Ah, so I found a thread on livejournal called a chaos thread in which writers take a prompt,write a short One Piece drabble on it, and then post their own prompt. I've written very little so I decided to try out my skills there. Here are some of mine.

I do not own One Piece.

Prompt: Improbable

Character(s): Straw Hat crew

When most people looked back on it, heard the story, told the tales, almost everyone had the thought run through their minds at least once.

How much luck did this crew have?

The barrel may have never wound up in the hands of pirates.

They could have arrived at the small village a day too late.

The lightning may have not struck the execution stand.
although no one knew if that was really luck

They may not have picked up a stray princess trying to save her country.

Their navigator may not have gotten bitten by a once-thought-extinct insect.
no one said all of their luck was good

They may not have ended up on the one island that held the doctor that could cure her.

An errant splash of water in a land of desert may not have landed on their captain.

They may have never made it all the way up to the island in the sky.

They may have never had a ship that managed to take them all the way to the city of water before breaking down.
and still saved their lives when it seemed hope was lost

Any of the hammers of their crew may have washed overboard during a storm, never to be seen again.

They could have crashed and burned and drowned and lost at any time of their journey.

may have
may have
could have
could have

But didn't. And against all odds, this tiny crew of mostly rookies and some oldies made it to the end of the world.

But when asked
How did you get such luck?

The entire crew would grin and the captain would say
Who needs luck when you have the will? Who needs coincidences when you have ambition? Who needs fate when you have dreams?