by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Star Wars, or it's characters.

Summary: Starkiller and his newly formed Rebellion battle the Empire all while mastering new skills, finding new allies, fighting new enemies, and uncovering several mysteries of the universe.


Chapter 1
Building The Rebellion

Shinji Ikari awoke with a start, gasping for air as his brow was drenched in sweat. He fought to regain his sense of self as a soothing voice called his name.

"Shinji-kun? What's wrong?" Maris Brood gasped, sitting up in their bed and scooting close to the young man who had jarred her out of her sleep.

"Just... a bad dream, Maris-chan." he said, suddenly feeling slim but strong arms wrap around his chest, a head resting against his shoulder.

"You're a terrible liar, Shinji-kun." she whispered to him.

"I don't mean to be. I just... I just get this feeling that..." he started to say.

"The war... is about to start." she said, holding him tightly.

"Yes. It won't be easy. I... I can't see the future, but..." he replied, caressing her arms with his own.

"You can see possibilities. You told me this." Maris replied.

"I don't see anything good. People fighting, dying, planets being destroyed, friends captured and tortured, I..." Shinji started to say, only to have Maris stop him by covering his mouth with her hand.

"Stop." Maris said, moving around to look him in the eye. "What you see are possibilities. They are not reality. Not yet. Which means they can be changed. Or avoided." she said, caressing his cheek.

"I'm scared, Maris-chan." he said.

"For me." she stated.

"Yes." he replied.

She smiled as she moved around him, settling into his lap, now face-to-face with him. She traced his face with her orange-colored fingers as she spoke.

"I was afraid once. But not anymore, as long as you are with me." she said softly to him.

Shinji smiled as he pressed his forehead to hers. Their noses brushed each other as their lips touched softly.

"I'm finally happy. I don't want to lose you." he said softly to her, his arms wrapped around her shapely body.

"Then... don't." she said with a smirk, almost as if it were a challenge.

Shinji smiled at her, kissing her lips softly. "I love you." Shinji whispered to her.

"I love you too." Maris whispered back to him as her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body. "Let me show you how much." she said right before she kissed Shinji with as much passion as she could muster in their tender moment together.


It had been nearly three years since the Rebellion had been formed on Kashyyyk, and the group of freedom fighters had grown incredibly.

There were thousands of skilled Rebel officers, technicians, medics, pilots, soldiers, and of course, Jedi Knights.

Though the Jedi numbers were much lower, their skills and powers gave the Rebellion hope for a certain victory against the Galactic Empire.

Their ranks included Galen Marek, a.k.a. Starkiller, who was also the founder and supreme commander of the Rebel Alliance.

Rahm Kota, a skilled veteran of the Clone Wars who was no less dangerous than he had been despite his lack of vision.

Maris Brood, a Zabrak Jedi who was once apprentice to Master Shaak Ti of the old Jedi Order.

Shinji Ikari, though not technically a Jedi, he was considered one since he had Force-insight and a strange AT-Field that blocked the Force completely.

However, while Starkiller had the responsibility of leading the rebellion against the Empire, he knew that they needed to locate as many Jedi that still lived as they possibly could.

He couldn't do that and run the rebellion at the same time. So he asked Shinji and Maris to do it.

Though Shinji lacked the ability to levitate objects or influence thoughts using the Force, his ability to sense things and locate people was exceptional. Even over vast distances. Teamed with Maris, the pair spent nearly three years searching the galaxy for any remaining Jedi who happened to have survived the Great Purge.

Officially the Empire had declared all the Jedi dead and gone, but they (the Emperor and Darth Vader) knew that they were not. What's more, they were being lead by a powerful and skilled apprentice who was responsible for creating the Rebellion in the first place.

Thanks to them. (Vader and Palpatine)

In an attempt to destroy all hope in the Rebellion, Vader had lead his forces across the galaxy to hunt down and kill all the remaining Jedi in the galaxy before Galen could recruit them.

However, Shinji and Maris had managed to intercept all of their attempts, as if they knew the Empire's plans before they did. It was by fortune and the will of The Force that they had located all of the missing Jedi they could before Vader and his forces did.

Among their ranks:

An'ya Kuro - human female Jedi Master (also known as Dark Woman), silver hair, blue eyes, physically older appearance. Saved by Shinji and Maris from Darth Vader when the Sith Lord found her on Cophrigin V where she was hiding out.

Aven Rolk - blond haired human male Jedi Knight, was found working as an engineer in the interior of Coruscant.

