"Come on, ref!" Edward shouted. "Open your fu…dging eyes," he said glancing down at the little girl swaddled against him in her baby sling.

"Edward," I warned tugging on his hand from my seat.

"Mrs. Cullen, we've discussed this," Coach Crowley warned from the sideline.

"I'm sorry," I sighed again pulling on Edward's hand.

He frowned down at me as his hand brushed against Cece's blonde curls. Celia Faith Cullen or Cece as we all called her was born six months ago. To see Edward with his little princess was a sight. Her bright green eyes sparkled back at me as she clapped. She was completely happy with her Papa.

I said she was conceived on the night he proposed, but he says it was after that. He still had issues remembering that day. We ended up taking Jacob to court for assault and battery and damages for the house. Of course, Jacob got a plea bargain. Much to Edward's dislike Jacob got probation and had to pay fines as well as the damage he had done to the house.

The Quileute Elders were disgusted with Jacob once they learned his past with us. Revenge was not part of the tribe's peaceful nature and as the descendant of their noble one time chief Ephraim Black his behavior shocked them. Justice was served as well as a restraining order.

"Xand, was totally jipped," he argued.

Cece made a little grunt.

"See, Ce agrees," he said cuddling her a little closer.

"Of course she does," I said rolling my eyes. "Can you please sit? Alex will be heartbroken if he gets kicked off the team because of his ill-tempered Papa."

"Fine," he huffed sitting in his fold away chair.

I watched as Edward knee bounced through the holes in his jeans. Cece sat in his arms watching her brother score a goal. How Edward's extreme enthusiasm didn't jostle her baffled me.

"Bella," I heard being called from behind us.

I turned seeing Maggie with Bree in tow. I also saw Rosalie carrying her little boy Riley with her. Bree ran to me in her adorable soccer uniform.

"Aunt Bella look at my clothes," she grinned.

"Wow, you look so cute," I cooed tapping her nose.

"Hi Mr. Eddie," Bree greeted Edward who was now standing again.

He flashed a warm smile at Bree, Maggie went to greet him but he mumbled something walking down the field a bit.

"Oh, he is a welcoming wank," Maggie sighed sitting next to me.

"He's a little testy today," I informed.

He still wasn't comfortable with my friendship with Maggie, but he tolerated it. I liked her and she was a great mother to Bree. That's what mattered and as explained to Edward, Bree was my client so he knew she was important to me. All of the kids in the foundation were.

"Edward's always testy," Rose snickered sitting beside me.

I leaned back keeping my eyes on my three. Where Alex traveled his little legs with his ball Edward was near by with Cece cheering him on.

One of the little boys pushed another one causing a little man battle. Mikey who was a bit bigger then Alex pushed him. His dad too was near by and started encouraging his son.

"I don't think so fucker," Edward roared.

The guy I think his name was Mike started laughing at Edward pointing at Cece. "What are you going to do about it Mr. Mom?" he mocked.

Mike was around my age his wife, Jessica helped out with me at Alex's school. She was loud and a major gossip telling me all about her personal life. At twenty-eight Mike started to let himself go, his gut was protruding and blonde hair thinning. He stood no chance against my husband.

"Bell," Edward bellowed.

"Oh God," I groaned.

"You married him," Rose taunted.

And she was right, Edward and I wasted no time getting married. We had a slightly more lavish wedding than what Edward would have liked, but he was a Masen-Cullen so it turned out to be the social event of the year. I let Esme and Alice take the reigns of the whole ceremony, what they didn't know was that we snuck down to city hall with Alex and got married three months prior to our "actual" wedding.

Me being five months pregnant wasn't exactly planned either, but like Edward had said at least we were married before being aware of Cece.

I stood marching over to the two ridiculous men, CeCe not even looking phased by their yelling. She did start to smile and squeal when I took her out of the sling attached to Edward. Once in my arms she nuzzled her face into my neck.

"Now what was that fucking Mr. Mom comment asshole?" Edward asked standing at his full height, which was a foot taller than Mike.


"You're kid," he pointed to Mike Jr., "should be taught not to push."

Alex my little diplomat rushed over tugging at the leg of Edward's cargo shorts. "Papa it was an act-seedent Mikey not hurt me, see," he turned around to show Edward he was okay. "Mommy I'm okay," he urged.

"I see that baby," I said holding my hand out to him. "Papa?"

Edward rolled his eyes walking away from Mike scooping Alex into his arms and wrapped his arm around me.

"Mrs. Cullen," Coach Crowley glared.

"I swear I will come by myself, please don't kick Alex off the team," I begged to the large angry man in front of me.

Alex really liked soccer and he was able to make a lot of friends. Minus this one game, it had been a positive experience for him.

Edward cupped my cheek before turning to Coach Crowley. "Crowley come on, don't punish the kid because I'm a hot head asshole," he said.

"Papa," Alex gritted out. "No bad words."

"See, I'm a loose cannon," he said pointedly.

Coach Crowley glared at Edward who was giving him a charming smile. I watched my husband whisper something in Alex's ear and Alex nodded in response.

"Please, Coach," he said softly. "Don't time out me cause' of Papa."

The older man sighed shaking his head in defeat.

"Fine, as long as Mrs. Cullen ONLY brings Alexander, he can stay on the team."

"Sure thing Crowley," Edward grinned, wrapping his arm around me leading us away.

"The garage sponsors this league like he could kick him off," Edward snorted.

