Another for the Onepiece_300 lj community. Very short this time. I seem to be writing more often, which is good.

Consider yourself disclaimed.

Title: Don't Forget
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Media: fic
Pairing/Characters: Smoker/Ace, Luffy, Tashigi
Word Count: 82
Prompt: Dates

"Hi Smokey! Why are you here? Don't you remember what day it is?"

"My day off. What about it?"

"What? If you've forgotten and make him cry I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"What does the date have to do with him- oh shit."

"Bye Smokey! And remember, you can't go wrong with meat!"


"What the hell are you doing sleeping here, Firefist?"

"Wha- oh hey Tashigi, what's up?"

"I'll give you a hint. One year."

"What do you mean, one yea- fuck."

"Get running. And he likes Alabastan cigars the best."

I like this pairing a little too much, but whatever. Not like it can ever become canon, so I might as well make it with my fangirling.