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Steph's POV

So, Ranger wanted me in his office in 5 minutes. My plan was already in the make. I wanted to surprise Bobby at his bachelor's party: instead of sitting alone in his apartment or being jealous of the women Lester is inviting, I was going to make sure I was one of those women. I was going to be the one who will be giving Bobby a lap dance and he was the only one who's going to know it.

Now to be able to do that, I need help. I need someone who makes sure I'm going to be the leading woman at that party. And since Ranger just planned a takedown and a distraction on my wedding anniversary, I'm going to make him my informant, my ticket in. He just doesn't know it yet.


Ranger: "Come in, Babe". I entered his office and took the seat he offered.

"I wanted to talk to you about the takedown and the distraction. A takedown isn't different from anything you know in the army. We form a plan, go in and take the guy down. As simple as that. We have a guy who runs all the searches and forms the best laid plan if none of the guys here know the perp. He's name is Rodriguez. If he asks you, you'll probably do some searches for him in the future."

I nodded and silently hoped that there wouldn't be too many searches to do. Because me and being cooped up inside don't go together. Unless the provides a nice terrace where I can do my searches. Maybe we have some room for negotiating there.

"I'm not going to make the comparison of a distraction to your Intel gathering because that would demeanor your job. A distraction is what it says: you distract the guy long enough, lure him outside and we take him in. In the past we had a woman, Jean Burrows, who did the distraction but she was too cold. Too much of a bitch. It didn't work out. I think your looks and personality could be a winner for us. The fact that you aren't helpless when luring these scumbags out, is a big relief for all of us."

"Okay, so distract the guy. Lure him out. That probably means skimpy outfits?" I grimaced. I really preferred something more classy. Not the slut next door.

"You're right Babe. Depending on the class of the perpetrator, you'll have to dress yourself accordingly. And as you already guessed, I haven't seen many FTA's with class." He laughed.

"The fact that I also planned this on your anniversary with Bobby, will probably mean you want something in return. Am I right, Babe?"

Huh. Ranger's making on his own the first step to my plan. This is to easy. What's the catch?

"Babe, I can see the cartwheels turning in your head. I think I've gotten to know you a little bit these past 9 months to know when you're planning something. And I saw it today and yesterday, since the moment Lester asked you to plan Bobby's bachelor party."

Wow, I'm getting that obvious? I think it's time to leave the military if I'm losing my touch like that, it could be lethal on a mission.

"Babe, you're not losing your game".

"Oops, I said that out loud?" Steph replied.

Ranger tried to comfort me: "Yes, you did. And it's alright. You're just feeling comfortable around me because we worked close together. Nothing bad about that. Now tell me, what's your plan?".

"Well, I kinda wanted to crash the bachelor's party." As I formed those words, I saw a glint appearing in Rangers eyes. He knew I was too subtle to just crash the damn thing. I saw his mind already forming plenty ideas on how I could crash the party.

"You know Lester is putting a lot of effort in this. It's the first time that a core team mate gets married." I rose my eyebrow and looked at him in disbelief. "Julie's mom doesn't count and I didn't knew him them. Bobby's also his best friend. He's going to go all the way."

"Even more reason to make sure everyone behaves himself" I winked.

"You're not going to tell me the plan. Are you?"

"Nope" and I popped the p. "That's going to ruin all the fun. Just make sure that when Lester invites the girls that I'm one of them. I'm going to take care of Bobby that night and the only one who's going to know it is Bobby".

"Alright, Babe. I guess. I owe you that much. I'll contact you discretely to tell you the specifics. In the mean time, your shift is done. Go and be with your husband. I'll see you in the morning for the take down and I arranged a Spa treatment for you in the afternoon. Got to keep my personnel happy and looking good for the distraction." He laughed. "Oh, Ella has a dressing full of appropriate clothing for distractions. I'll make sure she shows it to you."

"Good evening babe".

Wow, that went quick. I didn't even have to guilt trip Ranger into anything. It's only half the fun when you get it on a silver platter. However they also say never look a given horse in the mouth. At least that's one less thing to worry about. Now I can fully prepare myself for that night. Next Thursday it is.

As I closed Ranger's door, I scanned the hallway for Bobby. His shift should be over as well and I was going to enjoy our evening together. And maybe we could start a little celebrating after 12 to make up for our evening tomorrow night.

"Beautiful, how's it going? Ranger wasn't too hard on you I hope." He laughed.

"Nah, no sweat. Have you seen Bobby?"

"Yeah, he said something about starting dinner. You know he's starting to look like a desperate housewife. Who would have thought?" He smirked.

