Chapter 9-Cleaning House

Tsunade was not happy. She should be happy right about now, but wasn't for a certain reason. Jiraiya, her former teammate, and once dear friend had tried something stupid against their Godson. Tsunade knew he would. Naruto knew he would. But she didn't think Jiraiya would actually do it so damn soon! Especially after Naruto made himself so infamous recently with Kumo and going toe to toe with the Raikage. Hell, her Godson was taking down Kage to near Kage level opponents left and right in the past few months since becoming a demon, and even taking on a few powerful demons himself.

And then Jiraiya pulls this shit. Right after killing Kabuto and getting a few new strong ninja added to Konoha's side. And a few Uzumaki to boot! What the Hell was a matter with him?!

"Do you have anything to say for yourself Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade while looking at the man on his knees, bloodied, beaten, and missing an arm.

"Only that I should have put a stop to Naruto's new way of living when I had the chance," replied Jiraiya while glancing to his side at Naruto with a glare.

"If you had, Konoha wouldn't be as strong as it is right now," countered Tsunade while Jiraiya glared back at her.

"Says you! My spy network has protected Konoha from its enemies for years. I have been protecting Konoha from all of its enemies for years. You think the brat over here deserves your praise? Ha! Konoha doesn't need him! Not like this!" exclaimed Jiraiya angrily.

"Get off your high horse Jiraiya. Your spy network isn't the only game in town. I happen to know Danzo had his own little network with Root and was far more successful then yours in several areas. As for protecting Konoha, you have been doing more peeping on women at hot springs for 'research' surrounding your books than protecting the village from its enemies. If you were really so righteous in your so called belief in protecting all of Konoha, why not focus them on finding Orochimaru? Or even ending him yourself? We both know you could have found his location at anytime and reported him to sensei at any moment over the years. We both know you could have easily ended him with sensei and an elite army of ANBU at your side of given the chance. Yet you didn't. You spent more time embracing your vices when you should have been protecting the village. Not only that, but you should have also paid more attention to your Godson. Our Godson. The Godson entrusted to us by his parents to watch over him and help the boy get stronger. Instead you do the opposite! You and sensei cut me out of the loop deliberately knowing I wouldn't stand for his abuse! And now you pull this crap in Sound!" exclaimed Tsunade while glaring heavily at Jiraiya for his idiocy.

"It was for the greater good of Konoha. The boy is a threat with the prophecy hanging over the world and him at the center of it. Konoha could fall with the rest of the Shinobi villages if we aren't careful," replied Jiraiya while Tsunade looked ready to explode.

"Says the man, who has given up absolutely nothing in the name of the 'greater good', and expects others to in his place when push comes to shove at the moment of truth. Just like Danzo did when he was trying to justify his actions with Root. Or like what he had you do to that kunoichi in turning her into a Kyuubi substitute of sorts. Or did you honestly think I would forget that?" replied Tsunade with Jiraiya growling at her.

"He wasn't wrong Tsunade. Demons need to be controlled and made into weapons of war for those who know how to use them properly. They have no business being among us in this world outside of that purpose. They have no business being part of society like they belong here! They are meant to be used as weapons! They are an unnatural part of our world. The unnatural have no right to be here unless we give them one on our terms!" stated Jiraiya before hearing Naruto let out a laugh that told him the boy found his words humorous.

"Unnatural? No business being among humans? Oh Jiraiya, you stupid fool. You have no idea just how important demons are to the natural balance of things in the Universe as we know it," remarked Naruto with Jiraiya glaring at him.

"As if I believe anything you have to say brat!" countered Jiraiya while Naruto kept on grinning.

