Main conference room

4:56 p.m.

"Wasn't that a taboo to you?" Greece mumbled into Eros's hand, frowning. The god's hand, even though not visible to anyone else, muffled the sound enough that no one could hear him.

"Well~" Eros was enjoying the situation whole-heartedly. "Let's say I got... special permission."

"From who?"

"That of course, my dear Greece, is a secret," Eros smiled a little smugly and pointedly raised a finger to his lips to mark the secrecy.


Unkown hotel

5:10 p.m.

"Eeee…" Finland's eyebrow twitched.

America held up their catch, grinning. "So what do you think? Pretty awesome idea, isn't it? I made it up! Of course Liechtenstein helped too."

Liechtenstein looked concerned. "You don't seem very happy, Finland. Is something wrong?"

"Ahh," Finland scratched his head. "It's not like something would be wrong, I just... I mean... Did you actually buy them all?"

"Yeah," America pulled out one item. "We'll see what you like best and then go with that one."

"You didn't consider asking me first?" Finland asked warily, trying desperately to smile.

"We couldn't bother you with a trivial thing like that," Liechtenstein explained calmly, truth in her voice. "Was the supper we offered you while waiting sufficient, sister?"

"Stop calling me 'sister'... Yes, it was very good, I even considered taking the recipe," the Nordic assured. "But that aside–"

"If you take the recipe!" America cut him off, leaning closer and eyes sparkling. "Would you make that food for me sometime?"

"Me too!" Liechtenstein cried and together they fixed their eyes on Finland, like he was some kind of God to them, whom they deeply loved and would do anything for.

Finland looked surprised for a moment and finally managed to give a genuine smile. "Sure. Is it okay if I tune the recipe a bit? I have a few ideas that might still keep it edible."

"Hell yeah!" America cheered.

"But I was wondering..." Finland tried to turn the conversation back to topic. "What were you thinking?"

"What do you mean?" asked both his lovers as one.

Finland tried to explain. "You... you actually went and bought –I mean bought, not even rented or something– two bags full of... horror movies?"

"There're love comedies too!" America reminded and held up the other plastic bag. "I picked them up while Liechtenstein chose some good horror stuff."

Liechtenstein smiled.

Finland couldn't help thinking the work distribution could have been the opposite.

"They're all for you," America explained and held up Notting Hill.

"Pick whichever you like best, Finland," Liechtenstein encouraged, handing him Silent Hill. "We'll watch it together."

"We'll give you suggestions of course," America added. "So it doesn't get too hard for you."

"In other words you're spoiling me again... Great..." Finland said warily, not sure should he be happy it had turned out this way or curse his bad fortune. "I guess I'll pick one then... but did you ever consider that other types of movies exist as well?"

"We decided these were the best," America pointed dramatically at Finland. "You're just like these movies, sis: silly, lovable and fun like all these movies I picked up. But then you can also be one hell of a scary fella, who I still wanna stick up with to the very end!"


"And you should have experience with both genres," Liechtenstein continued. "Through your history with Sweden and Russia," the girl smiled brightly. "They're both such a scary lovebirds."


"So we figured comedies and horror it is," America concluded. "To match up with your heroic character and personality."

"Er…" Finland's eyebrow twitched once again. "...Nice."


Main conference room

5:01 p.m.

"Now then. Shall we?" England asked softly and firmly snaked his arm under France's armpit to his back. Belarus did the same and the two crossed their fingers, holding each other's hands.

France still wasn't quite aware of what was happening around him. "Where are we going?"

"I told you," England answered. "To the room we specially prepared for you."

"No use trying to run," Belarus reminded, something cold glimmering in her eyes. "I think we have... done enough running today. Don't you think, honey?"

France could sense that the ambition to cut his tendons wasn't perfectly gone yet, so he hurried to reply. "Of course. Definitely enough for today. So uhm... is this place far from here?"

"Oh no," England shook his head. "It's not far from here at all."

"But by all means tell if you feel tired on the way," Belarus took a few dancing steps and moved directly in front of France. "If it's time you need, we have plenty."

Then she kissed him, never letting go of England's hand behind France. France needed only a moment to slip back to his usual self and answer the kiss. England tiptoed and caused France to shiver a little when he pressed his lips to the nape of his neck.

Soon they parted as England let out a sound of clearly forgetting something and turned to Belarus, who was annoyed for being disturbed. "Bela, we can't do this yet."

"Why not?"

"Well, first of all, I haven't apologised to you yet," England tried not to look Belarus in the eye. "About the time we brought the doves back..."

"The thing with you starting to call me names?"

"Yes, that one," England rested his chin on France's shoulder. "That wasn't in the script. Sorry."

"If it wasn't in your script, you did it damn well," France mumbled and the two sent him a quick peck of thank you with the tips of their noses.

"Don't worry about that," Belarus smiled. "It was fun. Is there something else bothering you or can we continue?"

England frowned and straightened. "One more thing..."

"What is it, love? Wanna marry me?"

"I won't deny that," England coughed and pointed to his right. "But I was talking about her."

"Eh?" Hungary straightened as well. "Oh, don't let me disturb you," she thought for a second then added, smiling: "Continue by all means."

