Chapter 2: Friends

Author's Note:

New arrivals and their screen names:

-TechMayor16: Tucker Foley

-Halfa'sGF: Sam Manson

-EmberRulez: Flame the Dragon

-PnkHottie: Ember the Dragoness

-TalkingLantern: Sparx the Dragonfly

-WngdTreasureHntr: Rouge the Bat

-PinkRose: Amy Rose

HalfaHero has logged on.

TechMayor16 has logged on.

Halfa'sGF has logged on.

Halfa'sGF: Hey Danny this place is empty. We're the only ones online.

TechMayor16: Yeah man, I thought you said that a whole lot of people were on here yesterday.

HalfaHero: I guess they're busy. I'll bet someone'll get on soon. And Sam nice screen name.

Halfa'sGF: What? I'm just letting people out there know you're taken. No need for them to waste their time.

Hotstuff97 has logged on.

DarkTemptress has logged on.

TalkingLantern has logged on.

TalkingLantern: Not funny guys. Why'd you make this my screen name?

Hotstuff97: I dunno Sparx, does the name 'PurplePutz' ring any bells?

DarkTemptress: How about 'Evilgirl'? You deserved this Sparx, no contest. Now shut up before I {really} turn you into a lantern!

TalkingLantern: Oh, hahah. I'm outta here.

TalkingLantern has logged off.

HalfaHero: Hey guys!

Hotstuff97: Hey Danny, we got our revenge on Sparx as you can tell. What do you think of his screen name?

HalfaHero: Nice, it fits. It truly fits. So besides torturing Sparx what have you been up to… besides private activities I mean.

DarkTemptress: Before we answer you why don't you introduce us to your friends.

HalfaHero: Oh yeah, these are my friends. Say hi you two!

TechMayor16: Hi, names Tucker Foley, but you madam can call me whatever you want.

Halfa'sGF: Knock it off Tucker. You really are hopeless, hitting on girls you haven't even met yet. By the way, my name's Sam Manson. Amity Park's resident Goth Girl and Girlfriend to the town Super Hero.

HalfaHero: Tuck you need to cut that out right now. Or else you're going to piss someone off.

Hotstuff97: *Low Growl* You hitting on my girlfriend Foley?

DarkTemptress: Oh great, now you've done it.

HalfaHero: Hey dude, I tried to warn him. Not my idea, not my fault. Don't hurt me!

HalfaHero has logged off. Hiding from possible Dark Spyro incident.

TechMayor16: Wait, Spyro. Oh man, Hey I was just kidding, not really hitting on your girl dude. That's just my way of complimenting her, that a guy would have to be blind or crazy not to hit on her at least once.

Halfa'sGF: Oh great, you are on your own Tuck. If you're still alive later, we're meeting at the Nasty Burger.

Halfa'sGF has logged off. Avoiding collateral damage and looking for Danny.

Hotstuff97: I'll let you off with a warning this time Foley. Don't do it again, you hear me?

TechMayor16: Yeah, sure. *Gulp* loud and clear. Gimme a minute so I can get Danny and Sam back on here 'kay?

TechMayor16 is away, finding Danny and Sam.

ImtheUltimate has logged on.

WngdTreasureHntr has logged on.

WngdTreasureHntr: So this is that chatroom you were telling me about Shadow. Not many people on here though…

ImtheUltimate: Well you can't expect everyone to be on here all the time, they have lives you know Rouge. But there are at least two other people on here, these are the two dragons I told you about remember?

WngdTreasureHntr: Oh right the ones who fell in love during the tournament and the purple one singlehandedly tore Otabo apart. Hello, my name's Rouge the Bat.

Hotstuff97: Nice to meet you.—

DarkTemptress: -I guess you're that girl Shadow kept talking to, am I right?

WngdTreasureHntr: Okay do they always, you know…

ImtheUltimate: Where they finish each other's sentences? Yes ever since beating Otabo they've done that, and other rather… strange… behaviors. We never did come up with a good explanation for that.

Hotstuff97: That's easy-

DarkTemptress: -When we touched each other-

Hotstuff97: -during the battle we caused a feedback loop-

DarkTemptress: -of Convexity that ended up in a backlash that mixed some of the energy-

Hotstuff97: -between us. So it was like we each had a part-

DarkTemptress: -of the other inside us, which allowed us to-

Hotstuff97: -hear each other's thoughts. And communicate mentally… And sorry about that by the way.