"I don't care if you believe me or not, but the truth is demons have every right to exist just as much as the heavens, and the world as we know it. Picture a triangle of sorts. Balance at the highest level if you will. Humans multiply faster then you can kill each other off. Its a given. No one can dispute it. Humans can fill an area like Konoha within two maybe three generation in no time without any form of population control or any sudden natural disasters to stop them. Officially, the human race has no real 'natural predators' to keep it from overpopulating the world. Without any real population control, humans would just overrun the world, drain every resource on it dry, and finally destroy itself when there is nothing else left to take. Like a snake eating its own tail," explained Naruto since he got all of this from Raizen when learning from him soon after his body changed.

"And unofficially?" asked Tsunade while listening intently to what Naruto was saying.

"Demons are the population control. Some demons do eat humans. Lots of humans. Does that make them monsters? Some of them, yes. All of them? No. Why? Because its part of the cycle of balance. These demons are part of a necessary cycle to keep the human race from overpopulating and destroying the world in the long run. You may not like it, but it has to be done. Besides, its not like the heavens above don't monitor this type of thing, and ensure it doesn't get out of hand. Demons keep the human population in check and all the guys in the heavens keep human eating demons in check with careful monitoring of their annual consumption. My Grandpa Raizen was in that human eating category so I know what I'm talking about," explained Naruto with Jiraiya looking at him in disgust.

"All the more reason for us to put a muzzle on you to ensure human flesh never reaches your tongue," remarked Jiraiya before feeling a stab of pain from Kyu, who stabbed him in the shoulder, and flicked the blood off her fingers.

"I have no interest in eating human flesh. Its not really my preference. Besides, human eating demons don't eat humans for several months at a time. They eat other things to fill the void until that point where their tastes linger for it and even then there are plenty of natural substitutes to keep the urge for human flesh in check. Just in case they don't really want to eat humans and the urge is more biological in nature," replied Naruto while Kyu nodded since she knew this too.

"In any case, you Jiraiya have no business trying to suppress Naruto's power. Konoha has never been stronger. Even back when my Grandfather was Hokage, our village never had such strength. What you did is treason!" stated Tsunade while Jiraiya spit on the ground in front of her desk.

"What I did was right and nothing you say or do can make me change my mind," replied Jiraiya while Tsunade sighed.

"Then I have no choice, but to have you executed Jiraiya. You have done Konoha a great disservice. I'm willing to show some form of leniency in light of your many years of loyal service to Konoha. Even if it was misplaced, the good you did for the village cannot be denied. Only the methods used questioned. So I am giving you a choice Jiraiya. You can be exiled with your chakra sealed off and no way to use your sage like powers? Or you can be executed for your crimes against Konoha and its ruling Hokage for treason?" said Tsunade with Jiraiya looking absolutely livid at her "choices" for him.

Exile or death? What was the difference? If he chose exile, word would soon get out of his vulnerable situation, and every single person with a grudge against him (which was a lot for many different reasons) would come out of the woodwork to make his life a living Hell! If he chose death, Jiraiya knew Minato, and Kushina would make it there mission to make his life even more miserable in the afterlife. They were probably doing it right now to his sensei so what chance did he have of fending off their wrath when face to face with them?

None that's what!

"I choose...neither!" exclaimed Jiraiya, as he quickly performed a reverse summoning to take him to Mt. Myƍboku before anyone could do anything.

"Damn it! He always was a coward when push came to shove!" stated Tsunade angrily while Naruto shrugged.

"I wouldn't worry Tsunade. He has no real power anymore. Danzo is dead. Orochimaru is dead. The Sandaime is dead. Almost everyone Jiraiya knew from Konoha, who could possibly help him in this situation are dead. I doubt the Toads will help him out either," said Naruto knowing the man won't be staying long with the Toads since they would immediately demand an explanation from him about his physical appearance.

Of course Jiraiya would no doubt lie. Make up some crap about his Godson going on a rampage and killing everyone now that he was a seemingly unstoppable demon. What Jiraiya didn't know was that Tsunade had her Slug Summons visit the Toads and tell them about the pervert's questionable actions toward his Godson.

Any lie Jiraiya told would easily be seen as one by them.

