Chapter 3-Relationships

Naruto approached the Hyuuga Compound, wearing black pants, boots, and a nice t-shirt that did little to hide his physic from others. In his hands was a bouquet of flowers, as he had stopped by the Yamanaka flower shop, and bought them, and bid Inoichi a good day while the man's wife had backed away in fear of him.

The smile on his face turned to a frown, as he saw the small army of Hyuuga guards at the front gate ready for a fight, and Naruto instantly knew what this was about. A certain someone or possible some people were trying to prevent Hinata from going on a date with him. Not surprising really given the snooty clan Hinata was from and how they did not wish to taint their supposedly noble blood with the Hyuuga Heiress being with the "demon boy" of the Leaf.

Even if he was a Namikaze.

"I'm here to see Hyuuga Hinata," said Naruto trying to be respectful to the guards though they looked anything, but respectful to him, and ready to strike the moment they saw an opening.

"We cannot let you pass on the orders of Hyuuga Hiashi and the Hyuuga Elders. Hinata-sama is banned from leaving the Clan Compound until further notice," said the leader of this small army of Hyuuga members.

"You mean she's stuck in the house until they stamp that Cage Bird Seal on her forehead like they did Neji. Right?" said Naruto seeing some of the Branch members stiffen and saw some were sympathetic to Hinata since the girl never used the seal.

"That's not your business demon," said the lead Hyuuga.

"I am making it my business you sack of shit. However, I'm not without compassion, as I'm going to give you a choice, and I suggest you choose wisely. Either you go back to your Masters to tell them to let Hinata-chan come out on for our date or I'll make you do it after I giving you each a beat within an inch of your life. Decide!" said Naruto, as he saw them get into Gentle Fist stance, and the Namikaze could only shake his head at their stupidity.

"We cannot let you pass," said the Hyuuga again.

"Why is it you people always have to do things the hard way with me? Even when I am being civilized, you still think its some farce, and let your fears override common sense," said Naruto before throwing the bouquet into the air and charged the small Hyuuga force.

They didn't stand a chance.

When it was over, the leader of the group was the last to fall after having Naruto's hand on his throat, slowly squeezing it to make breathing difficult, and finally slammed the man face down on the ground. Walking to the door, Naruto caught the flowers he had thrown into the air, and kicked the door down before walking through its halls to where Hinata's chakra signature was located.

At the Cage Bird Seal sealing room.

(With Hinata)

"Hyuuga Hinata, it is the decision of the Hyuuga Elders, and Clan Head Hyuuga Hinata that you be branded with the Cage Bird Seal immediately so your younger sister can take her rightful place as Hyuuga Clan Heiress. After the sealing, you will be moved to the branch house, where you will be forced to produced multiple children with different male branch family members, and continue to do so until barren inside. Anything to say before we proceed?" said the Hyuuga Elder leading this proceeding.

"That this practice is wrong and that my Father should be ashamed of himself. How can you do this your own child and not think of Mother?" said Hinata seeing Hiashi scoff like her words would reach him.

"Your Mother's marriage had nothing to do with love my failure of a child. She thought it did and I let her believe it until Hanabi was born," said Hiashi coldly seeing Hinata now scowling at him after the realization of those words reached her mind.

"Monster! You killed her after Hanabi was born and convince everyone it was of natural causes," said Hinata seeing Hiashi smirk along with the Hyuuga Elders.

"It has always been the tradition of the Clan Head to have at least two children and then have them compete for the right to be in the Main House. Why should your birth and then Hanabi's years later be any different? Though you wouldn't understand tradition just like she didn't want to believe our marriage was not out of love," said Hiashi seeing Hinata becoming angrier by the second.

"May you burn in Hell with the rest of these inbred monsters," said Hinata seeing the group before her scowling at the insult.

"You'll regret saying those words to us after the sealing my dear. Of that, we will make sure of, and may even help in your breeding," said another Hyuuga Elder smirking at the girl before him.

Anything else that would be said was silenced by the sound of fighting outside of the room and the body of a Hyuuga was sent through the wall for them to see before the form of Namikaze Naruto stepped through it.

"I'm here for my date with Hyuuga Hinata. Step away from her now!" said Naruto seeing the Hyuuga Elder in charge of the sealing glaring at him with his Byakugan.

"Not a chance. This weakling of a Hyuuga is going to be part of the Branch family and breeding stock for our clan," said the Hyuuga Elder before moving the ink brush in his hands towards Hinata's forehead, but stopped halfway when he found his arm was no longer attached to his body, and was now in the hand of the demonic boy most of the Leaf still hated.

