3 out of 10

Sarah Jane woke to the wonderful smells of a full English breakfast cooing somewhere. She sniffed and rolled over to face her alarm clock. Half past eight, for some reason that seemed too early to get up on at Saturday morning, but she got up earlier than this most weekends. This was a lie in. She must have been tired last night. A quick breakfast, and then down to Cardiff was the plan for today. Should she take the kids, even though it could be very dangerous, more than anything they have ever faced. Yes, she felt in the mood for company today. In fact she felt better today than she had done in years. The lie must have done her good. She looked down at K-9 standing guard at the door. "Morning K-9", she said to him, she never did that before, but he switched on instantly.

"Morning Mistress. Nothing to report, shall I check in with the computer?" he asked as he pushed the door open.

"Yes please K-9. Get Mr. Smith to tell Torchwood that everything is normal and we will be leaving for Cardiff in about an hour", she told the robot dog as she sat and stretched on the edge of her bed.

She watched the dog roll out of her room onto the landing before standing to get dressed. A nice baby blue shirt and black waistcoat she felt was in order for today, along with jeans and her brown leather boots. Perfect. But Sarah knew, in the back of her head, that she shouldn't feel like this. She was too happy for the circumstances and she should be worrying her head off as Martha and Mickey had been reduced to single figures and the Doctor was nowhere to be found.

After drawing the curtains to find a beautiful day outside, Sarah picked up her bag and headed downstairs. She could hear that Luke had the news on, and as she reached the bottom, the sizzling of bacon was unmistakeable. And so was the constant banter of Clyde and Rani arguing over something so feeble that it was almost that they were wasting their breath. At least them being here meant that she had more time to get ready, than spend it getting them here for the day trip to Cardiff.

Sarah set her bag down by the front door and made her way to the kitchen. Rani and Clyde's pre-prepared rucksacks sat in a heap on her armchair in the living room ready for today's adventures. Even before Sarah had reached the kitchen, the question was thrown at her; "What are we doing today?"

"Oh, I was thinking a small trip down to Cardiff to sort out Torchwood", Sarah laughed as she walked into the kitchen archway.

As she came in, three sets of eyes were waiting, happy as ever to see her. But as soon as she was through the threshold of the kitchen, the eyes changed. They did not leave her, but the doorway to the souls within revealed that not all was right. Rani jumped up with a scream, and Clyde froze on the spot, thrusting his buttered knife towards her. Luke on the other hand turned a shade of green Sarah Jane thought she would never see on her son's face, and dropped his plate of scrambled egg and bacon all over the kitchen floor. "What is the matter with you lot?" Sarah demanded as she took a step in.

"Stay back", Clyde shouted as he thrust the knife at her, to which Sarah raised her hands.

"Clyde..." Sarah started in a calm voice.

"How'd you know my name?" he asked as he pulled a face with a mixture of confusion and disgust.

"What kind of question is that?" Sarah scoffed, "It's me, Sarah Jane, or is my makeup that bad this morning that you do not recognise me?"

"You sure?" Rani asked, well squeaked rather as she leant slightly closer.

"Yes", Sarah laughed, she was starting to get really confused.

"What'd you think, alien possession or body swap?" Clyde whispered back to Luke as he leant back slightly.

"Neither I think", Luke looked Sarah over, "Mum is that you?"

"Is this some kind of joke you guys have come up with? If it is, I'm not laughing", Sarah told them as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Mistress, message sent", K-9 said as he entered the room, tail wagging and all, "Mr. Smith recommends that you come straight upstairs".

"K-9, secure the intruder", Clyde told the dog as he thrust the knife again at Sarah, her hands going back up over her head.

"No intruder detected Master Clyde. Mistress, I suggest you visit the computer before departing", K-9 replied as he turned to Sarah.

"Yes I will K-9, but do you know what the kids are up to?" Sarah asked as she bent down to the dog to rub his head.

"I suggest you view your reflection Mistress. You humans always seem to check your appearance when you think something is wrong", the dog told her before heading back into the lounge.

Sarah pulled a face as she stood. Yes perhaps seeing how bad her makeup actually is may enlighten her as to why the kids are behaving in the manner they were. She gave them all a look before heading into the lounge and walked cautiously over to the mirror hanging over her Victorian fireplace. For some reason, she had the same feeling that she did when with the Doctor and they were about to uncover something big. This normally resulted in her being captured or possessed.

