For a moment the oni just stared. Then all of them laughed uproariously. "Won't you now?" said the lead one.

He stepped forwards, lifting his club and bringing it down in a crushing overhead blow. Matsuri sidestepped and the weapon slammed into the ground with amazing force. She jumped up and kicked him in the side of the head, sending him stumbling away.

The oni's intended victims ran away as the creatures all snarled angrily and raised their clubs. As Matsuri readied herself to fight a voice called out "hold it!"

Standing on top of some nearby scaffolding were two women. Both of them wore white body suits with white wrist-length gloves and gold tiaras. One of them wore a dark blue skirt, boots and choker. The collar of her uniform was also dark blue as were the bands at the end of her gloves, while her tiara sported a blue gem. Bright yellow bows decorated the front of her uniform. Her companion's outfit was similar, but her skirt, collar, choker and the bands of her gloves were sea-green. The gem on her tiara was also sea-green as was the gem attached to her choker, although that one also had gold accents. Her shoes resembled ballet slippers, with criss-crossing straps up her ankles. Her uniform's bows were navy blue.

The woman with yellow bows said, "Guided by a new age, I am Sailor Uranus, acting with magnificence."

"Likewise, I am Sailor Neptune, acting with elegance" said the other.

"Kill them all!" one of the oni bellowed.

Uranus leaped into the air and landed a powerful flying kick to the face of an oni that sent him flying backwards. He crashed into several of his fellows, sending them all down in a tangled mass. Uranus spun and slammed a powerful roundhouse kick into the chest of another.

Two oni charged Neptune, swinging their clubs furiously. Neptune dodged each blow with elegant, precise movements. Their frustration building, they tried to attack from either side. Neptune calmly jumped up and her attackers smashed their clubs into each other. As they staggered back a third oni ran at her, club raised overhead. She stepped back, dodging the club as he brought it down, and then sent him flying with a side kick.

Three oni had cornered Matsuri against some tall scaffolding. She placed her hand to a metal bar and immediately it began to corrode, the effect spreading across the rest of the structure. With its integrity compromised, the entire upper part of the scaffolding collapsed onto the hapless oni.

Uranus drew her Space Sword and swung it at two oni. They tried to block with their clubs, but the glowing blade sliced right through the weapons and into them. They vanished in bursts of light.

Neptune easily dodged another club swing and sent her attacker flying with a backhand punch. Another one tried to strike while her back was turned but she anticipated the attack, spinning around and leaping up to drive her elbow into his face. He dropped his club and stumbled away.

The creatures were like lumbering bears swatting at hummingbirds. Their attacks were powerful but clumsy, and as they grew increasingly frustrated at the two Senshi and the yaka's quick dodging, so they grew increasingly sloppier.

Finally realising that melee combat was not working they gathered in a loose huddle and began hurling red energy balls. But these too were dodged and Uranus and Neptune responded in kind.

"World Shaking!"

"Deep Submerge!"

Two ringed energy balls, one gold and the other aqueous both scored a direct hit, wiping out the oni completely.

Matsuri smiled as she turned to Uranus and Neptune. "Thank you very much."

"You're welcome" replied Uranus.

"You had best go home now" Neptune advised.

"I will. Bye."


As she hurried off, Uranus turned to Neptune. "We'd best hurry if we want to get home before her."

"Hello, I'm back" Matsuri called happily as she stepped through the door with her shopping bags.

"Welcome back Matsuri-san" said Michiru. "Did you have any trouble on your way back?"

"No trouble at all" she replied casually. No need to tell them about what happened. I don't want them to worry.

Haruka and Michiru exchanged a knowing look, but neither of them spoke.

"Anyway, now I'll make us all dinner" she said happily. She went into the kitchen, not noticing Haruka's expression.

Fortunately, despite Haruka's misgivings, Matsuri managed to produce a passable dinner. Over the meal they told her about the new apartment they had gotten her.

"Well Matsuri-san, what do you think?"

Her violet eyes widened as she looked around. The apartment was fairly modest, but far better than many of the places she had stayed in. "It's beautiful."

"Oh, I have one more thing" said Michiru. She held up a wrapped picture and handed it to her. "It's a housewarming gift. Go ahead and unwrap it."

She did so. Beneath the wrapping was a beautiful painting of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. She lowered the painting, her eyes tearing up. "Thank you" she managed to say before hugging Michiru and Haruka tightly.

"There now Haruka. Aren't you glad we were able to help her?" Michiru asked once she and her girlfriend had returned home.

"I'm glad" Haruka replied as she leaned back into the couch. "I'm also glad to have her out of here."

"Whatever do you mean?" she feigned surprise as she asked.

"You know what I mean. She kept spilling everything; we had to keep her from kicking all the appliances…"

"She wasn't interested in your flirting" Michiru said with a giggle.

Haruka groaned and shut her eyes.

"It's all right Haruka" said Michiru as she settled onto the couch with her. "To be honest, I am also glad that our houseguest is gone."

"Oh? And why is that?" Haruka asked with a knowing glint in her eyes as she opened them.

"Let me demonstrate" said Michiru. She leaned down on top of her lover and pressed her lips to hers in a passionate kiss that rapidly grew more heated as hands began to roam.