"It wasn't a request," said Naruto crushing the arm in his hand.

"Demon abomination!" said Hyuuga Hiashi standing up preparing to strike Naruto down.

"Says the man that killed his own wife. I may have demonic blood in my veins, but no demon would dare kill his mate, and the bond the two share. Such a pathetic thing you are Hyuuga Hiashi. It's a good thing Hinata-chan is more like her Mother then you," said Naruto seeing Hiashi practically snarling at him.

"Don't compare me to your defiled blood monster," said Hiashi, as he moved to for an instant kill against Naruto, and missed with his intended strike before being socked in the face towards the wall before aiming his Demon Gun at the Hyuuga Elders about to strike from their own positions.

"I'll do what I must to get my point across you weak fool! Hinata-chan will not be made a Branch family member and she will certainly not be your breeding machine for your little inbred clan. Come on Hinata-chan, let's get the Hell out of here," said Naruto helping the girl up to her feet and gave the Hyuuga a once over to make sure there were no marks or any other seals they may have put on her.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. When I came home, they surrounded, and locked me away in my room until now. I tried to fight them, but they were too many, and I...I'm just so weak! I'm not worthy of being a girl of interest for you," said Hinata, as she was about to run away fleeing to her room, but Naruto's grip on her hand never left, and found herself soon in his arms while crying.

"You're not weak Hinata-chan. You didn't stay silent when given the option. You still spoke out against the sealing, your Father, and insulted them all despite knowing what was about to happen. There is strength in you Hinata-chan. Strength they fear and have tried to keep suppressed for so long," said Naruto before looking at the Hyuuga Elders glaring at him for the inference in their clan affairs.

"You won't get away with this!" said Hyuuga Hiashi seeing Naruto looking at him now.

"I disagree. Try to stop me from taking her away from this Hellhole and I will do what Itachi did to the Uchiha Clan leaving only a handful of people to rebuild this fallen clan," said Naruto seeing Hiashi tense and saw the Hyuuga Elders did too.

"This isn't over," said Hiashi knowing that the laws of Konoha would bring his daughter back and not even the demon boy could fight them.

"Your right. Its not over. It will be though after I proceed to rip out your spine in public should you try anything!" said Naruto taking Hinata out of the sealing room and quickly out of the Hyuuga Clan Compound.

"What do we do now?" said Hinata looking up at her crush.

"I thought it was obvious? We go on our date!" said Naruto before handing the girl the flowers he tucked away.

"B-But my Father! And the Hyuuga Elders, t-they...they will...," said Hinata knowing they would sent out the entire clan to hunt him down.

"Do nothing. They talk a big game, but Tsunade won't stand for their actions, and neither will I for that matter. After what just happened, you deserve to have a good time, and enjoy tonight," said Naruto seeing Hinata look unsure for a moment, but then saw that resolve in her, and saw the girl nodding with determination.

"I would love to go on our date Naruto-kun. Though I need some clothing considered proper for a date since my robes are not meant for it," said Hinata looking down at the state of dress she was in and blushed knowing what lay beyond the robes was only one article of clothing.

"I know just the woman to help you before we go on our date," said Naruto knowing her state of dress wasn't something for the public eye.

(Namikaze Estates)

"So that's what happened? Every bit?" said Kyuubi with a twitching eyebrow and saw Hinata blushing under the Fox Queen's gaze.

"Down to the last word. Tomorrow, Hinata-chan is going with me to the Hokage to make sure they don't try anything, and decided before that she gets the date that was about to be denied. Think you can help her Kyu-chan?" said Naruto seeing Kyuubi being conflicted right now, as she was clearly jealous of Hinata getting time with Naruto, and didn't like helping her rival even if she didn't know they were rivals for the Namikaze's heart.

"Of course Naruto-sama," said Kyuubi though she knew that he knew her words were stressed before leading Hinata to the her new room.

"Thank you for doing this Kyuubi-sama," said Hinata, as she sat down in the chair with the mirror present, and saw in the reflection the Fox Queen summon a closest of clothing that would fit the Hyuuga girl.

"I'm doing this for Naruto-sama. I owe him a great deal for not lashing out at me for all the damage I caused when I attacked the Leaf. Not that your village isn't deserving of a little smiting to keep it on its toes and bring down some punishment for what its done to Naruto-sama," said Kyuubi stiffly, as she produced a red kimono with a white nine tailed fox on it, and showed it to Hinata.

