Real in my eyes

Beth went to Lindsay's room to help her pack for the new Total Drama series. When she got there she saw the dyed blonde holding her trademark bandana in her hands. "Hey Lindsay, do you need help packing?" Beth asked her. "Sure Bethany thanks" Lindsay happily replied as she continued to hold the cloth in her hands.

They started with the essentials, lip gloss, eye liner and clothes, then Beth noticed a small notebook on Lindsay's bedroom floor, on the page it had opened to she saw a drawing of a younger Lindsay, around seven years old with a brown cat thing with purple eyes and her bandanna on its head. "Who's the cat Lindsay?: Beth asked her. "He's a friend from a long time ago" Lindsay replied as she got back to packing her many suitcases.

That night she thought back to that day remembering it as if it was today.

Ten years ago, Lindsay was playing with her pony dolls when she saw something small and black fallout from the big oak tree. Taking her doll, she ran over to it. When she arrived, she saw what it was. It looked like a snake but with eyes of a dark purple, brown mottled skin, four large legs which grew thicker as they reached its thick claws and long rabbit like ears on its forehead. "Ow, that smarts" the creature mumbled to itself as it got up, then it saw her and backed away, whimpering, "please please don't hurt me". "Why would I hurt you?" she asked the creature as she reach out with her arm, brushing it's skin with her fingertips. It felt bumpy yet warm to the touch,

"Because that's happened before" the creature replied moving hesitantly closer to her. From this point she could see that the monster towered over her like a big kid. "I'm Lindsay" she said giving it her hand to shake, "Call me Tom" Tom replied.

They met secretly for months afterwards, climbing trees, playing tag and helping Lindsay with her math. And as she got better, he opened up a bit more. That is, until the final day.

"Tom? It's me. I drew a picture for you" Lindsay ran up, shouting up to the tree where he would always climb down as he just started to do. "Thank you" he replied as he took the drawing from her hand, looked at it and smiled his special smile before putting it in his trouser pocket. "Can I tell you something?" he asked her. "Sure" she replied as they sat down noticing he seemed upset. "I have to go home tonight" he replied. "Will I ever see you again?" she asked him as she tried not to cry. He pondered on this, then took off the bandana and put it in her hands. "I hope so" he whispered in her ear as with one great jump, he went over the garden fence and out of her life, leaving only memories and the bandanna she wears to this day.

Lindsay looked over at the bandanna one last time and thought of all the times afterwards that people told he that Tom was imaginary. But she knew that he was real.

Somewhere, not a million miles away, a 17 year old man looked up at the night sky, and as his eyes once blue now became a deep purple he got back to his suitcase. The taxi for TDtLC wouldn't wait for him for too long.

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