Jack, Sam and Teal'c all gathered around Janet.
"Well your brain chemistry has been seriously compromised. All of you had abnormally low levels of serotonin." Said Janet

"Which means...?" Jack said totally confused
"It's a neurotransmitter that effects moods. Now low levels would account for depression, but not these other effects. Now I want you to take a look at this." She said as she walked over to a computer, which had a picture of one of their brain on it. "This dark spot here appears on all of your scans, now it's almost to small an anomaly to worry about but the fact that it's on virtually the same part of the cortex..."
Janet stopped in mid sentence when the alarm went off

"Off world Activation, repeat, off world activation" Said a man
Jack, Sam and Teal'c all started running to the Gate room, and Janet hurried off after them.

"Colonel? Wait!" Janet said as she motioned at a med tech and a guard to follow her. "One of you!"
They both ran after Janet and SG-1, who ran run into the gate room and watch as what appeared to be Daniel coming off the ramp and taking off his helmet. But all their hope was shattered when this guy takes off his helmet and he is bald and looks nothing like Danny. All a figment of our imaginations. They thought as Janet ran in after them
Colonel?" Janet said, as she caught her breath

"Welcome home SG-6, report for debriefing at 1600 hours." Said a man in the dialing room
"What...what are you looking for?" Janet asked

"I just...I though..." Jack said confused

"Daniel Jackson was returning." Teal'c said
"Oh my God, I thought the same thing...why? Is he gone or isn't he?" Sam said questioning
"You...You saw it happen." Janet said getting worried

"Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on, because I am starting to lose it here." Jack said

"Doctor?" General Hammond said as he entered the gate room.

"General Hammond, there seems to be some questions in there mind on weather or not Dr. Jackson is dead." Janet said
"You three were the only witnesses, if you are denying what you saw." General Hammond said
"No sir, I saw him die. We all did. I know he's gone. But I know he's still alive. Sir we have got to go backkkkk!" Jack said holding his head in pain.

"Your not going anywhere but the infirmary!" General Hammond said
Sam and the med tech helped Jack out of the gate room
"I want to know what's going on, Doctor. One of our people could still be out there." General Hammond said to Janet
"Yes sir." She replied but uncertain