But what she found staring back at her made her scream and look away. She rubbed her face and eyes, before slowly opening up her hands for a second look. What she saw was not possible. Gone were the crow's feet at her eyes, and the laughter marks around her mouth. Gone were the aging eyes and dyed hair. In their place was smooth skin, shining thick brown hair and eyes as fresh as the day she was born almost. The face that was staring back at her was one she thought she would only ever see again in the few photos she had. "What the..." she started as she drew her attention to the rest of her body.

Her hands were smooth and slender and her fingers almost danced as she wiggled them. She ran them up and down her arms feeling every inch of the fresh skin. As she felt her lower arm, the bump in the bone that she had from when she broke her arm before going off with the Doctor had disappeared. "This is impossible", she told herself as she continued to check herself over.

"Excuse me, but would care to tell us what the hell is going on?" Rani asked as she took a step towards Sarah.

"Last night Torchwood discovered that there is a virus within the Time Vortex. It caused Mickey and Martha to become seven year olds, and well obviously it has affected me also", Sarah Jane told them as she continued to admire her new age.

"So, who are you?" Clyde asked.

"That Master Clyde is Mistress Sarah aged sixteen Earth years. Are your visual components not working correctly? I could check them for you", K-9 told them as he rolled up next to Clyde.

Rani, Luke and Clyde all exchanged strange looks between each of them, before looking back to Sarah. She had moved onto examining her feet by removing her shoes. She was wiggling her toes, and running her fingers down the sole. She suddenly realised that she was being watched and looked up at the kids with a smile. "Mum?" Luke said cautiously as he strode over to the girl who was supposed to be protector of Earth.

"I know Luke this is odd, but we have it under control", Sarah told him as she stood and walked over to them.

"There is nothing to fear", K-9 added.

"Nothing to fear! Nothing to fear!" Rani shouted at the dog, "One moment Sarah Jane is an adult, and the next she is the same age as us, and you say there is nothing to fear!"

"Rani calm down, there is no need to shout", Sarah said as she stopped Rani from lunging at the machine, "Computers don't register that there is anything wrong bar some increased activity with the Artron energy".

"Hey, if it is do with that stuff, why hasn't anything happened to me?" Clyde asked as he stepped forward.

"Your change might only be slightly as you received a small dose. Mum has built it over the years and she has also had a recent dose if you don't remember", Luke tried to explain; "Also, if something were to happen to you, don't you think it would have happened by now?"

"Suppose you're right Luke me boy", Clyde said as he put his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"So what now, is there a cure?" Rani wondered as Sarah began to put her shoes back on.

"We are going to find out now. C'mon", and with that, the sixteen year old Sarah Jane ran out through the doors and up the stairs.

Sarah almost flew up the stairs she was that fast. She had to stop at the top of the first flight to check the others were following, which they were thank God. As soon as she was happy they keeping up, Sarah continued on up to the second floor. She missed every two steps as she flew up the second set of stairs. She was moving so fast that the eyes in the paintings didn't see her pass. She reached the top, and burst through the doors like there was no tomorrow.

Mr. Smith was already open, scanning Torchwood's results and the local area for alien activity like he was programmed to do every morning. If he was human, he would have jumped out of his skin when Sarah burst in. "Mr. Smith, put me in immediate contact with the Captain", she demanded as she jumped down to him.

"Yes Sarah Jane. You sound different today", he replied but Sarah ignored his final comment

"Mum!" Luke called, feeling a little awkward, as he, Rani and Clyde entered the attic.

"Not now Luke", she replied, not even turning to face them, "Just sit and get comfy on the couch".

Mr. Smith's screen opened up to reveal the Captain's face. He looked a little worse for wear. They heard childish screams of joy in the background and what could be seen of Ianto Jones ran past the back of Jack after something. It looked as though they were having fun entertaining two seven year olds. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, but when his attention was brought to Sarah all emotion left his face as if it had turned to stone. "I gather Miss Smith that your earlier report has now become outdated", he said, his eyes still unable to leave her face.

"You have gathered right Captain. What is happening on your end?" Sarah asked as she placed her hands upon her hips.

