"Human! Kill it if ye want to live" screamed the orc shaman as he ran the hell away like the coward he was. Here I was in warsong gulch helping these damn elves because my sister would not have me being a "racist pig" man I should never have left the crusade.

If yer reading this I might be dead but hey I could have just lost it. Well I have to go kill more vermin.

~ Damien Ex scarlet crusade officer.

"Bah hahahahahaha scarlet pig you dead here" yelled an orc in common as he and his buddies started ganging up on our sorta story hero. "ugg' Damien said in orcish' At least learn your enemies language better before you use it savage" as he ran the orc thru with his tiny dagger. 'Why am I here I should be in northrend helping the crusade but Nooo im stuck here cause my sister is a power monger freaking %$#! She' so annoying this place suck-' his train of thought came to a halt as a sword slid thru his stomach.

"crap" Damien said as he looked behind him and saw and undead smiling a ghastly smile at him. "Good bye filth" the undead said as he pulled up on the sword. The last thing Damien ever saw was a night elf ramming one of those star blades thru the undeads head, and it brought a smile to his dieing face.

Three weeks later

Stormwind Capital of the human alliance

As we find our selves looking at Stormwind we see a room full of mail and busy people.

"So Jim what ya got for me?" asked a young lady of 25

"well Kyrna you got a couple of Quest vouchers a bit of spam and hey a letter from the silverwing sentinels." Said Jim, as he riffled thru the pile of mail for Kyrna.

"Hand me the silverwing one it might be my brother." She said as she looked at him.

"Sure he said as he handed over the letter." As Kyrna opened the letter she felt dread crawl up her spine.

Dear Kyrna monkshood

We regret to inform you of your brother's death on the battlefield of warsong gulch we have burned him and spread him across the battlefield as per his wishes.

My sincerest apologies

Commander of the silverwing sentinels.

As she got done reading the letter she was stunned to disbelief. "no" she whispered

As she continued to stare at the paper. "I..I sent him there and… NO NO!" she screamed as it finally sunk in and she started crying as she sunk to the ground crying and babbling incessantly Jim the mail man came around the counter and gave her a hug. "Shh kiddo shh it's alright" he said over and over until she calmed down. "Shh he wouldn't want you to beat yourself over the head about this, because as much as he complained about it he was having a blast over there." Jim said after she calmed down enough to talk to her.

"Yea' she said laughing' He was having fun. But still I have to go to Ashenvale. Some horde killed my brother and I want revenge." Jim looked at her sadly, but it was not his place to stop her so he let her go and said. "Well I hope you find it but I don't want to here about you being the next one t go the way of the afterlife ya hear" as he starred at her piercingly. She smiled and looked at him and said "Don't worry Jim ill be back in no time." She said to him as she walked out the door to the post office.

End chapter…