Title: Harry: The Founder of the Slytherin Family

Warnings: Mild language; NO slash

Summary so far: Harry ends up back in the founders time and meets Godric Gryffindor, who is (hopefully) to be wedded to Helga Hufflepuff soon. After leading Godric through the forest, he leaves him at the entrance to his (hopefully) future wife. Harry – Salazar – ends up running into an odd person at a bookstore – One Rowan Claw.

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***Harry: The Founder of the Slytherin Family***

~Chapter 7: Preceded by Prophecies~

Salazar smiled at the raven-haired man. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Rowan Claw. I thank you for your help."

The man – Rowan – relaxed. Salazar noted that he had tensed up sometime without his noticing. "Not at all. After all, you will be purchasing the book and lending it to me…correct?" He smirked at Salazar, knowing he could not refuse.

Salazar smirked back. "Of course. In order to allow you to borrow it, however, we must find it first." His smirk spread into a sheepish smile. "Err…is there any way I can help you look for it?"

Rowan rolled his eyes. "I believe the book we are looking for has a bright green or blue cover, and about," he measured out about 2 inches with slender fingers, "this thick." Salazar winced slightly. "It has bronze edgings." Salazar let out another smaller wince as Rowan smirked. "If you see something resembling that, call me over. Of course, I may be recalling a different book and it may appear in others, but this one should be correct."

Salazar sighed. "Why do I get the feeling you have wanted this book for a while?"

Rowan rolled his eyes and gestured for Salazar to start looking. "Because you seem to be an intelligent man. Don't worry, it holds the info we are after."

Salazar snorted and began scanning the shelves. "Right…at least I know you have an impressive memory now. I know not to ever underestimate a bookworm…" He shuddered as he began going through stacks of books. "My friend, who I can no longer get in contact with…" Salazar's voice fell and became sad before regaining its strength, the truth of his last words not fully sinking in but making the situation slightly more real to him, "Was a voracious reader and one of the best magic-users I have known." Salazar shuddered as he remembered all of what she had been able to do. The birds she had set on Ron were not the most of what she was capable of, and she had no problem displaying her knowledge when Harry underestimated her.

Salazar suddenly paused and smacked his head. "Ac- No, wait, that would cause a mess… Point me that book." Rowan turned and raise an eye in disbelief, and the other joined it in incredulity as Salazar's wand actually started turning, and pointed at the other side of the bookstore. Smirking, Salazar followed his wands directions to a rather large tome, colored the same green as his eyes when they lit up – Avada Kedavra green. Carefully levitating the books on top of it so he could remove it from the pile, he gently pulled the book out and let the books come to a soft rest on top of it.

Salazar turned to Rowan, eyes burning, practically throwing out a triumphant killing curse green. "Is this it?"

Rowan gave a small gasp, and then tried to shake her head unnoticeably…which looked more like a dog trying to dry wet fur. "Well…I'm surprised that worked. Honestly, point me 'that book'? I've never heard of the spell before," Salazar grimaced, "But I didn't think that many spells would work if they were that vague…perhaps magic just likes you."

Salazar actually paused on his way back to Rowan. "Hmm…that would explain quite a bit…if magic were actually sentient. I just think I have inordinately good luck to balance out all the shi- erm, all the crud that happens in my life." He was grimacing again when he handed the book over.

The other man rolled his eyes and accepted the book from him, and began scanning the pages. "Honestly, you need to stop grimacing before your face gets stuck that way and you frighten off everybody you meet." He paused in his page scanning, eyes rapidly going from left to right and back again, and smiled. "This is the right one."

Salazar let out a sigh of relief. "Well, that's good. Do you have any idea how much it costs?"

Rowan pursed his lips as he gauged the book. "Almost a two galleons," he admitted, wincing.

Salazar just sighed. "You are going to help me learn this in repayment, you realize." He turned and headed towards the front of the store, to what he assumed was the ancient equivalent of a cash register.