"It's beautiful," said Hinata, as she looked up at Kyuubi, and was clearly afraid to wear this out of fear in somehow ruining it.

"Thank you. I'm glad to see you have good taste," said Kyuubi, as she put the dress on the bed, and went to take a look at the Hyuuga girl's hair.

"Kyuubi-sama, can I ask you a question?" said Hinata, as she fidgeted slightly while Kyuubi worked on making the girl's hair presentable, and could easily rip it out should the Fox Queen become upset.

"Of course," said Kyuubi simply.

"Do you have feelings for Naruto-kun?" said Hinata feeling the grip of the Fox Queen tighten slightly on her hair and the Hyuuga girl braced for the moment of pain that was sure to come.

"Why would you think that?" said Kyuubi stiffly before brushing the girl's hair slowly and eyeing Hinata cautiously.

"It's in your actions towards me and your reluctance to assist in getting me ready for my date with Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she was sure Naruto saw it too, and wondered why her crush was ignoring it.

"My feelings are not relevant. My only purpose is to serve Naruto-sama to the best of my abilities without complaint," said Kyuubi, as she wanted to strike down the Hyuuga girl, and claim it was Hinata saying something dishonorable about Naruto.

"But if you could be with Naruto-kun, would you take it, and be his girl?" said Hinata seeing the Fox Queen trying to hold back the snarl aimed at her and the desire to smear the room with her blood.

"I won't deny there is something about Naruto-sama, which appeals to me, and wish for some kind of relationship beyond that of servant," said Kyuubi before finishing of the girl's hair.

"Why not tell him?" said Hinata, as she saw Kyuubi walk to the bed, and pick up the red kimono.

"As I told you, my feelings are not relevant, and I doubt Naruto-sama would even think of me like that," said Kyuubi, as she saw Hinata turn around slightly, and look at her.

"Naruto-kun is not cruel. If you tell him, I'm sure he'll understand, and consider going out on a date with you too," said Hinata seeing Kyuubi look sad for a moment, but it was only for that moment, and then they became more stern.

"You need to get dressed. Make sure you are respectful to Naruto-sama or my wrath will be swift," said Kyuubi handing the girl the kimono and left the room.

When the two finally came downstairs, Naruto smiled at how beautiful Hinata looked, and then frowned slightly at the way the two seemed to be at odds. He had hoped the two would bond upstairs, but it seemed the opposite had happened, and now there was an invisible wall of tension.

"You look beautiful Hinata-chan. Thank you for making this possible Kyu-chan," said Naruto seeing the girl blush at his praise, which eased the tension slightly, but not enough that they could look the other in the eye.

"Thank you Naruto-kun/sama," said the two girls at the same time.

"If the lady would take my hand, we can get our date started, and show you the time of your life," said Naruto extending his hand and Hinata taking it with a blush on her face while Kyuubi silently flexed her claws.

As Naruto opened the door, he let Hinata go out first, but made a Shadow Clone behind the door to speak to Kyuubi alone, and learn what was going on with the Fox Queen.

"Naruto-sama?" said Kyuubi, as she had been surprised by him using a Shadow Clone, and only spoke after the door was shut.

"Something you want to tell me Kyu-chan? Something you may have said to Hinata-chan upstairs that you couldn't say near me? Don't try to lie, as I could easily sense the tension between you two, and I don't like it," said the Shadow Clone seeing the Fox Queen look away slightly.

"We just talked upstairs briefly about things. Girl things. Such things don't concern you Naruto-sama," said Kyuubi seeing the Shadow Clone growling at her apparent lie.

"What did I tell you about lying to me Kyu-chan? Tell me the truth. Now!" said the Shadow Clone glaring at Kyuubi and saw her flinch under his piercing eyes.

"The Hyuuga girl asked about my feelings towards you. I told her they weren't relevant to my service to you, but she continued to persist, and I may have...slightly threatened her to be respectful to you on the date," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto's eyes narrow.

"You were jealous of her and tried to frighten Hinata-chan into ending the date," said the Shadow Clone in a matter of fact voice, which showed displeasure in what the Fox Queen did, and saw Kyuubi look away more in shame for a moment.

"I was just protecting you," said Kyuubi seeing the Shadow Clone's face become angry.

"No, you were trying to keep me all to yourself, and scare Hinata-chan in your own way," said the Shadow Clone seeing Kyuubi flinch at his words.

