The Hybrid Experiment

Dedicated to Lady; if you can hear me up there and see me down here, this is for you.


Fact, in this world there is a now one in twenty chance that a baby is born with the hybrid gene, a gene which gives the person abnormal features and powers which have a mysterious link to the popular game Pokèmon. Fact, there is no pattern in the gene so a family who never had the gene could have an entire hybrid generation or a family plagued by the faulty gene can have even one child saved from the nightmare. Final fact, mankind is unknowingly on the brink of war and for a small county in England life will certainly change yet not for the better.

Chapter one–Calm before the storm: Chris' POV

"That was one nasty dream" I yawned as he woke up from my deep sleep, I looked at my watch, it was six in the morning, usually I would get up and go to school but since it was the summer holidays I did what any other sixteen year old would do and fell back into a deep, deep sleep.

When I woke up it was now gone past seven so I decided to get ready with a combination of cheerio's and the welcoming heat of the shower, I then changed into one of his favourite outfits consisting of a green long sleeved T-shirt and black jeans. I then turned on the television and switched it onto the news. "Breaking news of another hybrid related crime here on the streets of London" announced the newsreader, she continued saying, "the now named Piplup hybrid Jeremy Buds aged fifteen was gunned down by a gang of hybrid intolerants yesterday evening". She then continued with some interviews and a reminder that in a few weeks time a conference will be held within the United Nations to give people infected by the hybrid disease rights, privileges and access to higher paying occupations equal to the rest of the world. "Rubbish" I thought, "no matter what they do it won't stop the attacks, it's not their fault that they were born that way and anyway, I heard that hybrids can make themselves look normal for a short space of time, I'll ask David this afternoon if it's true". It was then that my Dad and my brother Oliver entered the room. My Dad and I looked virtually identical, we had the same crystal blue eyes, same straight black hair, same big build, yet my skin was considerably paler. Oliver seemed like my opposite having a more athletic build with rich chocolate eyes and blond hair, yet his skin was also quite pale and people say that we have the same chin; yeah there are a load of saddos around where I live.

"Right Chris" my Dad began "since your sister Grace has gone with your grandmother to Paris, until next Friday you will have to do some of the jobs that she would usually do around the house. What are you watching by the way?" he asked. "It's just the news" I replied "there's been another hybrid murder in London". "I don't know what the world's coming to" he said, I couldn't agree more with him, I mean how many more people have to suffer at the hands of others just for being different.

At around nine Mum came upstairs, she was always quite a happy person with her copper and brown hair all in a frizzy style as it was set every morning, we said good morning to each other and began our daily routines. I fed our two dogs and cat their food, the animals gave me a sense of companionship (no, not in that way!), particularly our old Cavalier King Charles Lady who despite the greying fur that came with her old age had a nice, friendly nature and a sense of loyalty, she was like me except I was brighter and less overweight, and that's saying something.

That afternoon I got the bus to St Albans town centre to meet up with my friends Archie, David, Josh and James. They were all great guys, especially David. I have known him since I started secondary school he has been a great friend to me and I accept him despite him being what they call a hitmonchan hybrid. I met him on the high street; he had straight blond hair, brown eyes and his outfit was made up of jeans and a T-shirt (so normal he could have blended in), those were his normal characteristics rounded up, he also had heavily tanned skin except for his torso which was a light violet in a pattern not unlike an old fashioned boxer's outfit with five horns shaped like a crown on the top of his head, his nose was so flat it was nearly invisible, his shoulders were two massive shoulder pads, stretching past his arms yet his most noticeable feature were his hands, they were somewhat like red boxing gloves with all fingers apart from the thumb fused together, yet despite this he can still smile, if I were in his shoes I would probably go mad. "Alright Chris?" he asked me in his deep yet humorous tone, "the usual" I replied. It may seem strange to say but now after these three years David's absurd appearance was second nature. We went round the town centre just getting the usual things, CDs, cans of coke and a bag of chips. We were in a cafe when Archie, James and Josh arrived.

Archie was definitely the shortest of the three yet got on the best with girls, was it his blond hair or his eyes, so watery through the framing of his contact lenses, or was it something entirely different? James was unanimously the biggest in appearance with blond hair and small eyes yet his nature was something quite gentle and in a way loyal, giving him the nickname "Grizzly bear" due to his size and good nature. Finally there was Josh, my second oldest friend in secondary school, with his dark skin, mini afro and "badass" aura surrounding him; you wouldn't guess he was a devout Christian or that he can back you up when you get knocked down. The five of us were tight in the meaning that if one of us is hurt we are all hurt and we all fight back for each other.

After some time, I looked at my watch; it had gone just past six in the evening. "God, David look at the time!" I exclaimed, I remembered that the I had to be back home by quarter to seven, that I also had to post a letter that my mum gave me and the last bus to Wellsworth (the village where my family and I live) left in ten minutes so David and I said our goodbyes and left for the nearest letterbox

"Say David, is it true that a person with the hybrid gene can make themselves appear human?" I asked on our way to the bus stop "only for all the time I've known you I've never seen you do it yourself" I added. David turned to face me with a serious, almost adult like face and replied "Chris, it is true that we can disguise ourselves but people like me choose to do so to give in to the demons of society's creation demands, but I am proud of who I am". We're both speechless for a few seconds, then I say "David, I could never be as brave or have as much self respect as you", he just grinned and changed the subject "You know Archie's thinking of taking one of those Archore corporation medication courses"? He asked. "Yeah" I replied "why he wants to I'll never know but if he wants to do that he should go for it".

We arrive at the bus stop about five minutes before the bus arrives when I'm knocked off my feet with a pain in my arm. "Chris, are you okay?" David asked me as he helped me up with a glove like hand, I look at my arm and see a cut, barely breaking into the skin to an extent that it seemed to be only a faded pink line. I turn around and see the person, or rather what I could see of them as they were wearing a dark cloak which like a pitch black night covered almost the entirety of the person's being. The figure turned to face me, then with inhuman speed they ran off. "Let's get that guy" growled David, "David we shouldn't" I insisted. "Why?" he asked "he's just knocked you over and injured you in the process". "Well there's no way for us to recognise them because of that stupid cloak they've got on, our bus is here and, to be honest a miniscule cut isn't anything to worry about" I replied "now we need to get going". We got on the bus with no clue about how that person and my excuse for common sense was the latest and most evil seed in my personal Garden of Eden.

After I said goodbye to David after our bus arrived at Wellsworth, I walked home. I live on a hill just outside the village centre, in a small house decorated with small flowers and shrubbery, it's not the biggest or the most high tech thing but to my family and I, it's home. When I opened the door, a large wave of heat and nausea hit me like a Double Decker going at sixty miles an hour, I must have been coming down with something. I went to the living room where my mum was doing some ironing. "Hello Christopher" she greeted me, she always uses my full name, she and the rest of my family always seem to do that "How was St Albans"? "Good" I answered "Got a few CDs, something to eat, posted that letter and something for Grace when she gets back home". I didn't say anything about my conversation with David or about the weirdo in the robe knocking me over at the bus stop. "Oh that's great love thank you so much" she said she then in her concerned voice asked me "Are you alright love? You do look quite unwell; maybe you should have an early night tonight". "You're right, I do feel unwell, I'll call it a night tonight" I replied. I got washed and changed, took some medicine and painkillers and said goodnight.

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