Ana Tathis - brown-haired human female Jedi Knight, lived in a mountain monestary on Teth before being recruited by Shinji and Maris.

Gruu Dunrik - red-haired Jedi doctor of the Rebel Alliance, found on Aargonar 3 by Shinji and Maris before the Empire arrived.

Drun Cairnwick - human Jedi Padawan recruited into the Rebel Alliance by Shinji and Maris. (Brown hair and mustache. Slightly stocky) Was on Adarlon where he was leading a resistance movement against the Empire.

Gel - human Jedi Knight, bluish-hair (dyed) with black eyes. Fought during The Clone Wars. Was living with his two grandchildren, Caeleb and Jhara, on Dalicron-4, when Shinji and Maris came to recruit them.

Tao - Jedi padawan who was found and trained by Darth Vader. Human male with blond hair and green eyes, from Shumari, located in the Parmel sector of the Outer Rim territories. Like Starkiller, Vader trained Tao and failed to turn him to the Dark Side. He was rescued from Vader by Shinji and Maris, though he was in a feral state when he was found.

Klossi Anno - a female Chalactan Jedi Padawan who possesses a light saber slash across her back given to her by Vader. (She has black hair, black eyes, dark tanned skin, like a Hindu woman) and was found on the far side of Kashyyyk a year after the Rebel Alliance was formed.

Thracia Cho Leem - a human female Jedi Master, long blond-brown hair, gray eyes. Is a talented healer, very wise, and married several times. Found on the planet Ilum with several talented students. It took longer than normal for Shinji and Maris to recruit her into the Alliance, but their persistence eventually won her, and her students, over.

Danaan Kerr - human male Jedi Apprentice, located in Bitrose and Instrop Sectors long after the Jedi Purge. Black hair, black eyes, goatee.

Qu Rahn - human male Jedi Knight native to the planet Socorro. Dark hair, dark skin, black beard around mouth. Slightly balding. Was found on Socorro by Shinji and Maris when he attacked them.

Tyneir Renz - male Jedi Knight from the planet Jiaan, who was recruited by Shinji and Maris along with his daughter Padija. Tyneir has blond hair and maroon-colored eyes. His daughter Padija has dark brown hair and maroon-colored eyes.

Kai Justiss - human male Jedi Knight who was recruited in the Outer Rim Territories. Has long black hair, brown eyes, and several scars on his face and body.

Corwin Shelvay - male Jedi Knight, physically older human, black and gray hair, dark eyes. Located on Kessel by Shinji and Maris before the Empire arrived.

Cray Mingla - human female scientist and Jedi Knight who managed to escape into the interior of Coruscant after the Purge. Blond hair, brown eyes. Found by Shinji and Maris after they escaped Vader yet again.

Echuu Shen-Jon - human Jedi Master, bald head, black hair, brown eyes, Asian appearance. From Hanoon (terra formed world, formerly Geddes, a desolate asteroid) He actually found Shinji and Maris when they came looking for him.

Ydra Kilwallen Sibwarra - human female Jedi Knight, from Chandrila, and son Dev Sibwarra. Both have black hair and white eyes. Recruited by Shinji and Maris when they tracked a trooper squad to Chandrila.

Celeste Morne - humanoid Jedi/Sith (black hair, red eyes when mad, blue when calm) was corrupted by the Muur Talisman (created by Sith Lord Karness Muur) nearly 4000 years ago, but freed from it by Shinji, who used his AT-Field to trap the evil specter inside the Talisman before dropping it into a deep, dark chasm on Jebble. Maris then sealed the chasm with thermal detonators.

Callista Ming - female Jedi who was trapped inside a computer system aboard a dreadnaught ship (Eye of Palpatine) before Shinji and Maris freed her and helped restore her to a new body. Has green eyes and short red hair, originally blond hair and grey eyes. Her new body was courtesy of the clone bodies that Palpatine kept aboard the dreadnaught for his experiments.

Quinlan Vos - human Jedi Knight who fought during the Clone Wars. Some times referred to as the Dark Jedi because of his brief temptation to the dark side during the Clone Wars. His mate is a skilled thief named Khaleen Hentz. Their son is Korto Vos. (Father and son have black hair and brown eyes) Khaleen Hentz: hair magenta, eyes green. They were located on Dantooine along with Master's Tholme and T'ra Saa.

