Dreaming True

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The town of Uplands is entirely fictional...

Sam is 16, Dean 20, but the story is mostly about Sam.

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Chapter 1:

He was cold. That was the first thing he was aware of; then he realised that he was cold because he was wet. He could feel damp grass pressing through his clothing. Why was he lying on the ground? He tried to move and pain washed over him; he tried to cry out but he could not draw in enough breath through a bruised, swollen throat.

What's happened to me?

"Don't move, kid, the ambulance is on its way...just lie still..." He did not know the voice. He was scared and tried to shrink away but the pain was too much. He could hear a high, wailing siren and thought that he should know what it meant, but he did not. He lost time in darkness.

He was roused again by rumbling, a kind of low hoarse roar he could feel through his body. I'm in a car, he thought. Maybe I'm in Dean's car. But why am I lying down in it?

"Dean?" he croaked. A hand stroked his forehead and he twisted his face away, not knowing the touch.

"Easy now, just relax..."

"No...ah..." Pain jolted through him. Someone took his hand and he felt cold fingers at his left wrist; the contact was agony and the world faded once more.


Sam opened his eyes and found himself staring up at a white ceiling. That's odd, he thought. He did not know how he had come to be here, lying in a bed, alone. He ached, so badly, all over, and his body felt tired and weak. He looked around and caught sight of the needles in his arm attached to numerous strange drips and devices beside the bed. He was in a hospital.


He tried to lift his head and shoulders from the bed, but the movement sent pain blasting through his back and neck, strips of harsh fire shooting into his skull. He gasped in shock, moaning softly. He must have been injured somehow...but he could not remember an injury. He and Dean and Dad...they had stopped somewhere for the night, a motel in the middle of nowhere. Sam thought guiltily that he and Dad had been arguing pretty intensely. And then...he cast his mind back, memory a blur. He was in someone's car, he thought. Dean's? Maybe. He could think of no other details. Then waking briefly from a sleep or unconsciousness he did not remember succumbing to, cold and hurt, and then what he now realised must have been the ambulance...

And suddenly here.

Fear was beginning to rise up within at the fact that he did not know and could not guess what had happened to him. Had there been an accident? A chill went up his spine. What if they had been in a car crash or something? Were Dean and Dad all right? He forced himself into a sitting position, fighting to block out the agony streaking through him-he had to get up and find out what had happened...at that moment, the door opened to reveal a tall, dark-haired man in a white coat. He halted, surprised at seeing Sam awake.

"How are you feeling, then?"

"I'm fine," Sam replied. "Listen, you gotta tell me-what happened to me? Is my brother here? My dad?"

The man smiled faintly as he crossed the room and took a seat beside Sam's bed. "No," he said. "They're not here. In fact, we were hoping you could tell us what had happened to you. We got a call from a driver who'd found you lying by the side of the road, unconscious. We brought you here, and since then..." He shrugged. "You've been out cold for over twenty-four hours. My name is Dr Pierce, and I've been overseeing your treatment. Can you tell me if you're in pain?"

Sam stared at him through panicky hazel eyes. "No," he lied. If he said yes they might drug him, but he needed answers. "No, how...what...I need to call someone. Do you have a phone I can borrow?"

"I can lend you a phone," he said. "But I think it might be better if I make the call..."

"No, I have to. My family will be going frantic..."

Dr Pierce nodded and handed him his own cellphone. "Go ahead." Sam took it and swiftly dialled Dean's number-he knew it by heart, then held it to his ear. The dialling tone went on and on, but no-one picked up. He did not even reach Dean's voicemail-the bleeping just went on endlessly. At last he hung up and tried his father's phone-the same thing happened. Panic-stricken he turned to the doctor.

"Where are we?"

"Uplands Hospital, Indiana" Dr Pierce told him.

"I have to go," Sam said feverishly, shoving back the covers with his right hand; the left was in a cast. "I have to go and find my family..." The last place he could remember stopping with Dean and Dad was a motel in some small town in Minnesota. A very, very long way away from here.

Dr Pierce put out one hand and pushed him back. "You're in no state to go rushing off into the wilds. You were badly beaten."

Sam stared at him. "Beaten?"

The doctor nodded. "Clearly. Two broken ribs, your left wrist as well, and there was a lot of pretty nasty bruising. And you'd been strangled, somehow. And then you had a very severe concussion. You're telling me you don't remember any of it?"

"No," Sam breathed, panicked and horror-stricken. "I don't remember anything..."

"Okay, well, calm down now. How about you tell me your name?"

"I'm Sam Winchester," he said. "But I can't stay here, I have to find my family..."

"Sam, please," the doctor warned. "Can you tell me the last thing you remember?"

Sam nodded and winced as pain spiked in his head again. "Yeah, I was in a motel with my father and my brother, I think...we were arguing? And then...almost nothing..." He took a painful breath, trying hard not to panic.

Dr Pierce looked him hard in the eye. "Sam, don't worry about your memory loss. Temporary amnesia is common with injuries to the head like yours and it will come back to you. But I'm going to ask you one question and I understand it may be rather painful for you. But please answer it honestly and objectively."

Sam agreed apprehensively. "Okay. What is it?"

"Is there any possibility in your mind, Sam, and I'm not pointing any fingers, only suggesting it, that your father could have beaten you like this and then abandoned you by the road?"

Sam was horrified. "No! There is no way, my father would never do something like that, you're crazy if you think that!" In his anger he sat bolt upright, too fast, and agony seared through his head and chest. He curled over, gasping as black dots danced before his eyes.

"All right, Sam, all right. Just calm down and try and sleep, okay?" Sam dimly saw his hand go out and press a button beside the bed; instantly he felt a cold liquid trickling through one of the needles in his arm and exhaustion swept over him like a raincloud.

"No," he said dazedly. "No, I don't...want..." But it was too late, he was already slipping into oblivion once more. He felt strong hands lowering him gently back onto the pillow, and a voice telling him, again, that it would be all right, he was safe now...and then nothing.

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