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"SEPHIRIA-SAMA!" A nurse yelled while running in their direction. Other nurses were running everywhere in panic.

"What happened?"

"She's gone! We've been searching all over the facility for her, Sephiria-sama."

Sephiria turned to look at nodded and continued to walk over to Saya's room. She spotted a note on the dresser next to the bed.

It got a bit stuffy in here, so I went to get some fresh air downtown. It's ridiculous to stay inside when the weather's nice out, neh? -Saya

"Well she's going to be a handful isn't she." Jenos stated with a sigh. Rinslet chuckled a bit. "What's so funny?"

"She and Train are practically the same, always wondering around without a care in the world." A small soft smile grew on Sephiria's face.

"I'll go and find Saya." Jenos and Sephiria turned their attention to Rinslet in question. "I'll be with her, so you guys won't have to worry about her running into Train or attracting too much attention."

"Alright, but don't stay out too late. Her body is still weak at the moment." Rinslet nodded her head, "I guess I'll take my leave then." The door shut.

"So what do you plan to do, especially since Train's group was spotted in the next town?"

"Their group is stationed in the next town, but Train is already in town. I sensed him a few minutes before I ran into you and Rinslet," She sighed and sat down on a chair in the room, "I plan to tell Train everything, if I happen to run into him. That is, if he doesn't run into Saya himself." With that Jenos stayed silent.

"The clothes they laid out for me are pretty cute." Saya twirled in front of a shop window seeing her reflection and smiled. She was wearing a beige spaghetti strap flowy summer dress with a pink ribbon tied at her waist in a flower-like fashion. She continued to walk around town. She was walking around looking marveling at all the sights.

"ICE CREAM!" She heard a man yell. Saya came running towards the ice-cream truck.

"WAH! Amazing! So many flavors!" She was about to reach for her bag, but she forgot that she hadn't brought anything with her. Her stomach growled and she sweat dropped plastering a nervous, awkward smile at the old ice-cream man. He laughed and smiled warmly at her. "Here you go miss," He handed her a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, "On the house." "Are you sure, sir?" He nodded. "THANK YOU!" She bowed her head and walked along.

She stumbled across a huge fountain. The water was shooting out in a rhythmical pattern along with the music. "So pretty!" She clapped her hands in amazement when the water shot out in swirls and tricks. She stopped as she heard a kid, who looked no older than five, crying not too far from her. He was alone. 'Maybe he's lost.'

She walked up next to him and knelt down to his level. "Is everything alright?" She inquired. The kid shook his head. "I-I-I can't f-find m-my m-m-m-momma." 'Poor thing.' "Tell you what. I'll stay here with you till you find your momma. Would you like that?" The little boy nodded and held her hand. They sat down on the fountain ledge and she rubbed his back in soothing circles until he calmed down.

"Geez, I wonder how they can stay cooped up in that hotel room. It's a nice day outside too." Train said to no one in particular as he walked along, hands in his pockets.

He passed by a milk vendor and got some milk and went along his way. He jumped along rooftops, strolled down alleyways, wandered around town, humming to himself little tunes he would make up. He stopped abruptly as he heard a kid crying. 'Huh?' He turned towards the direction of the kid, making his way towards him. He stopped to notice some lady walk up to the kid. His face twisted into slight confusion.

She had hair that went a bit past her shoulders and a summer dress on. She turned around and sat next to the boy on the fountain ledge. She had sea green eyes. "Neh kiddo. If you cry too much, you'll get lots of wrinkles when you grow older. Like this!" She made a face at the little boy and he laughed. She smiled. "That's ugly!" Then she giggled. "I know! That's why you must always smile and think happily. Okay?"

"Okay! Neh, Onee-san?"


"Is that why you seem so happy? 'Cuz you don't want wrinkles?"

She laughed, shook her head, and smiled. "I'm happy because there are so many great things in the world that make me smile."

"Ohhhhhh!" He said as he nodded his head in slight understanding.

Train knew she looked way too familiar. He rubbed his eyes a few times and pinched his cheeks. It hurt. He's not dreaming or maybe it was the milk and he's just hallucinating. 'It can't be her right? She's gone… Right?' He looked towards their direction again this time the little boy was looking at him like he was stupid and pointed in his direction.

"Onee-chan, look at that guy. He's pinching himself. Is he stupid or what?" She laughed and turned to look at Train. She immediately stopped laughing. "Onee-chan? Are you alright? Do you know that guy?"

When their eyes met, Train eyes widened. Saya was at a loss for words as she sat there with her mouth open in slight shock. 'It's the guy in my dream.' He unconsciously walked forward. They were three feet away from each other now. He was cut off by a lady who cut in between them hugging the kid.

"AKIRA! Thank goodness you're alright!"

"Hi, Momma!" The kid said as he hugged his mom back. "Onee-chan here took good care of me."

"Thank you, Miss." The mom bowed her head in appreciation. "However can I thank you?" Saya shook her head. "No need to thank me. Your kid was very well behaved." She shot a wink at him and the kid smiled and laughed.

"Thank you again, Miss." The mom and the kid both waved and walked away.

She turned back to see the man still there in front of her gazing at her with a soft, sad, confusing look. "Hey, Mister. Are you okay?" She asked and with a small smile. He just silently stared at her. "You know you're gonna get all ugly when you get older if you keep that face up?"

He reached his hand out and poked her face. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" She stood up and wacked the back of his head. It hurt. "OW! Geez, Saya, you weirdo! I just wanted to know if I wasn't just seeing things." He sighed and turned to see her confused expression. 'Okay now something's definitely wrong. The Saya I knew would've definitely gotten angry.' "Saya?" She shook her head and put on a smile.

"I seem to not remember meeting you, but let's start over." She stuck her hand out, "I'm Saya. Saya Minatsuki." Train frowned but then shook it off and reached to meet her hand, "Train Heartnet."

"Saya, there y—" Rinslet stopped. 'Uh-oh.' She started from Saya to their hands to Train. Train glared at her. 'Sephiria's not going to like this.'

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