"Mr. Smith has been a great help. We have found the leak is to do with whatever is going on and it looks as though we cannot close it up, but then it looks like we are absorbing it. Age is not decreasing, but the Artron energy count is building. I have decreased in age by about a century, but can't be sure. Martha and Mickey remember everything, and so do we so our brains haven't really been affected, although Martha and Mickey's behaviour reflects their new ages", Jack replied as he brought up the results up on screen, "And we have received word from the Noble's that Donna has been reduced to a seven year old too, but she is loving it like it is a dream".

"I'm not surprised by that", Sarah laughed, "How are you guys doing? I know sudden parenthood can be quite draining".

"We are shattered", the Captain laughed as he rubbed his forehead, "There seems to be no end in their energy. How are you guys?" he asked looking over Sarah's shoulder at the teens on the sofa.

"We are having trouble believing our eyes", Clyde told Jack.

"And what is she like as a teen?" Jack smiled as he pointed to Sarah whose mouth dropped open.

"She is quite rude as teenager", Rani laughed as Sarah sent her a set of evil eyes.

"And it has been rather entertaining watching you mum get used to this", Luke added.

"Oh has it now? Well, it isn't every day that you regenerate fifty or so years", Sarah smiled at the lot of them as K-9 toddled in, "Well, maybe for the Doctor".

"Still no word from him?" Jack half asked and half stated.

"No", Sarah replied with a sigh.

Jack himself sighed and looked over the top of the screen. Gwen and Ianto had finally got them to quieten down with a game of cards. It wasn't a sight you see every day, a seven year old winning at poker. Jack smiled to himself as he watched Ianto pull out, but Gwen still trying her best to win it all. He looked back to Sarah where all eyes were on him. "What are we going to do?" Jack wondered.

Before Sarah Jane had a chance to answer, she became full of nausea and watched as the Captain almost turned completely green. It was quiet at first, but then suddenly, a ringing in their ears grew with such velocity that it almost deafened Sarah. Martha and Mickey began to scream and the Captain winced on screen as Sarah was reduced to the floor clutching her head. Luke, Rani and Clyde just looked on confused, as did Gwen and Ianto at their screaming friends, with no idea what to do.

Luke and Clyde ran down to Sarah and they picked their 'boss' up as she continued to cry, her face scrunched up into almost a ball. Gwen and Ianto were doing their best on screen to calm down Martha and Mickey, but all their attempts seemed not to get through. Whatever was happening to them, it was completely blocking everything else out. But then it stopped, and the silence was like the calm after a storm. "Increase in temporal flux", Mr. Smith stated as the air in the attic began to move.

"Time Vortex opening", K-9 added as Gwen and Ianto noticed the rift activity increase.

"I know what that means", Rani smiled as she looked up from checking Sarah Jane.

The air in the back of the attic moved developing into an indoor wind as if an invisible force were pushing it out of the way. The wheezing continued, yet there seemed to be a flare of something else thrown into the noise, almost like an old man groaning as he stood. A small light began to flash close to the ceiling of the attic as the cause of this began to materialise before everyone's eyes. Slowly, but surely, a blue police box appeared before them, the materialisation a bit more jumpy than when they had last seen it. Sarah felt her heartbeat increase as she looked on at her symbol of safety and comfort.

The door creaked open, slowly. "You don't mind if I park this here?" a head said as it popped out smiling.

Sarah's eyes could not leave the face that was looking around the attic. It was so long ago that she had seen that face, yet it seemed like almost yesterday. "Who the hell are you?" Clyde asked as he propped up the almost dead weight of Sarah Jane.

Before the man had a chance to answer, a loud explosion came from within the TARDIS, and a ray of what seemed to be light shone through the gaps of the door where the man wasn't standing. Smoke erupted from inside the TARDIS, and the man came out coughing and spluttering, the ends of his hair glowing, and his face covered in soot. He quickly shut the door, and started to pat his hair down, making every attempt for it not to go up in flames. Once he was happy, he brushed down his long brown coat, and what was visible of his blue pinstripe suit. Bending down, he brushed a lump of black soot off from the tip of his burgundy converses, before standing quickly back up straight and looked at everyone in the attic, and in the Torchwood hub with a smile. As he looked around the attic, his face started to turn from glee into worry, and then stopped on the teens. "Luke, where's your mum?" he asked, looking down at the boy from the raised upper part of the attic.

"I'm here", Sarah croaked as she reached out and pushed away from Clyde's support.

Noticing that she was barely able to stand, the man jumped down and caught her from the front before she toppled over onto the floor. He held her in his arms, and adjusted her position so she was standing up straight. Sarah smiled up at him, and as he smiled back, he brushed the hair from her face. "Oh Sarah Jane, what have I got you into this time?" he asked himself as she snuggled herself into his chest, "I'm so sorry".

