Authors note- This is my first attempt at a Star Wars/Code Geass crossover. I have been planning this story for nearly a month and I am hoping it will be recieved well by readers. This story was inspired by the first Star Wars/Code Geass crossover "Star Wars: Paths of Redemption, which was written by "bloodhawk268". I suggest that you read it as well.

This story takes place two years after "Revenge of the Sith" and one year after the final episode "Re" of season 2 of "Code Geass".

Disclaimer- I own absolutely nothing from "Star Wars" or "Code Geass". They belong to their respectful creators and I have no intention whatsoever to profit from this story. Any original characters in this story I shall note.

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Consular-Class Cruiser: Revelation
2.5 light seconds from Earth

Through the starry blackness of outer space, the crimson red cruiser glided towards the unexplored world that loomed in the distance. It was a beautiful, medium sized, planet with blue oceans and lush green land with tan patches of arid desert here and there.

The ship was relatively small with triple engines and a squared off cockpit. There were no weapons, as it was a diplomatic vessel.

Aboard the bridge, a young, athletically built Togruta dressed in a tube top with a matching mini skirt over white pants gazed at the new world through the transparisteel view port as the ships crew worked quietly at their stations as they guided the ship forward. There was a nervous energy dwelling among them that was unmistakable but they flew on regardless.


The ships captain turned his head to acknowledge the Togruta who just addressed him from behind.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Tell the com-scan crew to search for any communication signals on the planet," The Togruta instructed.

The pilot blinked curiously but meant no disrespect.

"But master Ahsoka, the planet is completely unexplored. We don't know if there is any intelligent life at all."

The Togruta, Ahsoka Tano, leaned slightly towards the pilot.

"I know that," Ahsoka said bluntly. "But there is only one way to find out. And we can't go anywhere else. This is our last hope of refuge."

The pilot stared at Ahsoka for a moment and nodded slowly in understanding as he resumed flying. The rest of the crew wore uncertain looks.

Ahsoka Tano, age sixteen, was used to giving out orders. She understood the crew was afraid. Even she was afraid. So much had happened in so little time it was almost impossible to believe.

It had been two gruesome years since the fall of the republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. She could hardly fathom how quickly things fell apart. One moment the republic was on the verge of victory against the CIS, the next moment, Jedi all across the galaxy were being slain by their own Clone Troopers. And it happened so quickly there was nothing that could be done to stop it.

Chancellor Palpatine, the man previously regarded as a trusted, compassionate and competent ruler had shown his true colors as the dreaded Sith lord, Darth Sidious. The very same Sith Lord the Jedi had been searching for all along. He had been under the nose of the Jedi council for so long it was unbelievable how he kept his identity hidden.

With the dark side of the force coursing through him, Sidious had seized control of the senate and transformed the fragile republic into an empire. The first in galactic history with Sidous himself proclaimed as emperor.

The Jedi had been all but exterminated; even the members of the High Jedi council had not survived. Even worse, her master, the young Anakin Skywalker, had perished during the Great Jedi Purge, as told by master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi himself had gone into hiding not long after informing Ahsoka of her master's untimely demise. Master Yoda had also went into hiding after his failed attempt to kill Sidious. As far as Ahsoka knew, they were the only members of the council who survived.

The grim news struck her excrutiatingly hard. She could still remember the tears she shed and the spiking pain in her heart as if she had been impaled by some venomous dagger. She wept not only for Anakin but for the countless other Jedi who had died at the hands of not only Clone Troopers, but Darth Sidious' new apprentice, Darth Vader.

Although shrouded in mystery, Vader had already built up an immense reputation for himself. With the exception of the emperor and possibly Grand Moff Tarkin, there was no figure more influential in the empire. The mammoth fleets of star destroyers heeded Vader's orders, as did the millions upon millions of Stormtroopers that served under the Empire. Any remaining Jedi would be hunted down and any resistance to Imperial law would be stifled.

Ahsoka clenched her fists tightly, her eyes narrowing.

She knew only too well that anger was the path to the dark side but right now she couldn't suppress her hatred for Vader. Wherever he was, she would make him pay dearly for what he had done no matter what the cost.

Shaking her head slowly to withdraw the thoughts from her mind, Ahsoka turned and left the bridge, deciding to speak to the ships passengers. She trodded down the narrow, metallic corridor that snaked through the ship and stopped at a side door. She opened it and stepped inside.

Inside the room were three beings: Two humans, one young, one very young. The other was another Togruta, also very young. All three of them were wielding ignited lightsabers which they wielded with remarkable skill. They turned their heads to acknowledge Ahsoka as she entered.

"Hello master Ahsoka," The younglings said, managing smiles.

The younglings were Ashla and Mari Amithest, ages eight and nine respectively. They were both members of the Bear Clan of the Jedi Order.

The young man was dressed in a traditional, beige Jedi tunic. His lightsaber hung from his belt within easy reach. He had short, wavy brown hair and promising blue eyes. He looked at Ahsoka with visible concern on his face.

"How much longer?" The Jedi asked.

"A few minutes, Kole. We're trying to pick up any communication signals coming from the planet," Ahsoka explained. "With some luck, there will be intelligent life down there and hopefully they will help us or at least let us stay."

The man, Jedi Knight Kole Si'rota, simply nodded, knowing the urgency of the situation at hand. The younglings stood there silently.

Ahsoka turned her attention to the younglings who stared at her with innocent eyes.

