb on her right. Tears streamed down her chubby cheeks as she stares at the grave that they put her mother in just two days ago and can't get over at the fact that her monther is no longer with her, with her grandmother and aunt. She gets on her knees and place a blood red rose on her grave and pray as she does it, just like her mother taught her when she was still alive. She traced her mothers name on the tomb with her little finger which spelled out


Princesse of the Amazon

Daughter, Sister & Mother'

'Aka Wonder Woman'

Yes this little girl is her daughter, wonder woman had a daughter. Her name is Martha Athena Wanye, but she rather be called Athena and not her full name because there is a story behind her hate that she wants to forget forever and its all because of her father, Bruce Wayne, that her mother diana was killed on the battlefield on man's world. This little girl, this little five year old girl holds so much hate over that man that it was unhealthy for her to hold, and from a far distance were two woman watching over the little princesse. One has blond hair with a crown on her head that look like athena's mother all dress like queen she was and by side her was a raven haired woman that almost look like her but not so much, yes this is none other than Queen Hippotyla and her other daughter Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl.

"She holds alot of hate in her mother. I don't like it one bit, its unhealthy for a five year old to feel hate towards a person let alone her own father" donna whispered to her mother, never breaking her sight on the little girl

"Its good for her to feel hate towards a man and why not her own father" donna looked over to her mother, wided eyed

"What are you talking about mother, this is her own flesh in blood, her own father-" before she could finish her mother cut her off.

"You mean the man that called his own child a bastard, a regret, never wanted a child like her because she's a metahuman. Is that the man you mean daugther?" she questioned her . Donna hung her head and answered

"But mother its her father"

"Not anymore. She will not step foot out of Themyscira, that I will make sure of it. Athena is a amazon by blood and she will stay here where our sisters, our god and goddess will watch over her. She will start training tomorrow." she started to walk away but stopped and said

"Bring my grandaugther in when she's done. I smell rain and I don't want her to get sick so early." and walk towards the palece.

Donna just stood there in her place dumfounded but turned to her niece and walk towards her as the little stood up and turned to her aunt

"Are you ready to go inside, little star?" asked donna sweetly. Athena nodded her head and held out her little hand so her aunt can hold it and started to walk back home.

"You will start training, it's your grandmother order. Do you understand?" athena nodded mutely. Donna just shook her head, 'she just too young. Why can't mother wait a few years to train her, she just lost her mother and the last thing she needs is our sisters to order her around' she thought. As they walked away a figure was hiding in the shadows, watching at the little girl walk away. Then it stood and walked over to the grave and placed dozen red blood roses on the grave and it said, "I so sorry diana... I never meant this to happen. Please forgive me... and please help me get our daugther back", Bruce Wanye, aka batman, walked to the batjet and took off never knowing that athena was looking out of her window and spotted his jet in the sky as it took off.

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