"That girl is a lowly human. She will always beneath you!" said Kyuubi before feeling an intense shocking sensation go through her body from the seal from the collar around her neck, and made the Fox Queen fall to the ground.

"Enough! Say one more hate filled word about Hinata-chan and back into my body you will go and into the cage you hate! Understand?" said the Shadow Clone seeing Kyuubi whimper in pain before the shocking subsided.

"Yes Naruto-sama," said Kyuubi, as she didn't want to lose her limited freedom, and go back into that cage.

"Kyu-chan, I know you care about me on some level beyond what it is we are at now, but I can't feel the same way in return if your intention is to monopolize your time with me, and considering I am the last of my clan...such a thing will not happen. So you have to choose right here, right now on whether you want to explore a deeper relationship with me, and do while accepting that sharing me in a relationship with another being a distinct possibility," said the Shadow Clone softly seeing Kyuubi nod in understanding.

"I understand Naruto-sama. I would like time to think about this," said Kyuubi seeing the Shadow Clone of Naruto nod and felt his hand on her right cheek before he rubbed it affectionately.

"Take all the time you need Kyu-chan," said the Shadow Clone before he went "poof" to leave the Fox Queen alone in the house.

(With Naruto and Hinata)

Naruto smiled at Hinata, who was blushing most of the time around him, as she had never been this close to her crush in such a way before, and to feel his arm wrapped around her body felt good. They talked openly to each other during their walk to the restaurant about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and anything else they could think of. When they got to the restaurant however, the waiter refused to seat him claiming the new "no demons" policy, and had a right to refuse customers even if they were with a Hyuuga. After flipping the man off before telling him the afterlife would be cruel when dead, Naruto decided dinner could wait back at the Namikaze Estates, and just enjoy their time out together.

All the while getting surprised looks from people when walking by.

"Naruto-kun, they're staring at us," said Hinata, as she was still shy at being seen around him, and he just chuckled at her trying to somehow hide under his much larger form.

"Let them. You're happy being next to me right? Show it," said Naruto seeing Hinata look up and nod before straightening slightly while trying to not look shy at being close to him.

At the nearby dango shop, Mitarashi Anko, Yuhi Kurenai, Sarutobi Asuma, Maito Gai, and Inuzuka Hana were sitting down talking when they saw the couple.

"Isn't that cute Kurenai-chan. Your student's growing up and got herself a hot date," said Anko, as she saw Kurenai see Hinata with Naruto, and the watchful eyes of the Genjutsu Mistress making sure the Namikaze's hands stayed in the "safe zones" of Hinata's body.

"So that's the kid, who beat Kiba in the Chuunin Preliminaries huh? I always heard he was a runt," said Hana seeing the young Chuunin was clearly not a runt judging by the muscle she saw on his body.

"Physically, Naruto-san was at first back when fighting your brother, but that wasn't his fault given my eternal rival didn't teach the gaki anything, and then when fighting Neji awoke his ancestors demon blood," said Gai, as he held no ill will towards Naruto for the battle in the Chuunin Exam Finals, and was glad Neji was able to get a much needed wakeup call in the form of fighting.

Sometimes it was the only way to reach people.

"Just proves how much the people of the Leaf were right to call him a demon. Look at him! All those demonic tattoos, the wild hair, sharp teeth, slit eyes, and clawed hands are all signs of him being a demon," said Asuma drinking sake' and glaring at his Father's murderer.

"Hey! I have tattoos, wild hair, teeth, slit eyes, and clawed hands along with every other member of the Inuzuka Clan. Are you calling me a demon too?" said Hana growling at Asuma not really caring.

"Not at all Hana-chan...unless you intend to spread your legs for him like a bitch in heat," said Asuma seeing Hana about 5 seconds away from slugging him and the others ready to do the same.

"What did you say? I dare you to repeat that again," said Hana flexing her hands at the Sarutobi.

"You sure can pick your boyfriends Kurenai-chan," said Anko, as she saw Asuma just shrug, and giving Hana "if the shoe fits" look on his face.

"He's not my boyfriend," said Kurenai before mentally saying "not anymore that is" and saw Naruto walking over with Hinata seeing the girl was curious about why there was a noticeably growing amount of bloodlust spiking here.

"Hello Kurenai-sensei," said Hinata happily, as she saw Kurenai smiling despite Asuma being an asshole, and the fight that was about to breakout.

"Hello Hinata-chan. How are you doing?" said Kurenai hoping the two would help defuse this situation by distracting them.

"Good despite what my clan has tried to do," said Hinata seeing Kurenai frown and get the attention of the others.