"Still, the man knows a lot about Konoha. He could easily betray us to our enemies. Its not like it wasn't happening already with him using his spy network to leak information out about you to everyone else who wants a piece of you," commented Tsunade with Naruto frowning slightly.

"Perhaps, but I think he will only use his spy network against me. Not against Konoha as a whole like you believe. For all of his past actions, Jiraiya wouldn't destroy the village he grew up in, and risk Konoha being burned to the ground. Iwa still has a grudge, but they hate Jiraiya almost as much as they would me due to him training my Father. Kiri is still has their civil war so they will not do anything to us or me. Suna is our ally again. Kumo is now more neutral to us then hostile after what I did to their Raikage. We have allies in countless locations. The only place Jiraiya could consider going to for help after this is the Akatsuki and I highly doubt they would embrace him with open arms," replied Naruto with Tsunade nodding though she knew Jiraiya in his weakened state could still be an asset to the Akatsuki depending on what they planned next.

"Jiraiya holds a lot of information. He knows a lot of our secrets. Ways to infiltrate the village. He has contacts everywhere to help our enemies if the order was issued," said Tsunade with Naruto nodding since that was true.

"Which is why we need to change the village's security. Cover every hole. Strengthen all of our security measures. Reinforce parts of the village that are weakened. We need to make sure everything Jiraiya knows about Konoha is outdated," replied Naruto with his Godmother nodding.

"I anticipated Jiraiya might do something and be forced to flee so I have been doing just that. I know most of Jiraiya's means of getting into Konoha thanks to my late sensei also keeping track of him and where he enters the village, but I doubt Hiruzen knew ALL of those locations," remarked Tsunade with Naruto agreeing since it was likely Jiraiya kept a few secrets from Hiruzen for just such an emergency.

"I'll help with the search and the security. If anyone can find some places Jiraiya kept off the books for getting into Konoha, its me," replied Naruto with Tsunade nodding.

The sooner they plugged all those holes in the village's security the better.

(Uchiha Clan District-Nightfall-Two Weeks Later)

Sasuke wasn't happy. He was furious. His skills were not growing as much as hoped they would. It felt like a barrier of some kind was blocking him from reaching that next level of power to confront Itachi. Like this village was holding him back. Why was he even part of this village? All it did was make him weak. All of the Konoha ninja in the village were weak in his eyes. They couldn't have held off Orochimaru's invasion against his forces when they allied with Suna. Suna was suppose to be weak, yet they held their own against Konoha during the invasion. How could he live in a village where it was tied in strength with the weakest of the major five? Even Kiri was stronger then Suna and they were in the middle of a bloodline civil war!

He needed to get out of Konoha. He needed to find a means of getting stronger for when Itachi died by his hands.

"Going somewhere Sasuke?" asked Naruto while appearing behind the brat while seeing the Uchiha had his bags packed and ready to leave in the middle of the night.

"What do you want?" asked Sasuke in anger.

"Want? I want to go back home and have hours of raunchy sex with the women in my life who love me. But that's beside the point. I asked you if you were going somewhere. Are you?" replied Naruto while grinning at the emo for an Uchiha glaring at him.

"I'm going on a mission. Last minute," lied Sasuke while Naruto shook his head.

"Wrong answer. The Hokage would never send you on a mission by yourself. Due to you being too young and second because you are too inexperience. Not to mention a Genin. If you were a Jounin or in the ANBU, it would be a different story," replied Naruto while he saw Sasuke's glare increase.

"I'm leaving Konoha. I'm leaving this village and you can't stop me," said Sasuke while he activated his eyes.

"Really? I can't stop you? Sasuke, in case you have some form of memory loss in that overinflated ego filled head of yours, I have been knocking down Kage level opponents left and right. I killed Orochimaru. The Sandaime Hokage. I just came back from killing Kabuto and he is suppose to be as strong as Kakashi. How are you stronger than them?!" questioned Naruto with Sasuke scowled harder (if that were possible) and drew a kunai from his holster.

