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****Harry: The Founder of the Slytherin Family****

~Chapter 1: Past is Present Day~

Harry idly doodled on his paper. He yawned as Binns blathered on about goblin wars again. Ron was leaning over the desk, drooling on his paper and snoring loudly. The ferret across the room had abandoned the usual Malfoy decorum and was following his example, but without the snoring Ron was so elegantly broadcasting. Harry stifled a snicker; this was the only time Malfoy dropped his pure-blood mannerisms and joined the rest of the 'common' people in their crude actions: sleeping through the intensely boring Binns.

Hermione was bouncing in her seat, impatiently twitching as she glared at the so-called 'Professor.' She examined him carefully, and clapped slowly, once, then twice, then several times rapidly. People started waking up and shifting their attention towards her as she burst out of her seat. "Finally! Alright everybody, he's so deep in his 'lesson'" Hermione called mockingly, "that he won't notice us. I hope all your costumes are ready because it's time to removers your glamours! We've been planning this 'Past is Present' day for weeks, so WAKE UP!" Hermione screeched and both Ron and Malfoy jerked up, confused, before remembering and growing excited.

Harry grinned as Ron hurriedly wiped drool off his chin. Hermione had finally burst almost a month ago and had convinced the other sixth years to look up a character from history and 'become' that person for a class. Everybody had actually been interested, so they all ended up pouring over history books and pictures as they picked out whom they would pretend to be. Ron had decided to be Godric Gryffindor and Hermione had chosen to be a progressive witch who had finished the founders push to make women equal and had founded several learning fronts. Hermione had confessed to Harry later she just did not pick Rowena Ravenclaw because she knew everybody was expecting that. When asked who he would be, Harry just grinned and ignored them. When he finally told Hermione so she could spell him to automatically respond who he 'was' when asked like everybody else, she had beamed and had barely held in her laughter. He had wanted it to be a grand surprise, so he had gone all out with the planning of his costume.

Harry's first of order of business had been to fix his eyes. He was ashamed to find out, after he asked Madame Pomfrey, that he could have magically fixed his eyes once he had turned 15, after his eyes had stopped most of their changing. He had asked her to fix his eyes as soon as he heard, but he had kept on wearing glasses so he could surprise everybody when the time came. He was wearing a soft, high-quality black shirt and elegant leather pants underneath his beautiful, custom-made robes. Harry had gone through lots of trouble and researched wizarding dress from the early 1000's and had ordered a robe made following those styles. It was a beautiful, deep forest green, the color of his and his mother's eyes. The border was shadowy silver snaking along the edges of the robe. On the back was a small silver snake that lay where the small of his back was. His cloak that he wore over it was its opposite, a darkened silver with a deep, dark green border. He wore his pitch-black dragon hide boots with a small silver dagger hidden on the side of his right shoe. He had found a hair-growing charm he had used to grow his ebony locks out to mid-back length. His hair was actually easier to tame that way, and lay in a silken ponytail tied with a sleek green silk bow. It lay flat along his cloak that was still hidden under his glamour. Finally, he had a thin silver Ouroboros ring on his left pointer finger that helped strengthen his small bit of wandless magic. Overall, he presented the perfect picture of ancient nobility.

Harry smirked as he watched other people release the glamours and show off their costumes. He winced as he saw Ron's poorly transformed clothes, a garish, blinding red outfit complete with a copy of the sorting hat. Harry thought he felt his eyes sigh in relief as he looked away and towards a better-dressed figure. Malfoy had prepared a distinguished appearance of one of the first Malfoy's, one of the few who could be called friends of Salazar Slytherin. Harry decided Draco was the closest to the same accuracy and amazing looks as his. His constant rival was to be his only competitor for amazing displays today. Harry, though, knew he had the best costume. He did not want to brag, but while Draco's was fairly impressive, his was practically perfect in detail, impressive in appearance, would stun everyone at first sight once they realize who it showed, and he had talents that added authenticity. Actually, he decided that everybody had finished changing and were exclaiming over each other, so that was his cue to unveil his costume.

