Very short chapter I know, it's kind of more like an epilogue...

Chapter 16:

Sam was sitting in the passenger seat of the Impala, reading, when Dean came striding out of the motel and pulled open the driver's door. Sam looked up.

"You ready to get outa this place?" Dean asked him. He could not help being a little anxious-it was only a couple of days since Sam had actually died and come back to life. But the Winchesters had never been those to stay in one place for long. Sam smiled and put his book aside.

"Yeah. You?"

Dean folded himself into the car and jammed the keys into the ignition. Instantly Metallica was blasting through the car again and Sam winced.

"Dammit can't you turn that off?"

Dean glanced at him. "You only get to b*tch about the music when you're dying, Sammy, sorry."

Sam sighed and leaned back. "What about if it kills me?"

"Then you will die for a just cause," Dean replied cheerfully. Ahead, their father's truck was just pulling out of the parking lot, and Dean followed, the sleek black car cutting through the early morning mist. For once they were not leaving for another hunt, but to Bobby's for a while, something Sam was endlessly relieved about. He knew it would not last forever, or even probably more than a few days, and he also knew that it had probably been Dean's idea, a not-so-subtle way of letting him recuperate a bit before they began work again. But he didn't really care. His battle with the wraith had left him exhausted and haunted by obscure but terrifying nightmares-he knew that they were connected to what he had seen when trapped within his own mind by the wraith poison, but he could not remember their details, only terror and pain like nothing he had ever felt before- and he was glad of any break. Already the road was stretching ahead of them, empty and gleaming faintly with last night's rain, and for once Sam did not see its endless reach as a bad thing. Sure, they travelled and moved, always homeless, never settling, and the sight of the empty road usually made him feel depressed. Now, though, it was like a new beginning. He smiled as he gazed out ahead, and Dean raised his eyebrows.

"You all right, Sammy?"

Sam sighed. "For the twentieth time today, Dean, yes. And my name is Sam."

"All right, all right, b*tch."


Dean laughed soundlessly.

"So," he said after a few minutes. "You're a Seer now?"

Sam turned, surprised. "What?"

"Well," Dean said. "You did dream about the warehouse before you ever saw it. Sounds like a vision to me. Full-on ghost whisperer."

Sam put his head in his hands. "Look, the wraiths were messing with my head the whole time, Dean, maybe they just missed something. Maybe someone even told me about it before but I just don't remember. There's enough that's just a blur. I don't know."

Dean shrugged. "D'you actually believe any of that?"

"No," Sam mumbled unwillingly. "But it's all that makes sense."

Dean looked at him, and was suddenly struck by the expression of fear in his beautiful hazel eyes. He knew that Sam was hurting and maybe would be for some time-the trauma of what he had been through had marked him deeply, and whatever he had experienced whilst in his terrifying coma was all the worse for being so undefined. But he would help Sam through this, whatever it took. "Hey, little bro," he said with uncharacteristic gentleness. "Hey, don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of it and it'll be just fine. Don't worry!"

Sam glanced up and he suddenly looked five years old again for an instant, confused and scared and lost, and needing his older brother's help and guidance. "But what if-"

"Nuh-uh," Dean said. "Don't think like that. You can't waste your life worrying about this crap, Sammy. Okay? Forget it! It's just a one-off anyway."

"I don't know," Sam muttered. "Feels like..."

"Hey!" Dean interrupted. "Hey, Sammy. You're not alone any more. You got me. So you'll be okay. As long as I'm around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you. Ever again. Remember?"

Sam smiled weakly. "'Kay, Dean," he said softly. "I'll remember."


Watching from the trees as the sleek black Impala sped by, the man standing there smiled. He could afford to let the boy go for now. He had what he needed and he would be able to find him again. The family was a little scared, and certainly they would search, but they would not find anything. The time was not yet right.

But Azazel was patient. He had been waiting decades for this, and he was betting on the boy in the Impala's passenger seat. Betting hard. He had thought that he had lost him for a while, and had to use his powers to bring on a few visions, just to locate him. The visions themselves, of course, had caused much more trouble than he had expected, but it had been worth it. Now he knew that Sam Winchester was stronger than even he had thought, and it had definitely been an interesting game to watch play itself out.

The boy was his brightest star. His powers were potentially immense and his determination and courage would lift him right to the top. Azazel knew that he had made the right choice in taking him. His time would come, soon enough.

The End

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