Liquid Sugar

There was a light knock on the living room door, and Sarah turned to face the intruder. It was the Doctor, standing in the doorway dressed in this regeneration's typical brown pinstripe suit, smiling reassuringly. He walked in, hands in pockets and straight over to Sarah Jane. He reached out with one arm and pulled her in for a hug. "Not for much longer Sarah", he told her, "I promise, this will all be over soon".

"Thank god", Sarah Jane laughed, "I'm starting to get fed up of you hugging me".

"Really?" the Doctor's voice raised an octave in shock.

"No you twit", Sarah lightly punched him in the arm, "This whole mixed emotions thing is getting on my nerves though".

"Meh, it is to be expected", he shrugged.

Suddenly there was a large commotion outside and the doorbell rang three times. The Doctor raised both of his eyebrows and a large smile crossed his face. "That would be Torchwood", he stated the obvious, "C'mon then".

"They don't do 'discrete' very well, do they?" Sarah Jane laughed.

"They wouldn't be Torchwood if they did", the Doctor smiled as he let Sarah Jane pass to open the door.

Sarah gave him one last quick smile as she turned the key in the door. Oh the other side she was greeted by cheers of ecstatic joy and five people all with bottles of wine and or liqueurs in their hands. They were obviously planning one helluva weekend, but it was to be expected when Jack Harkness was concerned.

Jack was in first, giving Sarah Jane a hug and a kiss on the cheek before moving onto the Doctor and planting a kiss straight on his lips. Sarah laughed as the Doctor pushed him off and took one of the bottles from Jack's hands so they could share a manly handshake. He introduced Gwen and Ianto as they followed Jack in, and luckily Rani and Clyde turned up to start taking the alcohol through to the kitchen.

Martha was next, and the two women shared a hug before the Doctor picked Martha up and spun her around in a circle. It was good to see Martha back to her normal self. As too was it to see Mickey not only back to his normal appearance, but to see him again. He and Sarah shared a long hug, and Mickey stood with his arm draped over Sarah's shoulder as they watched the Doctor continue to dance around with Martha in their hug. "Alright boss?" Mickey asked as he placed Martha back down to Earth.

"Oh, no hug for me then Mickey?" the Doctor wondered.

"Nah", Mickey laughed as he pulled Sarah in closer momentarily, "We Smiths have to stick together, remember?"

The two of them laughed as Mickey kissed Sarah on the cheek before leaving her and giving the Doctor another manly handshake, before it quickly turned into a manly hug. With a laugh, Sarah Jane led the crowd into the TARDIS kitchen, where Jack let out an impressed whistle. Gwen and Ianto placed their bottles of Vodka and Wine down on the counter in Sarah's half of the kitchen as they looked around the kitchen. "Is it always like this?" Gwen laughed.

"Only when the Doctor is about", Jack joked, "Caw, whose curry is that I can smell?"

"K9's", Luke replied as he popped out from the TARDIS fridge arms full of alien drinks.

"K9!" Mickey said as he bent down to look under the table, "My main man! How's it going hey buddy?"

"Affection noted Master Mickey", K9 replied as he lifted his head up from the Phaal, "It is pleasing to see you again too. Now if you would be so kind as to leave me alone, I'd like to get back to my curry".

"I'd do as he says", the Doctor warned Mickey as he pulled some strange looking glasses out from cupboards in the TARDIS part of the kitchen. "Sarah says he gets very protective over it", the Doctor said as he grinned slightly, "And you know what K9 does when he gets protective over something".

Mickey stood back up from under the table and dropped his hands to cover a certain part of his anatomy. He remembered what K9 did when he was protecting Sarah Jane from the Krillitanes and did not want to see what he would do with his laser when protecting his curry. Jack gave a jolly laugh as he patted Mickey on the back and kissed him on the cheek. "Don't worry", Jack smiled, "I think you are more likely to get hurt by Sarah Jane standing up for her kids than K9 standing guard over a curry".

"Yeah", Clyde laughed as he joined in, "But lucky for you, with the TARDIS's state of 'temporal grace' thingy, Sarah Jane's laser eyes don't work".

"Hush you", Sarah grinned as she threw the nearest tea towel at Clyde, "Now sit down and eat before it goes cold".

Sarah Jane emerged from her room the next morning with a banging headache. She shielded her eyes as she walked along the sunbathed landing to the top of the stairs. Just as she was about to place her foot on the first step down, a shriek from one of the spare bedrooms caused her to wince in pain. This shriek was closely followed by a bang as the seven year old Martha ran from the spare room corridor and straight down the stairs.