He stood in the shadows of the room and began hissing. He could not help, he just for once wanted to scare everybody and make a genuinely amazing entrance. Normally, he hated being the display for everyone's attention. But today he wasn't the boy-who-lived. He was someone else. As he hissed softly in Parseltongue, he made sure he was hidden in the shadows and took off his glamour and fake glasses. As the hissing grew louder and people started looking around, he made his eyes glow a faint 'Killing Curse' green in the darkness. Once he heard a faint gasp that signified someone had noticed, he increased his soft hissing and moved into the light. Everybody stopped and looked over at a picture-perfect replica of Salazar Slytherin.

Harry stood as everybody looked, and began to feel very foolish for making such a grand entrance. He wanted to turn around and hide in the shadows away from everybody's gaze, but he held true to his act and stayed where he was, casually leaning against part of the wall that was jutting out near him. He smirked and let a hint of hissing color his voice. "Sssalazar Ssslytherin, here to say hello.

He smirked as everybody gaped. Seeing some people grow afraid, he rolled his eyes and moved over to Ron. "Come on, Godric, make these nice people stop staring." Ron just gaped at him.

"Bloody hell, Harry! Is that you?" Ron looked like he could not believe his eyes.

Harry dropped the act and the smirk, grinned, and rolled his eyes again. "Duh, Ron. Who else do you know that can hiss Parseltongue except for me and Mister Dark Lord Snake?

At that, Ron grinned and clapped his arm around Harry's shoulders. "Sorry, mate. Hey, Salazar, how about we duel and show the others how cool the founders were?" Harry sighed but complied as everybody moved apart so that they could duel. Hermione looked a little disgruntled since she had been cut off in the middle of a lecture, but she could not begrudge the boys their fun. "Just in case someone didn't already guess, mate, who are you? "

Harry felt the spell take effect as he automatically replied, "Salazar Slytherin." He called back to Ron as he shifted into his dueling stance. After Occlumency lessons with Snape, who had reluctantly was slowly letting go of the anger he felt for Harry, he had practiced dueling with the grumpy man. It had been painful, but he was growing to be a formidable dueler. Harry had shown Ron some tips and he was now eager to show them off in front of a crowd.

Harry and Ron bowed to each other and they began firing off spells. Harmless, mostly, but they were shot with both accuracy and a determination to win. Harry got off the first shot: "Rictusempra!"

"Confringo!" Ron called as he ducked, dodging the tickling charm.

"Aguamenti," Harry whispered as he swayed to avoid Ron's attack. Ron definitely still needed to work on his accuracy.

"Diffindo!" Ron shouted as he jumped far to the side to avoid being hit by the large spread of water. He wasn't entirely successful as his whole wand arm became drenched. Hermione shrieked as the huge torrent of water got close to her notes and cast an impenetrable charm over them.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry quickly belted out the spell several times as he dodged the cutting curse. There were many different spells he would have used in different duels…but he was neither fighting with a good dueler or fighting for his life, so he stuck to the basic disarming spell.

Expeliarmus!" Ron called, quickly copying Harry. Harry gracefully dodged as Ron tripped and fell into the water, miscasting another Expelliarmus as the tip of his wand was dipped into the water. He tried to shoot off a third Expelliarmus, and that one actually came somewhat close to hitting Harry. He made sure to stay clear of the spell, as Ron's Expelliarmus had turned a slightly orange shade of green from the magically enhanced water.

Slightly frustrated, Harry felt his magic saturate the air. He began casting several higher level spells, nothing that would permanently injure Ron. Ron ducked to avoid his time-slowing curse, sending it crashing into the water and throwing up sprays of fine mist. He sent off a barrage of blinding hexes and winced as one made contact with Ron-who promptly started in surprise and fell to the sopping wet floor with a large splash. Taking pity on him, Harry whispered "Stupefy," attempting to quickly stun Ron. He was startled that Ron managed to actually block his spell and spun around to avoid another Ron sent off.

"Tan-"Ron's jinx was cut off as the water sprayed into his face, choking him. "-changarella!"

Harry had moved forward but slipped on the water as the spell hit him before he could catch his balance. His vision began fading as he saw the others looking on with horror. 'Shit' was Harry's last thought as he felt a horrible pressure surrounding him and pulling him to a different time. A horrible feeling of intuition was telling him something bad would happen; something that would take him far away from where he was. 'How am I going to get Hermione to remove the spell now?'



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