Chapter 2:

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She was a silver Banshee crying out her fears and sorrows into the wind….

She see's other banshees in a circle all crying out their pain…..

So she joins them…..

A new being arrives, one with a mind so familiar to her it hurt… Evelyn!

Evelyn had joined the circle of banshee's and a little George lionheart was sitting with Mack watching the circle, at the edge of the moor.

Evelyn had noticed the strange silver Banshee that had joined the circle. She listened to its cries of sorrow and a strange cry of ….fear? she listened intently and as she did the circle changed until she was next to the silver banshee ….when she was very close to the silver one as the circle quickened she noticed the banshee was acting strangely as if she didn't like being next to Evelyn. Evelyn had this happen to her once before when a lone banshee had not been used to humans and was shocked to see one join a circle. she decided to ask Gritando about the silver banshee after the circle.

As soon as the wailing finished she went over to gritando 'who is the silver one?" she asked gritando gave her a cryptic clue as he did not wish to reveal the secrets of the silver one."constante" he whispered than disappeared after the other banshees. She could not see the siver banshee at all .

Connie made it home after the circle by flying as a seagull. She just hopped into bed and pulled the blankets over her than Evelyn had peeked in to check on her.

Satisfied that Connie was fine evie went downstairs to put George in bed and talk with Mack about the clue constante means constant she thought and she went to tell Mack.