Shadow the Hedgehog 2

Chapter 1: The Face-off


Meet me at Westopolis. Bring Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and a video camera. Be at the center of the city at noon. Be ready to fight for your life.

Sonic looked at the note, puzzled, as he and his friends walked through the ruins of Westopoils. It was one of the many cities still in ruins from the Black Arms attack.

"Any idea who sent the note, Sonic?" asked Tails who was holding the camera.

"Not a clue, buddy." Sonic answered.

"I bet it was that creep, Eggman!" shouted Knuckles.

"Why would he want most of his strongest enemies to come to him, ready for anything?" asked Rouge.

Knuckles said nothing.

"This place gives me the creeps!" yelled Amy while holding on to Sonic's arm.

"There's nothing to be scared of, Ames," Sonic said, trying to keep Amy calm. "I won't let anything hurt you."

"It's not me I'm worried about," Amy said, burying her face in Sonic's chest. "It's you."

"Why would you-" Sonic started.

"I fell like..." Amy interrupted. "Like I'll never see you again after this." Amy started to cry.

"Come on Amy, I'll be fine." Sonic said in a vain attempt to calm Amy down, but she kept crying. 'Man, she's really upset.' Sonic thought as he started to stroke Amy's quills. Recently, Sonic had begun to care deeply for the pink hedgehog. "Shh, shh, Amy, I'll always be here for you."

Amy looked up at Sonic. "You promise?"

Sonic looked at her, smiled softly, and kissed her forehead. "I promise."

"Hey Sonic, stop flirting with your girlfriend!" Yelled Knuckles. "We're here." He pointed to a large fountain that marked the center of the city.

Had Amy not been crying, Sonic would have cussed Knuckles out or yelled "She's not my girlfriend!" but Sonic didn't want to upset her more than she already was.

"Hey Tails, what time is it?" asked Sonic.

Tails checked his watch. "11:59, what ever is going to happen should be starting soon."

And it did. Suddenly, there was a flash of red light. When the light faded, a black figure with glowing crimson eyes and a big evil grin stood in front of the fountain, ten yards away from our heroes. He was wearing a red jacket and red jeans.

"Shadow!" cried our heroes.

Shadow chuckled evilly. "Hello everyone."

"Shadow, was it you who sent the note to Sonic?" asked Rouge. Shadow nodded. "Why?"

Shadow's grin broadened. "Because, I want to do something with Sonic, something I can't do in an over populated area."

Sonic stepped forward his brow arced in confusion. "And just what might that be?"

"I want to fight you." Shadow said in voice of pure excitement, highly unusual for the dark hedgehog.

Sonic's eyes widened. "Fight me, huh? But then-"

"I want there to be documented proof and eye witnesses to your defeat, so that no one will dare question who the most powerful hedgehog in the world is!" Shadow shouted the answer to Sonic's question before he could ask it.

Sonic grinned. "You thought this through, huh? Tails," He looked back at twin-tailed fox. "You rolling, buddy?"

Tails quickly turned on the camera and pointed it at Sonic and Shadow. "Rolling!"

"Alright than, Sonic, defend you're self!"

Shadow started skating towards Sonic, who had begun to run at him. They meant in about half of a second and began punching, kicking and dodging each other at speeds so great that they appeared to be just a black and a blue blur.

Sonic tried to punch Shadow in the head, but, Shadow dodged it by ducking down. Taking the opportunity, Shadow gave Sonic a kick to the jaw, sending him flying upwards.

When he was about ten stories up, Shadow Chaos Controlled in front of him and began to hit him with a barrage of powerful punches before grabbing his left ear to spin then throw Sonic into a nearby building. Sonic flew through two buildings before coming to a stop half way through the third.

The blue blur dragged himself out of the rubble, coughed up a little blood and stood up. 'Man, it feels like I just got in a wrestling with a monster truck and lost, Shadow's not playing around, if I don't take him seriously I might get myself killed.' Sonic walked over to the hole he made in the building when Shadow throw him through it and looked out to see Shadow standing at the exit hole in the second building Sonic flew through.

Shadow still had an evil grin on his on his face and his eyes were still glowing. He stared down at Sonic. "What's the matter faker, don't tell that's all you got!"

Sonic's lips twisted into a smug grin. "Heh, not even close, hate to be the one to tell you this, but, you're goin' down!" He gave Shadow a thumbs-down.

Shadow shook his head. 'Wrong, Sonic,' thought Shadow. 'You're the one who's going down, six feet underground to be exact.'

Shadow jumped into a Homing Attack aimed at Sonic, who did the same. The two hit, were bounced back and tried again. After about ten attacks, Sonic finally got the upper hand blasting Shadow into the wall of a nearby building, but not through it. Sonic tried to hit Shadow with another Homing Attack, but Shadow used Chaos Control to warp away just before he hit. Sonic ended up crashing almost all the through the building.

Sonic laid faced down inside the ruined building, he sat up and started shaking and grabbing his head. 'Damn it Shadow!'Sonic screamed in his head.'How can I beat him if he keeps using Chaos Control?' Sonic sat there thinking about it. 'If only I had a Chaos Emerald that would even the odds a bit.'

Sonic continued to think of this until he noticed something glowing under some nearby rubble. Moving over to it, Sonic realized what it was and quickly began to dig it out.

"Yes!" Sonic yelled for joy as he held the light blue Chaos Emerald. "Man talk about luck!"

"Yeah, talk about luck." Sonic turned to see Shadow about to give him a good punch to the head.

Sonic held on to the Emerald for dear life and yelled "Chaos Control!"

Shadow's fist made a nice hole in the floor, but Sonic had disappeared. Sonic reappeared behind Shadow, giving him a good kick to the back of the head that sent him flying out of the building and into the one across the street.

Shadow burst out of the rubble and move to the hole he made. Across the street, Sonic stood at Shadow's exit hole, a smile of pride on his face.

Shadow glared at the cobalt hero, and said "So, Sonic, now you have an Emerald?"

"That's right Shadow, I think this evens the odds!" Sonic replied as he flashed Shadow a toothy grin.

"You think so? Well I'll still win! And you will die." Shadow whispered the last part. "Now, let the real battle begin!"