"What did they try to do?" said Kurenai worriedly before Naruto explained his invasion into the Hyuuga Clan Compound and stopping them from putting the Cage Bird Seal on Hinata's forehead with the intention of using her as breeding stock.

"Bastards!" said Hana growling heavily now.

"You know your interference won't change anything, right?" said Asuma before taking another drink.

"Asuma!" said Gai not liking the man's unhip attitude.

"Besides, if all women had seals on them with that purpose in mind, men wouldn't have any relationship problems," said Asuma seeing the others glare at him, including Hinata herself, and two loud animalistic growls from two angry people plus the hissing of snakes from Anko's trench coat.

"I see you inherited your Father's stupidity," said Naruto seeing Asuma becoming angry now at him for those words.

"Shut up demon brat! It's because of monsters like you that good people die needlessly. I'm surprised that fox bitch you have in your home hasn't been taught a lesson due to her actions leading to your parents deaths," said Asuma before a clawed hand from Naruto quickly grabbed his face and pulled him right out of his chair to bring him within inches of the Namikaze's own.

"Kyu-chan is not entirely to blame for that event Asuma-teme. Your bastard Father on the other hand helped make my life miserable from day fucking one! Trying to mold me into his perfect and loyal soldier by making the people hate me for what I was while showing false love to completely keep me on a leash to heel when things got to crazy to take. He violated the contract Konoha was under with the Shinigami and betrayed my family for his own sense of power. The man deserved to die for his sins, much like you will in the next 10 seconds if you don't get the fuck out of my sight, and the sight of these people because of you don't'll be joining your Father in the belly of the Shinigami after I tear your ass to pieces," said Naruto before throwing the man into the alley across the street and knocked over a few trashcans in the process.

"Damn! I think he shit and pissed himself" said Anko seeing the frightened Sarutobi take off like a whipped dog.

"Probably inherited that from his Father too," said Hana smirking at the sight.

"Asshole," said Hinata in a whispered voice getting shocked looks from the group of Leaf Shinobi that heard her.

"Hinata!" said Kurenai in a scolding tone.

"Don't be so prude Kurenai-chan. She's just saying what we're all thinking about Asuma and you know it. Besides, he is an asshole for talking that way, and I think those rumors of him cheating on you are true," said Anko, as she had overheard some girls talking about how they bed the son of the great Sandaime, and how they were much better in bed then Kurenai if he's going to them over her.

"Shut up Anko! You don't know what your talking about," said Kurenai bitterly.

"She's right Kurenai-san. I saw him leave the home of a...questionable woman in more red light district of Konoha once and he had red lipstick on his face," said Gai, as he did not want to say anything on account it wasn't his business, and it would be rude of him to say things without an ounce of proof.

"I've smelled it on him too. He tries to hide it, but an Inuzuka's senses are hard to fool, and that cheap soap doesn't cut it in that department," said Hana seeing her friend being reduced to tears now.

"No. You're wrong," said Kurenai still trying to deny the thought of Asuma cheating on her in their "secret relationship", which was clearly not so secret, and the only one trying to keep it a secret was her.

"Has there been a time where he was late to meet you? A time where something was off about him that you just couldn't place?" said Naruto seeing Kurenai think for a minute before her eyes widened.

"Three Months ago, we were supposed to go on a date at night, and make it appear like it was normal evening running into each other before heading out to eat. He was 20 minutes late to the meeting area we agreed to rendezvous. When Asuma finally did show up, his clothing along with his hair was slightly disorganized, and said he just got back from a solo mission assigned by his Father at the last minute so he did a rush job getting ready after coming home. I thought it was sweet at the time, but now...," said Kurenai before breaking down crying at the lie she no naively believed.

"Oh I am so going to enjoy breaking Asuma-teme's balls!" said Anko, as she was now planning ways to make Asuma cry like a little baby, and immaculate him as a man.

"Mind if I help?" said Hana, as she wasn't about to let a fellow female suffer at the hands of an oppressive male pig like Asuma, and cry over the man's cruel actions.

"Hell yeah!" said Anko high fiving Hana while Naruto looked at Kurenai with sad eyes.

"Sorry we ruined your date Kurenai-san. It wasn't my intention to cause you trouble," said Naruto bowing slightly and started to leave with Hinata.

"See you tomorrow for training Kurenai-sensei!" said Hinata, as she waved to her sensei, and started to talk to Naruto in a whispery voice about somehow helping the poor woman get through this.

