HELLO! This is my first Black Cat fic. I hope you guys will love it and RXR!

A/N: This story takes in both memories of Train and Saya from both the Manga and the Anime. Just in case you were wondering and this all happens when everything calms down after Eden and everyone is on their own journeys. The characters might be a little OC I think but I hope you will still like the story so enjoy!

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ashita wa kitto


The only one who can defeat him is you…

He was bleeding and couldn't hold his gun anymore. I went to him and held his hands still for the last shot and smiled.

Saya… Thank you…

She opened her eyes slowly and the nurse that was doing a check up on her jumped back in surprise.

"Sephiria, come in quickly! She's finally awake."

Sephiria walks up to the door hesitantly. This is the girl that changed Train. I hope… Sephiria just shook her thoughts away and turned the handle on the door and walked in. She looked at the girl with dark brown hair that was just a little past her shoulders now. She was lying down looking out the window and turned to Sephiria. Saya smiled weakly to her.

"He… llo."

Her body is still trying to restore itself still. I can't blame her after being in a coma for about a year.

I nodded in response. "How are you feeling?"

"Just… a little off, but…I think I'll be… fine. How…long was I…asleep?"

"About a year."

"WHAT?" Saya's eyes widened and she quickly shot up making herself dizzy. Sephiria helped her lay back down and adjusted her bed to help her sit up a bit.

Sephiria handed her cup of water. "I think you should have some." Saya willingly accepted it.

"I'm sorry for my sudden outburst. I didn't expect that. How did..?"

"We saved you at the pier when the tanker exploded and immediately called for medical assistance."

Saya still looked completely confused, like nothing was making sense. "Is anything the matter?"

"What was I doing at the pier in the first place?"

Sephiria just looked at her incredulously then immediately shook it off. "You don't remember anything that happened around that time?"

"I know that I was in town for the festival taking a break from work and everything is just blank. I guess I was terribly injured from a job or something," She stated in slight panic as she was talking to herself and trying to remember and laughed, "Maybe something hit my head when the tanker exploded." This made Sephiria laugh slightly.

"I think you'll remember in time, so for the mean time just take care of yourself."

"I will take care of myself, and I thank you for helping me so much. I didn't get to catch your name…miss?"

"Sephiria. Just call me Sephiria."

"Thank you very much Sephiria-san."

Sephiria smiled and stood up. "You're welcome and if you need anything from me just ask the nurses and they'll call me."

"Hai." Sephiria walked out the door and closed it. Saya sighed and continued to look out the window. Who was that guy in my dream? It felt so real…

Train, I kind of understand what about her changed you… From the moment I walked in till I walked out, she had this overwhelmingly warm vibe. Sephiria smiled, but then it faded. Should I tell you about her recovery…?

Sephiria went out to patrol around town. She was lost in deciding what she should do.

"Yo Sephiria-san!"

Sephiria looked up at the dark green haired man with the overly enthusiastic smile and nodded to him. "Jenos."

"What's wrong? It took you a while for you to see me. You usually catch me from far off and address me first." She looked to the right of him at the girl he was with nodded to her. "Rinslet."

"Hello." Rinslet smiled formally and nodded back. "Let's talk in the café." They got to the table and ordered. "You remember the talk of Minatsuki Saya, am I correct?"

"You're still on about that?" Rinslet punched Jenos on the shoulder. "Baka! Let her finish."

"She woke up from her coma today." "Wait a minute! She's still alive? How long have you known this?" "We were the ones that saved her from the exploding tanker. She was unconscious and her pulse was hardly there, but we managed to save her somehow."

"Have you told Train about any of this?" Jenos asked and Sephiria's eyes saddened slightly.

"What's the catch?" Rinslet asked immediately, "Instead of beating around the bush and sorry for my bluntness. No offense."

"None taken." Sephiria sighed and continued. "Well she doesn't remember the past recent events." Jenos immediately understood and went silent. "I don't understand what you mean." Rinslet said breaking the small moment of silence. "She doesn't have much recollection of the time when she met Train and when she went unconscious."

There was a long moment of silence and their drinks were untouched. Everyone was in complete thought of how to work with this situation, until Rinslet spoke. "I don't really have a solution and I'm also guessing that you guys don't either seeing how you guys are taking it right now, but I am willing to help her get back on her own two feet and hopefully remember what has happened, then we can work on from there. Yes or no?"

"I agree with Rins."


"Can we meet her now?" asked Rins. "I'd love to meet her too." Rinslet just slapped the back of Jenos's head. "Ow. What was that for? I didn't mean it that way!" Sephiria nodded and they all got up and followed her.