"I am an Uchiha. We are the strongest clan in Konoha! I am an elite! You are nothing, but a piece of demon filth!" exclaimed Sasuke angrily.

"Says the boy who would kill his own Mother for an inch of power needed to help kill his brother. Oh yeah! You're soooo superior to me," remarked Naruto sarcastically while he saw Sasuke getting angrier.

"Of course I am! The power to kill others who have wronged you is the only thing that truly matters in this world! That is the Uchiha way!" exclaimed Sasuke angrily.

"And look where that thought process has gotten your clan. Taken down to mere single digits. The blood of the Uchiha has been reduced to a trickle," replied Naruto with Sasuke growling.

"I won't have my clan judged by the likes of you. Or anyone else for that matter. My clan is the strongest clan in the world. We cannot be judged by anyone in existence whether they be human, demon, or even Kami himself!" stated Sasuke while Naruto smirked.

"If your clan was so strong and superior to others Sasuke...why are there only a few left alive?" questioned Naruto with his smirk growing since he knew the boy's anger was his undoing.

And he wasn't disappointed.

"DIE!" yelled Sasuke before charging at Naruto blindly with his eyes activated.

"You first," remarked Naruto before he vanished from Sasuke's line of sight and appeared behind the angry Uchiha.

Moments later, Sasuke felt something was wrong with himself. His body didn't recognize the problem right away, but it was there, and quickly turned toward Naruto where he had sensed the demonic boy's location. Of course, it was difficult to turn fully due to the fact his legs now felt like they were broken in multiple places, and his eyes showed blood red lines around his eyes like cracked glass. Sasuke cried out in pain, falling to his knees, the kunai in hand dropped, forgotten due to the pain, and his ability to see shattering into a million pieces before seeing absolutely nothing.

Naruto had broken his legs and damaged his eyes beyond repair.

"You demon bastard! You inferior piece of filth! Do you know what you have done to me?!" demanded Sasuke while Naruto casually grabbed the boy by the scruff of his neck and began dragging him toward the Hokage Tower.

"Of course I do baka. And personally, I enjoyed every second of it. Your screams were music to my ears," answered Naruto while dragging Sasuke to his destination while the Uchiha was ranting and raving like a lunatic about how he would get his attacker back for this.

His spewing of curses and promises of a slow death to Naruto echoed throughout the night in the village. Waking up countless people in the process and these people seeing Naruto dragging the Uchiha to the Hokage Tower where Tsunade was not happy being awake this late at night for this crap. She of course knew the Uchiha was going to run, as she had been having a few Yamanaka keep an eye on the boy in secret, going over past mental evaluations the boy had gone through, and concerns for Sasuke's mental health had notations on them by certain council members to ignore. That because Sasuke was an Uchiha, he could just power through the trauma he suffered, and overcome any obstacle in his way. Any treatment recommended was ignored by the higher-ups and Inoichi had noticed one notation concerning Sasuke's loyalty being put into question if Konoha didn't give the Uchiha whatever he wanted in the future.

When Tsunade questioned why such reports were ignored by the higher-ups, namely the Sandaime Hokage, she was told he had insisted the boy be allowed to train, and become a ninja. When asked why her sensei did it, the various psychologists in charge making sure the ninja of Konoha didn't have a psychotic breakdown, told Tsunade that the Sandaime Hokage wanted the boy to keep his drive to get stronger to one day kill Itachi, and at the same time be ready to put down Naruto in the event the village weapon got to strong for anyone else to handle.

After she denied team 7 the mission to Snow Country to guard Kazehana Koyuki from any possible assassins, Tsunade had a team of ANBU watching Sasuke. Only just today did Tsunade get word of the boy acting strange and mumbling about how weak he was along with the rest of the village. How he wanted to get out of Konoha and get strong enough to kill Itachi, Naruto, and anyone else who stood in his way on his path to power along with being the elite Uchiha everyone in the world should acknowledge without question.