"Don't feel bad Kurenai-chan. Asuma is the jerk," said Anko seeing the woman trying to keep all that pain locked up.

"She's right! You could do far better then him," said Hana seeing Kurenai look skeptical.

"Oh really? Who?" said Kurenai challenging the two women beside her into giving at least one name.

"Well there is that Iruka guy the Academy teacher. He's pretty good with kids," said Hana seeing Kurenai grimace.

"Iruka? Please! The guy would make things awkward. At best, he'll be the little brother Kurenai never had, and that will make things weird. What about...Gai!" said Anko seeing Kurenai go bugged eyes, which was fortunately not being seen by the green spandex wearing Jounin behind her, and he also missed Hana's face going the same color as his attire.

"Pass! No offense Gai, but I don't think you're my type," said Kurenai having some kind of awareness to know the man was still here.

"No need to apologize Kurenai-san. I must admit, you are not my type either, but rather the responsible sister I've always wanted, and someone I have quickly come to respect in being a competent Jounin despite being green," said Gai seeing the woman smile slightly at the compliment.

"Well at least I was let down politely," said Kurenai, as she was hugged by Anko, and was telling her not to worry.

"What about...Naruto?" said Hana seeing Kurenai and even Anko look at her in surprise.

"Huh?" said both women since neither expected that.

"Well yeah! I know the gaki's a tad bit younger then you, but age shouldn't matter when both parties are legally adults, and you have to admit the kid's going to be a knockout in the physical department soon.

"Soon? The kid's a knock out already. Did you see the build? That wild look in his eyes? The way he can brutally hurt or kill someone? If he wasn't on a date right now with that Hyuuga girl, I'd latch onto him, and show the kid a good time," said Anko seeing the two women blush at the innuendo.

"Well...he does have an alpha like spirit to match that...wonderful body," said Hana, as she too was considering that fact, and Kurenai looked ready to bolt from the place.

"There is no way I would even consider doing that. Not to my own student. I will not pursue someone, who is far too young for my taste, and is currently interested someone else," said Kurenai, as she had morals, and felt being with someone younger then her even by a few years was stretching things pretty thin.

Too thin for her taste.

"You'll regret it later Kurenai-chan. Oh well, at least there's one less woman to compete with for that hunky body," said Anko grinning a predator's grin and Hana doing the same.

"Like you're any match for me when it comes to competition Anko," said Hana, as she knew quite a few things her Mother helped teach regarding Inuzuka females, and how to lure the opposite sex towards them for a possible mate.

"Bring it on puppy girl. This time next week, I'll have gotten Naruto-kun wrapped around my finger so tightly, he'll cut off circulation to it!" said Anko, as she saw Hana growling at her, and grinned further knowing this was going to be fun.

'Funny how they go from helping my love life to focusing on theirs,' thought Kurenai, as she needed to go home, and sleep this off before the idea of dating Naruto became too strong to ignore.

(Namikaze Estates-Hours Later)

"I really had a wonderful time Naruto-kun, but I don't want to impose staying here at your home, and be an unwanted guest. I could stay with one of the other girls tonight until we see the Hokage and...," said Hinata, but a finger from Naruto's hand touched her lips, and silenced any further words.

"Nonsense. You are my honored guest tonight. I have more then enough room for you to stay here if only for the night. Kyu-chan will help you get settled in," said Naruto seeing Hinata looking a bit concerned after what happened before the date even started.

"I don't want to impose myself in asking for her help," said Hinata, as she saw Naruto smile gently at her, and brought that same finger that was on her lip moments ago to her chin.

"If you are referring to the talk you two had earlier, I assure you it has been resolved for the most part, and not worry your pretty head over it Hinata-chan. I won't let your Father or any of the Hyuuga Elders try to do anything to impede the strength I see wishing to come out," said Naruto seeing the girl blush at him and saw some of her shyness coming back.

"Did the date go well?" said Kyuubi coming down the steps giving a respectful bow to both of them.

"For the most part though the restaurant was less receptive then I would have hoped. No matter. I'll prepare us a meal while you go with Kyu-chan to change into something more casual," said Naruto before giving Kyuubi a "remember what we talked about earlier" look.

After the girls made it upstairs, Kyuubi walked Hinata to the room they had previous been in, and the two stared at the other for a moment.

"I take it that your date went well judging from the smile I saw when you came in," said Kyuubi neutrally before she summoned the demonic closet filled with an infinite number of clothes to choose from.