Tholme - human male Jedi Master, older appearance, scar on left eye, left leg missing. Helped train Quinlan Vos and bring him back to the Light Side of the Force during the Clone Wars. He has green eyes, black hair, a prosthetic right leg, and cybernetic left eye. This actually took T'ra Saa years to get him to agree to these replacements.

T'ra Saa - female Neti Jedi Master from Myrkr who escaped with Master Tholme after the Clone Wars when Order 66 was initiated. Eyes green-yellow, brown tendrils, no nose.

Aqinos - Sunesi male who was excommunicated for teaching droids and crystal beings the way of the Force. Sunesi are often called 'Lumphead' because of the shape of their heads which look like two brains on both sides of their heads. He was recruited on Monor II.

Iron Knights - Force-sensitive Shard's that were trained by master Aqinos, reformed by the Rebel Alliance. They wear the bodies of Juggernaut war droids, FLTCH series droids, and Uulshos Justice droids as their hosts. Shinji and Maris found nearly 30 of them on Dweem.

Ood Bnar - A Neti Jedi Master, nearly 5000 years old, extensive knowledge of Jedi and Sith lore. Brought in by Shinji after he and Maris arrived on Ryyk. Blue eyes, light brown skin.

Empatojayos Brand - Jedi knight who crash landed on the planet Ganath during the Clone Wars and was rebuilt by the technologically primitive Ganathain peoples. He originally looked like a head mounted on a floating orb-shaped body with two stubby arms. The Alliance rebuilt Brand's body from the remains of a Commando Droid salvaged by Republic scientists. He is an equal physical match to Starkiller's training droid/friend PROXY.

Ikrit - male Kushban Jedi from Kushbah originally trained by Yoda. Looks like a small cat-like creature with fur that changes color. Found by Shinji on Yavin 4 after the Alliance moved their base there.

Yemic It'kla - Force-sensitive nephew of Ylenic It'kla, who had died on Alderran. Caamasi species: bird-like; long, thin, three-fingers hands. Gold hair with purple stripes, amber eyes. Found on Alderran by Shinji and Maris; was in hiding from the Empire.

Deran Nalual - female Togruta Jedi Padawan who was found on Shili by Shinji and Maris. She dresses herself like Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano did during the Clone Wars, whom she admires.

K'Kruhk - male Whiphid Jedi master, older than most of the other Jedi, he escaped from Coruscant when Order 66 was initiated and hid out with one of his padawans. White and gray hair, yellow eyes. Shinji and Maris found him on Toola after he had buried his padawan, who died due to illness.

Drakka Judarrl - female Zabrak Jedi padawan, lived on the other side of Dantooine (from where Quinlan Vos and his family were), with the Dantari tribes when Shinji and Maris found her.

Plett - male Ho'Din from the planet Moltok who served as a Jedi Master during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. Found by Shinji and Maris on Moltok where he was hiding.

Qid Proko - male Quarren Jedi Knight who was found by Shinji and Maris on Poderis fixing podracers.

Rune - male Mon Calamari Jedi Knight who was found by Shinji and Maris on Dac fighting a giant sea beast.

Sanna Jeisel - Devaronian Jedi who bears a striking resemblance to former Jedi Knight Sian Jeisel prior to her death on Coruscant. This is mostly since she is Sian's niece. Black hair with white highlights, blue eyes, orange/yellow skin. Found by Shinji and Maris on Devaron when storm troopers arrived to sweep the planet for Jedi.

Another discovered Force-sensitive was Ephaan Kenzon, who declined to be integrated into the Rebel Alliance, and instead formed a school on the Outer Rim world of Baltimn, after the Jedi Purge, where he trains Force-sensitive students in the way of the Jedi.

Starkiller actually allowed him to continue his school, knowing that the Empire wouldn't pay attention to Ephaan and his students while the Rebel Alliance was growing in strength.

Dev Sibwarra, Korto Vos, Caeleb, Jhara, and Padija were too young for active duty and were being trained as Jedi by Rahm Kota, Tholme and T'ra Saa.

Thracia Cho Leem's students consist of humans Goran, Rand, Trayna, Vord and Zamm; Togruta students Amaran, Sornik and Gade; male Mon Calamari student Horn; female Twi'lek student Oolan and male student Nuranzo; and male Nautolan student Zat Forest. Thracia was still training them to be skilled and capable knights as strong as Galen is. Many of them forwent their family names, though no reason was given for this.