He heard a sigh of relief come from behind him as Rowan dashed up beside him. "I suppose. You may as well come over to my house for dinner tonight." On seeing Salazar's face, he almost backtracked. "As long as you have nothing else going on, that is."

Salazar let out a smile. "I don't, actually. I'm just impressed you would invite me over without knowing me for more than ten minutes."

Rowan shrugged as she handed the book to the clerk. "My mother wants to meet you."

"1 galleon, 13 sickles, 4 knuts please," the small clerk interjected.

Salazar sighed and drew out two galleons from his purse before a thought struck him. "Hang on- your mother wants to meet me? She's never seen me, and probably doesn't even know I exist!" He frowned at the clerk. "Change, please."

The man grumbled, but passed back several sickles and a few knuts. Rowan nodded at him and turned to leave. Salazar shrugged and followed him. "Trust me; my mother knows you exist. She told me to invite you over for dinner when I met you."

Salazar frowned, but followed Rowan as she began walking to a different part of town, keeping a careful eye on his surroundings and holding onto his new book tightly. "Are you sure you have the right person?"

Rowan stopped, and Salazar drew up beside her. "I know I do. She told me clearly, and I quote:

'The one who speaks to snakes and humans,
, Yet cannot speak our language.
The one who faced and defied death,
, And carries it in his eyes.
The one who is favored by magic,
, Yet cursed and blessed by fate.
The one who came from futures far,
, And lives to make the future past.
The one who shreds time to pieces,
, Yet pulls it all together.
The one who shall gather three friends to trust,
, And several more to teach.
The one who builds and prepares to teach,
, Yet was a student moments ago.
The one with the power the dark lord knows not,
, And will soon discover it himself.'

Then she smiled at me and told me to, 'Invite that one over for dinner, dear. You'll run into him today at the store.'" Rowan shrugged. "When she gets into one of her odd little moods, you listen…or else."

Salazar groaned as they began walking again. "Bloody seers…always interfering with my life. Your mother is a seer, right?" He asked to Rowan.

Rowan shrugged. "I suppose so. It's not something we bandy about lightly. You've obviously come into contact with one before; what happened?"

Salazar measured up his new acquaintance. Perhaps it was his resemblance to Hermione –rather odd that- but he seemed like someone that he could trust. It was not as if it really mattered whether he told him or not. No Voldemort would be around to hear it. "A Prophecy said that I would have the power to defeat a dark lord, a power he knows not, so he killed my parents and tried to kill me as a baby." He sighed and looked up at the cloudy sky. "He was temporarily banished when his spell backfired. I was sent to my relatives who rather despised me." At his new companion's worried look, he tried to reassure him without mentioning Hogwarts. "I made several friends that helped rescue me."

The worried look disappeared. "That's good. Are you alright?"

Salazar shrugged. "In what sense?"

Rowan rolled his eyes. "Emotionally from leaving them behind, your situation now, whatever."

Salazar noted that the subconscious translation charm –if that's what it was– had started translating ancient words into more modern ones. "Emotionally, I'm fine. They didn't do much but force me to do all the work like an unfed servant, and my friends helped fix that. Right now though…I've been torn away from my friends and my home, and I doubt they even know."

Rowan's brow furrowed. "How can they not know?"

Salazar sighed, something in him telling him to tell the other man, who he felt was unfairly attractive for being a guy. "I've not only been torn from my home country, as you probably already guessed from the language barrier, but from my time as well."

"The one who shreds time to pieces…" Rowan whispered.

Salazar gave a grim nod. "Yep. And that is all I will say for now. Needless to say, I no longer have a place to stay."

Rowan groaned. "I think my mother predicted that as well. She said to offer you a place to stay, but really? Dinner is one thing. A man sleeping over is a completely different matter." The man turned to Salazar as they stopped in front of a door. "You can convince me to let you stay over dinner."

Mouth gaping, Salazar watched her knock on the door. Really, what kind of person had he run into?


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