The Hybrid Experiment

Dedicated to Lady and from today Milly; if you can hear me up there and see me down here, this is for you.

Chapter 9: Change of plans- Chris' POV

Today was the day. I had written a letter which was inside my desk saying what I was about to do, that they shouldn't blame themselves if anything happened to me, that I was doing this not for revenge but to give the world some hope and that I loved them and that no one could have raised a child better than them.

I went on the bus to St Alban's, it was already nine thirty, I was in my human guise so I wouldn't be noticed, ten minutes later Archie, Josh and David arrived, human and as ready as they would ever be. "Let's do this thing" David said to no one in particular, Archie had the camera ready, I had my phone ready to call the police and Josh, well he had nothing with him apart from his trusty afro comb. "Let's do this thing" I muttered as we walked through the double doors of which we may never come back through.

James' POV

Today was the day, well I've had enough of people picking on me because I'm a little on the big side. I heard from Archie that this place could help me I thought as I gazed upon the sign of the building. It read Archore ltd; enhancing the world one person at a time.

Then I saw four all too familiar figures enter before I did. It looked like Chris, Josh and Archie but I didn't really recognise the last person. What were they doing here? I decided to follow them inside. I don't know what's going on but it doesn't seem good.

The reception looked nice enough, walls of steel and glass with small bonsai trees placed on either side of the three sofas, obviously for people to sit and wait for their appointment except for those five. "Hey guys" I greeted them as I walked over to them, only the tanned blonde was the only one to say "hey James, long time no see". "Excuse me, who are you?" I asked him. At that moment he smirked and his transformation had begun. In his place stood my friend, David Mcneil. "David, wow that's wicked but what're you doing here?" I asked him.

Just then the receptionist turned to face the five of us and was taken aback in shock. "Well well", she began "look what the cat dragged in, the little freak who escaped". For some reason this seemed to hit a nerve of Archie's and the next thing I knew the little guy had the woman at her throat with a dark green blade that seemed to come out of his elbow! What was he?

"You're not the only one with hybrid powers" she hissed at him, and then her body was enveloped in a white light. When it was over I turned to see that in the place of Archie was a taller, green and violet skinned hybrid with an identical figure standing right next to him which I could guess was the receptionist since she was still wearing her normal clothes. "You know Archie, I always wondered what you would look like in women's clothing" David blurted out, followed by the concerned looks from everyone who listened, I mean who wouldn't react like that? That was when the fight begun.

It was an intense battle that went so fast that it was all a blur to us and the waiting clients who didn't run away at the start of the battle. "When do you think they'll stop?" I asked Chris who was really into this thing. Odd, he wasn't really into fighting, did something happen to him as well? Just then I heard a crack, Archie was the only one at the fighting grounds but where was the receptionist? My prayers were answered as I turned to see a small unconscious pink blob like mass slumped against the glass wall which from the torn garments I guessed was the receptionist's true form. Thank god I wasn't like her. Then, just as I had finished thinking, a security guard in a black suit grabbed me from behind, in this futile struggle I started to scream.

Just as the guy holding me started drag me away (this was embarrassing as the security guard was struggling to drag me, I may need to go on a diet after this) when a blue ball of energy smacked him in the face and exploded on contact. I wasn't harmed but the guard released his grip on me and was unconscious before his head hit the marble floor. "What was that?" I asked to no one in particular. "That was me James," a now black and blue furred wolfen figure that I instinctively recognised as Chris from the way that the voice had spoken to me "Archore did something to Archie and I, so if you want to go with us and face probable injuries in order to help save the world from another crazed businessman then come with us". I nodded to confirm my stay and after this we left for the lift to at which point when we pressed the up button, there was no going back.

Author's note: Well now the four get ready for the final battle with a new ally in James. See yu in a bit for what happens next.

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