It had taken nearly three years to gather all these lost and hidden Jedi, though there were probably others still in hiding, as well as keep the Empire in the dark about the Rebellions activities. Not an easy thing when one considered that the Empire was 'everywhere'.

Shinji and Maris had been tasked by Galen Marek to covertly locate as many Jedi as they could and bring them to the Rebel's secret base on the forest moon of Yavin-4.

Given Shinji's heightened Force-insight, he was the best choice to locate and recruit these hidden Jedi, even though he didn't feel like a Jedi at times.

Some of the Jedi had been easy to recruit, given what had happened to the Order and the Empire's terrible reign across the galaxy. Others, like Celeste Morne, were more difficult since she was still under the influence of the Dark Talisman.

(That battle had not been an easy one.)

However, there was still one last Jedi to recruit.

Or at least, one potential Jedi and one much older Jedi.


"Are you sure you know what to do?" Galen asked as Shinji and Maris were about to depart yet again.

"Yes, sir." Shinji said.

"You really need to stop doing that, Shinji." the supreme commander said, feeling that they had known each other long enough to forgo formality.

"Can't help it. You're my superior." he grinned.

Shinji quickly boarded the Delta-class JV-7 escort ship, one of several 'liberated' from an Imperial construction yard some months ago, and walked to the cockpit where Maris was waiting for him.

The shuttle took off and Starkiller could only sigh.

"What's wrong, Galen?" Juno Eclipse asked. "You look like you just sent the kid on a suicide mission."

"Vader's been unusually relentless." Galen said. "The last two times he almost caught Shinji and Maris."

"Are you worried? They know how to handle themselves." she assured.

"True, but..."

"But nothing, Supreme Commander!" Juno snapped at her boyfriend. "We've got a lot to do, and less time than you think to do it in." she said, pushing him back into the base. "Besides, it's not like they took the Rogue Shadow."

"After what happened last time?" Galen said as Juno shuddered.

It had taken her two months to put the ship back in order after their last skirmish with the Empire.


The shuttle flew towards the hot, desert planet of Tatooine, Shinji able to point out the way as Maris carefully guided the ship towards the Jundland Wastes.

They landed near a small home and disembarked. It was nearing nightfall and Shinji paused to look around.

"There doesn't seem to be anyone here." Maris said, dressed in a brown cloak and hood as she stepped up behind Shinji.

"No. He's here." Shinji said.

"He?" Maris asked.

"He's standing right behind us."

Maris spun around as another heavily robed figure stood before them. She couldn't see his face.

"I'm impressed. I didn't know someone as old as you could still be silent." Shinji said. "With all due respect, General Kenobi."

"Oh? And how do you know my name?" an older, cultured voice answered.

"Insight." Shinji said. "We've come here at the behest of the supreme commander of the Rebellion. We need your help."

The old man pulled back his hood, revealing that he was in fact an old man, if his whitish beard and hair were any indication.

"And who is this 'supreme commander of the Rebellion'?" Obi-Wan asked.

"His name is Galen Marek. Some people call him Starkiller." Shinji said.

"I see. And your names?" the older man asked.

"I am Shinji Ikari." he said with a bow. "Some people call me Shield. And this is my girlfriend, Maris Brood." he said, introducing the Zabrak female at his side, who pulled off her hood to reveal her head and face.

"Interesting. I sense the Force is with you. Both of you." Obi-Wan said.

"In some ways more than others. It's how I was able to find you." Shinji said.

"I look forward to hearing that story. But it's getting late. We'd best get in doors." Obi-Wan said as he showed the pair into his home.


"And that's how the Rebellion was formed." Shinji said after two hours of story-telling.

Obi-Wan seemed more interested in the fact that Galen was once Darth Vader's prodigy who had turned on him, just as Vader was once Obi-Wan's prodigy who had turned on him.

He found the irony to be 'somewhat' amusing.

"And now Galen has sent you to recruit me for this Rebel Alliance." Obi-Wan stated.

"Yes, sir." Maris said.

Obi-Wan sighed. "I'm not a young man anymore. It's been many years since I wielded a lightsaber."

"You don't have to worry about that. We've got more than enough Jedi to fight with. But your experience and insights would be greatly appreciated." Shinji said.

"There are others?" Obi-Wan asked, genuinely surprised. While he had hoped that other Jedi had survived, he wasn't aware of who or where they were.

"Yes. Dozens." Maris said.

"You see, over the last three years, Maris and I have been traveling across the galaxy locating each and every Jedi we could find. Even after all these years, there are still a strong number of Force-sensitive individuals to be found. Some have good saber skills, others have greater Force abilities."