"Santos" Ranger barked. "Stop being a jealous ass and do something."

"But boss, it's true. And I'm not jealous. I'm a multiple women man, not a one woman man. So no hard feelings there".

As I heard those words. I rolled my eyes and walked to the elevator. As I was thinking of Bobby starting dinner in nothing but an apron, I started drooling. But my stomach thought otherwise: it started growling.

I entered our apartment and I appreciated the view. Bobby hadn't gone all out, but he made a nice effort to make the room romantic. The table was set, the light dimmed and candles were everywhere. He was laying the finishing touches on our meal and it smelled delicious."

"Hey princess" and he gave me a promising kiss on the lips. I felt so loved at that moment. Dinner is almost ready. Just go on, take a shower and get something comfortable." As he said those words, I looked at him dressed in a jeans and his black shirt. He looked comfortable but also incredibly hot. Who needed dinner when you have a man like that. And on cue my stomach protested, it let me know that apparently food is more important right now than getting it on with my man.

He looked up and winked at me, as if he read my thought. He came over and kissed me thoroughly. "Later princess, go on and take your shower."

I quickly went into the shower. Made sure everything was nicely shaven and smooth. I brushed my teeth, applied a little light make-up and put on the lingerie I just bought. I also got some of the stuff I bought at Treasures pleasures. To make sure we had a memorable evening.

I walked in the dining room/kitchen and Bobby looked up. He took in sharp breath and his eyes got pitch black. He looked ready to pounce on me and I licked my lips. At that moment the alarm went off and he regained his focus on our dinner. He opened the over and took an amazing look lasagna out of it. I grabbed the plates and he asked me how much I wanted.

"Of what" I teased and I kissed him for this wonderful meal.


I wanted to check the lasagna to make sure it didn't burn. It was one of Stephs favourite dishes and I wanted to make the night memorable. An early anniversary dinner. Hey, I can't change the job but I can make sure Steph knows how I feel about her and I don't need the exact date to make sure of that. I heard the door close and looked up. I took in a sharp breath as I saw her. She was beautiful, no that's underestimated. She was a knock out. She didn't need to go all out to look magnificent. She was wearing a nice little dress that accentuated all her curves. And I mean all, from her nice breasts to her gorgeous ass. Just seeing her like that, made my cock twitch and go from soft to semi erect. The way she licked her lips like I was her dinner, it filled me with lust.

And at that moment, the oven alarm went off and I snapped out of my trance. Just in time, we didn't want a black lasagna for dinner. As I opened the oven door, I saw that dinner was perfect.

Steph grabbed the plates and I asked her: "Babe, how much do you want?" "Off what?" she replied and she kissed me with all she got. And I took all of my discipline to not take her there on the kitchen counter. But I wanted this night to be special and I gave her two full plates to set on the table. I grabbed the bottle of red wine and some oven fresh bread and made my way over the table. She was already graciously waiting for me and she took over the bottle of wine and filled our glasses.

She grabbed hers as I grabbed mine and we toasted on our almost one month anniversary. "Princess, I love you and I'm so happy I met you. Who knew I would meet my wife in the military of all places. You made me one lucky man".

As I said those words, her eyes filled up with water. She blinked them away and answered "I love you with all my heart Bobby Brown. You mean the world to me". We sipped our glasses and started dinner.

According to Stephs sounds, her moans, she loved dinner. And I had a hard time focusing on mine. It was wonderful but seeing her enjoying her food made me almost forget mine. As she looked up and saw me staring at her, she blushed.

"No need to be shy princess, it's nice to have a woman that enjoys her meals. And who looks to eat herself while doing it.

As we finished dinner, Steph stood up to clean the table and do the dishes. I pulled her into my lap and gave a fierce kiss in which she relaxed into. She put her arms around my neck and I hugged her tight to me. I wasn't going to let her go. This was it for me.

As I relaxed my arms, she looked in my eyes. "I'm just going to put the lasagna in the fridge and the dishes in the sink with some water. And maybe we can relax together on the couch". she said.

"Sure princess, I'm all for it. Do you want to watch a movie?" "Nah, she said, "I just want to kiss you and be held by you." "Anytime princess."

She stood up, grabbed the plates and went over to the kitchen counter. I grabbed the food for the fridge. When she was done, she got the glasses and the rest of the wine to the couch. "Bobby, you need any help?" she asked when she came over. "No princess, almost done." As I opened the fridge to put the lasagna in, I felt her hands on my back. She started to move her hands over my back and gently rub it.

"I love you" she said and kissed my back through my shirt.

