Chapter One

A teenage girl and her family have moved into a new house. But the house holds an evil spirit who wants them out.

It was the first day that we moved into the large old house that I knew something was very wrong with it.

We pulled up in front of the large shabby house in my dads Jeep. The moving van was pulling up behind us. I hated the house the first time I laid my eyes on it. It looked angry. Double front doors that resembled a mouth, three windows that ran across the top – which of two looked like eyes. The wooden porch at the front looked like it was going to collapse. I was afraid to get out of the car.

I jumped with fright when my dad appeared at the car window. He, my mother and younger sister had climbed out but I still stared at the house. "Jesus, dad! Don't do that!" I yelled at him through the window.

He sniggered, "C'mon, help your mom and I get some of the boxes in the house."

I looked out the back window of the Jeep and pointed. "Isn't that their job?" I was referring to the guys unloading the cream couch from the back on the van.

"They're doing the heavy stuff, now come on!" He opened the car door for me and I sighed.

My dad spun around and picked up a box that was sitting at the wheel of the car. "Take this and sit it in the hall. You're sister's already in there choosing her bedroom." He said, while walking off to collect a box.

"And no doubt she'll want the biggest one." I said.

The porch steps creaked beneath my feet. For some reason my stomach started to churn and I felt like I was going to throw up, but I didn't show any sign that I was going to.

I entered the house through the open doorway and was amazed at what I saw. The house was falling apart. Why on earth were my parents buying this? The paint was peeling off the walls. The floor was just hard wood that seemed like if you jumped up and down you'd fall right through into the basement.

Without even thinking about what could be in the box, I dropped it at my feet and was relieved to hear just a soft thud, and thankfully no smashing of plates. I wanted to check the place out.

I started by going up the stairs. I could hear the little footsteps of my sister running around in the hallway. She was singing a song and stopped when she heard the steps creaking as I walked up them. But she resumed when the creaking stopped.

When I got to the landing, I turned and looked down the largely spaced hallway. It was empty.

"Megan?" I called. "Where are you? Don't scare me, I don't like to be scared and you know that." I warned her.

"Meg-" And there was a loud bang in the room next to me. I jumped out my skin and threw the door open. In front of me was a large empty room. It looked just like the rest of the house, old and dusty. In the middle of the room was Megan. She was holding a small large pink box. The box she kept her dolls and tea sets in.

I looked down at her with hate. She had hit the floor with the box hard on purpose to scare me.

"Don't do that Megan! You scared the shit out of me!" My blood was boiling. I don't know how many times I've gotten in trouble for actually lashing out at my seven year old sister.

"Oh, Cassidy! You said a bad word! I'm telling mommy and daddy!" She mocked me with her little smug face. She always loved to manipulate me. That's not a good sign for a seven year old.

"Shut up you little worm! What were you doing out in the hallway?" I pointed behind me with one finger. Megan looked passed me.

"I wasn't doing anything out there. I've been in here, playing with my dollies." She pointed to the corner of the room where three dolls sat side by side. Staring ahead of them with a blank smile like a crazy person.

A chill ran down my back. As if someone had just blown down my neck. I turned abruptly expecting to see mom or someone there trying to scare me as usual but the doorway was empty. My stomach churned again and the goosebumps raised on my arm.