"Very well thank you Kyuubi-sama. We did have a problem earlier in terms of dinner and then later with my sensei seeing her boyfriend Sarutobi Asuma being rude. I think their relationship is over now. I hate to see my sensei so sad," said Hinata, as she hoped the Jounin found that special someone, and not that sexist jerk Asuma.

"It was that bad?" said Kyuubi having seen the woman from Naruto's memories and had some form of respect for the female Leaf Shinobi.

Hinata told Kyuubi about what happened with Asuma, what the man said about women having those seals on them so men could easily benefit in relationships, and basically inherited his Father's arrogance. Not to mention the distinct possibility of the man being unfaithful during the time they were dating "in secret" from what was implied by what the others around Kurenai had stated about the Sarutobi.

"Do you think there is someone for everyone Kyuubi-sama?" said Hinata, as she saw the Fox Queen snap out of her thoughts, and look at the Hyuuga girl now.

"I think there is. Sometimes though that someone is with another and it can cause quite a few...complications," said Kyuubi, as she was speaking more about Naruto, and the fact the two females in his life were currently wishing to be the strong center within his heart.

"Naruto-kun said he talked to you about our conversation. He made a Shadow Clone for that, didn't he?" said Hinata seeing the Fox Queen nod before pulling something out of the closet to have the girl wear.

"Yes. Make no mistake, I still think you're wrong for Naruto-sama, but it is not my place to express my distaste, and he's made it abundantly clear to me that trying to destroy your relationship with him is unwise. For now, I'll respect his wishes in courting you, but I want to make thing one perfectly clear, and I want you to listen right now. If you break his heart, his trust, or are using Naruto-sama for some personal gain other then being loved I will show you why the Elemental Countries fears me. Not even the Shinigami himself will have the strength to stop my wrath being known for your actions," said Kyuubi, as she was not about to have Naruto's heart destroyed by this girl, and be unable to love another.

"I could never hurt him. He inspires me to do great things. To push myself harder then I ever could alone," said Hinata seeing the Fox Queen smile and hand her the clothes.

"Good, because you're going to have to push yourself to your limits, and beyond to stay with him little girl. If Naruto-sama is anything like Raizen, he likes strong women, and while you have strength in your own way, it will only please him for so long, and you're going to have to get stronger," said Kyuubi seeing Hinata narrow her eyes at the Fox Queen knowing the challenge for Naruto had been thrown down and neither was going to submit to the other so early on in the competition.

"I'll do what I must to prove myself to Naruto-kun. The same will have to be said for you too Kyuubi-sama," said Hinata with the Fox Queen nodding knowing that both had in terms of strength that the other was lacking.

Kyuubi had strength in terms of power, but not inner strength.

Hinata had inner strength, but not strength in terms of power.

The only thing the two shared equally was the desire to be with Naruto.

Needless to say...the war was on for Naruto's heart.

(Hokage Tower-The Next Day)

The new female Hokage was not having a good morning, which she originally suspected was going to be the case for many years to come until Naruto took her position, and did his own thing with the village. Speaking of the gaki, he was currently in the room, telling her what had happened the previous night with the Hyuuga Clan when heading their to take Hinata out on a date, with the girl right beside him telling about what she learned, and how they were going to possibly retaliate against the Namikaze. Hinata did not want to have the Cage Bird Seal on her head, as it was barbaric to do that to family, and had desired its removal since the moment her Uncle Hizashi had been hurt by it when she was a child.

"Well, I can see why you caused a lot of damage, which explains why there are so many Hyuuga members in the hospital right now with missing limbs, and broken bodies. The issue with the Cage Bird Seal has always been an issue after the Hyuuga Clan came to the village shortly after its founding., but they were able to dodge the issue, and have built up enough of a political power base to let it drop when that power is needed," said Tsunade, as she had been swamped early that morning in helping Shizune heal so many Hyuuga at once, and all them had to be sedated after they kept saying "The demon did this! The demon did this!" constantly to her.

It was annoying to say the least.

"No doubt Hiashi will try to make a case out of this with you at the next Council meeting, demanding his daughter be returned to him, and that I be punished for interfering. Is there anything you can do to keep Hiashi off her back?" said Naruto seeing Tsunade thinking for a moment and then saw her snap her fingers.

"I got it! Hinata will become my apprentice," said Tsunade before going through some files she had to look for some previously logged paperwork and more documents to put some new paperwork in motion.

"Me? Your apprentice?" said Hinata, as she didn't know if it was possible since Tsunade was a well respected Medical Nin, and one of the Sannin turned Hokage!

