From Chaotic Girl to Wizard.

"Bye Annabelle!" said Chelsea, hugging Annabelle.

Annabelle was moving to Hogwarts. She was very nervous about though ever since she was younger, she was always doing magic tricks. Her Father had recieved a booklet about Hogwarts. One night she took it to her room and read about it.

"Daddy, please can I go to this magic school?" She pleaded.

Her Father had shook her head. "Your Mother died wanting you to go to an all girls school. All the girls schools are full but this one - St Trinian's." He gave Annabelle a booklet about St Trinian's. "You can't go until you're sixteen, but for now, you shall go to a proper school."

So from when she was 8 until she was sixteen, she had to go to a normal school like everyone else.

After a few years at St Trinian's she had managed to fit in and be cool. She never knew that her Father had died because she was too busy with her new St Trinian's friends to remember him.

Her Auntie, Camilla Fritton(head of St Trinian's), knew about his death and never told her.

Annabelle was just about to go to sleep when she saw a booklet under her pillow. She picked it up. It was the Hogwarts booklet she took with her when she first came to St Trinian's!

So, now, Annabelle had just said bye to her friends and gotten into a taxi who was going to drive her to the trainstation. She would then get a train to the station near Hogwarts.

On the train journey, she had fallen asleep, until a friendly man said, "Wake up, dear."

Annabelle nearly screamed, because he made her jump, but she didn't. "OK, thanks." She smiled and grabbed all her bags and stuff, then she left the train.

She had a map and it turns out Hogwarts was half an hour away, so she asked a taxi to drive her there.

Half an hour later she had arrived. She was looking all around and not looking where she was going and she bumped into a boy. He turned around. He had black hair, round glasses and a scar on his forehead.