Author's Note:


Alright, I've had plenty of coffee and sugar and am ready to go! This chapter is in honor of the upcoming movie 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2'

Chapter 7: Coming Soon to a Halfa near you!

TechMayor16 has logged on.

TmrrwKnght has logged on.

Kung_Fu_Mama has logged on.

IamtheNight has logged on.

TmrrwKnght: Hey Bruce, is your hearing back yet?

IamtheNight: Somewhat, Well enough for me to not notice a difference.

TechMayor16: Sorry about that, I didn't realize you were on here from your internal comlink.

IamtheNight: Whatever.

TmrrwKnght: Another question, who's Kung_Fu_Mama?

Kung_Fu_Mama: I'm Danny's Mom. I'm on here to let you all know that Danny might be in a strange mood when he gets on here. He's been acting off all day.

TechMayor16: Hey Mrs. F! When's Danny gonna-

HalfaHero has logged on.

TechMayor16: Nevermind. Hey Danny!

HalfaHero: Hey Tuck. OMG! I've got something sooooooo cool to tell you!

TechMayor16: Then spill man come on.

HalfaHero: Not yet, we gotta wait for-

Halfa'sGF has logged on.


Halfa'sGF: Either spit it out or shut up Danny. You know I hate it when people have their cap locks on like that.

HalfaHero: Fine, killjoy... :( Here I'll quote the letter thingy;

Dear Mr. Fenton, Miss. Manson, Mr. Foley, and family;

You have been cordially invited to the New York City Premier of the film 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 2) on July 21st at 7:00 O'clock pm. Know that you're families are invited as well. Please arrive early the day of for transportation to the theater…

Blah, blah, blah. It continues like that, I'll give you guys copies of the letters, although I find it weird that you didn't get them already.

Halfa'sGF: O_O!

Halfa'sGF is away. Hyperventilating.

TechMayor16: :O

Kung_Fu_Mama: O.O?

HalfaHero: Shocked aren't ya? Oh and Hi Mom!

TmrrwKnght: Srsly?

HalfaHero: Yep! I checked the mail today and I saw this official looking envelope which was addressed to me. Opening it and reading it I went OMG O_O! And started freaking out, next thing I know I'm sitting in the remains of the coffee table and my Mom's like 'Danny what the heck happened?' And I told her 'I fell through the floor by accident.' Well then I got on here once I calmed down enough to stop phasing through the keyboard.

IamtheNight: … Why do I repeatedly get on here when you're all so strange?

TmrrwKnght: You know you love us Bruce. :p

IamtheNight: I'll admit it helps kill time… don't tell anyone this but, stakeouts can be boring as hell.

TmrrwKnght: Why do you think I have my music routed into the suit's computer?

IamtheNight: Hmmm… not a half bad idea…. When do you think they'll snap out of it?

Halfa'sGF has logged on.

Halfa'sGF: Are you freaking serious Danny?

HalfaHero: YESSSSSSSSSSSS… hang on the printer just spat out the copies. I'll be right there.

HalfaHero is away. Giving friends copy of the awesome letters.

TechMayor16: What happened? Ahh Danny! *Reads letter* OMG! *Faints*

Halfa'sGF: Tucker? Danny you still there?

TechMayor16: (Danny) Uh… oops… I broke Tuck, I think. Sorry about that. I'll be at your place in a minute Sam.

TechMayor16 has logged off.

Halfa'sGF: *Looks at Terry and Bruce* You two have the weirdest conversations.

TmrrwKnght: yeah like you have room to talk. Need I remind you guys about the youtube war last week?

Halfa'sGF: *Glare* shut it. About time Danny let's see this thing *reads* HOLY CRAP! This is so cool.

HalfaHero has logged in on a mobile device.

Shadeslayer35 has logged on.

AsoenixKristian has logged on.

Shadeslayer35: *reads announcement* Hey, we weren't the only ones… great I have to put up with Tucker.

AsoenixKristian: Hey at least you don't have to let Harry know that another piece of his story's been put askew.

FentonProf-to-be has logged on.

TechMayor16 has logged on.

FentonProf-to-be: *Reads* Wait we got an invite to the premier? WHY AM I THE LAST TO FIND OUT?

HalfaHero: You don't answer your cell phone that's why! I called a good six times.

Everyone *except Shadeslayer35*: … *Sees AsoenixKristian's post* Wait, WHAT?

AsoenixKristian: What? I've already told you about two other universes that exist besides the ones you knew about. What makes you think Harry doesn't exist either? *Smug grin*

HalfaHero:… Oh yeah I forgot about the meeting back on Monday. Sorry, my bad. ^-^'

Everyone else (except; HalfaHero, AK, and Shades): YOU KNEW? AND YOU DIDN'T TELL US? WHAT THE *BEEP*?