"Sure! Besides, I was planning on doing it anyway. I read one of the reports your sensei gave me about the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries and saw the medical cream you gave your boyfriend here after his fight with his Inuzuka opponent. From what I understand, you have quite the skill in the healing arts, and one Hell of a right hook if what the gaki here told me you did to your teammate before leaving on your mission to find me," said Tsunade seeing the girl blushing at her praise while reading the report made by Kurenai.

"But will that keep my clan and Father at bay from trying to take me back?" said Hinata, as she knew they held considerable sway in the political realm, and could try to wrestle this out of the Hokage's hands.

"Damn straight it will. One of the oldest laws of Konoha pertain to apprenticeships and how they have to only have the consent of the parents if the student is not legally an adult. The moment you graduated Hinata, you legally became an adult, and therefore you don't have to get consent from your Father much less your clan. If you accept my offer to be my apprentice, where you live from now on, who your with, and what you do on your down time is entirely at your discretion. All I require is you utmost commitment to being trained under me in everything I teach you from medical training to my superhuman strength to pound possible perverts that get in your way. Speaking of pounding perverts," said Tsunade, as she picked up a book and threw it at the wall, and going through it to hit Jiraiya right off his perch to go sailing down into a crater below of his own making.

"Impressive," said Hinata knowing such a skill could be useful when mixed with Gentle Fist.

"Yep! Your eyes also benefit the healing arts because they can see things most wouldn't at first glance. The world needs more medics and I want an apprentice with the means to truly revolutionize the world with what I have to teach. Do you want in on the ground floor?" said Tsunade seeing Hinata nodding excitedly and Naruto just grinned in approval too since it was clear he wanted the girl to be strong too.

"I would be honored!" said Hinata, as she recalled from her memory from last night about Kyuubi telling her that Naruto only fancied strong women, and what better way to get stronger then under one of the Sannin turned Hokage?

None that's what!

"Great! Just sign here, then here, and then finally your initial here," said Tsunade, as she handed the paperwork to Hinata, who gave it a quick read over, and then signed it before Tsunade stamped it with her seal of approval.

"Congratulations Hinata-chan. You are now an apprentice to the Hokage," said Naruto with a smile on his face.

"Thank you Naruto-kun," said Hinata trying to keep her blush under control under his praise.

"When you aren't training with your team, I want you at the hospital learning from me, and when its not possible to learn from me then you'll be learning from Shizune. Almost everything I know, she knows too, and can help teach you when my Hokage duties keep me from teaching," said Tsunade, as she saw Hinata nod knowing the woman had a very demanding job, and had to manipulate the schedule to make this work.

"Speaking of training, you my dear have a team meeting to get to, and it would be rude to keep your Jounin sensei waiting," said Naruto seeing the girl nod before bowing quickly to the Hokage and then rushing out the door.

"You've got some big balls for what you pulled yesterday Naruto. Not to mention your dating the girl in the middle of all of this," said Tsunade seeing him grinning.

"I live dangerously. Comes with the occupation and my blood. After Raizen entered my head to train me, I was taught more then just physical combat, and the demonic powers I now possessed. Looking back on my memories of Hinata-chan, I realized that she wasn't the weird girl my mind portrayed her to be, but rather someone just shy, yet had a strong spirit within that was trying to grow stronger, and was being denied by her own family. Even when I came to the Hyuuga Compound yesterday, Hinata-chan stood defiantly against her Father, and the Hyuuga Elders while giving them a piece of her mind. I find that be very sexy," said Naruto grinning further at Tsunade seeing the woman smirk.

"So strong women rock your world huh? Well just be careful when around Anko or the Inuzuka Clan females since they can be pretty strong in their own right," said Tsunade seeing nodding at that knowing all about Anko and the Inuzuka's to a certain extent.

And there was also Kyuubi to consider too.

"I'll keep that in mind," said Naruto before getting out of his chair and leaving the room.

"You kind of have to Naruto since the C.R.A. applies to your current status as the last remaining member of the Namikaze Clan," said Tsunade seeing Naruto stop at the door and look back with a smile on his face.

"I know. And only the strongest of women are going to be allowed into it if I find them worthy," said Naruto before walking out of the room.

'Damn! Now If only I were 30 years younger,' thought Tsunade before going back to her paperwork while ignoring the chibi Tsunade in her head dressed strangely like Anko telling her to be naughty.

A good shovel induced hit to the head of chibi Tsunade, some burying of the body later, and Tsunade had ended it...for now.

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