It's me again lord fowl and in school (shudder) I was instructed to write the plan for a battle so what do i somewhat evil mastermind do lets find out

(love muffin) League Of Villanous Evildoers Miniacly United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness vs OWACA (Organization without a cool acronym)

Team leaders

LOVE MUFFIN (evil) : Voldermort Opal Koboi (past and present) The Kingpin (and his cronies) and Kronos (and some of the monsters and titans) Azula (and other fire nation troops) and Murtogh (and thorn) Vilgax Doofenshmirtz (not present in battle though just imagine norm is fighting)

~good : Artemis Fowl (and Butler and Juliet and all the troops Arty wants to buy) Harry Potter (Fleur and Gabi Delacour (veela sisters)) Major Holly Short (and the LEP ) Aang ,Toph Eragon (and Saphira and Arya) Percy Jackson, Ben 10, Gwen, agent Perry the platypus (not present)


E. V. I. L. fire nation tank thingies and airships, 1 dragon, various monsters including 5 skeletal warriors, one immortal dude with control over time, a bunch of people with control over fire, robots

Good: lots of money 1 dragon, various supper powered people, 1 super genius

AN review come on you know you want to

i may do anouther one counter atack new people whatever

which team should kevin (ben 10) be on

let it be known i don't like kevin (bwen)