It had been a long day for the team, or for what remained of their team...

They now found themselves wondering aimlessly around Daniels small apartment, deciding what would be a threat to national security, and what would be donated to museums and whatnot.

Sam was looking through the bookshelf when she stumbled across a leather bound journal.

'Oh wow, look at these, expedition journals, and one for each planet we visited... one for Abydos' Sam flicked through the pages and began reading aloud.

Sam smiled with a light sordid chuckle as she continued 'colonel thinks I'm a geek, I don't know how to get us back, I'll never get paid...' Sam paused as she turned the page 'oh wow he must've written this right after we got back...sha're gone, jack says we'll find her, if anyone can, he can' Sam was still smiling fondly when she was interrupted.

'come on, that's his diary, I mean what's he going to think if..." jack paused, as he realized his friend wasn't going to 'think' ever again.

Sam pretended to slip the book back, but carefully concealed it in her jacket. 'What are they going to do with all this stuff?' she asked as she crossed the room and slipped it into her bag.

'Maybe give it to a museum...or start one' jack pondered.

Teal'c was looking at an ancient Egyptian game; he ran his finger across it. "This is a game from ancient Egypt; it is called the Jackal and the Hound. It belonged to a Pharaohs daughter, Daniel Jackson and I once played, he said it made him feel like he was touching history." Even Teal'c had a distinct tone of sadness.

Jack caught Sam in his arms as she whirled into him; she had been staring into the fish tank.

'Wha?' she mumbled shocked

'"What? What is it? Are you alright?" jack asked looking rather concerned

"Uh...I just had this image in my mind, it's the second time." She explained as she shook her head.

'What was it?'

'Water...under...' she began

'Bubbles rising' jack asked recalling his own little snapshot memories.

Sam nodded. Slightly startled.

"That is correct; I have experienced it as well." Teal'c stated.

"I'm telling you something's wrong." Jack concluded

Sam thought for a moment before frustration took her over. "Yeah, what's wrong here is that Daniel is dead."

'Is he?' jack seemed to be looking for some proverbial puzzle piece

Teal'c had a new expression. He looked confused, as if he didn't understand jacks question.

"You were there, we were all there!" Sam said raising her voice angrily

"Then why don't I believe it? I mean I keep expecting him to walk through the door! I...I keep getting these...screw this packing, let's get back to the base." Jack said just as angrily.

The three of them drove to the base in complete silence.

Teal'c held his usual stance of impassiveness while, Sam stared out the window, determinedly hoping to find a solution in the buildings that whizzed by.