"So you decided to leave Konoha without my permission," remarked Tsunade with Sasuke being thrown at her feet.

"I need to get stronger. I need to kill Itachi!" exclaimed Tsunade while blood leaked from his mouth.

"And you are willing to become a Missing Nin to do it? To betray all of Konoha just so you can have your so called 'revenge' and damn with whoever you believe stands in your way? Whether they do or not?" questioned Tsunade while Sasuke growled angrily.

"I would sell my soul to the Devil himself if it meant I would be getting the power to kill Itachi!" answered Sasuke while Tsunade frowned.

"And what are the odds when the time came to pay up your soul to the Devil, you back out on your end of the deal on account of your so called 'elite status' making you immune to such things," commented Tsunade while Sasuke glared up at her even though he was blind.

"I don't have to honor any deals. I am an Uchiha! Uchiha are allowed to do whatever they want and no one has to the power to say otherwise! Not you, not the previous Hokages, and certainly not your demon bastard for a Godson!" exclaimed Sasuke angrily before he was kicked violently in the head by Tsunade with enough force to knock him out.

"Get him locked up! I want Ibiki and Anko to crack his head open first thing tomorrow in the morning. I want to know just how messed up the Uchiha is inside before I give out his punishment," commanded an angry Tsunade before heading home to sleep.

It was going to be a busy day tomorrow and she was going to need or the sleep her body could get!

(Hokage Tower-The Next Morning)

Tsunade was not happy right now. Of course she didn't get a lot of sleep last night so her being even somewhat happy was moot at the moment. What was pissing her off was the fact Sasuke was more screwed up in the head thanks to Itachi then she first thought. The boy had all of the Uchiha Clan's arrogance. All of the "I'm the superior being because of my clan and eyes being better then yours" propaganda the clan itself had been preaching for years before Itachi put a big fat and quite bloody hole through them. Ibiki and Anko had brought in their report along with the Uchiha on his broken still slightly bloody knees in front of her on how the boy openly confessing how he didn't care for Konoha. How the village wronged him by holding his potential back. How the Uchiha Clan were not being properly honored after they were all killed by Itachi that night. How both the Senju and the Uzumaki Clan were conspiring against him. How all his supporters on the Councils and in the village were either killed off or went silent out of fear of being killed off.

Honestly, her idiot sensei should have had this boy locked up, or watched him around the clock to ensure this mentality didn't show up like this.

It only got worse when the dynamic dumbasses from the Shinobi Council Homura and Koharu marched into the room demanding she release the Uchiha. They had been among those who saw Naruto drag a bleeding Sasuke from the Uchiha Clan District all the way through Konoha to the Hokage Tower.

"This is inexcusable Tsunade!" stated Homura angrily.

"You have gone too far! As members of the Shinobi Council, we demand a say in your little farce of a trial. As it stands, we demand it cease immediately, and wish to know what you plan to do for Sasuke once healed to make amends for your barbaric treatment toward his person!" exclaimed Koharu while glaring at the younger woman.

"Make amends? Have you read the report I have here? Of course you haven't. Neither of you have read what I have because I have the only copy and you would refuse to read it anyway. Why? Because you two are old, outdated, senile bakas, who can't get can't get their heads out of their own asses, or that of the Uchiha's when he needs it wiped for him!" exclaimed Tsunade angrily while she hit the desk with her fist and made it crack.

"He is the last hope for the clan's revival. Without him, we have nothing. Our means for Konoha to control a Jinchuriki or that of a Biju will be forever lost to us," stated Koharu while she saw Tsunade narrow her eyes at her.

"I see now. I see why you want Sasuke in your good graces. You're hoping he'll breed a few Uchiha babies with possible Sharingan Eyes manifesting. You want them to have those eyes not simply because of the Biju or Jinchuriki, but to use the power behind those damn eyes to tame Naruto should he decide to unleash his justified revenge on Konoha. You actually think the Sharingan Eyes of the Uchiha Clan have that such a level of power to take control of my Godson," replied Tsunade while Homura and Koharu glanced at each other.