"You're unbelievable."

"What?" he shrugged placing Alex down to collect our stuff.

"Papa, you can't yell at the daddies cause' you get in trouble," Alex explained as Edward shoved his equipment in his bag.

"That kid pushed you, Bub."

"And I says I'm okay. When I say I'm okay you don't yell no more, Papa."


"Like Mommy say no buts, you say sorry because you were bad."

Edward stared at Alex before cocking a look at me.

"You know he's right," I said bouncing Cece lightly.

Rose and Maggie sat laughing at him as he grunted, but kept his mouth shut.

"Here Mommy, I help you with Cece," Alex said helping me gather Cece's things.

I placed her in her car seat and Alex helped buckling her in. He kissed both her cheeks before gently rubbing her head.

"She good?" Edward asked him with an amused smirk.

"She's all set, Papa."

"Good man," he chuckled ruffling his hair.

"Come on, baby," I said holding my hand out to Alex as Edward lifted Cece's carrier.

Edward walked ahead of us carrying the bags over one shoulder and Cece in his free hand. Alex held my hand swinging it back and forth telling me about the fight that happened on the field.

The more I listened I had to smile because all of this kiddy chaos would be with us for the next eighteen or plus years. I loved it.


"El," I mumbled around my toothbrush.

I stepped out of our bathroom to see her lying in bed with the kids. Xand was propped up against the headboard using my pillow and Cece was chilling out on Bella's chest.


"It was too quiet in here, just checking," I shrugged as she rolled her eyes.

"I think they're both almost a-s-l-e-e-p," she murmured playing with Ce's curls.

My god, she looked perfect… they all were fucking perfect. And they belonged to me. Well at least the two kids belonged to me, if Bella heard me say that shit she would give me a lecture on how she's wasn't property and she was a person… yada ya ya. I loved her… so much.

I watched Xand flip on his side inching closer to his mother. Telltale sign he was most likely sleeping with us tonight. I sighed going back into the bathroom.

I spit into the sink turning to look out the window that was overlooking the LaPush cliffs. We rebuilt and I gave Bella her dream house. It was still red and a ranch house, but everything she wanted it to be, she got.

That wasn't just with the house either. That went with anything else in our lives. My girl would want for nothing. When we found out she was pregnant with Cece, she thought I would be weird about it, but I was the opposite, I was ecstatic.

We already had Alex, what would one more be? To be honest I think I didn't want to stop at Ce. Seeing my daughter and son together made me think about having more.

I glanced at myself in the mirror noticing the gray starting to pepper my sideburns and sighed. Another sign I was getting older, but on the bright side, I had a young beautiful wife.

I felt her hand on my back; I glanced over my shoulder smiling at her. Cece was looking up at me too as she gnawed on her hand.

"That taste good, peep?" I asked her grabbing her free chubby hand.

"I think she's getting a tooth," Bella smiled the warm mother bear smile and I loved it.

"Xandman out for the count?" I asked reaching for my mini girl.

"Yeah he just zonked out," she giggled.

"He's getting a bit old to be sleeping with us, mama," I said raising an eyebrow.

"I know," she whispered playing with Cece's hand.

"He's in school now," I said lifting her chin.

"He's not a baby anymore," she mumbled and I could see her tear.

"He isn't," I nodded. "But he's still your baby, ya know?"

"He'll always be my baby." My god with the lip tremble.

"Celia's your baby too," I pointed out waving Cece playfully in front of her.

"She is," Bella laughed kissing Ce's head.

"And I can give you all the babies you want," I said wiggling my eyebrows at her.

Her lips pursed as she stared at the baby. She was thinking about it, but when she thought about it she also thought about the foundation. Bella's motto was that she wanted to be a mother to her kids and help all the children without parents. She wanted it all.

"We just had Cece," she said.

"Yeah like six months ago."

"I'm still breast feeding her," she argued.

"Well then your boobs will be warmed up for another one," I countered.

"You did not just say that," she said wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Cece buried her face in my neck and I could feel her slobbering. I laughed patting her back she could drool on me as much as she liked because she was my fucking girl. I heard Bella sigh looking at me dreamily.

"I'm such a Dilf, right?" I smirked.

"Stop it," she mumbled placing her hand beside Cece on my chest.

"You can't resist me," I teased capturing her lips with mine.


"I love you, Bell," I said giving her another quick kiss.

"I love you… give me some time to get used to the idea of trying for another one. We got to enjoy Al's baby years and I want to focus on Cece during hers," her eyes were searching mine.

"I guess I can give a little."

"You're so good to me," she said reaching up to kiss me.

Cece squeaked letting us know she was there and I laughed.

"I hear you, peep," I said kissing her chubby cheek causing her to squeal.

"Want to put her to bed?"

"Hey, if Bub is going to sleep with us, peep might as well too," I said getting into our bed carefully avoiding Xander.

"She'll get smushed."

"I'll see to it she doesn't get smushed."

"Your son is a sleep kicker."

"He has soccer dreams."

Bella shook her head pulling Xand closer to her and kissed his head. She loved us with her full heart. It took us years to work our shit out, but we were at a place where we could be boring homebodies. If I'd learned anything, I didn't want to be my father. I wanted to be there for my wife and children spending everyday showing them how much I loved them. We were fucking far from your conventional family, but hell, what was wrong with being a little unconventional? It led us down the path to happiness.

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