This is just an intro, ok readers…

Connie was flying with the seagulls, she was a seagull turning and soaring, feeling the freedom of the sky…..

She flew past the Hescombe library and as she flew she saw the time oh no! She thought she was to meet Col on the moor 5 minutes ago! She landed behind a building and turned into a hawk, than she flew full speed to the moors….


He was waiting for Connie on the moor. Skylark was flying over somewhere else and so he had ridden mags. C'mon Connie where are you? He thought worriedly. She had been acting weird since her victory over kullervo… than a thought came into his mind he dwelled on it for a moment… what if… Connie was being possessed by kullervo! What if he wasn't really dead! As he mulled over that idea he saw Connie run from Mullins wood towards him " I'm so sorry Col, I lost track of time." She said as she ran near. He looked at her and reassured her it was ok. She is always late now and she's keeping a secret from all of the society. He thought and made up his mind to talk to the trustees.

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