"Anyone that I would know?" Obi-Wan asked, actually thinking that it was a rather odd question, since he wasn't sure if they knew who he actually knew.

"Well... Rahm Kota for one. He said he knew you years ago." Shinji said.

"Rahm Kota? Is that old bird still around?" Obi-Wan chuckled.

"Somewhat. He's still alive, and actually helped Galen come back from the Dark Side, despite what Vader and The Emperor did to him."

"But General, time is short. We must return to base as soon as possible." Maris said.

"For what purpose?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Within the last year, the Empire has been getting closer and closer to catching us. Darth Vader has been relentless in his desire to crush the Rebellion. He almost had us on Dantooine, but we managed to give him the slip." Shinji said. "I'm sure you understand that our greatest advantage is in secrecy."

"Of course." Obi-Wan agreed.

"Despite that, we need to leave soon. Get you and the other off this planet." Maris said.

"The other?" the aged Jedi asked.

"There's another Force-sensitive person here on Tatooine." Shinji said. "Do you know him?"

Obi-Wan sighed and nodded. "Yes. His name is Luke Skywalker. I brought him here when he was a baby, to live with his aunt and uncle, Beru and Owen Lars, far from the Empire. I had hoped that he wouldn't be involved in the coming war, but..."

"If the Empire or even Vader himself finds out about you and the boy's location..." Shinji stated.

"Yes. We'll go at first light. For now... I suggest we turn in and get a good night sleep." Obi-Wan said. We're going to need it.

Obi-Wan retired to his bedroom, Shinji and Maris slept on the couches in his living room. Since the couches were not side-by-side, the only thing they could do was stretch out their arms and hold hands with each other. It was their presence that was enough for them.


Morning came sooner than expected, but the trio of Jedi Knights were up and ready to go recruit their final member from this planet.

Taking their ship, they flew towards the Lars Moisture Farm... only to receive a shock when they finally arrived.

"Look! Smoke!" Maris gasped as she piloted the ship towards the house and farm.

"Imperial Drop Ships! The Empire Is Here!" Obi-Wan declared.

"Then we've got less time than expected." Shinji said.

"I'm also sensing a dark presence." Obi-Wan said. "It's Vader!"

"Then we'd better get down there fast." Shinji said as Maris pushed the controls forward, causing their ship to rapidly descend.


Authors Notes:

I know. Cliffhanger. Sorry, but I couldn't resist.

While I admit that this chapter is somewhat short, keep in mind that it is only a first chapter. It was mostly created to show what is going to happen in the changing of the Star Wars universe, starting with Episode 4: A New Hope.

And if you notice, I am enhancing this story with dozens of Jedi Knights, which the Rebel Alliance didn't have prior to the movie. All of these Jedi are from the Expanded Universe comics, not in the original movies. And if you notice, it means that I am radically changing this story, though some elements will still remain constant. It's kinda like, what would the Star Wars universe be, if Starkiller had lived, and more Jedi had joined the Rebellion.

And yes, I changed a lot of things including them as well. Prior to the start of the first Star Wars movie (Episode 4: A New Hope) several of these Force-sensitive's were dead, or imprisoned, or on the other side of the galaxy, far from the initial Rebel-Empire conflicts. I sought out the ones who had survived/escaped, and brought them into the fold, in order to change everything.

And yes, from my initial story, 'Shinji and Maris', I said that Master Shaak Ti and Yui Ikari were still alive, and on Felucia. I haven't brought them into this story yet, but I plan to do so by the events of 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Let me know what you think about this.


Info On Some Star Wars Species

Neti are plant like shape shifters. They have tough gray skin similar to plant bark, multiple thin branching arms, and thick body trunks. Neti foliage tended to be brownish or black and grew on the upper parts of a Neti's body. As plants, Neti survived through photosynthesis, though they also needed some water to survive. Neti were extremely long-lived, with an average life span of several thousand years. Neti reproduction only occurred once every few centuries. Seeds often remained dormant for more than a thousand years before germinating.
Neti were capable of changing their size and shape, apparently at will. A skilled Neti could morph its shape into a roughly humanoid solid treelike mass anywhere from 2 to 9.5 meters tall. When resting, Neti generally appeared as 5-meter tall treelike objects, but they were capable of maintaining other shapes and sizes, even when asleep or knocked unconscious. As a result of the Neti's infrequent procreation and long lives, their population always remained small and quite close to their homeworld. As plants, Neti had no need for food. They had a greatly reduced need for water as long as they had regular access to broad-spectrum light. Neti only had need of one-tenth the water of most other species, but if deprived of sunlight, they would starve, much as other races would when lacking food.