Sarah rubbed her head as she followed Martha down the stairs, just not as quickly. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she glanced at the clock on the phone table and groaned at the time: nine in the morning.

As she walked through into the kitchen, it seemed that only she and Martha were currently awake. Although that had probably changed by now after Martha's scream. Said seven year old was currently sitting at Sarah's kitchen table pulling faces at the vast number of empty glasses and bottles that had once held very high strength alcohol.

"Morning", Sarah said to Martha through a sleepy yawn as she reached for the aspirin from the cupboard, "You want some?"

"Please", the little voice came from Martha, "M' sorry for waking you".

"Was already awake", Sarah told her, reaching up to a shelf to get two small glasses. She then turned to her bottle and empty curry box filled sink and topped them both up with water before passing one to Martha and placing the aspirin packet on the table. "It seems that our gained tolerance of alcohol as adults is not carried forward to us when we are this age", Sarah laughed after taking one of the pills, "Don't want to imagine what it must feel like as a seven year old".

"S'not nice", Martha moaned as she rubbed her head, "Mickey is even more of a lightweight than me. I don't want to know how 'e feels".

"Mmm", Sarah agreed as she held her head in her hands. Looking up, she furrowed her brow at Martha confused, "Why did you scream".

"Mickey", Martha sighed, "Happens every day. I wake up, see 'im, scream cos he is a boy and run away. But last night... I had the totally opposite feelings".

"I know", Sarah laughed in agreement at the little girl's confusion, "I, like this, am obsessed by a certain teenage boy, but then as an adult like last night I was completely repulsed by the idea and was falling for the Doctor and Jack like normal".

"Don't let Jack hear that", a deep voice said from the kitchen doorway. Turning their heads, Martha and Sarah were greeted by the Doctor's third incarnation still in his pyjamas and wrapped up in a big blue dressing-gown. He ran a hand through his messy shock of white hair as he sat down next to Sarah. "Now then, about that attraction issue you lot are having", he said as he folded his arms and leant onto the table, "I imagine I don't need to tell you that it is to do with the different mindsets of the different ages you are going through".

"I think we gathered that for ourselves, thanks Doctor", Sarah smiled at him.

"Okay, let's see", the Doctor started as he pulled a pen and pad of paper out from one of his pockets. He started scribbling notes down before looking up at his two companions. "Right, so at these ages, Martha is repulsed by Mickey and Sarah has teenage girl feelings for Maxx I'm guessing, yes?"

Both girls nodded. "Now, when you Martha are twelve, any twinges for Mickey?" he continued.

"Not really", Martha shook her head, "But I don't think he's gross".

"And Sarah, what about when you are twenty-five?" he turned to face Sarah, "Your feelings on Maxx or other persons?"

Sarah took in a deep breath and looked down at her hands in her lap. "I was in love with you", she told him quietly.

"Quite right too" he smiled as he tapped her on the nose, "So then I'm guessing when you're then seventeen Martha that you have all the teenage feelings for Mickey".

"Yes", Martha replied.

"And Sarah Jane, when you are forty..." he stopped there as through Sarah's hung over gaze, he could tell he was hitting a sensitive topic for her. Taking a deep breath, he then rubbed his eyes again and tried to blink himself awake. His gaze was averted to the sticky alcohol and playing card covered table in front of him and his eyes widened at the aspirin and he sat back in his chair. "Ah, Sarah... Do you um, mind, uh, removing the Aspirin? You know what it does to Time Lords..."

"I remember", Sarah replied as she groggily reached out to grab the box and stuffed them into her dressing gown pocket, "There's Calpol in the cupboard by the fridge".

The Doctor gave a smile of thanks and he pushed himself upwards and slowly walked over in the direction of Sarah's fridge – which now happened to be covered in rude words that Jack, Ianto, Mickey and the Doctor had spelt out with Luke's alphabet magnets Clyde had bought him when he first started teaching him slang.

Martha gave Sarah a puzzled look. "Why's he afraid of Aspirin?"

Sarah furrowed her brow as she rubbed her eyes through the mild nauseous feeling that was passing her over. "Time Lords are highly allergic to it or something", she replied through closed eyes, "Can stop their hearts or something like that. Thought that was in the UNIT notes Harry had passed down to you?"

"I didn't get all of them", Martha shrugged, "Most of 'em are 'is private notes, and they are classified, so I wouldn't be able to see 'em unless I really needed to. But it's nice of you to tell me, Doctor".

"Eh, what?" the Doctor perked up from the other side of the room at hearing his name.

"Never mind", Sarah giggled, "Go back to drinking that bottle of liquid sugar".

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