I turned around. "I love you too, princess. With all my heart". And I kissed her mouth. With my tongue I coaxed her to open her mouth to give her a deep kiss. The longer we kissed, the more heated it got.

"You still want to sit on the couch?" I ask her.

She shakes her head. "Nah, I think you've got a better idea. And she gave me a last lingering kiss before heading off to the bedroom.

She stood by the bed and asked hoarsely "You wanna help me open the zipper?"

I start to pull the zipper down very slowly. Every inch of skin that's being freed of its cover gets a soft kiss until her dress falls onto the ground. And all she's wearing is black see through thong and a matching bra. My breathing hitches at the look of that.

She hears what she does to me and starts to turn around. "Like what you see?" I nodded and pulled her closer to reignite the kiss. She doesn't need to ask to know what I do to her. My desire for her poked her in the stomach and she started to move her hips in a very sensual rhythm.

"Let's lose this thing" she whispered and started to unbutton my shirt. Button for button. When it's open, she pushes it over my shoulders. Her eyes widen at my chest and wash bord abs. She starts to kiss my neck, my collar bone and goes her way down to my right nipple. When she reaches it, she takes into her mouth and start to suckle on it very lightly. Her left hand searches the left nipple to make sure it doesn't feel lonely. As she starts to suckle harder she scrapes her teeth around the edges when they turn into hard studs.

My hands make sure she doesn't feel left unappreciated: I caress first her back then down to her ass. I squeeze those perfect round globes. I go back up to her shoulder and as I reach her bra stripes I gently pulled them down. She pulls her head back and looks in my eyes. I see the heat pooling in them. She leans forward and I kiss her. One big hungry kiss.

Her hands take control, undo my jeans and pull down the zipper. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips as she saw I was going commando. She grabbed my hard shaft and starts to caress it and I lean back to look in her eyes. The only thing I saw, was pure raw desire.

As much as I loved her ministrations it wasn't enough. "Come on Princess, let me take this off." I stepped out of my pants and her eyes didn't leave my body. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I leaned on my elbows to make sure I didn't squash her with my weight.

I kissed her deeply and then moved to her ear, her shoulder, her breasts and turned her nipples into hard nubs. I altered between them so no one felt alone. I went on my way down and played with her belly button. As I reached her black thong, I smelled her arousal. "You're wet for me, baby. I can smell it. God, I love what I do to you." And to tease her I caressed her through her thong. Her hips bucking, eager to feel more.

"Tss, patience princess. All comes in good time. As I looked in her eyes, I heard her groan.

"Bobby, baby. Please I need you know. Fuck me. Take me. NOW!" she yelled. And her hands went for the last piece she was wearing. Lifting her hips to take it off.

As she was moving to take it off, she used the lack in my concentration, to flip us over. Her hot core brushed against my cock. Her slick juiced coated me. With a proud look in her eyes, she looked at me. She moved her hips to slid up and down my shaft. The tease.

"Cock tease" I grunted.

With a sparkle in her eyes, she smirked. "How does it feel? It's not so nice to tease is it."

And with those prophetic word I flipped us over. Tired of the teasing and ready to be welcomed home in her warm depths.

With one fierce kiss, I slid into her. I leaned back to watch her eyes. I gave her a bit of time to get used to my length. I used that same time to get more control over myself. She was so tight. It was fantastic and if she moved immediately, I was going to cum.

"Move baby" she rasped hoarsely as she bucked her hips to get some freaking friction. I took that as cue to start moving: I pulled out, just the tip of my shaft inside of her. And then I just pushed in until I was fully sheathed. She pushed back in the rhythm.

"Deeper" she whispered and she lifted her leg for deeper penetration. I took her leg and put it on my shoulder. From this angle, I was able to hit her sweet spot. And each time I touched it, she moaned and squirmed under me.

I felt her orgasm rising. Her walls started clenching around me. To heighten the pleasure, my hand went in search of her clit. Each time my finger, brushed her clit, she sucked in her breath. As I felt her orgasm strengthen, I pistoned in and out of her. Every time hitting that same spot.

"God, Baby, I'm going to cum. Bobby!" she yelled. And as she yelled, my own orgasm took over. My balls started to tighten.

"Princess, I love you. Stephaaaaaaaaanie." And I came inside of her.

As I came down from my own high, I rested my forehead against hers. "Princess, that was fantastic. God I love you."

As I started to pull out of her, she crossed her heals against my back. "Stay" she whispered. "I don't want to squash you", I said.

And as a reply, she motioned to turn us over without leaving her. As I laid on my back, her head rested against my heart. The rhythm started to lull her in a sleep. I kissed the back of her head and whispered: "Go to sleep baby, I've got you."