Whiphids averaged about 2.5 meters and could weigh up to 400 kilos. They were covered by long yellow-white or gold fur and had stubby fur-covered tails. Their faces were elongated, with prominent foreheads and long, bowed cheekbones. A Whiphid's face was furless apart from a few hairs on the lips and chin. Two large tusks protruded from the lower jaw, and their massive arms ended with thick three-fingered hands, the fingers ending in sharp claws. Female Whiphids tended to be slightly shorter and heavier than the males. Their eyes protruded slightly from their heads. Young Whiphids had shorter snouts and far less fur than adults.
Since their homeworld of Toola was a cold planet of ice and snow, the Whiphids body maintained a thick layer of blubber, which acted to insulate and reduce heat loss. Their thick fur also helped to protect them from the harsh climate and was also covered with natural oil that repelled water and allowed them to swim in Toola's frigid oceans. In the warmer periods of the spring and summer on Toola, the Whiphids lost several centimeters of fur and burned off much of their fat reserves. Their hollow cheekbones also widened slightly, since a broader face helped to dissipate heat. These biological changes were induced by warmer temperatures rather than by the cycle of the seasons. Whiphids in the wider galaxy, therefore, were more likely to have less fur and be smaller in size than their counterparts on their homeworld in winter

Togruta's have rusty skin tones ranging in hue from orange to red, with white pigmentation on their faces, and grayish lips. White stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms, lekku (head tails) and montrals. The pattern of stripes varied from individual to individual. This red and white pattern was a phenotype left over from their ancestor's camouflage that helped them to blend in with their natural surroundings, especially the red-and-white turu-grass which dominated Shili's scrublands. Their heads bore two montrals, and three (rarely four head-tails, whose stripes were darker than those of the montrals. Togruta had the ability to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around them by means of their hollow montrals, which detected space ultrasonically.

Mon Calamari are fish-like amphibious humanoids with domed heads, webbed hands, and large eyes. Male Mon Calamari had protrusions on their chin called "barbels" which grew more numerous with age. Most Mon Calamari had salmon-colored skin, often mottled with light and dark patterns, though examples of other skin colors were known. They could also descend to depths of up to 30 meters below sea level without breathing, though they found it uncomfortable and often used organic gills. Their hands, apart from being webbed, also featured five claw-tipped fingers; one opposable thumb with two more shorter claw-like protrusions, two long middle fingers, and two extremely short outer fingers. As an additional feature, Mon Calamari hands also presented three suction-cup like holes on their palms

Quarren's have squid-like heads, at least four tentacles on their faces, and leathery skin. Quarren tentacles were prehensile, and they were able to manipulate food with them. Quarren had small mouths, with two fang-like teeth jutting from their faces on either side, and a long, thin tongue sticking out in between. Quarren had two long protrusions that extended from either side of their faces. In these protrusions were several gill-like structures that were actually aural structures, used for hearing instead of ears

Zabrak's have significant physical characteristics that set them apart from baseline Humanity. The most striking of these were a series of vestigial horns that crowned the heads of both males and females. These horns grew at puberty in varying patterns and signified that the time of their rite of passage was drawing near. The horns were one trait shared by the many Zabrak subspecies, which were divided by a number of physical characteristics that differed from subspecies to subspecies. These could include different skin tones (which included peachy white, yellow, red, tan, brown and black), horn patterns, hair growth (though it should be noted that Zabraks, unlike Humans, could not grow eyelashes or facial hair.
The Zabrak, also known as Iridonians (when referring to the Zabrak who came from Iridonia) were a humanoid species native to Iridonia, a planet located in the Mid Rim known for its inhospitable terrain and fierce predatory life

Female Devaronians were covered in thick fur that ranged in color from brown to white, hornless and had prominent canine teeth. They were docile, non-aggressive creatures. They tended to be dominant in their culture, being the only ones allowed to participate in government and politics. From the planet Devaron.

Talented botanists and ecologists, Ho'Din have suction cup-tipped fingers used for climbing trees, and red-violet snake-like "hair" on their heads which acted as thermal sensors. They claimed to have evolved from plants—in fact, "Ho'Din" translated as "walking flower" in Basic. Possible two hearts.