ImtheUltimate: Whatever…

WngdTreasureHntr: It's fine, and that sounds pretty impressive.

HalfaHero has logged on.

TechMayor16 has logged on.

Halfa'sGF has logged on.

GalwitMysto has logged on.

Blueblur has logged on.

PinkRose has logged on.

GalwitMysto: Hello guys. Srry I took so long to get on, It took me forever to tell everyone about what happened in the tournament.

Blueblur: Well still you're on now so who cares? Who're the new guys?

HalfaHero: Well two of them are my friends, Sam and Tucker.

ImtheUltimate: And you already knew what Rouge's screenname was.

HotStuff97: Yeah two of our friends are getting on eventually. Hopefully she'll leave me alone today… we've gotten along better since I locked them in a closet a couple days ago, but still I'm nervous.

TechMayor16: Who'd you lock in the closet and why?

DarkTemptress: He locked Ember and Flame in a closet. Ember cause she was stalking him endlessly for the past three weeks, poor Flame just got caught in the crossfire. Finally Cyril made us let them out yesterday.

HotStuff97: Oh man… I gotta go. Gimme five minutes to ditch her.

HotStuff97 has logged off.

DarkTemptress: *Sigh* I can't help… :( if I get in a fight with Ember one more time, I'm going to be on bathroom cleaning duty for a month, and not be allowed to see Spyro… Stupid Terrador… -_-

PinkRose: Wow, he sure sounds like a jerk Cynder. He's just lucky that I can't get my hands on him or he'd be the one out for a month. X{ ugh how do you make an angry emote?

BlueBlur: I dunno… ask Shadow he's the angry one around here.

ImtheUltimate: Don't push your luck faker… *Glares*

DarkTemptress: Well try looking at thwh;lakhe;lkhag

HalfaHero: Cynder? What's wrong?

HotStuff97 has logged on

DarkTemptress: Gah! Spyro, warn me before you do that!

HotStuff97: What? You act like you don't like me kissing you.

BlueBlur: … -_-'

PinkRose: ?

DarkTemptress: It's not that I don't like you kissing me it's when you pop out of nowhere in front of me and give me a freaking heart attack. Why are you so happy anyway? I figured that you'd be freaked out now that Ember's out and about again.

HotStuff97: That's just it, I don't have to worry about her anymore. SHE ISN'T GONNA CHASE ME AGAIN! Locking her and Flame in a closet for three days finally allowed him to get through to her. She's gonna start going out with him and whatever happens between them, she's gonna leave me aloooooooneeeeee! (Starts dancing around like an idiot.)

HalfaHero: Sure sounds like he's happy… Why are all my friends weird when they're this happy?

TechMayor16: Like you have room to talk about being weird Danny. Half ghost ring any bells? Seriously it's 'Pot calling the Kettle black' here. :p



BlueBlur: Who's calling what black again? Seriously I don't get it…

ImtheUltimate: Just shut up faker, this just proves that you are way too stupid. When you can't get such a simple pun.

BlueBlur: HEY! You're the faker here.

ImtheUltimate: No, you are.

BlueBlur: NO YOU!

ImtheUltimate: No… you are.

PinkRose: Sonic SHUT UP before I pull out my hammer!

WngdTreasureHntr: Same with you Shadow, or do I need to tornado kick you again?

BlueBlur: yes ma'am… (Cowering and whimpering)

ImtheUltimate: yes ma'am… (Cowering and whimpering)

TechMayor16: Haha!

HalfaHero/Halfa'sGF: Didn't we just say 'Quiet you!' *Smack*

TechMayor16: OW! Dang it guys why'd you both hit me?

HalfaHero/Halfa'sGF: Cause you deserved it. And you're being a J***A**!

GalwitMysto: You know, Danny and Sam seem more in sync than the ones with the mental link. Anyone else find that odd?

BlueBlur: Yeah, heheheheheh...

PinkRose: *Whack's Sonic with Hammer* SONIC!

BlueBlur: OWWWW! Amy what the heck? O_o?