"I would gladly do that," England answered and frowned at the camera. "But I can't concentrate with you breathing down my neck."

"Hungary," Belarus hissed. "His neck is my property."

"Come back here, Hungary," Austria called. "That's dangerous."

"B-but," Hungary turned at him, sparkling. "I won't get another chance like this."

Austria sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Prussia smiled and grabbed Austria in for a hug. "Look Hungary! I'll have something good for you too!" he leaned closer to give his captive a little—or since this was Prussia, not so little—kiss.

"What do you think y–" Austria objected, but Prussia silenced him.

"It's to get Hungary away from there. You wanted that, right?" Prussia whispered. "Now stop resisting and gimme a smack."

Austria looked vaguely ill but agreed to give Prussia a little peck.

Immediately Hungary squeaked and started floating towards them. Prussia winked at England who smiled and with a grateful wave to Prussia, took France in tow again and the three of them escaped the room.

Austria struggled off Prussia. "Okay already, let go."

"Whaa-at, you're no fun at all." Prussia grabbed Mariezell. "Again, I must say."

"Hands off! We both got what we wanted!"

"Oh, you don't even know what I want," Prussia laughed.

"I don't want to know."

"Did you," Hungary clutched her camera in her hands, standing beside them. She looked very disappointed. "Lie to me?"

"Ack," Prussia managed to say, but then Austria grabbed him and pulled him into another kiss. Deeper this time.

Hungary's mood spiked up again. Prussia mumbled something in surprise and pulled off after a while, whistling. "Jeez, Specs, I didn't know you had that in you. Awesome, really."

"Shut up," Austria murmured back and caught up the retreating Prussia, pulling him back into the kiss.

Netherlands dropped his pen. Germany dropped his coffee cup.

Prussia's eyes went wide. He struggled off, pushing Austria away. "Whoa wait, he's not kidding?"



5:07 p.m.


"Hhnnn! Grrnnnhhh!"




"Why you little– gghhhrrgg!"




"Dirty little sneak, I'll– there!"






"Argh! Not there, you–





Main conference room

5:13 p.m.

They were standing. Prussia was thoroughly frozen. Only half of it was because Austria was holding him in position for a good kiss with strength Prussia didn't even know he possessed. The other half would have been the kiss itself. Austria tasted like... tea.

After a minute, Austria broke the kiss to get some air. His other hand was wrapped around their hips and the other held Prussia's head near his own. Prussia was only vaguely aware their noses were touching. Austria's eyes, now without glasses, and his breath on Prussia's lips took up most of his attention span.

Austria leaned if possible even closer and spoke quietly. "Let me play you."

Prussia gaped for a second and then managed to mumble. "I'm not an instrument, you know..."

Austria let out an uncharacteristic chuckle, low and short. "That doesn't matter," he gave Prussia's lips a gentle, silent little kiss. "I'm sure you'll make a wonderful sound."

Prussia stared. No matter how much he wanted laugh it off, make a sharp comment or pin Austria to the floor, he couldn't. He was being owned. Big time.

Then they were kissing again and he lost his chance to reply.

Hungary had gone numb.

"Oh Christ." Germany hid his face in his palms.

Switzerland, who had come back sitting at the table, was blushing and trying not to look.

Seychelles broke the silence. She stroked Romano's cheek. "You want one too?"

Romano's eyes widened. "A–are you... okay with that?"

"Of course, silly," Seychelles reached her chin towards the man. "Well?"

Romano pulled a sharp breath and leaned closer. He didn't make it in time. Just when the two were about to press their lips together, everyone in the room was startled by a large bang.

Netherlands had slammed his palms on the table and stared, shaking, at the paper in front of him.

"Uh~" Belgium tilted her head and leaned closer. "What's wrong, brother?"

Netherlands scratched the table with his nails and didn't answer.

"Nether–" Belgium started, but suddenly the male stood up so fast that his chair almost fell over. He held the paper he had being making a memo on in his hands, staring at it. He hesitated for a few seconds, then dropped the paper and ran out the already notorious door, stumbling on his own chair as he left.

For a while it was silent. All three couples had stopped kissing (The Denmark/Sweden pairing was the third couple. Denmark had found the show Austria was putting on very encouraging.)

"Um..." was the word that broke the silence. It rose from several directions.

"What?" Cuba finally asked.

Greece peeked at the god beside him. To his slight horror, Eros was scratching his head and looked as perplexed as all the others. Then the god noticed the nation looking at him and hurried to explain.

"I-uh… yes, I shot him," he scratched his head again. "But he... happened to look at that paper. The moment the arrow hit."

"He... fell in love through someone's picture?" Greece confirmed aloud and the nations around the table looked at him. Greece added to them it was his hunch.

"Then who did he fall in love with?" Belgium took the paper with everyone's pictures on it, observing it with interest. Excluding a few wrinkles, it looked completely innocent.

Everyone shook their heads. Greece glanced at Eros for an answer.

The god let out a nervous little laugh. "You know... I don't have the slightest idea."


Coming Soon: Canada rambles, Lithuania speaks Egypt, and the German brothers have no words.


A/N:We learn about Eros's little secret later in the story.

Bonus from the original request: "Austria ends up falling for Prussia. Hungary doesn't mind all that much as long as she can watch."

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