It's what you've all been waiting for...your own personal sneak peek of Eve Benson, Hero! We'll see old characters and new ones, plus more scenes with relatively unknown characters such as McKenna & Zachary Smith, Louis Miller, and others! The idea for a trailer came from I'mAnIdiotButWhoCares, who made her trailer for When Heroes Try. Mine is somewhat similar, but, well, it's not for that story, is it? Now, be prepared to be scared, scarred for life, happy for Eve (not in the trailer, it'll be when they're on a quest later), angry at people, angry at people, pitiful, angry at people, laugh at people, and most of all, get angry at people. Good luck on the ride and enjoy!

Eve Benson, Hero

Time flies…

And it's time for a new story…

This time, Eve is anything but alone. With friends close, some…-interesting- things happen…

A slight problem occurs…

"Come on, come on!" Lola shouted, exhilarated. Her smile shone wide, curly hair glistening in the light of the lamps. "Time to see..." she started. I was excited, too, but clearly not as excited as her…

Wearing large smiles on our faces, she opened the door to our old dorm, but what we saw shocked the both of us, and our smiles were wiped clean.

The room was empty. All empty, save the old TV that needed replacing and the now neatly-made beds. All of our possessions were gone, missing. We hadn't taken that much stuff when Barry had taken us to Camp last year. I knew that much.

"…Nothing…" Lola breathed.

Some changes are made at Symphony…

"What do you mean we're an orphanage now?" I demanded of her. But the woman just held her hands up in defense and said, "I'm sorry, girls, but yes. We decided it was high time we make the change. It's been planned for about two years now…but, anyhow, the poor kids have been given donations, the homeless have been homed, and you parentless kids," she said, pointing at the two of us in turn, "are in Symphony Orphanage now. Not too hard to figure." The way she had said "you parentless kids" sounded as if it was meant to be hurtful and accusing. It wasn't exactly our fault, now was it?

"I can't believe you're doing this to us."

Absolute awkwardness…

Olivia glared at her nineteen year old son. "Don't be so rude, Quinn."

"I'll give it up if she does."

"Mind your attitude."

Quests must be taken on by certain demigods…

"I'm only fifteen," I demanded. "So is Lola, and so is Greg. We could die on this thing."

Zachary gave me his best death glare. "Do you want to help me save my sister or not?"

I couldn't argue there.

All that was well might not end well…

"I wouldn't get too close to him, Eve."

I looked at Katie with something that was in between utter confusion and a death glare. "What do you mean?"

Katie sighed, the Iris Message beginning to look more and more fuzzy, the connection starting to break. "Well, Greg used to…no. I can't tell you."

"Tell me."

She sighed again. "I didn't want to have to tell you. Nobody likes to mention it. Out of the people who know, Kyle is the only one who can accept it…who can forgive him…even I can't. Even Isabelle can't."

"Just tell me."

Katie looked at me, giving me a piercing look. Not a bad kind of pierce…almost like she pitied me.

"Greg used to be on the bad side."

I couldn't respond. It was too much. "…What?"


I slapped Greg. "You know what you did."

"Then tell me," he said, looking desperate. He was sweating. He knew that I was on to him.

"I'd tell you, but you know exactly what I'm talking about already, don't you, Willins?" I said distastefully. Greg would get whatever he deserved for betraying the camp, including my distrust.


Lola slapped Kyle on the face. "Look what ya did, you oaf."

It wasn't his fault, so I didn't know why she was taking it out on him. It was all me, according to Love. I was still upset that she didn't believe me. Now even Lola was becoming wary of me. Eve had left, and we were stuck on this quest alone, with some other people that none of us were particularly comfortable with. "Me? What did I do?"

"…I have no idea."


I had to prevent myself from slapping Quinn. He knew.

"When did you figure it out, Einstein?"

Quinn clenched his fist, and his gray sweatshirt puffed up a bit. "The moment you left and said you had to 'do something real quick'. You didn't come back, and when I found a tiny replica of a lyre on your shelf? That gave it away, Eve. You're not that good at keeping secrets."

I slapped him.

Slapping occurs some more…

I slapped Greg yet again. "I believe you. But that doesn't get rid of the fact that I'm still mad at you for not telling me."

"Blame Drake."