"The demon is dangerous. He's worse then Kyuubi, who is now walking around freely throughout the village. And now we have the Jinchuriki of the Nibi here too with rumors of the Biju she holds being allowed to walk around whenever she wants out too. We need them under our control or we could be overrun by angry demonic beasts that would crush us underfoot if anyone in Konoha so much as looked at them wrong!" exclaimed Homura while Tsunade leaned back in her chair and smirked.

"I see. So you fear the vengeful and a, justified mind you, wrath performed by Naruto, Kyu, and the Jinchuriki of the Nibi with the two-tails coming out on her own to take part in the carnage? I wonder whose fault that would be considering how out of all the people in this room, two out of three of us wanted to either kill Naruto, or sided with Danzo in wanting to turn him into a mindless weapon. Now out of the three people in this room, just who could those two people be that would make Naruto want to turn almost all of Konoha into a smoking crater filled with lots and lots of dead people?!" asked Tsunade in a highly sarcastic tone.

"Such a thing wouldn't happen if you allowed the demon to be restrained and the Kyuubi to be resealed properly into one of the other full blooded Uzumaki women we now have here in Konoha," remarked Homura while Tsunade narrowed her eyes at them.

"Do you hear yourselves? Its no wonder things for Konoha went to shit long after I left the first time around and the Yondaime died. The Biju are not mindless beasts, contrary to what you, or anyone else in Konoha have led themselves to believe. They are highly intelligent. They have thought, reason, and freewill like everyone else. You would have me imprison the one we have in the village simply so you can use her host to channel the vast amount of demonic chakra she possesses as a weapon against her will on our ever growing list of enemies," replied Tsunade with Homura and Koharu frowning.

"Konoha needs weapons to fight those jealous of our power. If we do not have one of the Biju or a Jinchuriki under our control, then Konoha will fall like Uzu did in the Second Shinobi War," replied Homura with Tsunade glaring at her.

"I am well aware of how the Uzumaki Clan fell during the Second Shinobi War. And it wasn't for the reasons you were either led to believe or you tell yourselves to ease your guilty conscious at night. Konoha betrayed my Grandmother's clan. Something I am sure my sensei shared with you either when the plan was formed or soon after it happened. I am not ignorant in the belief you didn't know about the plot to remove most if not all of the Uzumaki Clan from the world in order monopolize their means of housing Biju in them or the seals that can bind the nine into submission," remarked Tsunade with both Homura and Koharu glanced at each other nervously.

They had been caught. Though to what degree was unknown.

"Such knowledge and power does not belong to one clan. Fuinjutsu is a universal art for ninja. The Uzumaki Clan has no right to hold the depth of their knowledge back from us Tsunade. We were allies and they refused to share with us everything they knew about the art of Fuinjutsu," countered Koharu firmly.

"Please! Spare me that whole 'all things must be shared with us' crap you are spewing right now. We both know if you truly believed that, you would have petition such things from the Uchiha Clan, the Hyuuga Clan, the Inuzuka Clan, or any of the other clans here in Konoha. You know full well that the Uzumaki Clan had a level of understanding in Fuinjutsu unsurpassed by any other clan in the world. Fuinjutsu is also a very dangerous art to Master, which is why few outside of the Uzumaki Clan can remotely reach their level, and handle such power in the art responsibly. The Uzumaki Clan weren't just the Masters of Fuinjutsu, they were the guardians of Fuinjutsu, and you along my idiot for a sensei removed them so you could have the power they wanted seen used responsibly!" said Tsunade with Koharu and Homura frowning.

"We did use it responsibly. We used it to strengthen Konoha. Make our defenses better. We used Fuinjutsu in a way that it was meant to be used like Jinchuriki are meant to be used. In warfare. Unfortunately, the high and mighty Uzumaki Clan thought otherwise. They had to be removed since they were a threat to our means of using Fuinjutsu. They could have easily broken them and left us defenseless to our enemies. We needed to remove them before they became a threat to us. They never agreed with the way Biju were sealed into humans to become Jinchuriki and weapons of war. They threatened the very balance we made when the Shinobi villages first formed!" countered Homura while Tsunade glared heavily at them.