"Its fine", she croaked back, "But next time you plan on landing a sick TARDIS, flown by a sick Doctor, in my attic, give me a call first".

"Will do, the psychic energy is down to the increase in Artron energy fluctuation, and how did you..." he looked up and over to Jack who smiled back and waved, "Ah, Torchwood, makes sense. But wait a second, 'sick Doctor'?"

She smiled and laughed as best as she could at him. Shaking her head and looking slightly downwards, the man was becoming increasingly confused. When Sarah looked back up to him, he felt her take her whole wait as she shifted her arm to point up at his face. To this, he dropped his arms from his clutch on her and started running his fingers over his face. He felt every small indent and protrusion. When he went onto his hair, he twirled the long bits that formed a sort of fringe in front of his eyes, making him go cross-eyed as he looked at it. Moving back down to his face, he pulled at his skin, twisting it in all sorts of directions before finishing with slaps on his cheeks. He took a step back from Sarah, and gave himself a good looking over in a spin. Standing before them all was a tall, strikingly elegant looking, grey hair man in, what most of them knew as, the Doctor's blue pinstripe suit, coat and shoes. "Oh, that's not fair!" he yelled childishly at the TARDIS which responded by groaning and flashing its light, causing this man to take a step back for his own safety.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Clyde asked, looking over every detail of this man who seemed very friendly with Sarah Jane.

"Number three I think", he responded to Clyde before looking at the teenage Sarah, "Sarah?"

She nodded in agreement, and could not help but smile. Even he could not escape the effects of whatever this disease was. As Jack stared hard at this stranger, things began to click inside his head. One thought lead to another, than to another, until finally, he had cracked the encrypted code within what he had said; number three. "No way", Jack smiled, almost about to burst upon the screen.

Rani, Luke and Clyde pulled faces at each other, as did Gwen and Ianto who were now behind Jack, holding each a very weak Martha and Mickey on their backs respectively. Martha and Mickey, who were just about with it to have heard the conversation, looked hard as they could at this man also. It was almost as if a light had turned on inside Martha's head as she turned quickly to face Mickey with a smile and held up three of her fingers. Then, they both began to laugh. "Hey, you can laugh Martha Jones and Mickey Smith. You looked in the mirror lately?" this man wagged a finger at them both which shut them up.

"Uh, can someone please explain to the not so up to speed human beings please?" Rani asked as she indicated towards her, Luke, Clyde, Gwen and Ianto.

"Oh, c'mon", Sarah laughed, almost back to full strength now, punching the man playfully in the arm, "I think they have waited long enough".

The man smiled at her before taking a step forward. He removed the long brown coat and threw it down onto Sarah's sofa. He cleared his throat, straightened up his jacket, strode effortlessly up the step to be above everyone, and stood tall and proud as he looked down on them like a teacher in school. "I'm the Doctor, mark three", he smiled, and Sarah laughed at his end comment.

"Now I get it", Luke jumped and clicked his fingers as he took a step towards him and stood almost below him, "The cold got you too".

"Luke Smith, I never tire of your genius. I should drop in more often", the Doctor smiled at him and rubbed his head, messing up Luke's hair, "Technically, I'm mark ten in mark three's body, don't get to say that every day. It is the same principal as your mum, Jack, Martha and Mickey".

"So, you are the Doctor we met, but looks like an earlier regeneration?" Clyde said, trying to sort out the facts.

"Exactly Clyde", the Doctor snapped his fingers, "And if you want even more than that, this is what I looked like when I first met Sarah. Minus the suit".

"Is there a cure for this?" Mickey asked from Ianto's back.

"Ah, now that is where my knowledge is scarce", the Doctor replied as he hopped back down next to the others, "See, the explosion within the TARDIS was it changing too seeing as it is the centre of things. All I got from it before it started to go downhill was that these changes are due to the Artron energy bonded with our DNA. As far as I am aware, it hit the TARDIS, sometime after I dropped the Earth back home, but it has taken this long for it to show. Because your Artron energy is specific to this TARDIS, it has spread back through only your Artron energy, causing your DNA to regenerate, and cause this physical change".

"So, I was right", Gwen smiled on her screen as she shifted Martha on her back.

