So I knew I wanted to write a songfic. I love writing them, and I love reading them...but I have a really weird taste in music. Seriously, I listen to everything and anything. My music library is anything from Pop to Alternative to, like, Broadway, so I looked forever to try and find a song everyone would be familiar with. I hate reading songfics where I don't know the song. It drives me crazy. But anyway, in my search for the perfect song, I came across the 900 Taylor Swift songs I have, and I was like 'Woah. All of her songs relate to Moose and Camille in some way or another.' So here it is, a Moosille story to one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, Jump Then Fall.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Step Up franchise, or the song. If I did i'd be a musical genius, which I most definitely am not. Although I wish I was...

Anyway, enjoy!

I like the way you sound in the morning,
We're on the phone and without a warning,
I realize your laugh is the best sound,
I have ever heard

Camille rolled over groggily as she heard her phone blaring the annoying ringtone she'd been meaning to change. She looked at the clock and huffed loudly, cursing the person who thinks it's okay to wake her up before seven in the morning. Glancing at the caller i.d., she got her answer, ignored the call, and threw her pillow over her head. Two seconds later, the phone rang again. Getting irritated, she angrily pressed 'talk'.

"Seriously? The sun isn't up yet. Why are you?" She heard a laugh come from the other end of the phone. Rolling her eyes, she went on, "I'm not kidding. You know I'm much easier to deal with between the hours of ten and ten. This better be important." Camille tapped her finger on the back of the phone, waiting for an answer.

"Well, aren't you just Little Miss Sunshine this morning! This is our first "official" day as a couple. You don't honestly think I'm going to let you waste it in bed, do you? I have a full day planned. No interruptions, I promise." She ignored how adorably cute his voice sounds in the morning, and contemplated a moment before giving in. "Well then. How can I say no to that? What do you have in mind, Robbie?" She giggled at the affectionate nickname she gave him when they were little. Camille was the only one who could get away with calling him that, and everyone knew it. Not even Mrs. Alexander could call him anything but 'Moose' without getting the silent treatment for at least three days.

Moose shook his head back and forth, she knew, even though she couldn't see him. "Nope. I'm not telling you anything. You're just going to have to wait." She agreed to be ready in twenty minutes, and she was fully aware he wasn't kidding about legitimately dragging her out of bed. He had done it before, and he'll do it again.

How does he have this hold over her, you ask? Well, it's simple. He's Moose. She always gives in to him. She never stays mad very long, and she could never not forgive him. Sometimes he's just a big idiot, but he doesn't mean it. He would never hurt her on purpose, she knew that. He was never one for words, and never one to let someone down, so obviously when the pirates needed his help, all he could think about was being there for them. He didn't even think of how it would affect Camille, he just thought she'd understand and be there like she always was. She blamed herself for that. She let him get away with far too much. Maybe it was partly because she loved him, or his geeky voice that was never very manly, but yet she still adored. Or maybe it was his laugh. Yeah, its definitely that last one. He has this melodious laugh that she swears makes her heart stop beating.

Seriously, Camille has always loved noises. It's a little odd, but she finds them soothing. She loves the sound of music. Pianos, violins, guitars, any instrument. She loves the sound of the subway. She loves the sound of the city. But more importantly, she loves the sound of his laugh. It's unlike anything she's ever heard. He has different laughs, she's come to realize. A fake one that he uses when someone tells him a joke that isn't funny. A loud, obnoxious one when someone tells him a joke that's really funny. A kind of girl-like giggle when he's nervous. And then, there's her favorite laugh: His genuine one. It tops all of his other laughs. He reserved this one especially for her.

I like the way I can't keep my focus,
I watch you talk, you didn't notice,
I hear the words, but all I can think is,
We should be together

They were walking down a street in New York City, sipping on the lattes they picked up from Starbucks. Moose was going on about the Pirates and the new moves he was learning from Jason, and Camille found herself staring at him instead of listening to what he was saying. Sure, she heard the words, but its so hard not to stare at him when he speaks. It was like watching television. His face lit up like a little kid opening presents on Christmas, and he flailed his arms and hands around. It was quite funny, actually, but also adorable.

She began to notice the quirks when he speaks a long time ago, and it was just a contributing factor as to why she loved him. They would talk for hours on end, sometimes about nothing, sometimes about important things, but as soon as he went into a tangent, she would tune him out and just stare. She's been caught before, especially when Moose suddenly asked her a question and she'd have no answer but 'uh...uhm...what?', and she'd blush and ask him to repeat the question. She never told him how she would keep saying 'we should be together' over and over in her head, and he never told her how cute he thought it was when she'd get all flustered and blush.

See, what Camille didn't know is that Moose had been thinking the same as her the entire time. He always had this little voice at the back of his head, nagging him to ask her out before he lost his chance. And believe me, he had lost chances many times. Three to be exact. She'd had 3 boyfriends prior to their relationship, and every time he'd say 'I'm going to tell her how I feel...soon,' and he'd never man up. But low and behold, they'd break up, he's be there to put the pieces back together. As much as he hated seeing her broken, he couldn't help feeling that glimmer of hope that he still had a chance, but for how long? The day he finally decided to tell her, he met Sophie. Well, he actually didn't 'meet' her. He knew of her, she knew of him, but they finally started talking at the party. As bad as it sounds, when they started talking, all thoughts of Camille went to the back of his head. He and Sophie started dating, and Camille became second best. That's not how he wanted it to be per say, but Sophie demanded it. She was jealous of any girl Moose even glanced at, and she told him if they were to be in a relationship, Camille had to go. He knew it was bad. He knew Camille should come first. But he was smitten by Soph. Not in love, not even 'in like', he just liked the thought of having a girlfriend, especially one like Sophie. But eventually, things started falling apart. She and him drifted, and he was ninety percent sure that she was cheating on him, and as bad as it sounds, he really didn't care. He told her it wasn't working, she mutually agreed, and that was that. He begged for Camille's forgiveness for weeks before she finally gave in, and that's when he knew that she and he should be together.

Feedback, pretty please? Not really sure how I feel about it. I was going to have it be a oneshot, but it would've been way too long so it's going to have multiple chapters.