"In other words, they knew how the Shinobi villages would become power hungry using Fuinjutsu, and didn't approve of pricks like you abusing their art," Tsunade shot back and saw the two elderly Shinobi bristle at her words.

"Strength and power are everything Tsunade! We see it. Danzo saw it. Hiruzen saw it. Uchiha Madara saw it. Even Hashirama and Tobirama saw it for the bitter truth that they knew such a thing was in life," Koharu countered with a scowl before both were slammed into the wall behind them with Tsunade grabbing the collars of both their stuffy shirts and holding them high off the ground.

"My family may have seen it, but they never acted on the impulse to dominate the world with such strength, and power under their command. They defended Konoha with their strength and power, but they never made countless enemies deliberately in order to have an excuse to conqueror others! Danzo did that with his Root. Hiruzen allowed it knowing the Councils would need his wisdom from past experience as Hokage to defend Konoha from them. You went along with any side that advanced your own power, siding mostly with Danzo because Hiruzen wanted to ensure you didn't get too much of it to override his own authority as Hokage. Something you both wanted for long time since like Danzo, you get off on controlling people in power you yourself don't have under your own direct command," replied Tsunade while the two idiots struggled in her grip.

"Unhand us Tsunade! You have no right to do this!" exclaimed Homura before he was slammed against the wall again by Tsunade.

"No right? Well if that's the case, then make me let you go. You claim strength and power are all that matters, right? Well I have both of them. Both in terms of physically from my Shinobi training and figuratively with my title as Hokage. You two are old, weak, and let your skills go slack. Even sensei, with his age being around yours, could no doubt hold his own against my old teammate Orochimaru. Why do you think the fucking snake kept waiting so long to enact his plan against him? Orochimaru knew that as long as sensei was still considered stronger then him, he couldn't win in a fight, and waited until their skills were evened out so there was a great chance of victory. You two have neither the strength nor the power in any sense of the word to command me to do anything and to even try is considered to be treason against the village. Or have you forgotten that the Kage of any village is the supreme authority, who governs it, and has the final say in all things? If I say kill each other in a fight to the death for the right to continue living here in Konoha, then you damn well better bust out your weapons, and fight to the death. If I say eat poisonous fish, you better do what I say, or I'll ram it down one of your throats myself simply because I can," explained Tsunade while the two still glared at her.

"We are the Shinobi Council. Our knowledge of all things ninja related far exceeds yours Tsunade. Therefore we have the final say in how this village runs itself. Not you as the Gondaime Hokage," countered Koharu, as she now struggled to fight off Tsunade, and was failing spectacularly.

It was like an infant child trying to push a dragon in a contest of strength!

"Your knowledge is outdated, if not archaic in nature. The Shinobi Council is in need of some fresh blood and so does the Civilian Council. All they do is bitch about how the village doesn't cater enough to their needs and demanding more rights and power over the village. Just like you!" exclaimed Tsunade before throwing them onto the ground.

"You dare do this! We will get in contact with the Fire Daimyo. We will get you removed as Gondaime Hokage and appoint a new leader that knows what is best for Konoha and respects us!" threatened Koharu while she looked up at Tsunade with angry eyes.

"Go ahead! Tell the Fire Daimyo. Tell him everything I have done since being Hokage. I can counter anything you tell him and I have witnesses to back me up. After you do tell the Fire Daimyo everything, I will counter by telling him all your dirty secrets that stain Konoha's honor, and by extension his own! Do you think the Fire Daimyo will tolerate you two? Tolerate your past actions? He would sooner appease our enemies by putting you two to the sword if it meant making his various neighbors, whom you helped Danzo, and sensei piss off, very happy with your demise for your past sins," Tsunade shot back with Koharu and Homura looking afraid when hearing that since they had helped Danzo and Hiruzen make many enemies for Konoha throughout the years so they could stay in power and be needed for their expertise when physical strength as a ninja began to wane on their bodies.

