Skipper paced around the prison cell that Blowhole's lobsters had thrown Kowalski, Erika, and him into. While Jonah, Layla, Rico, and Private were thrown into a prison cell next to them. Erika and the others watched helplessly as Skipper paced as they hoped that he had an idea about how they would get out of this terrible place. Looking around the prison cell, Skipper noticed that Sam was missing and got an idea at once.

"Ah ha, I know how we are going to get out of here!" Skipper cheered.

"How?" the others replied.

"Blowhole's lobsters captured us, but they didn't capture Sam." Skipper explained.

"Right, so Sam is going to rescue us without getting captured herself." Jonah added.

"The only thing is that Sam will have to fight Doris before she can rescue us." Kowalski said in a sad and angry tone of voice.

"Yeah, who would have thought that Doris was working for Dr. Blowhole." Skipper muttered.

"PENGUIINS and GUARDIANS, I have a surprise for all of you!" Dr. Blowhole's voice echoed from down the hall.

"What is it, another one of your glorious victory dances that you have been doing every hour since we got thrown into our prisons!" Skipper acknowledged, sounding irritated.

"No. Get the prison door open, X and Cousin Doris, throw the surprise into their cell." Dr. Blowhole grinned as X opened the door.

"With pleasure, Cousin Blowhole." Doris laughed evilly as she threw a black and white object into the cell that knocked Skipper off of his feet.

"Did they say cousin... Oh shoked salmon, why does Sam look dead!" Skipper yelled as he noticed that Sam was motionless in front of him.

"Sam didn't want to come quietly, so I made her take a little nap." Doris stated.

"Well, I get the feeling that Sam let her guard down for a second and you quickly injected her with Anaesthesia." Kowalski calculated in angry tone.

"I have to admit that nothing gets passed you, Kowalski." Doris smirked at him.

"Why don't you leave him alone, Doris!" Erika shouted in threatening voice.

"Aw, it looks like one of the guardians has fallen for one of the penguins." Doris squealed like an excited little girl.

"Maybe, I should take Kowalski for the first torture session." Dr. Blowhole sighed as he saw Kowalski's eyes widen in horror before Erika stood right in front of him.

"Fine, try to take him." Erika whispered in a challenging and dark tone of voice.

"X, Doris, get the tall penguin." Dr. Blowhole ordered.

Doris and X had not even made half a step before Erika blasted fireballs at both of them that hit the floor in front of them. Erika stared at the three of them with a look that said 'the next group of fireballs will hurt them, if any of them took a step closer'. Doris and X waited for Dr. Blowhole to give them order, but as they stared at him he looked terrified for the first time ever in his life.

"Boss, what do want us to do?" X asked.

"It's not worth it, do not go in there to get Kowalski." Dr. Blowhole stammered.

"But Boss!" X argued.

"You heard me, X and it does not matter anyway because we will come for one of our prisoners later!" Dr. Blowhole hollered at X.

"Alright Boss." X muttered, sounding sad that he had questioned Blowhole as he tagged along behind Blowhole and Doris as they drove out of the room on their scooters.

"Wow, that has to be the second time I have ever seen Blowhole that scared." Kowalski replied as he sat on the floor, while Erika came to sit down next to him.

"Really, when was the first time?... Uh." Erika questioned Kowalski before being interrupted by a low voice.

"Hey guys, Sam coming to from La La Land!" Skipper exclaimed as Sam started to stir.

"Ugh, what did I miss?" Sam yawned as she sat up to see Kowalski, Erika, and Skipper staring down at her.

"Erika scared Blowhole pretty good." Skipper informed.

"How exactly?" Sam inquired.

"Doris was taunting Kowalski, Erika told Doris to leave Kowalski alone, and then Doris started taunting Erika because she might have fallen for Kowalski." Skipper explained.

"Then, what happened?" Sam said, getting curious now.

