Disclaimer: It all is Stephanie Meyers just borrowing her characters…

I'm a planner. What I mean is that I like to plan out my life. Some might say I'm anal retentive, but I see myself more as knowing how I want my life to go.

I grew up in a small sleepy town in Northern Washington. My father was the Chief of Police and my mother a kindergarten teacher. I worked extremely hard to get out of Forks and to everyone in the town's surprise I was accepted to Harvard.

That was part of my plan; get into an Ivy League school. Then the next phase of Isabella's life plan was law school and then become be a lawyer. Each phase of my plan was hard, but I managed to obtain my goals.

Within all of my working and planning things still interrupted me. A good example would be when Renee left Charlie. My mother who I knew was a little flighty to begin with just one day up and left. She moved to Florida where she met her now much younger husband Phil. Charlie to this day still won't talk about it, but it's not like I've tried either.

I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I think if I keep chanting that things will get better. Did I mention I was up for partner at Masen & Black Associates? The youngest, at twenty-seven, to be partner at my firm. Did I also mention I was engaged to the mayoral candidate of Seattle? We had been together for five years. Three dating and two engaged.

I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I'm a planner… I'm a planner… Let me mention this because this is the kicker of my life at the moment. I would be someone's mommy in seven months.

My plan going through the crapper was all due to him. One moment it was all perfect and could have been set in stone… the next I was laying on his couch crying as he held me.

I met Edward and everything was erased and I had no clue if I could ever get it back.

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