Today was just a normal day at Kadic Junior High School. The sun was shinning, the birds were singing, XANA was attacking. Yep, it's just a normal day.

After being alerted of the attack Yumi was running to the factory dodging attacks by her chaser. Her chaser was a polymorphic specter who had taken the form of the whole gangs' gym teacher, Jim. Upon arrival at the factory Yumi took the elevator down the the scanners. Looking over herself to make sure she didn't have any extra objects like a phone as per Jeremy's warnings of failed virtualization. She removed her cell phone and a Naruto manga she was reading. After that she was thrust into Lyoko. After she was virtualized she found her self in the Artic region a little ways off from the tower. After running forward for about five minutes she found the Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita fighing off two mega-tanks. She instantly ran into the fray and moved Aelita out of the way of a field elliptic laser of one of the mega-tanks that fired right before Ulrich stabbed its eye symbol. With one dead all three of the fighters turned their attention to the other one that was slowly rolling back trying to run away. Unbeknown to itself it was backing up to the edge of the path. When they noticed this all three looked at each other, smiled, and nodded. With one big jump the scared it so bad it fell into the digital sea. Everyone had a good laugh at that as Aelita stepped in to deactivate the tower. With the tower down and the tanks gone Jeremy started up the return to the past.

A week after the attack Jeremy had called for a meeting at the factory after school was done for they day. "Ok, I'm sure you are all wondering why I called this meeting." Seeing their nods Jeremy continued. "Well I've come across a program to allow me to virtualize inanimate objects with you to Lyoko."

Odd not being the brightest of the group asked, "Why would we want that?"

"Odd think about it. If we could we could have an extra hand in Lyoko to help us.", Replied Ulrich.

Odd took on a thoughtful face, shocking the others, then said something to make everyone face plant. "Hey, we could bring food there."

After picking himself back up Jeremy continued where he left off. "Anyway this program, if it works, could be used for multiple things. Now after I implement this program we can't use it for 24 hours. Understood?" Everyone nods. With that he implemented the program he and everyone else left for the day.

Later that night, Yumi badly wanted to try out the program, so she headed off to the factory ignoring Jeremy's warning. Once there she started up the auto-virtualization Jeremy had made awhile back.

When in Lyoko Yumi reached in her clothes and pulled out her cell phone that could double as a walkie-talkie. Looking it over she saw it could still be used to contact the outside world. "Cool! This is sooooooo awesome." She nearly shouted to herself. She then felt something else and pulled out her Naruto manga she had forgotten. "I forgot I had this." Then she opened it and noticed that five shinobi had turned into black silhouettes. "Well this might be bad."

In the Naruto-verse:

We find three shinobi in what appears to be a life or death fight. As they where about to jump back into a fight the blond blue-eyed male heard a loud whistle and motioned his opponents/teammates to stop. He looked to see two of his friends coming toward them.

"Hey Naruto, me and Kiba were headed to get some ramen, wanna join?" Asked Shikamaru.

"RAMEN!" He shouted then turned to his teammates. "Hey Sakura, Sai wanna come with?

"Hai" They chorused in unison.

"Well then lets move it" Kiba shouted with Akumaru on his master's side because of his immense size.

As soon as they started walking time seemed to freeze around them and a bright light engulfed them.

Back in Lyoko

As Yumi was looking through the manga seeing nothing else out of the normal except that four others where turned into silhouettes she was nearly blinded by a bright flash and the sounds of bodies hitting the ground making sand rise. On instinct she took a fan out and readied herself for a fight.

The first things Naruto noticed was 1: he and everyone else were in a desert, 2: all his friends were unconscious and slowly coming to, 3: the was a black haired woman dressed with a fan 'like Temari' remembering how deadly she could be with it he drew a kunai and swiftly went behind her, grabbed her arms and put the kunai to her neck. He then asked in a threatening voice, "Who are you, and where are we?"

Yumi surprised at this mans speed turned her head to see him while answering. "I'm Yumi Ishiyama, and…YOUR NARUTO UZUMAKI!" she finished finally seeing his face and recognizing his golden blond locks, striking blue eyes, and whisker like marks on his cheeks.

As Naruto was about to ask her how she knew of him he saw the book in her hand with his name on it and a silhouette that he could fit in to. Reliving the pressure of the kunai on her neck he asked her, "Why is my name on that book?"

Yumi held it up for him and the others to see. "This is a manga about you."

With a skeptical look he took it and studied it. "Huh?"

"Its basically a story of your life in multiple volumes. It starts at the time you painted the hokage monument and continues on. This is volume 29 where you head of to save Sabaku No Gaara, the Kazekage."

"Wow. We already did that though. Brought him back and everything even though it cost Chiyo-bā had to die in order to bring him back to life."

"I know that. It was sad. Um Naruto can you remove the kunai?"

"Oh sure Yumi. Now about my other question, where are we?"

"Um I'm not to sure how to explain it but we are in a virtual world called Lyoko."

"What is a virtual world?" came the sound a Shikamaru.

"It's a world in a computer. Me and my friends can come here by getting scanned. That must be how you all got here. You were all scanned from the book." Yumi said thinking. "Is there anyone else with you?"

"Kiba, do you smell anyone else?" Sakura asked as she sent out chakra pulses.

Taking a few sniffs Kiba replied, "No, but then I can smell anything here."

"Ok, well I can see or sense anyone either so I guess its just us five and her." Sakura ended pointing to Yumi who was indiscreetly looking at Naruto.

Watching Naruto walk over to the others Yumi took out her phone and dialed up Jeremy. "Jeremy, are you awake?"

"Yea. What's wrong Yumi?" came the reply over the phone.

"Um I might have used the scanner and something happened." She replied hesitantly.

"WHAT! What happened?"

"You'll know when you get here. Just hurry up with everyone."

In the Real World

Jeremy had just contacted Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita; and told them to meet him in the tunnel.

"Ok Jeremy, why are we going to the factory at 2 in the morning? And why isn't Yumi here?" asked Ulrich.

"Yumi didn't listen to my warning and scanned herself in to Lyoko. She just called me and said that there was a problem." He replied while thinking of what could of happened.

As they arrived at the factory they all went to the computer room to contact Yumi. Jeremy ran a scan and saw no signs of XANA but he did see…

"Yumi, what are those six life forms with you?" he asked seeing all seven life forms.

"Six? I count five on my end." She said looking at the group.

"WHO WAS THAT?" Naruto shouted and took out a kunai as the others prepared themselves incase it was an enemy.

Seeing their reactions giggled lightly. "It's ok guys, that is Jeremy. He's a friend that can help us. Jeremy you might not believe it but those life forms are Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kiba, and Shikamaru."

"Hey don't forget Akumaru. Wait… WHERE IS AKUMARU!" Kiba shouted.

"He must not have gotten scanned. I'm not sure about the sixth life-form, but I think I have an idea. I think when the scanner scanned my book they were ripped from their world."

"Well this is seriously weird." Said Odd with the others nodding along.