The Fire Daimyo believed in diplomacy first before going to war. Being a civilized man and all of that. If Konoha's various enemies demanded the heads of those they believed were directly responsible for their suffering, the Fire Daimyo would gladly hand them over. Especially if their enemies learned just how far they had gone to ensure victory for Konoha, and the lives ruined in the process. The Fire Daimyo would see to it that those responsible for causing the anguish of his neighbors were killed immediately.

Fire Country maybe the strongest of all the others, but if all the other countries united in an alliance against them...things would be different. A fact Homura and Koharu were well aware of, yet made sure Jiraiya would use his spy network to spread treachery, and lies to these different places to promote distrust in each other to prevent such unity. But now the rumors spreading through Konoha had told them that Jiraiya was now a Missing Nin after his failed attempt of getting the demon brat under control during his mission to Sound.

"This isn't over Tsunade. We will not let this act go unpunished!" replied Homura while he and Koharu got off the ground before heading for the door.

"Wrong. This is over. ANBU! Arrest them!" commanded Tsunade and the ANBU in the room obeyed immediately.

"Unhand us at once!" commanded Koharu since she was sure some of these ANBU in the room were part of Danzo's Root and would obey.

"They won't obey you. I know all about Danzo having his Root ANBU mixing with the normal ones I usually had guarding me. The old war hawk did this to keep himself in the loop on all of sensei's dealings so he wouldn't be kept out of the information circle and considered expendable. After Danzo was killed, I had Naruto and Kyu secretly help me in investigating which of my ANBU were from Root. After the fight with the Raikage and we got the kunoichi Jinchuriki from Kumo, I asked for her help too. Give how Danzo had tried to capture her in the past to use for his machinations of war in the future, she was all the more willing to help me. Each member of Root is present and accounted for, as well as the hidden base underneath Konoha with all of the dirty dealings, and unauthorized missions you helped Danzo back. Make no mistake, I have enough evidence to hand you over to Konoha's enemies to appease them, and I won't lose one wink of sleep at night for it!" stated Tsunade while she saw the two being cuffed and escorted out of her office.

"Finally! I was wondering when you were going to arrest those two idiots," commented Naruto through the window and smirking devilishly at her.

"I would have done it much sooner, but I couldn't risk tipping my hand due to Danzo's Root ANBU still being around, and them picking up the pieces of their remnants," replied Tsunade before walking over to her desk to get a drink of sake.

"Nice to know all those years of gambling would finally pay off when dealing with those two," remarked Naruto while Tsunade glowered at bit from his words.

Her bad luck wasn't that bad when gambling, was it?

"Anyway, I have to take care of the Civilian Council next. Like I told those old farts, the Civilian Council has been continuing to get a fat head, and wanting more then what they should have in the first place. They were even demanding more say in Shinobi Affairs while you were off killing Kabuto in Sound. I am so sick of their bitching and I intend to do what my sensei refused to do," replied Tsunade with Naruto raising an eyebrow at her.

"And what is that?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Putting my sandal to their throats and watch said throats go crunch under me," answered Tsunade firmly since she knew her sensei was either too weak, too old, or possible too stupid to stop them when they did bitch to him.

"Now you're talking. If you ever need to have a certain physical itch 'scratched', my claws are always ready for you at any time," remarked Naruto before leaving a now blushing Tsunade greatly considering the idea.

'Damn! I might just take him up on that offer soon with all of the stress I have had since being made Hokage,' thought Tsunade while Ero-Tsunade was currently jumping up and down with joy inside her head with images of her have incredible passionate sex with the demon prince played out.

Tsunade would need to talk to Kyu about possibly finding a way to reverse her age for that very purpose.

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