Secrets are revealed again…

Rosa sat there, horrified. I couldn't believe the others were teasing her so horrifically. It was almost unsightly. Talking about Simon in front of her was cruel. It had been so long since I'd had a dream involving Rosa and Simon, I'd nearly forgotten. But it was a fresh memory now.

"Are you okay?"

"What do you care, Benson?"

"Because I know about Simon. And I've seen what you went through."


"Tell that to my dreams."

Certain enemies prove that looks can kill, and that you can't live long without some water…

Field looked at me with those stupid brown eyes of his. I looked closer into them, and felt myself falling. I had to catch myself, mentally. I wasn't actually falling.

"I'll never join you, Lent."

"Have it your way, then."

The son of Apate glared at me some more, and I could have sworn I nearly died. It was all too frightening.

"Get your eyes out of my head, Field."

"Not as long as you resist coming to my side. We could live in the same boundaries…we could be happy together…"

"What's it gonna take to make you get that I hate you?"

"Oh, I don't know…here," he said, handing me a cup of water and dumped the liquid in my hands. "Hold on to that for…a while…and you can save your friends. Bye."

Field walked away without another word, looking pleased with himself, like, Yay! I'm going to kill them all! Ah, I love myself. I wanted to scream at him, that idiot. He left me hanging. I couldn't drop it? What was going on? What was his problem?

I had to credit him, though. If this didn't prove that I hated him, what would?

I stood there, holding this strange water in my hand. It was slowly dripping at the bottom. Oh, hellhound crap, I thought. I looked to the other side of the strange room, and there were my friends, stuck in stocks, like from the old days, only they were equipped with weapons. If I dropped the water…the weapons would go down. They'd die.

Lives are in question…

Greg struggled in the stocks. I took on a look of horror. "GREG!" I dropped the water and ran to him. The weapons dropped, and almost hit all of my friends…but someone had pulled a lever to stop them from killing them.


Love is found again…

McKenna held him tight. "Corry… I thought you guys would never find me… I knew I was a goner. I had no clue you were on my trail. I'm so sorry—"

"You've got nothing to be sorry about. Go," Corry said, a stern look on his face. The two kissed, which sort of disgusted me a bit, but at the same time, I was happy for them. McKenna ran off with her brother Zachary, into safety and hiding.

Friendship is in question, as well…

"Rosa, don't hide it. Why can't we be friends?"

"Because I hate you."

"Thank you, that totally wasn't offensive."

"You're welcome. Now, c'mon, we have to go catch up to Kyle or we might not make it." She grabbed onto my wrist, as well as Greg's wrist, and took us away, chasing after our friend the dork.


"Perseus Jackson, just say it!"

He looked a little green in the face. Annabeth had to slap him to get him to speak.

"I-I love you, Annabeth Chase."

"Same here, Seaweed Brain. Now…to find Malcolm and get out. Come on." We all ran in a hurry, Annabeth and Percy holding hands and leading the way.

A big mystery…yay…

"We're leaving camp in two days, Greg. And I'm not sure I can bear going back to my step family…"

"Theo and Olivia will think you've ran away. They'll be too sad."

"I love them. Quinn, I could live without, but I don't want to make those two sad."

"Then go back. Nothing's stopping you."

I looked at Greg with all sincerity. "Fine. But, dude, this new prophecy scares me. The one who Kronos wanted last year is going to be badly hurt, and I'm too scared for you. You used to be on his side…he could be mad at you for leaving."

"Thanks for worrying me."

"No problem. But, anyways, they'll be hurt badly. And I'm horrified that the end of the new prophecy has something to do with it...'Death by your worst enemy, shall one endure'. That's clearly either Field or Kronos. But I'm horrified that it will be one of us."

"It won't be."

I gave him a confused look. "How can you be so sure? The prophecy doesn't specify."

"No idea," he said, and attempted to plant one on me, just like last year. I shoved him away, just like last year.

"Just because we're closer, Willins, doesn't mean you're permitted to do that," I said, trying to keep on a stern face. But I was too happy. I was here with my friend, and I'd be going home to Olivia and Theo and Quinn soon. That also meant more school…woo hoo.

They have to undergo one of the worst of their tasks yet…and someone won't be able to take it.

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