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KB is testing the waters. Here's a cliché OC-heavy Criminal Minds fanfic.


Let Butcher Win Third Round, said Lt. Bristol


By Tierra Perry

The North Carolina killer—nicknamed the "Broadsheet Butcher" by the police—has murdered yet another journalist 6 pm today, September 16, 2010. The victim, lifestyle writer Kanon Ohayashi, was found wrapped in newspaper outside her home on South Hamilton Street. She was found in the same condition as the other two victims; her body was sliced into neat pieces.

"We'll let the Butcher win this round," said Lt. Oliver Bristol, head of the High Point Violent Crimes Task Force, "We've already kicked all our teams into high gear. We are very certain we would catch him."

"Our technical teams are analyzing the Butcher's movements. They are very professional and very good at what they do," a beaming Lt. Bristol said, "And our police officers and detectives are investigating to the best of their ability…It would only be a matter of time."

But not all share his optimism. Detective Philippa Harris told The High Point Enterprise that "it is not enough for us to use all of our human resources. We need outside help."

Fearing the worst, Detective Harris has contacted the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI.

"We truly need all the help we can get," she explained.

Nadine Michalski put the newspaper down. There was a small brown ring in the center of The Enterprise; the mark that her five-year-old mug left during her mini episode after reading the headlines. There was, after all, a serial killer targeting journalists!

A sigh escaped her lips. Perhaps she should have listened to her ma. "Don't be a journalist," she would always say, "You'll end up dead. I don't want you to just be a name in the newspaper."

And be a name in the newspaper she would be if the stars would not be in her favor.

The young girl then stood up from the kitchen table, squinting slightly as the sun began to rise. She did not want to go to work. None of her friends wanted to go to work. They were all frightened that they would be next. Who wouldn't be?

She glanced at the paper. Tierra Perry, of course. That journalist was either extremely noble or extremely stupid. The paper bled red ink now; only a few decided to write until the Butcher Fiasco was done. Most of them were the new ones, ready for some action. But there were others, too, like Tierra and the editor Eula Delaney, who were ready to risk anything for the public.

"Why do you still go out of the house, Tierra?" Nadine asked her a few days ago; she couldn't remember when, but their conversation was etched deep into her mind, "Why do you still work?"

"It's my duty to inform the public," Tierra replied nonchalantly, routinely, like she was used to uttering those lines.

"That's just stupidity!"

"They murdered Aliss, Nadine. The Butcher murdered our roommate," Her voiced turned into a whisper, "Better a stupid media than no media at all."