HalfaHero: Sorry! I've had a lot going on. I swear if I get one more demand for an interview I'm gonna…

Halfa'sGF: Does anything of what's going on involve what you and Kristian have been planning for the party? Along with a few other guys it seems.

AsoenixKristian: *thinks: crap she's onto us, gotta change the subject!* SUBJECT CHANGE!

HalfaHero: Here we go again… =_='

HalfaHero has a Private Message from AsoenixKristian.

Hey I'm just trying to save the plan here man. And our butts!

AsoenixKristian has a Private Message from HalfaHero.

Oh yeah, good point. *Strikes heroic pose* Commence with the change!

AsoenixKristian: Okay, Anyone interested in how I know Harry?

TmrrwKnght: Sure, but one question first. What's with the subject change thing? Why'd Danny say 'Here we go again'?

AsoenixKristian: You had to be here yesterday to understand. Anyhoo… How I know Harry…

~~~One Hour Later~~~

Kung_Fu_Mama: So… you definitely lead an interesting life.

HalfaHero/Halfa'sGF/TechMayor16: You have NO idea.

HalfaHero/Halfa'sGF: *point to Tucker* JINX!

TechMayor16: Darn it. What do I gotta do?

HalfaHero/Halfa'sGF: You're paying for the snacks + drinks at the premier.

TechMayor16: Okay, could have been worse.

HalfaHero: *Grins evilly* plus you get a mega noogie from Kristian.

AsoenixKristian: Wait a minute, I get to torture Tuck? YAY! :D

TechMayor16: Oh come on!

Halfa'sGF: Nice one. Another good way to get back at him for what he said last time.

IamtheNight: What did Tucker say last time?

TmrrwKnght: What Bruce said.

Shadeslayer35: Unless you want to invoke Danny's wrath. Don't, just don't.

AsoenixKristian: Another thing you don't want to do is send Danny a box filled with, a good 50 pounds of Swedish Fish. I did that yesterday, wound up regretting it. At least later, at first it was hilarious as heck. Eventually it wound up getting ridiculous.

Kung_Fu_Mama: YOU were the one to send him all those Swedish Fish? No wonder he was flying around like crazy in the house yesterday.

AsoenixKristian: How many times must I say, my bad? Jeeeeeeez!

LadyAsoenix has logged on.

BlueBlur has logged on.

PinkRose has logged on.

TheHunter has logged on.

TheHunter: Who's the new girl? *points to LadyAsoenix*

AsoenixKristian: That's my girlfriend, Jen. And just so you know you're not going to want to insult her in front of me. As Sonic, Amy, and the rest of the usual gang who's already on here know, it would just be a bad idea to do so.

BlueBlur: Hey Amy, should we show Bruce, Terry, and Samus the video?

PinkRose: ehhh, why not they need fair warning themselves.

IamtheNight/TmrrwKnght/TheHunter: What video?

Shadeslayer35: it was something that Ash wound up putting up last time we were on. Showing what happens when Kristian completely loses his temper. But be warned, if you watch it you may wind up being mentally scarred for awhile.

IamtheNight/TheHunter: Bring it.

TmrrwKnght: I'm not afraid of nothing!

~~~2 hours later~~~

TmrrwKnght: Okay, that may have scared me a bit… *cold chill down spine* brrr… is it cold in here or is it just me?

IamtheNight: Here I thought I'd seen everything. *shakes head* you are definitely not someone to piss off.

TheHunter: Okay, for once, I actually am afraid… And Kristian you still haven't proven to me the whole Ranger bit.

AsoenixKristian: *Pissed-off scowl* Fine you want proof, send me your coordinates and I'll meet you there in two minutes to prove it. Just remember, you said last time if I'd show you proof you'd owe me a favor. And I'm going to keep you to that.

TheHunter: I know, I know. Okay coordinates are sent. Now let's see your so called 'proof'

AsoenixKristian: Alright guys, I'll be back in a couple.

AsoenixKristian is away. Samus never should have doubted me.

Shadeslayer35: Samus's freak out in, three… two… one.

TheHunter: You gotta be kidding me! You were actually telling the truth? HOLY *beep*

Shadeslayer35: Called it.

TheHunter: Okay, okay, you win. Now if you don't mind, GET OFF MY SHIP!

AsoenixKristian has logged on.

AsoenixKristian: Never doubt me.

Shadeslayer35: Whatever, anyway, off this topic please.

LadyAsoenix: Okay then smart guy. What do you suggest we talk about then?

Halfa'sGF: Well I have an idea, I never did get a chance to face anyone yesterday. Any one up for a match?