"We're going to be okay, right master?" The young Togruta asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

Ahsoka managed a half-smile, concealing the true pain inside. Ashla reminded her so much of herself when she was a youngling herself. In fact, the Togruta's name was an ancient title for the light side of the force. Ahsoka knelt down to the Ashla's level.

"Don't worry, Ashla" She said softly. "The Empire will never find us. I promise."

Ashla forced a smile on her small, orange face.

Ahsoka could only wish she were as cheerful as Ashla.

Within two years, the Jedi had been virtually exterminated. Only a handful of them managed to survive so far in the Great Jedi Purge. Ahsoka had heard tales of Vader slaughtering Jedi refugees all over the galaxy, including the Kessel Conclave not too long ago. Kole's master had also been slain during Order 66 in the outer rim.

Ahsoka herself had been on the run from the empire for the past two years, rescuing as many Jedi as she could from certain death. She only managed to rescue Kole and the two younglings but every now and then, she would criticize herself for not doing better. She told herself she could have saved more.

But none of that mattered. All that was left was herself and her crew and it was her duty to protect them. Their fate was in her hands. Perhaps even the very existence of the Jedi depended on her though she wasn't sure she was ready to take up that great of a responsibility.

"Master Ahsoka. Please come to the bridge."

Ahsoka was jerked from deep thought from the captain's voice on the intercom. She sighed and left the room, giving the younglings one last optimistic glance before the door closed behind her. She quickly returned to the cockpit.

"Yes captain," She replied the moment she entered.

"We're picking up numerous comm signals from the planet. It's inhabited. Sensors are also picking up numerous objects around the planet."

Curious, Ahsoka approached the sensor array display screen and saw several metallic objects with thin, shining panels hovering in the planets orbit.

Ahsoka felt a rush of relief course through her system. For the first time in a while, she actually felt hope return to her. She didn't know what the objects were but they indicated there was intelligent life on the planet and that they had developed at least some type of space exploration.

"Captain," She said. "Bring us closer so we can broadcast a greeting through an open channel. With luck they'll allow us to land and…"

Before another word left Ahsoka's mouth, alarms suddenly blared. Lights within the cockpit flared on and off, illuminating the cockpit with red and the horrifying grasp of impending danger suddenly seized the crew.

"Ma'am! We're picking up three Imperial Star Destroyers in sector 3-5!" One of the crew members cried, her voice panic stricken.

Ahsoka's eyes widened in shock and disbelief. The new found hope died in her heart. She had failed the younglings already. She had failed everyone on the ship.

"No…" She whispered. "How did they find us?"

Imperial-Class Star Destroyer- Decimator

The Jedi cruiser was absolutely tiny compared to the colossal trio of Star Destroyers that pursued it.

Each ship was wedge shaped and bristling with powerful armaments. They had been stripped of the violet paint of the dead republic and possessed only gray color on their thick, durasteel plating.

However, two of the ships were Venator-Class Star Destroyers and were noticeably different from the command ship that was considerably larger and more conventional in shape. It was a relatively new model. The center Star Destroyer was an Imperial class and was gradually turning into a symbol of the Galactic Empires evergrowing power.

Aboard the bridge, men dressed in black and grey uniforms worked at their stations. Standing at the view port of the was a dark, humanoid figure. Over two meters tall, proportionate in bulk and dressed in black adjoined by a long, matching cape. He was breathing slow, deep and ominous breaths through a fearsome, black helmet like something from a child's worst nightmare. A lightsaber hung from his belt.

The figure watched as the Jedi cruiser desperately tried to outrun the Imperial vessels, attempting to seek refuge on the unknown world. But he wouldn't let them escape so easily.

"Admiral," the figure said, his voice deep, calm and mechanical behind the internal filters.

An imperial officer stepped forward, his gloved hands folded behind his back.

"Yes Lord Vader?"

"Inform the ion cannon gunners to open fire once they are in range and prepare a boarding party as soon as we have them docked with our tractor beams. I want that crew alive," Vader ordered.

"As you wish, my lord," The officer replied with a bow as he relayed the order to the rest of the crew.

Darth Vader kept his gaze on the fleeing Jedi cruiser. His eyes were fixed into a cold, malevolent stare inside his helmet. His source had served him well in tracking down the runaway Jedi.

He knew very well who was on board. He could sense her presense on the ship through the force.

She couldn't hide from him forever. It was foolish of her to think she could.

"You cannot escape the dark side. You will be my apprentice again."

Planet Earth
Space Surveillance Center- Tokyo District, Japan
November10th, 2019

It was late-morning at the satellite control center. The staff members were all at their posts, controlling and monitoring the numerous satellites in the Earth's orbit. Some were drinking coffee or chatting with their co-workers.

One worker was leaning back in his chair when a small green light blinked on his computer screen, indicating an object in orbit. Puzzled, he reached over to his keyboard and typed for a few moments to bring up the camera. The moment the screen appeared, the workers jaw dropped, his eyes widening in bewilderment.

"S...sir," The worker stammered to his supervisor who stood nearby.

"Yes, what is it?"

"I...think you'd better take a look at this."

The supervisor sighed deeply, apparently having a bad day, and walked over the computer monitor and his expression matched the workers.

"What the hell?" The supervisor muttered.

Soon enough, the other workers began picking up the same image on their monitors. Confused chatter filled the room as they watched in awe.

The monitors displayed a small, crimson colored space ship fleeing from three much larger ships that fired brilliant blue bolts of energy at the relatively small one, some scoring hits.

"What are those things?" One worker asked in a dumbfounded voice.

The supervisor paused for a moment to observe the ships and came up with only one logical answer.

"I think their space ships…"

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