EmberRulez has logged on.

PnkHottie has logged on.

EmberRulez: Finally we got this stupid thing working. Why didn't you two help?

HotStuff97: Couple reasons, one; last time I checked you two were going to her room. –

DarkTemptress: -And we all know how you two get behind closed doors. That isn't something we need to see…

BlueBlur: That's something none of us need to see. I've seen it once already and that was one too many times!

HotStuff97: Oh for ancestor's sake Sonic we weren't doing anything. We were just kissing you retarded Hedgehog!

BlueBlur: Wait… wha… gal;gha huh?...(repeating) b- bu- bu- bu… -_-

PinkRose: Oh great, now you've done it. Ya broke him, he's got smoke coming out of his ears.

MrFixIt has logged in

MrFixIt: Wait who broke who?

ImtheUltimate: Spyro broke Sonic. And anyways are we sure this is our Sonic? Since he has smoke coming out of his ears it could be Metal sonic in disguise. C-:

PinkRose: Lemme check. *Tries to pull Sonic's nose off*

BlueBlur: YEEEOOOWWW! What the heck was that for Amy?

MrFixIt: Let me check Amy. *Runs X-ray* no… it's our Sonic alright.

BlueBlur: *Looks at Shadow's post* EVIL emote! So what happened?

ImtheUltimate: Finally someone figures out my emote… Give the lovely lady a prize.

BlueBlur: Tha… HEY! SHADOW!

ImtheUltimate: You're too easy Faker.

PinkRose: SHADOW!

PinkRose is away. Going to hurt Shadow.

ImtheUltimate: Wait what? *Thwak!* OW… guess I was asking for that one…OW… OW… DAMN IT AMahgas;lkghase;lkghsea;glkh…

WngdTreasureHntr: Shadow? Are you okay?

ImtheUltimate: (Amy) Oops… I think I knocked him out.


ImtheUltimate has logged off

PinkRose has logged on

PinkRose: I'm back, I shut his computer down for him. Awwww… Thanks Sonic!

BlueBlur: Oh crud… Gotta Run!

BlueBlur is away. Running from Amy!


PinkRose is away. Chasing Sonic to hug him

MrFixIt: Hang on Sonic, I'm coming!

MrFixIt is away. Rescuing Sonic from Amy

WngdTreasureHntr: Well… considering they're all chasing each other and Shadow is unconscious… I'm leaving.

WngdTreasureHntr is away. Checking on Shadow

GalwitMysto: Uhhh I'm out of here. Too much weirdness for one day.

GalwitMysto is away. Fleeing for his sanity!

HalfaHero: Ehh… he's gotta point. I need to leave anyway, Lunch lady's attacking the school again.

HalfaHero is away. Goin Ghost!

TechMayor16: WooHoo! Burgers!

TechMayor16 is away. BURGERS!

Halfa'sGF: *Sigh* I'll help you Danny.

Halfa'sGF is away. Helping Danny, and slapping Tucker.

HotStuff97: Well since we're the only one's on here. Let's just get off—

DarkTemptress: -Yeah let's go to a movie.

PnkHottie: Why not 'The Expendables'?

HotStuff97/DarkTemptress: Sure

EmberRulez: Why not?

HotStuff97, DarkTemptress, PnkHottie, and EmberRulez are away. Going to the MOVIES!

VFruitloop has logged on.

VFruitloop: Oh I'll have to thank Tucker for making my account… Oh Butter Biscuits! Everyone's gone. And wait, I AM NOT A FRUITLOOP!

VFruitloop has logged off.

HalfaHero has logged on.

Halfa'sGF has logged on.

TechMayor16 has logged on.

TechMayor16/Halfa'sGF/HalfaHero: YESSSS! It worked! I can't believe it worked. …

HalfaHero has logged off.

Halfa'sGF has logged off.

TechMayor16 has logged off.

Author's Note:

Whoo! This was really fun to write. And fyi Vlad might show his fruity face around here every so often. And don't worry no one was permanently harmed… except maybe Tucker, so what else is new? And by the way, I had help on this chapter from 'AsoenixKristian' He's about as crazy as I am. And if you have any good ideas for this don't hesitate to suggest them.

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