"Blowhole suggested that he should torture Kowalski first, I stepped in front of Kowalski to protect him, and then I said 'Fine, try to get him' in a dark tone." Erika included, sounding a little out of breath.

"Then, Blowhole ordered X and Doris to get me, Erika shot two fireballs before X and Doris could even make a step, and then Blowhole just seemed too shocked to give another order." Kowalski concluded.

"Great job, Erika!" Sam exclaimed.

"Thanks Sam and with that explained, can you guys tell us the first time Blowhole got this scared!" Erika asked in a curious tone.

"Sure Erika, but I think you should tell them, Skipper." Kowalski added.

"Alright, it's not a story that I like to tell, but I'll tell you guys." Skipper uttered in a sad voice. "It was about fifteen years ago, we had just been transferred from the San Deigo Zoo to the Aquarium of New York City. When we had arrived to the Aquarium, the most popular animal among the people was a bottlenose dolphin named Blowhole. At the Aquarium, we had shared the same habitat with Blowhole and became very close friends. But obviously, our friendship with Blowhole came to an end because Blowhole was preparing to jump through a ring of fire for his last performance of the day, a couple nights later. The boys and I had decided to watch him make his jump, but unfortunately, the crowd Blowhole was about to perform for had contained a few drunk men with broken beer bottles. Right before Blowhole had come out to perform, one of the drunk men had thrown his broken beer bottle and the bottle had hit Rico in the left side of his face. One of the zookeepers had run to our habitat and grabbed Rico to take him to the Aquarium's Hospital as Blowhole had come out. But, before the Security Guards had come to take the drunk man away, a man next to him had thrown his broken beer bottle right at Blowhole, while he had been in midair. The broken bottle had struck Blowhole right in his right eye and Blowhole crashed into the water below. Kowalski, Private, and I had dived into the water that was turning blood red to get Blowhole to the zookeepers, while they had waited with a animal- sized hospital bed. When the three of us had finally gotten Blowhole up to the zookeepers, they swiftly pulled him out of the water and onto the hospital bed, then rushed him to the hospital. Later that night, the three of us had gone to see Blowhole and Rico at the Aquarium's hospital, Rico looked fine except he would have a long scar on the left side of his face. But Blowhole had lost his right eye and something had changed in him that night. That was the first time that Blowhole had ever wanted to harm humans and he had asked if the boys and I wanted to join him after what had happened to Rico. I said no because I had a feeling those men were just too drunk to know what they did. Blowhole had just lost it then by saying that I was probably glad that he had lost an eye instead of Rico and the four of us had just pretended to be his friends. I tried to convince him that we were his friends, but he wouldn't hear anything that I told him. So that day, we left the Aquarium and traveled around the city until someone found us and we were taken to the Central Park Zoo. A few months after leaving the Aquarium, we had gotten a message from Blowhole on our TV that told us to meet him at the Aquarium. We decided to go, but when we got to the Aquarium, Blowhole had set a trap for us. We escaped of course, but had found an enemy in a animal that we called our friend once and still might, if he didn't want to eliminate all of us and everyone we care about." Skipper explained.

"So, Blowhole is your enemy because you guys didn't want to help him harm humans after what happened." Sam sighed.

"Yeah, that is basically it." Skipper replied.

"And he just started to hate us more when we ruined his evil plans." Private spoke.

"But, Blowhole shouldn't hate you guys for saying no to his offer." Sam pondered.

"I know, but what could the other reason be?" Skipper asked.

"I don't know Skipper, but I think there is another reason for hating you guys." Sam answered before she and Skipper vanished through a trapdoor underneath them.

"AGH!" Skipper and Sam yelled as they slid down a narrow tunnel.

"Sam, Skipper!" Kowalski, Erika, Jonah, Rico, Layla, and Private cried as the trapdoor in the floor shut.

"Where did they go and where are they going to end up?" Layla and Jonah shouted together.

"I don't know, but hopefully they're in same place to help each other out." Kowalski and Private muttered.