PinkRose: Sure, as long as we can make it a tag team match. And if Sonic plays as well.

BlueBlur: I'm in. Now we just need one more…

LadyAsoenix: Ah heck I'll be on your side Sam. And after this match you and Danny can team up against me and Kristian.

Halfa'sGF: Okay, gimme a minute, sending the invites.

PinkRose has a match invitation from Halfa'sGF.

BlueBlur has a match invitation from Halfa'sGF.

LadyAsoenix has a match invitation from Halfa'sGF.

BlueBlur: Hehe, you guys don't stand a chance.

PinkRose: That's for sure Sonic. We're ready…

HalfaHero: Who're you playing as Sam?

Halfa'sGF: Sheik. She kicks butt. And I'm not on here. :(

TechMayor16: That's cause MH is stupid. Doesn't realize that you could kick Danny's butt no problem.

LadyAsoenix: Tucker, be nice, or I'll make you be nice with a size 6 woman's boot up the-

AsoenixKristian: JEN! Temper! And don't you dare call me a hypocrite.

Shadeslayer35: *Closes mouth* Damn it… - _-

AsoenixKristian: *Scowling glare*

BlueBlur: Can we get going now?

Halfa'sGF: In a hurry to lose?

BlueBlur: No I'm in a hurry, cause I'm planning to meet up with Tails and the gang soon. So let's make this a quick match!

PinkRose: Well then let's start already.

HalfaHero: So it's Sonic and Amy on one team, and Sheik and Samus on the other. My money's on Sam's team!

AsoenixKristian: How much you putting down?

HalfaHero: Figure of speech Kristian.

AsoenixKristian: Hey, I'm shopping for my family for Christmas and I need the cash. Job hunt, not going so well. Even if it's part time… *Hangs head*

Kung_Fu_Mama: How's the fight going?

HalfaHero: If you'd like to watch, MH said he made a Wii channel to enable us to watch fights that are currently going on. All we'd have to do is go on it and select the match who's host is Sam. You should probably watch from your's and Dad's room, so you can watch when Sam and I go against Jen and Kristian. Cause that'll be cool…

BlueBlur: Haha! You're too sl—OW! AMY!

PinkRose: Sorry Sonic. Who turned on friendly fire anyway?

Halfa'sGF: Oops, forgot to turn it off. My bad.

AsoenixKristian: Hey, 'my bad' is MY bit! *Eye twitch*

Shadeslayer35: Well that ought to teach you. Get a copyright if you want to protect your lines. Anyway… Ouch Sonic'll feel that tomorrow.

BlueBlur: Shut it Shades, Ohcrap, ohcrap, ohcrap! Sheik's Final…

Halfa'sGF: Heh, heh, LIGHT ARROW!

PinkRose: Yeouch!

BlueBlur: Fasterfasterfaster! AHHHHH… *KOed*

LadyAsoenix: Well, looks like it's just you, me and Sam now Pinky.

Halfa'sGF: Why don't I let you do the honors Jen?

LadyAsoenix: Gladly. *Smash attacks PinkRose*

PinkRose: Ahhhh! *KOed*

HalfaHero: THE WINNER! The team of Jen and Sam! Now for the epic battle of Me and Sam vs. AK and Jen.

AsoenixKristian: Ah, rain check I've gotta go.

HalfaHero: Oh too bad, see ya later Kristian.

LadyAsoenix: Yeah I'm going too.

AsoenixKristian has logged off.

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BlueBlur: Hey Shadow, Rouge.

ImtheUltimate: Sonic…

HotStuff97: Hey everyone. Been awhile huh?

DarkTemptress: Guess what? WE MOVED! No more smelly old guardians barging in at the most inopportune times.

Halfa'sGF: Congrats you two. Lemme guess, Avalar?

HotStuff97: Yep. :D And the Guardians don't know where our house is so they can't bug us.

FentonProf-to-be: Congrats to both of you. Danny's been bugging Clockwork about letting him come visit. He wanted to chew out Terrador and them.

DarkTemptress: Tell him we're honored for his anger but we have it handled.

Halfa'sGF: We will, when he calms down cause-


TechMayor16: He's a little hyper…

HotStuff97: We can see that, well we just wanted to let you guys know… bye for now.

DarkTemptress: Adios.

IamtheNight: I'm gone too…

BlueBlur: Same here…

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HalfaHero: Well I'm gonna head off. Too hyper. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Everyone else logs off.

Author's Note:

Well this time around no comments from AK. But this chapter has been long in coming. Yes I'm having Danny and co be Potter fans. Cause it's believable…

Also, I'm in a forum created by a user named 'HowlingDomain' it's a Sonic RP named literally "Sonic RPG" Without the quotes, still accepting charry's so join in.