"Yes, everyone who has ever travelled in the TARDIS up until this point is experiencing the changes. You lot more than anyone because you have all just had a recent blast. The rest of my companions will have only experienced minor changes because the residual Artron energy that is left in their DNA is only enough to cause a maximum of a month's age reversal. Martha, Mickey and Donna, I bet she hasn't escaped it, have become so young because of your already young age. Jack, you have changed, but because you are, well, you, you know the answer. And finally, Sarah and I. I live in the TARDIS so you can guess how much Artron energy I have built up, and Sarah has accumulated air miles, and with a recent blast also, she has de-aged further than one would expect".

"So, if I were already younger, I would have been reduced to a single cell", Sarah said looking up at the Doctor's old but new face, feeling happy for once about being middle aged.

"Yup, so enjoy the benefits", the Doctor told her placing a hand on her shoulder, "Because I have gone through regenerations and don't age, I'm going to have personality clashes".

"Ha", Martha laughed from on Gwen's back.

"You won't escape it either Martha Jones", the Doctor grinned which took the smile of the seven years old face, "You, Mickey and Sarah will have to cope with all the behavioural and hormonal issues that come with your newfound youth".

"You still haven't answered my question", Mickey pouted on Ianto's back, crossing his arms and proving the Doctor's final statement to be true.

"Yes, right, well", the Doctor replied, looking around Sarah Jane's attic for some sort of answer.

He began over to the closest desk to him. He looked through every item on the table, throwing them each down or putting them back down carefully, depending on what they were, with frustration. He then moved onto the next desk, and did the same thing, alien or not. Soon he had finished with that desk and ran or rather leapt at full force across Sarah's attic to the other side, nearly falling over K-9, to look at another set of artefacts. He huffed as he dropped the last object the shook the whole table, and looked up to the TARDIS. It was odd for Sarah Jane to see the first Doctor she met behave like this. Never mind his personal personality clashes, how the hell was she going to cope with him behaving in a way that was not normal to what she associated with hsi new old face?

He gave up with looking around Sarah's attic, and headed back up to the TARDIS. With one quick look around it, he stopped in front of its door. He opened the door quickly, and was nearly thrown back by a blast of energy that shut the door again. "What's wrong with the TARDIS?" Luke asked as they watched the Doctor pat down his smoking hair once again.

"It is in a very bad mood with me, and only it knows how long this will all last", he said, giving the box an evil set of eyes as if it could actually see him, "But it won't talk to me psychically and I was looking for a way of talking to it".

"I could talk to the machine Master", K-9 suggested as he rolled forward to the Doctor.

"Ah, no K-9", the Doctor said looking down at the robot dog; "Your history with the TARDIS is just as bad as mine".

"Perhaps I could", Mr. Smith told them all, "I would probably be more compatible as we are both organic and machine".

"Thank you for the offer Mr. Smith, but the TARDIS would be too powerful for you and where would that leave Sarah", the Doctor said, indicating down towards his companion.

"Is there anything here in Cardiff that can help?" Ianto asked over the screen as he shifted Mickey on his back.

"I doubt it. It would be safer if the TARDIS stayed well away from the rift for now. Don't want any more damage done than there already is", he smiled at them, "Also, I would get in trouble".

The TARDIS replied to that with a groan, and the Doctor whacked the side of his head as if trying to get water out of his ears. "You did not want to hear what it just said", he smiled at them as he wiggled his finger in his ear.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Sarah asked him as he continued to scan the attic for any hope of talking to the TARDIS.

"We are a bit more capable than your average teenager", Clyde smiled at the Doctor.

"Um", he said as he put his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes to think, before suddenly removing it with a huge smile on his face, "Yes there is".

For some strange reason, the way he said that made Rani, Luke and Clyde almost gulp. His tone made them worry for their own safety, and couldn't help look over to Sarah who seemed completely oblivious to their worry. It was if she knew nothing bad was going to happen, or that she had become so used to the Doctor's different tones that she could tell what was bad, and what needed time before they could make decisions whether his tone was not good.

In one motion, he bounced down to them, causing the three 'normal' teens to back off slightly. He stood before Sarah, and began to examine every detail of her. He ran is hand quickly down her arm, and then began to pat her like he was a security guard frisking her at an airport. He pulled her forward, and looked down and over her back. Satisfied, he stood her back, and patted her head with a smile and ruffed up her hair. The Doctor bent down to her eye level, which was not at all patronising, and smiled. "Now then Sarah", he said again in the same tone, and his smile seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

"Yes Doctor, what do you want us to do", the 'us' in that sentence made the other's hearts almost skip a beat.

