OK people. If you are still there. I am so sorry! Truly I am. My laptop died on me. The battery wouldn't charge and when it did it would shut off within 10 minutes. So I had to save up for a new one and that took forever! Not to mention that life just got really busy. So now I will shut-up and get on with the story.

In America

"Agent Banks we have a mission for you. Its not your typical mission. Its kinda a game. The government has decided to host a spy competition. They are saying its to see which department has the best teen spy. You will be competing with two other teen spy's. One is from MI6 and the other will be from MI5. You will be the only one representing the US. So you have to show them what the US can do. They are both flying over here now. They should arrive tomorrow. Get yourself prepared. If the stories I have heard are true, the one from MI6 will give you a run for your money."

Spy war? Who comes up with the name of these thing? Seriously! O well. This should be interesting. I wonder if they will be any competition for me. Can't wait! This is going to be some serious fun!

Back in England

"You have to be joking me! You want my unit to babysit some snot nosed brat! Sarge! That's not part of our job description! Why cant some other people do it?" Wolf well kinda screamed at the Sargent.

" Wolf, SHUT UP! I'll overlook you back talking and yelling at me. I know if I had just gotten this assignment I would be doing the same, but do not let it happen again. Do you understand?" Sarge growled.

"Yes sir!" Wolf said. "Sorry sir. I just don't understand. Why us? It was bad enough when Cub was with us."

"That is probable why they choose you guys. I don't know, but by the way they were talking this kid is really important. If I could, I would have chosen someone else, but the orders came from the top. They made it clear that they wanted your unit. As in if you refuse, you NEVER work with MI6 again and lose your job here. Now do you understand?" The sarge sighed. "I can't lose this unit. So just do your job and keep the kid safe."

Wolf looked straight ahead. "Yes Sir!"

"Good. Now go tell your unit and get ready to leave. Your dismissed."

When Wolf told the others... it didn't go over so well. Needless to say they kinda had to repare the hut before they left. I think we will leave it at that.

Later that day at the bank.

"Where the hell is the kid that we are supposed to pick up? I want this stuped job to be over with!" Wolf growled.

"Well," Snake asked " Do you know what he looks like or what his name is?"

"Why the hell would I know!" Wolf yelled. "The Sarge didn't know. So he didn't tell me!"

"Guys, guys!" Eagle said to them. "I want to get something to eat. Can we get something to eat? Can we get real food? I mean food that doesn't look like it was grounded up and ran over then served to us. Please can we get some food?" Eagle wined.

" We'll get food as soon as we pick up the kid. So stop wining!" Fox told him.

"Well you guys have changed a lot. When I last saw you guys, your were well quiet. I could hear you guys from the floor above." Alex said quietly.

At hearing someone else all talking all four of them turned around to see who was talking. At seeing who it was there was a mix of reactions.

"Cub! Cub! Cubby! Chubby Cubby!" Eagle yelled and ran to jump on him.

While Eagle tried to jump on the boy, Fox was pulling Eagle away from Alex, use to Eagle's antics. " Alex! Nice to see you. I should have know it was going to you."

" Cub! What the hell are you doing here!" Wolf yelled. "I should have known that you were involved with this mess. Putting my unit on babysitting duty. We always get the bad jobs, and the wired ones too." Wolf mumbled to himself.

Snake just said hi to Cub. He was wondering why they needed the whole team to watch one boy. I wonder if there is more to this kid then we first thought. I think I'm going to need to keep my eye out on this one. He seems like one that trouble follows or he follows trouble.

"Hey Ben! You know me. I'm just that kinda person. Hows your arm? Is it all better?" Alex asked. He turned toward Eagle and said "Eagle if you jump on me I'm going to break you arm. Did you just call me Chubby Cubby? I am not Chubby. There is no fat on this sweet body of mine. Now you on the other hand. You could stand to lose some pounds. What, did the SAS lower there fitness requirements? You've really let yourself go."

"Wolf! Cubby's being mean to me! He called me fat! Make him apologize!" Eagle cried.

Wolf just looked and Eagle and told him, " He has a point. You do need to lose some weight. I don't know if we should go out to eat. I think that you need to work out your body as much as you work out you mouth." Wolf turned to Cub. " What have you gotten yourself into this time? How do you know Fox's name and are you the reason why he was shot? Whats up with the people that work with you. They all get shot. First me then Fox. Why are we babysitting you?"

"Wow Wolf. I didn't know that you rambled so much." Alex said.

"Never mind if I ramble or not. Answer the question!"

"Well which one?

"All of them!"

"I forgot. What was the first question?"

"Don't mess with me! I want answers! Now!"

"Answers to what? Are you feeling OK Wolf? You look kinda red. I think your caching something."

" I am going to kill you! Your worse then Eagle!"

"Hey I'm not that bad!" Eagle interrupted.

" OK people. Lets not fight. Cub can you tell us why we are going with you and where we are going, please?" Snake, always the voice of reason, asked.

" I don't I have to tell you guys anything." Alex said with a glare.

" Alex," Ben said " please? Will you tell us why we are here?"

Alex just glared at Ben.

"Alex. If you don't then I'll just have to let them know all about that girl that I saw you with the oth-" he didn't get any further because kneed him in the stomach knocking the breath out of him.

"IF you EVER mention that EVER again, NO ONE will be able to find what is left of you. Do you understand?" He asked very quietly and coldly.

" I understand. I'm sorry, but you need to tell you why we are here."

"How do you guys know each other?" Eagle asked excitedly.

"We worked together. Just like I worked with Wolf. I've just worked with Ben more. I was kinda sorry to hear that you left. I understand though. I would too if I could."

"I'm sorry Alex. I really wanted to stay with you, but they where going to send you on a suicide mission if I stirred up any trouble. I was trying to get you out but, they just won't let you go. I'm sorry Alex. I really did try." Ben said dejectedly.

" It's OK Ben. You don't have to worry about me. I'm getting somethings set up so that if I want out they wont be able to keep me. As for the other question, your going with me to Washington D.C. I will be going up against other agencies to see you is the best."

"Why are you competing for MI6? Don't they want to keep you a secrete? You will be going up against adults." Ben Said.

"O did I not mention, the other spy's are going to be teens too. Its a teen spy war." Alex stated with a grin.