"I want you to concentrate".

"Oh, that's not-", but before she could finish, his index fingers were on her temples and she was out.

"What did you do?" Luke asked as he ran to his mother's motionless side.

He waved a hand in front of her face. There was no response; she just stood there as if in some sort of trance. Jack stood in Torchwood laughing, along with Martha who was giggling on Gwen's back. They had read the files from UNIT. They had seen the Brigadier's reports on how Sarah was always being possessed by not just the aliens, but by the Doctor himself if he needed to find out things she had seen. "Oh, she is in just a simple hypnotic trance", the Doctor said with a dramatic intake of breath, "Nothing too harmless, she is used to it".

"But why do it?" Clyde asked, "She would be more useful not in a trance".

"Ah, in normal cases yes. But not this time", the Doctor replied as he watched his companion stand there, rocking slowly back and forth as her brain tried to process what had happened, "She has the best adapted brain in this room besides me".

"You would have thought that after all those years though, that she would have built up some defence against you", Jack commented, smug as he smiled and took Martha from a tiring Gwen.

"She can still hear Jack when she is like this. She will get you for that, and younger Sarah is a lot more harder to handle than the Sarah you know", the Doctor warned him, recalling all his past adventures with her and how many times she had fought not only the misguided, but him as well, "Trust me, I know".

"And that won't receive a slap?" Rani said, standing up for her 'boss', almost about ready to throw herself at him and take him down herself for those comments.

"I control it. She will remember only what I let her", the Doctor smiled, before wincing in pain and rubbing his head as he pulled a face, "Maybe not. She has a lot more fight these days".

"Go Sarah Jane", Clyde whooped before he Rani and Luke exchanged high fives.

The Doctor gave them one last look, knowing that he had been defeated, before turning back to Sarah. She was still rocking back and forth, but only slightly, and her mouth twitched as if she were trying to speak. He took a long deep breath, before raising his hands back to her temples, and entering her sub-consciousness.

It wasn't as he remembered from when he last went in Sarah's head. Every person he did this to, he found himself in a completely different place, as they were different people after all. Coming back into Sarah's head though was a lot trickier this time round. In those few small minutes that he had left her in a trance, she had began to build up physic walls, but leave enough untouched to let him in so he could bring her back out. They surrounded him, like a wall of big red and white alternating doors, leaving him enough space to walk down the corridor she had left him. At the end though, was how he knew Sarah's mind to be like; a wide open white space, with a small layer of mist covering the ground. All around him, hanging out of noting, were television screens, replaying events from her life, and the loudest of all of these was the one playing the recent events.

He took his hands to his ears as he continued to walk through to his destination. Past all of these screens, her mind opened out into a large garden sort of area, the mist looming around the base of the bushes and trees. But in the centre of this garden, stood Sarah Jane, protecting the one thing he had told all of his companions to guard with their lives if anyone else ever entered their minds; the physic link to the TARDIS.

They let the TARDIS into their heads to translate, and as a gift in return, the TARDIS left them a way to enter her. But being the primitive apes they were they could only access the fringes of her knowledge and capabilities through their dreams.

The Doctor straightened up his ill fitting suit, and made a mental note to himself to change as soon as he could after this. He looked to Sarah Jane, who stood there, as her teenage self, leaning up against the TARDIS shaking her head, displeased with him. As he got closer to her, he could feel the force of her stopping him from getting any closer. "Sarah, I need to get at the TARDIS. Please, let me in", he told her when the force against him got increasingly stronger.

"Fine, but I want an apology once we are done", she told him as she let down the barriers stopping him from proceeding.

He smiled at her as he walked forward. As the door opened, the Doctor came straight out before he was blinded by the heart of the TARDIS. His breath taken away from him when he broke the physic connection, he staggered backwards. When he looked to the others, they seemed to be in a state of awe at what he had just done. He turned back to Sarah, whose face had now become calm, as her head lifted up. Her eyes slowly opened, to reveal them embalmed in some sort of golden light. "Now, tell me what happened", he said slowly to her as he gestured everyone to sit down, knowing that this was going to take a while.

AN: What has the Doctor done to Sarah? Will they ever return back to their original ages? Find out soon.